Immortal's Daughter

Chapter 1: born in an eclipse


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Paragraphs are memories

They had captured the woman months ago, finding her long crimson hair and jade eyes unique enough for their yearly gift, which could only be the most perfect of gifts. Sometimes they held a gift for an entire year, keeping them in the best of health for the coming New Year but this year? This year they had found the perfect sacrifice an entire five months before the New Year, it wasn't hard to keep the woman compliant and in the best of health.

He couldn't hold back his smirk as he watched a few of their younger members march the woman towards the center of their great chamber, dressed in a forever elegant white dress as if it was the woman's wedding day. In a manner of speaking, it sort of was. The woman was going to be the New Year's gift to their master, deity, their god: the great and ever powerful Jashin-sama. As the woman neared he could see her raise her beautiful green eyes up to meet his in an almost curious manner, as if no one had bothered to tell her the reason for them taking her, and it was then that he saw that wonderful, large bulbous thing she called a stomach.

The woman was pregnant, two for the price of one! Oh~ Jashin-sama was going to be so pleased with them...

"What is this?" the woman asked softly, accepting his hand as she stepped up the stairs and turned to examine the hundreds in their underground congregation. "Where am I?"

"My name is Hiden," he answered with a smirk, gently pulling her towards the center of the large platform, ignoring the envious eyes of the hundreds around them, "And I will be your priest."

"Priest?" the woman murmured with a frown, following him calmly, as if she still didn't understand her situation, "Why do I need a priest?"

"You'll understand soon enough," Hiden answered, his smirk growing into a wide grin, his violet eyes dancing in the fire light that surrounded the platform. He led her to the center of the platform, sitting her down on the pillow stationed there for her comfort, not that she'll need it long. He gestured for one of the other followers to sit beside her, they didn't need her running away and getting hurt in the process, the final and yearly sacrifice has to be perfect or they'll all get in trouble.

"Bring out the others!" Hiden ordered snapping around to watch the twenty other captives get led, pulled and dragged out from the doorway directly in front of them and led to the platform. He watched as each person was stationed around the platform, cut deeply so their blood would run into a current and poured into cups, the followers each grabbed a cup full of blood and walked away, already knowing what they would need to do.

"What is this?" he heard the woman asked softly, as if she was beginning to understand but wasn't liking what her eyes and mind were telling her.

"Everyone ready?!" he asked, turning in place to watch the seals drawn on the ground begin to glow a haunting crimson, "Drink up!" as one everyone slammed their cup's contents to the back of their throats and swallowed, "and cut up!"

Screams tore through the air making him laugh in glee as the twenty sacrifices crumbled to their knees in agony and pain; one particular scream was close enough to make him turn around curiously. Their final sacrifice seemed to be going into labor, a huge puddle of blood was forming under her as she screamed in pain, big fat tears rolled down her plump cheeks as she gripped at her stomach.

"She's going into labor!" one of women loyal to him shouted out, her dark eyes glinting brightly, "I give her an hour till the baby's out!"

"No!" the woman cried out, understanding and fear consuming her

"What shall we do, Ōji-sama?" another woman asked, pulling out a knife gracefully and eyeing the woman's large stomach hungrily. Hiden eyed the suck up curiously, yes he was Jashin-sama's favorite for he was the oldest member, the longest lived priest and the hardest to scratch member. No one could beat him a spar and anyone who bothered to challenge him to one always ended up as a sacrifice to their god.

"One hour?" He mused softly approaching and taking delight in the woman's pained, terrified face, "at the stroke of midnight eh?" he couldn't stop the chuckle that spilled passed his lips, "Hold up Kitties! We have a princess coming our way!" his voice echoed in the chamber, stilling the people as they turned to look at him curiously.

"No!" the woman cried out, her pretty features twisting in horror, "Stay away from her!"

"Jashin-sama has graced us with an heir!" Hiden cackled out, smiling pleasantly as his congregation cheered loudly, they all stood together when one of their women gave birth and the stood together to raise said child, like the family they never had.

"No!" she wailed, her cries going unheard by the lunatics surrounding her

"In one hour the moon shall be eclipsed," the suck-up giggled, sheathing her knife in her sleeve and turning to the panicked woman beside her, "so either way your child would have ended up as Jashin-sama's daughter, regardless of where you gave birth!" the woman's declaration made the floors shake with the loud cheering of the congregation, Hiden's smile widened further as he turned to address his followers again.

"To keep our master pleased we'll need to hold back our own thirst!" Hiden declared, "Let us kill our twenty slowly so that our Hime shall be born at the stroke of midnight and not a moment sooner!"

The earth shook and small rocks from above fell from the loud cheering, jumping, dancing, Joy of his followers. After all the last child they had born on the stroke of midnight during an eclipse was himself and that was so long ago he didn't even know how old he was, he just knew that he was the eldest and the most powerful in the congregation.

Hiden turned his bright amethyst eyes to the perfectly round hole high above him, eyes glinting in the star light, more then glad to see the edge of the moon high over head. In one hour, the moon would be perfectly overhead, soon after word the earth will eclipse the moon and they'll be given another like himself.

For he was Jashin-sama's son, now they will be given Jashin-sama's daughter

They just had to wait

He watched as the hour had passed, his eyes never falling from the night sky high over head, ignoring the crying of the dyeing around him, the cheering and laughter of his followers, the weeping of the woman in labor.

"She's ready!" the brown-eyed woman shouted excitedly

"No!" the red head cried out hysterically

"Five minutes!"

The congregation fell silent as the woman screamed out again, the moon shifting over head, it's light spilling into the canyon and alighting the massive seal etched into the platform in bright crimson.

"Three minutes!"

"Don't take her!" the woman wailed out, "Don't touch my baby!"

"She's not yours," Hiden grumbled to her disappointment, "She is Jashin-sama's dau—"

"She is my daughter!" the woman wailed out, "She is the daughter of Mizumikage-sama!"

"Oh~ so you're from waterfall," Hiden smirked, crouching next to the woman as she panted and tried not to give birth yet unable to prevent her body from pushing her child out. "So am I, get it? We're from the same village! That means this was fated! Jashin-sama chose you to give birth to his daughter!"

"You're insane!" Hiden just laughed at her, throwing his head back and letting his voice echo back to the woman, it wasn't long before the congregation soon joined him.

"No!" a new voice screamed out, snapping around Hiden watched as two women held onto the last dyeing sacrifice, one staring up at the moon over head in terror and regret, the other was crouched over the man, palms glowing brightly as she tried to stabilize the man.

"What's going on?!" Hiden's voice bellowed out in fury, making the two women flinch

"We-we're sorry Ōji-sama!" the women stammered out

"B-but you said to leave one until the eclipse!" the woman with the green glowing palms said, pressing her hands into the man's chest and ignoring her panicked induced tears. Hiden's eyes snapped up to study the sky, panic filing him as he saw that the eclipse had yet to happen, another scream from the red haired woman said that she was about to give birth.

"The eclipse hasn't started yet," the other woman sniffled, "he-he j-just fe-ell o-over... we-we thought—"

"You can stop," Hiden said, his voice echoing in relief, "the eclipse has started." The two women cheered loudly and jerked away from the last sacrifice, letting his head crash to the stone platform harshly, his chakra flickering out almost instantly. Hiden glanced at the two women curiously, studying them carefully.

Huh, Hiden smirked and returned to watching the darkness crawl against the surface of the moon, the woman screaming in agony all the while. Twins... maybe I'll play with them later...

"One minute left!" the suck shouted out, as if in panic, her eyes snapping to look up at the moon, "... she's early..."

"What?" Hiden snapped around and moved towards them

"She's early," the other woman sobbed covering her face with her bloody hands, "Hime-sama will be born before the eclipse!" the woman smirked viciously up at him, as if proud that her daughter was going to prove herself that she wasn't 'Jashin-sama's' daughter.

"Ch," Hiden swiped out at the woman, cutting her deeply across her shoulder and face

"Ōji-sama!" the two women bellowed out in panic

"She can't push if she's knocked out," Hiden reasoned, "We just have to make sure Hime-sama isn't early, that's all."

"Ojo-sama! The moon!" someone in the crowed screamed out in panic, forcing the women and Hiden to look up, their eyes widening at the sight of the opening above. The moon was perfectly center, turning crimson as the earth's shadow consumed half of it's surface, making the crimson moon and shadow look like an eye, even more so with the hundreds of 'eyelashes' surrounding the mouth of the opening hundreds of feet overhead.

Wait, eyelashes? Hiden stiffened and studied the image closely, his stomach twisting into knots uneasily

"How pretty," the woman whispered as if awed

"Jashin-sama is watching us," the suck up whispered with a smile

Shit! Hiden's eyes widened as he realized that there was something very wrong with the 'eyelashes' "Shinobi!" Hiden bellowed out just as the 'eyelashes' began to fall towards them, "Protect Hime!" A scream from the back echoed around the room, Hiden snapped around and snarled at the sight of his 'followers' attaching some of the others, removing heads and limbs alike.

"Protect Hime!" Hiden bellowed out again, watching his congregation ready and fight the shinobi attaching them, one landed directly in front of him and he couldn't help the smirk twist at his face as the man straightened and addressed him first.

"Ah~ Takikage-sama really dose have a lover~" Hiden said mockingly, waving an arm out towards the red haired woman who let out another scream as her body forcefully pushed the child out from her body, "Did you come here for her?"

"She's my wife," the man snarled at him, "return her—now"

Hiden hummed as if in thought, before pulling his favorite weapon out and readying himself into a stance, "not going to happen."

He just had to stall enough for the full eclipse and then the birth of the child, his people can scatter and re-gather later. They'll raise their Hime in secret, away from the heathens who would try to taint her and control her.

"Protect Hime!" Hiden ordered, lunging forward and clearing the platform of the Heathens who tried to take the sacrifice and princess. His people gathered around the platform protectively, those few with medic knowledge clambering up to help with the birthing, others healing their stronger fighters to take out the intruders quicker. After ten minutes it almost looked like they were in the win; after fifteen minutes and the full eclipse fell over them, alighting the seal in crimson light before blackening, leaving the seal to scream and thrum around them hauntingly.

"Yes!" Hiden cackled, "We're on schedule!"

"No," the woman whimpered, "please... my baby... don't take her, don't take my baby..."

"Are you ready ladies?" Hiden asked, snapping around to turn to the two nursemaids, "how's she do'in?"

"She's ready," Suck-up giggled

"Push!" the other ordered, eyes sharp as she watched the waterfall shinobi charge at them again, trying to free the red head and child from their clap.

"No!" the woman shouted out, "You can't have her!"

"Push or you'll die!" the woman hissed at her, "Don't you want to hold your daughter?" the woman sniffed and what ever else she was thinking was interrupted by an ear-shattering scream, which earned a smirk from both women as they doubled back over the woman's legs and readied to receive the child. Hiden watched with a smirk on his face as the Takikage tried to barrel towards them but was pulled back by his men, who now pulled back to find another way at them. Hiden turned to watch the blacken moon, frowning as he saw that the eclipse would be ending soon, if they didn't hurry they'd have to kill the child for not being Jashin-sama's daughter.

"No~o!" the woman screamed out, another cry soon joining her own

"We've made it!" Suck-up shouted out as her friend pulled the child out with the placenta, Suck-up cutting the empirical cord with a swift movement of her knife. "It's a girl!"

"No," Hiden sighed, not noticing the horrified look the Suck-up gave him, "not quite"

"My baby," the woman coughed reaching for her child, "please, my baby"

"...She'll die anyways," the woman shrugged, placing the bloodied child into her mother's arms, pulling back as the woman laughed softly, holding her daughter tightly.

"Hi baby..." the woman cooed, giggling as the small child gripped her finger tightly, "I'm your mommy..."

"Rukia!" the Takikage shouted out desperately

"Ruia! NO!" the woman shouted at the same time, her eyes widening as Suck-up lunged forward with a knife in hand. The red haired woman snapped around, huddling herself protectively over her newly born child as Suck-up, Ruia, stabbed at her back desperately with tears of frustration and fury streaking her face.

"Sweet baby," Rukia whispered, ignoring the pain in her back and the woman pulled Ruia away from her, "my sweet little baby," the small child in front of her was almost as red as her hair, from her tiny clenched fists to the little tuff of hair on top of her head.

"My baby," Rukia sobbed, curling herself around her daughter, ignoring the screaming and shouting around her, knowing that if her husband couldn't save their daughter she would be raised by the monsters who kidnapped her. "Oh my baby," she won't let that happen, she'll die before she lets that happen... "My poor, poor baby..."

I'll protect you, Rukia thought focusing on what little of her chakra was left

Always and forever, she could feel her chakra nature swirl around her protectively

I'll protect you, if only she could find away to seal her love, her power, everything that she was into her daughter...

I'll...always... pro... pro... protect... you...

They were losing horrendously, his people were getting beheaded left and right and if he didn't do something they were going to be on the extinct list. Growling he napped around to face the curled up woman with her two, now dead, nursemaids and marched over quickly before one of the heaths could take the child. Dodging a blow to his head, Hiden quickly freed the man of his chest cavity as he moved; kicking the red head away from the child, he stared dumbly down at the crying new born. Her skin was as red as her mother's hair, covered in blood and slime from her birth... her mother's blood and possibly others was running into her mouth.

Oh, Hiden though crouching lowly to examine the wailing child, we weren't late after all...

"Retreat!" Hiden ordered loudly, ripping off the woman's still clean white cape that had been pinned into place at her shoulders, "Everyone scatter! Jashin-sama will tell us where to gather!"

"Ōji-sama!" Hiden turned around just in time to see one of his followers block a strike from behind, using her own body to protect him.

"Quickly Ōji-sama get Hime out of here!" the woman's twin ordered as she readied her two swords before herself, seemingly unconcerned with her sister's death. Hiden rolled his eyes and gently wrapped up the tiny crying bundle and hurried from the room, the woman's voice echoing after him: "Protect Ōji-sama and Hime! No matter the cost!" His followers swarmed around him protectively, not wanting him to be forced to fight to protect the 'Hime'.

Idiots, Hiden thought as he ran with the screaming child in one arm and his weapon held in his other. Jashin-sama wouldn't be too happy that they all died trying to protect him, he can fight, but perhaps... perhaps Jashin-sama will forgive them for their stupidity for dyeing trying to protect his defenseless daughter?

A few hours later

She ran panting, stumbling slightly before continuing foreword, she didn't have much time before the woman she and her team came across with earlier noticed that her teammates was just a distraction. The woman's 'Ōji-sama' had given Takikage-sama's daughter to her protect while he dealt with the remaining army of waterfall ninja, her team had followed the woman relentlessly, eager to get further away from the lunatic before they tried to fight the woman. Unfortunately, it turned out the woman was one hell of a fighter, she hid the child at the base of a tree while she fought her teammates, now she had stolen the child without the woman's notice and if she didn't hurry then she was going to end up dead. The psychopaths would destroy her home village if she went straight back, so she went south; crossing the border with fire easily, maybe she could distract and miss lead the woman?

Panting she skidded to a halt at the edge of a waterfall cliff, glaring at the hundred plus drop, she searched her surroundings carefully. Catching sight of something bright red on the ground, she snapped her eyes up to the source, only to stare dumbly at the bright red orb of the moon; like the curious eye of a predator, watching her for her next move.

"Shhh, Hime you're safe now," the woman cooed with a found smile as she ran through the dark forest, "You are Jashin-sama's daughter, you have to be because you were born during the eclipse. The last person born during an eclipse was Ōji-sama and he's our strongest priest, so that means you're destined for greatness too."

She fought back the tears as she stared up at the haunting crimson orb of the moon, watching the earth's shadow retract from it's surface slowly. Sobbing uncontrollably, she fell to her knees and cried, holding the silent baby to her chest as she realized what she would have to do. Regardless of who this child's parents were, she couldn't risk another monster like that woman's 'Ōji-sama', she couldn't risk this child being anything like that.

"Forgive me little one," she whispered setting the sleeping child down on the stretch of cold stone before her, the child instantly waking with a shrill scream. "But I can't risk it... I'm so sorry..." she drew out a kunai and readied it high over head, trying to ignore the tears that started to drip down her cheeks and splash against the child's wiggling limbs still wrapped tightly in the snowy cloth. "I can't risk it... forgive me!" she plunged her hand down, her kunai aiming true for the child's heart

"No!" she hissed as a shiriken scrapped against her hand, loosening her hold and as another knocked the kunai blade out of her hand and further out of her reach. "Don't do it miss! You'll regret it later!" she turned and glared at the approaching Anbu team hurrying towards her

"You don't understand!" she cried, pulling out another kunai and plunging it down quickly "She has to die!"

"Damn woman," she flinched, as one of the Anbu's appeared behind her, jerking her hand back before her blade could get too close to the child, "She's jut a baby!"

"She's a monster!" she sobbed, jerking on her arm desperately, "She has to die!"

"Look at her!" the man ordered, his voice echoing around them, "She's barely a day old! How the hell—no!" she winced as the man jerked her back all but throwing her away from the still crying child but he was too late, she added chakra to her kick. The baby's screaming was loud and shrill as it sailed through the air, dropping down the cliff face and covered by the waterfall's heavy mist.

"Damn you," he snarled, flipping her onto her stomach and tying her arms behind her tightly, "She was just a baby, why would you do that?"

"She's a monster," she sobbed in answer, "She was born on the eclipse, she's a monster." The man gritted his teeth as his teammates landed beside him, eagerly dragging the woman to her knees to face him properly.

"She just kicked her baby off the cliff," he said rubbing at his face beneath his mask

"No," the woman whimpered, "She's not mine..." the team stiffened at stared at her in shock, "That monster isn't mine."

"You kicked someone else's daughter off the cliff face?" he asked lowly, not quite believing the woman

"Yes," She whispered, "She is a monster... she needs to die..."

"I'm all for, what's the word? Not seeing her?" one of his men said, turning to look at him with hard crimson eyes, "I say she just so happened to cross our border with a child and they both conveniently... disappeared?"

"Fine but you two clean up the mess," he agreed, not even thinking about the suggestion, "Wolf with me, we've got a baby to find."

"Right," the young man sighed, walking with him to the cliff edge

"If you do find her please kill her," the woman said to them, watching the two men walk away from her. "She's a monster," the woman added almost desperately, "Don't think I did what I did because I wanted to, I did it because I had too. That child was born during the eclipse, the last monster born during an eclipse is a lunatic running a massacring cult! If she's alive when you find her, promise me you'll kill her!"

"I make no promises... not to the likes of you," the man hissed at her

"If you find that child dead... then you already have," she replied, watching the two men jump over the edge and skid down the cliff face to the base.

After an hour of searching, they finally heard the soft crying that belonged to a baby, hurrying towards the sound both men skidded to a halt two hundred feet away from the base of the waterfall. High in a brightly colored cheery tree was a long white cloth tangled in the high branches, leaving it's wailing carriage to dangle a few feet below it. Sighing in relief they both hurried to the tall, ancient flowering tree; Wolf climbing high into the branches, eager to untangle the cloak that acted like a parasol for the child, giving the child a more or less safe landing in the tree, never letting go of the baby even as it loosened ever so gently around her.

"Careful now," he instructed, reaching out and carefully pulling the child to him as Wolf untangled the cloth over head, "I've got her, can't you just cut it?"

"I'm almost done," Wolf replied, he could almost imagine him rolling his coal black eye, "there!" the white cloth fell gracefully down from the branches, he eager jumped from the branch and gracefully placed the child on the ground, already moving to fix the child's wrapping.

"Wait, what is that?" Wolf asked, eyeing the mass of white cloth that his captain was trying to untangle

"Umm... I think it's a—oh" that was not a very good sounding 'oh' that was an 'I just saw something I wasn't supposed to' kind of 'oh'. His captain held the cloth up, showing that it was snowy white with little diamond decals around the edges and what appeared to be two golden clasps at the top of one end.

"Someone's cloak?" wolf asked with a pale face, knowing that the outfit that would have gone with the white piece of cloth would have been expensive and as such detailed the rich inheritance of the child they had just found alive.

"No I think it's someone's cape," he captain corrected, "A very expensive cape that belonged to a very wealthy woman... crap"

" think we just saved a nobleman's daughter?" Wolf asked curiously

"Daughter?" his captain asked dumbly, before looking down and in startled amazement said "Oh, daughter..."

"What are we going to do with her?" Wolf asked as his captain struggled to re-wrap the child with the cloak, using the golden pins to hold it in place this time.

"She was a kunochi!" both men looked up at the feminine voice calling out to them, "She was a kunochi from Hidden waterfall!"

"Not good," wolf murmured

"She was ordered to kill the girl," the their teammate said, sliding to a stop and panting heavily

"Yeah we get that now," their captain said, pulling the crying child into his arms and rising to his feet, "I wonder why they would kill her..." suddenly he remembered what the woman had said, about not wanting to but needing to. "Who's the daimyo of waterfall country?" he asked suddenly, turning to his now regrouped teammates with wide eyes hidden by his mask

"A little old man with no wife or heir," his still silently fuming teammate grumbled lowly

"What about the Kage?" wolf asked curiously, "Who's the Kage of Waterfall?"

"A man who's pregnant wife was kidnapped several months ago," the woman said in realization, "She was never found..."

"That's what she meant by not wanting to but having to," the captain sighed, "She's the Takikage's daughter..."

"The Takikage ordered his own child's death?" Wolf asked in bewilderment, "Why would he do that?"

"Because she was born during the eclipse," their captain answered with a heavy sigh, "no one really knows what the hidden waterfall people are like, especially not their belief system. It's possible that they kill any child born on a day or night that's considered unusual."

"Like during an eclipse?" wolf asked softly, obviously not wanting to believe in such a thing

"Yeah, just like an eclipse," he answered, his mask hiding his smile as the tiny girl quit crying hysterically to playing with his finger.

"What do we do with her captain?" The woman sighed and rubbed at her temple tiredly, "Do we just take her back to the village with us?"

"Yeah," Wolf spoke up, "We can raise her right, she's cute too so it shouldn't be long before she got adopted."

"...Let's have Lord Hokage decide that," he sighed turning and jumping into the tree's, his teammates close behind

"Hay, hay dose this mean we get to decide her name?" the woman asked curiously, excitement suddenly seeping through her system

"If lord Hokage lets us," her captain answered

"Why not Sakura?" Wolf asked, "We did find her in that cheery tree, it sounds rather fitting to me"

"Fitting in deed" he chuckled, glancing down at the child in his arms, who yawned and seemed to snuggle close to him, "Sakura... that's the perfect name for her..."

Five years later

He was the only member of his team left and he still checked in on that tiny child he saved so long ago every week like clockwork, eager to make sure she's happy and healthy. When they returned to the village and had her checked out, they discovered that the girl was still covered in her mother's blood. After a bath they found that she had pale pink hair that had been stained by her mother's blood, the reason they thought she was a red head. They each checked on her daily almost religiously, at least they did before the Kiyobi attach, his teammates died in that attach; he was the only one still around. So he kept up the tradition of visiting the hidden Hime, he couldn't see her everyday but he could see her weekly. After five years, the girl was still small but her eyes were bright and warm, her hair as bright as her namesake.

"Mommy! Daddy!" He watched as the pinkette shouted out cheerfully, running out of the academy with a paper in hand, "I got accepted! I'm in the shinobi academy!"

"Congratulations sweet heart!" the blond woman cheered, sweeping 'her' daughter into a tight hug. As he had predicted years before, it wasn't long before she was adopted, Mebuki Haruno was unable to produce children after a nasty poisoning incident when she was younger. After seeing Sakura in the hospital while looking for her husband just after the Kiyobi attach, Mebuki had immanently asked the nurse if she could hold the tiny toddler, after which she immanently ran to her husband's room and showed him the pink haired baby. After getting a scolding from the head nurse, the couple cheerfully said they would adopt Sakura, claiming that she had Kizashi's hair but Mebuki's eyes, she could truly be their daughter and no one would question it.

They've raised you well, he thought smiling fondly at the happy family as they walked back towards their home, I hope you pass the academy and show your father just what kind of a mistake it was for him to throw you away.

The only concern he had was the little incident that happened the previous week with an older girl named Ami. Now he had arrived just in time to see that the older girl was yanking and pulling on little Sakura's hair, dragging the pinkette towards her two friends who were holding scissors and giggling loudly. He was about to interfere when suddenly a large burst of wind whipped around Sakura, ripping Ami's hand from her long pink locks and throwing the purple haired girl away from Sakura with a shrill streak. Sakura hadn't bothered to look or even wonder why Ami wasn't holding her by her hair anymore, she stumbled back onto her feet and ran away as fast as she could, the wind seemingly aiding her escape attempt.

He wasn't an idiot and he knew that there was something wrong with what had happened with Ami and Sakura, other then the bullying, wind didn't move like that. It didn't just burst into being and throw one child away from another like they were rag dolls, the wind moved on its own; often times taking the easier path to get to its final destination.

The wind didn't move to protect a little girl from bullies

The wind didn't help said little girl run through a busy crowd so she get back to her parents as soon as possible

The wind didn't move like that, it took the easiest path to get to it's destination

He had stalled in telling the Hokage right away about what he had seen that day, but as he watched the other children filter out of the academy to their respective guardians, he saw that the Hokage was there, smiling brightly as a familiar sacrifice ran straight into his waiting arms laughing loudly. He watched as the Hokage and the Jinchūriki spook for a moment before being interrupted by one of the academy testers, a solemn look on his face. he stiffened and watched them closely, eyes locked onto the little folder in the instructor's hands, a familiar name on the side of the file and when the Hokage opened the file, a familiar looking smiling girl was paper clipped on the inside.

He sat back against the base of his tree with a heavy sigh, someone else had to have seen what had happened last week, the look on the Hokage's face wasn't entirely pleasant looking. The instructor continued speaking softly, seemingly taking no notice of the little boy standing beside Hiruzen watching him with wrapped attention. The instructor pulled out two small pieces of paper and held them out to Hiruzen, he recognized the slips of paper instantly as chakra paper.

This can't be good, he thought watching the instructor continue to speak to Hiruzen as if in a mild panic about something, as if trying to make a case in a courtroom with Hiruzen as the judge and jury. Suddenly the little jinchūriki shouted something, his voice rising to draw attention to the instructor and Hokage, his voice carrying on the wind but not his words. He wanted to move closer and hear just what the little boy was shouting so heatedly at the instructor but Hiruzen was suddenly looking right at him and he knew that he'd have to speak to the man later that day.

A few hundred miles away

He paced back in forth in the ruins of his once hidden chamber; he was the last of his followers, the bones of his congregation crunched under his pacing feet as he tried to remember everything that happened five years before. The waterfall shinobi didn't have her, he already checked dozens of times over the years, so who would have her? His little follower was heading towards Mist when he departed with Jashin-sama's daughter but Mist didn't have her either. Where could she be? The only clue Jashin-sama had given him was that she was some place warm and bright, too bright for his influence to reach and too warm for even him—Jashin-sama's favorite—to find her.

At least he had another clue to finding the Hime, she had consumed a small portion of his blood before he passed her off to a woman, a way for him to find her, the only problem was being close enough; which meant that her bright crimson hair would have paled out slightly over the years. The only question remaining was, how much? Was it just a small fraction? Was it noticeable? Did she have white hair or red? Was it some weird half-and-half color? Did he not give her enough to look like him completely? Did she have his eyes? his skin? his personality?

By giving her some of his blood before they completely left the crimson light of the great seal insured that she was more then just his 'sister' she was more like his daughter now. Did that mean she looked like him but acted like her mother? Just what was her mother like? He never bothered to ask her caretakers...

"Oi! Hiden you coming?!"

"Shut up Kakuso!" he snapped out irately, "I'm thinking here!"

"Careful that's dangerous," Kakuso replied blandly, black and red cloak swishing as he approached calmly, "You don't want to turn this dump into an even worse dump do you?"

"What's that supposed to mean?" Hiden asked furiously

"Just thinking that if you over exert your brain cells that your head will explode"


He will find her because she was apart of him, she was his daughter

He just had to find her and pray to his master to find her in time before the next eclipse because if he doesn't find her before the next eclipse there was no telling what would happen, everything from the end of the world, his master's death, to the resurrection of the old gods could happen.

And all of it laid in his daughter's tiny palms

What a wonderful little thought...

If only it didn't mean that he'd be toast too

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