Tokyo looked just like it always had done. A bright vibrant city full of signs she didn't need to translate where she wouldn't look out of place like she had in England. In England she had been a minority, here she was the majority.

Not to mention that everyone in Japan wasn't quite so tall.

But Japan also had its downsides. It also meant that school was about to start and of course that Naru was not with her.

Their summer together had been beyond wonderful. Mai could remember the cases they took, the people they helped, the places they visited and the lone intimate moments they had had together.

Mai smiled at the memory of the first time Luella had walked in on them kissing; she had genuinely fainted, much to Naru's annoyance. She had then woken and started crying about how she might be getting grandchildren after all, also much to Naru's annoyance.

"Is here okay?" The taxi driver asked. Mai had realised that she was already so close to home.

"Perfect." Mai replied. The taxi pulled up on the curb and Mai paid before dragging her suitcase out of the vehicle. It definitely felt a lot heavier than when she had left for England.

Mai looked up at her apartment and sighed. It was going to be empty and alone and nothing like the Davis household; which had been bright and warm and full of life.

Forcing a smile on her face, Mai wheeled her case up to her apartment and let herself in. Everything was just as she left it; the rooms were cold and everything was slightly dusty.

Mai turned on the TV for some noise and then fiddled with the heating system. She unpacked her things and threw a frozen ready meal in the microwave for her dinner – she would go shopping for food tomorrow.

As she began shovelling food into her mouth, she pulled out her laptop and waited for it to boot up.

She was confused as to why nothing was loading properly before realising that she had yet to turn on the internet router. Cursing as she fixed her mistake, Mai refreshed the internet browser and her email inbox popped open.

Mai smiled.

Dear Mai,

I have been sat in this office for an hour by myself and I am already fed up of the idiots that work here without you here to distract me from them.

My mother has already decided that you have to come for Christmas and Easter too. I was thinking perhaps I visit you in Japan, as these holidays are shorter and you might not have recovered from the jetlag before school begins again. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on the matter.

I hope your flight went well.

All my love, Naru xxx

She had been home less than half an hour and was already considering plans to leave again. Mai laughed and began typing between mouthfuls.

Dear Naru,

They are not that bad!

And I would love to visit again but I agree with your point about jetlag and school. You would of course be welcome to stay with me, but I only have one bedroom so that might be an issue.

The flight was good, the food was better this time!

Love Mai xxx

Mai did not have to wait long for a response.

Dear Mai,

They are that bad.

And I don't see how one bedroom would be an issue, it's not like we haven't slept in the same bed before.

All my love, Naru xxx

Mai sat back and giggled to herself. The last two times that Naru had left for England, she had felt hopeless and heartbroken.

But now, while she missed him with all her being, there was hope. She had been given an unconditional offer to study Parapsychology in England starting in the following fall with a full scholarship and she had a boyfriend who loved her despite being on the other side of the world.

Dear Naru,

They are not that bad.

And I distinctly remember not getting any sleep on the occasions that we shared a bed.

Not that I am complaining…

Love Mai xxx

Yes, things were much better now.

And besides, it was only three and a half months 'til Christmas and it wasn't as if they couldn't email.

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