Zeb would never admit it out loud, but the kid was a better cook then all of them combined. And that was only after eating the pasta that she made, the cheesecake that Ezra had made was like pure bliss. He only hoped that she would make it again sometime, not that he would tell her that himself. Sure he had been hesitant at first, but who wouldn't be after all the failed attempts at decent meals cooked by the others, including himself over the years. Zeb may not have liked that he had to share a room with the brat, at least until extra one was cleared out for her. But he was happy that he and the others no longer had to attempt to cook anymore.

Sabine always knew that there were different types of art from Hera's flying, to Kanan's lightsaber skills, to the fighting technique of Zeb, to her own love of painting, but she never knew that food could be an art form until she had seen and tried Ezra's cooking. That girl made the best cheesecake she had ever tasted, so much so that an argument broke out over who would get the last piece.

Kanan watched as Sabine and Zeb argued over the last piece of cheesecake, not realizing that he had already taken it. He could tell that Ezra was not used to the compliments that she was getting. He made a mental note to give her more praise in the future to help build up her confidence in her abilities that were not stealing and conning.

Hera knew that she made the right choice in giving Ezra free reign with the chore of cooking. Although it seemed to her that Ezra didn't think of cooking as a chore, but as an escape from reality that was their lives. It was also entertaining to see the girl blush and stutter over the praise that she received.