One Piece: Truly Precious

Ok, in regards to Sanji kicking a woman, I'm really sorry. I admit to not being completely caught up with the Manga and Anime, but I am catching up as I write. Also, a lot has happened since the Yonko arc. The crew would have endured many pains and hardships on their way to Raftel and by the time they arrived at the final island, who's to say that Sanji wouldn't have abandoned that philosophy in favor of one that would better allow him to survive?

Anyways, enough of my ranting.

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As Zoro and Sanji faced down the remaining members of the Baroque Works agents stationed in Whiskey Peak, the First Mate and Chef couldn't help but smirk in anticipation for the fight that was to come.

"Well then, Baroque Works," said Sanji as he took a drag from his cigarette.

"You ready for round two?" finished Zoro.

"Obviously these pirates are going to be a handful," said Mr. 9 as he hoisted his Iron Bats, "but I think the four of us can take them. Especially now that their crew and captain are knocked out."

"I owe the blond one for that kick," said Miss Monday as she hefted a large metal pole as a club.

"Let's end this quickly," said Miss Wednesday as she pulled out a chain of bladed jewels.

The two women and one man rushed at the members of the Strawhat pirates, swinging their weapons, but the two members of the Monster Trio weren't fazed and Sanji quickly sent Mr. 9 flying into the wall of a building via a powerful kick, while the crew's First Mate moved to intercept Miss Wednesday and Miss Monday, his swords cutting through their weapons with ease before knocking them to the ground with the backs of his blades.

"You're gonna need to do better than that," said Zoro.

"Igarappappa!" yelled Mister 8 as he fired several explosive shells from the guns hidden in his curls, aiming to take down the pirate swordsman before he could cause any further damage.

Zoro's eyes narrowed and he channeled a small amount of Haki into his swords to protect them damage. As the explosive bullets closed in on him, he swung his three katanas and cleaved through the bullets, causing them to explode harmlessly to the side.

"Nice try, curly-braids," smirked Zoro, "but not good enough."

"What's with these two guys?" grunted Mr. 9 as he pulled himself out of the hole he had made when he crashed into the wall thanks to Sanji's kick. He was sure to bruise from the blow and he was thanking the gods that he didn't have any broken bones, "I mean, Roronoa I get because he has a substantial bounty, but the chef is a nobody!"

"Perhaps they made a mistake with the bounty?" offered Mister 8.

"Wouldn't be the first time," noted Zoro from behind the agent, causing the man to jump in surprise before getting knocked to the ground by the swordsman, "I mean, aside from the picture that is."

"Fuck you, Crap-Marimo!" yelled Sanji.

"Igarappappa!" yelled Mr. 8 as he spun around and tried to blast Zoro at point blank, but the swordsman spun with him and dropped the man with a blow from the butt of his sword.

"Take this!" yelled Mr. 9 as he readied his metal bats, "Kattobase Shikomi Bat!"

The Baroque Works Agent revealed hidden chains connecting the tops of the bats to the handles, turning them into improvised flails that he lashed out toward Sanji, wrapping one around the chef's leg.

"See if you can keep kicking with a broken leg!" said Mister 9 as he prepared to yank the chain.

"We'll see about that," said Sanji as he whipped his leg, using his muscles to pull Mr. 9 off his feet and send him flying toward the Strawhat chef.

Sanji landed another kick into the Baroque Works Agent and sent him flying into a pile of crates by a building, turning just in time to block a swing from Miss Monday's hammer with his foot, "Careful with that."

Zoro rushed up behind the musclewoman and delivered a strong strike with the back of his blade to knock her down, and then dodged to the side to avoid getting slashed by a chain of jewel-blades wielded by Miss Wednesday, before disarming his attacker and knocking her to the ground.

"I suggest you stay down," said Zoro, "aside from the fact that you tried to kill us, we have no real quarrel with you."

Suddenly his Haki signaled him to an attack and Zoro swung his sword outward, slicing through a booger that was flicked toward him, causing the two halves to explode harmlessly to the side.

"You're quick," said a voice as a man with black dreads wearing a brown trench coat and sunglasses walked up with a woman wearing a yellow dress and hat with lemon pictures literally floating after him with a parasol in her hands, "but that's no excuse for you lot to fail to defeat these rookie pirates."

"Mr. 5," grunted Mr. 9, "Miss Valentine."

"Kyahahahaha!" laughed the woman, "And here I thought the Frontier Agents were made of stronger stuff."

"Fortunately for you," said the man, Mr. 5, "we've come here on more urgent business. Apparently, we have a couple of moles in our organization that have apparently found out a bit too much about our boss, Mr. 0."

'Crap,' thought Mr. 8, 'they know!'

"Now," said Mr. 5, "we've been sent to eliminate them and expose them for who they are, the Princess of Alabasta, Nefeltari Vivi, and the Captain of her guard, Igaram."

To the Agents' shock, Mr. 5 pulled out a revolver and aimed it at Mr. 8's head, "Good riddance.

Before he could pull the trigger though, a powerful kick slammed into his side, sending him flying into a building, causing a moderately sized explosion upon impact.

"It's bad form to shoot a man when he's down," said Sanji as he lowered his foot.

"You'll pay for that," said Miss Valentine as she floated over him and began to descend rapidly, "10,000 Kilo Press!"

Sanji simply stepped to the side and lit his cigarette as Miss Valentine slammed into the ground with an undignified 'Gah,' leaving a large hole in the pavement, taking a drag as the two agents pulled themselves back to their feet.

"Looks like we'll be dealing with you Pirates before dealing with the princess," said Mr. 5 as he readied his revolver, "Breeze Breath Bomb!"

Zoro stepped in front of Sanji and channeled Busoshoku Haki into his three blades, changing their color to dark black, and sliced through the exploding air-bullets, utilizing Kenbunshoku Haki to predict where each invisible bullet was when he swung. The bullets exploded violently, but Zoro was unharmed thanks to him redirecting the brunt of the blast with swings from his sword.

"Is that the best you got?" asked Zoro.

"Damn you," growled Miss Valentine as she shot out of the hole she made in the ground and moved to float over Zoro's head, "let me show you my secret move! I haven't shown anyone this yet! 10,000 Kilo Iron Guillotine!"

Miss Valentine channeled Busoshoku Haki around her leg and increased her body weight, causing her to drop downwards toward Zoro, aiming to crush his neck. The First Mate responded by channeling just enough Haki to his sword to counter hers, yet not enough to overpower her own, and raised his blade, blocking her attack and causing a crater to form under his feet from the force behind it. It wasn't without effort though, and Zoro could feel his bones creaking as his muscles were strained. He still wasn't at the same level he was at when he decimated the Humandrills, but he was slowly getting there.

"Impossible!" said Miss Valentine before she was thrown to the ground, HARD.

Face it, you don't want to be slammed into the ground when you weigh 10,000 Kilos.

"You'll regret that," said Mr. 5 as he rushed forward and aimed a kick at Zoro, augmented by the explosive power of his Devil Fruit.

Before his kick could make contact, a Haki imbued leg slammed into his own, causing the two to be engulfed in a violent explosion. When the smoke cleared, Sanji was standing over Mr. 5 with some singes to his clothes and skin, while the Baroque Works Agent lay on the ground with his leg bent at an unnatural angle.

"I'm afraid you won't be touching the princess today," said the chef.

"Wh-why?" asked Igaram, for that was the true identity of the man calling himself Mr. 8, "Why help us now after all we've done?"

"Because," said Zoro, "you lot aren't our real enemy here."

Igaram was about to speak, but he saw Miss Wednesday begin to stir and rushed over to help her up, "Princess Vivi!"

"What's going on?" asked the now revealed Princess.

"Our cover has been compromised," said Igaram, "we owe these pirates our lives."

"But why help us?" asked Vivi, "what's in it for you?"

"Nothing in particular," said Nami's voice from behind them, causing the two members of the Strawhat crew to jump, "though, a few thousand Berries as compensation wouldn't hurt."

"Hmph," said Zoro, "and here I thought you were knocked out with the others."

"Ha!" laughed Nami, "With the kind of work I've been in before meeting you guys, you think I'd let a simple drugged glass of rum stop me from getting what I want?"

"So you're just in it for the money?" spat Vivi, "Sorry, but we can't just pay for our problems to go away."

"It's not about the money," said Zoro, getting a death glare from Nami, "we know what that bastard Crocodile is doing with your country and we want to help."

"You know about Crocodile?" exclaimed Igaram, "How?"

"It's a really long and complicated story," said Sanji, "before we continue, I suggest we gather the rest of our sleeping crew and cast off before anyone else tries to attack. We can take you two along as well, as we're probably headed to Alabasta anyways."

"You would do that for us?" asked Vivi.

"Of course," said Nami, "now let's get moving."


It took a bit of doing, but eventually, the entire crew was dragged aboard the Going Merry and the ship was being prepared for departure. Zoro and Sanji had also taken the liberty of raiding the Whiskey Peak supply sheds, Sanji for more ingredients for cooking, and Zoro for some Sake, and now the two of them were rousing the rest of the crew from their slumber.

"Ugh," groaned Luffy, "my head feels like the time Gramps punched me into a wall."

"I'm very sorry about that," said Vivi.

"Oh, hi Vivi," said Luffy blearily, "you coming with us then?"

"Does everyone on this crew know about the Princess?" asked Igaram.

"It's complicated," said the various members of the crew that had been awakened from the drug-induced slumber.

"Just know that we truly want to help," said Zoro as he heaved the anchor back aboard.

As Vivi nodded dimly, still somewhat in shock that these pirates that they tried to kill were now helping them, a thick fog began to roll into the port. Suddenly, a cheerful laugh broke through their work, causing them to stop as Igaram and Vivi began to shake with fear.

"Ufufufu," laughed the voice, "I must admit, I did not expect to see you all here again."

As the fog cleared somewhat, a tanned woman wearing a skimpy purple cowgirl outfit could be seen sitting on the upper deck by Nami's Tangerine Grove.

"Miss All Sunday!" exclaimed Vivi in horror.

"It's good to see you in such good health, Captain-san," the woman said to Luffy.

"Robin!" exclaimed Luffy happily.

"You know her?" exclaimed Igaram in shock.

"Yup," said Luffy, "that's Nico Robin, the ship's Archeologist."

There was a moment of silence before the new members on the ship shouted out as one.


And that's a wrap. Sorry for the wait for this chapter. I've been busy and have been trying to spark my Muse for this fanfic so more ideas would flow. I hope you all like my take on the Alabasta arc.

Also, as to Miss Valentine using Haki, I'm going on the basis that, as the Officer Agents are the top tier of Baroque Works, and as Mr. 1 agreed to go to the New World with Crocodile (where having Haki is practically a necessity in order to survive) a few of those Agents would have some degree of control over at least one of the two main forms of Haki. That way, it won't be as much of a curbstomp when the Strawhats fight them.

See you next time.