My Favorite Mistake

This is a 3-part, very AU Dante and Maxie story! It has to be AU because Ethan and Lulu are a couple in this. Yes, Ethan and Lulu (!) but they are NOT siblings here. I never wanted them to be siblings anyway; they were too hot together for that. Speaking of hot, DaMax stokes my fire too. Here is a little fic about them. Part 2 will be up tomorrow.

Part 1 of 3

"You have to go, Maxie, you have to!" She screeched, grabbing my arm and trying to pull me off the couch and over to the door.

"No, Lulu, no," I said. "I have been on enough blind dates to last a lifetime and besides, I just broke up with Spinelli. He was my es-"

"Essential person, yeah I know," she said with a roll of her blue eyes. "But this guy, he could be your new essential person."

I glared at Lulu. "You can only have one essential person in this lifetime, Looloo," I said. Of course I knew what I was talking about and as usual, she didn't.

"Please, please," Lulu said. "I really want to hang out with Ethan and -"

"Why can't you two hang out alone, without having two extra people in the way?" I asked. It made sense to me.

"Because I don't know him that well. What if he turns out to be a creep or something?"

"Consider it a lesson learned then," I said. "Now if you will excuse me, there's a carton of Cherries Garcia calling my name."

Lulu released my arm but called after me. "If you don't do this for me, Maxie, I'll never forgive you. You owe me after what happened with Johnny ..."

I froze in my tracks in the middle of the floor. "You promised you would never mention that again, Lulu," I said with my back to her. Nearly sleeping with Johnny Zacchara hadn't been one of my finer moments but he had just been so damn tempting in every way. I think maybe we could have even fallen in love if it weren't for Lulu and I was still as bitter about losing Johnny as she was about losing him to me for about a millisecond.

Lulu sighed loudly. "Sorry, I'm really sorry, Maxie, I'm just desperate here. I finally meet another guy I could possibly have a future with but I guess I'm gun shy..."

I nodded. "Yeah, believe it or not, I can relate," I said and I could except when I felt nervous around a guy I usually cover it by trying to seduce him because I was so utterly lonely and I think people knew that even if no one said it aloud. I knew I couldn't verbalize that.

I sighed and turned back to face Lulu. "If I do this for you, will you promise me that Johnny will no longer be an issue for us?"

Lulu nodded. "Scout's honor," she said holding up two fingers. "This means everything to me, Maxie, thank you so much!"

I sighed again. "At least tell me this guy doesn't wear a pocket protector and is halfway decent looking."

"All I know is that he's an old friend of Ethan's."

"What's his name?" I asked as I started to my door to get dressed.

"Dominic Petrelli or something like that," Lulu answered.

"Interesting name," I said and walked into my room.


"You look great, Maxie," Lulu enthused as we climbed out of her Chevy and walked towards Jake's Bar.

"You don't need to butter me up," I said. "I'm already here, aren't I?" But I had to admit she was right; I did looking smoking in a black mini-skirt and frilly pink top with my hair all curled and fresh looking. I don't know why I bothered but I figured if I was going to be seen in public on a date with a guy who could possibly be a complete and total loser, I might as well look great doing it.

We walked through Jake's and Coleman immediately zeroed in on us. He always gave me the creeps, the way he undressed me with his eyes. I mean, he was old enough to be my dad. Maybe even my grandfather...

"Hey, ladies, what you havin'?" He asked, leering at us.

"Beer will be fine, Coleman," Lulu answered for us.

"Comin' right up, Chicas," he said.

Lulu smiled and we slid into seats at a table in the corner. "Where are our wonderful dates?" I asked drily.

"On their way I bet," Lulu said and rubbed her hands together. "If this goes well, I think Ethan and I could have a future. I love his accent ..."

"It is pretty sexy," I agreed.

"You better not be getting any ideas about him, Maxie," Lulu said and I rolled my eyes heavenward.

"Shut up, Lulu," was all I could say without verbally or physically assaulting her.

We fell into anxious silence as we waited for 'our' guys to show up. I was sure Lulu had set me up with some freak of nature while she got the hot Aussie guy.

I tapped my acrylic nails on the table top as we waited and stared off into space for a bit before Lulu finally said, "Look, Maxie, they're here!"

I looked up and my caustic reply died in my throat. Moving over to me was none other than Dante Falconeri, my husband!


Ethan had forced me along on this date and now staring at the tiny blonde watching me with wondrous blue eyes, I realized I had made a very big mistake by coming here. I should have figured fate would deal me this blow when I just got my first big undercover case. She was going to blow my cover for sure and I couldn't have that so I quickly moved over to her and took her hand and kissed it as Ethan introduced us, hoping to subdue her into silence.

Ethan and Lulu watched us with wide eyes and Maxie blushed unmistakably. "Dominic Pirelli, huh?" She said, speaking for the first time as she withdrew her hand from mine quickly. "You don't look like a Dominic. More like a Don or even a Dante ..."

I grimaced. So she definitely remembered me too. I mean, in a way I was glad because I definitely hadn't forgotten her but I had to think of my job first, even though I could drown in those stormy blue eyes of hers.

Ethan laughed and Lulu shrugged. "Sorry, Dominic, Maxie speaks her mind whenever she pleases."

I nodded. "It's okay, I mean as long as she doesn't reveal any life-altering secrets in mixed company..." I said, staring at her pointedly. She glared back at me but said nothing.

Ethan looked at me. He was the only one who knew my true identity besides Maxie and I knew he wouldn't say anything of course but I definitely couldn't be sure about her. The one thing I had learned the weekend we spent together was that she was a pistol and always did the opposite of what was expected.

Ethan seemed to sense my discomfort and turned to face Lulu. "Hey, Lu, why don't we give these two a chance to get to know each other? They're playing our song anyway."

Lulu stared at Ethan. "Since when is 'Redneck Woman' our song?" She asked but she giggled. "Okay I'm game."

My Aussie friend took Lulu's hand and led her out to the middle of the makeshift dance floor as I slid into a seat next to Maxie. "Hey," I said.

"Hello, DANTE," she said acidly. "Or should I say Dominic? Which man did I marry again?"

"Hey, hey, keep your voice down. You'll blow my cover!" I said.

"What cover?" She asked. "The one where you pretend to be something you're not? Did you come here just to mess with my mind?"

"No," I said, shaking my head. "Ethan didn't even tell me your name when he asked me to come along on this blind date. I had no idea who I was going to meet."

"But you were planning to dick around on your wife, huh?" Maxie snapped.

I laughed in spite of myself. "We are hardly monogamous, Maxie."

"Oh you remember my name?" She snapped.

"I am sorry I never called you, it's just I had other -"

"Priorities?" she demanded.

"Yeah but it's not what you think."

"I don't care. And you definitely don't want to know what I'm thinking about you right now!" She jumped to her feet and started for the exit in a dramatic fashion. I couldn't help but jump to my own feet and follow after her.