City Under Siege:

City Under Siege:


"The weak will die out

The mighty will fall

To a great evil force

One greater than them all"

A woman dressed in a long lavender robe, with a red sash, lay unmoving on the ground. Her body was bruised and cut in many places. She held in her hand a magical device. It was useless, now. It's power completely drained.

She had fought well, and weakened her opponent, but it was stronger. It had won out against her and every other body there was on the battlefield. Four familiar forms also lay unmoving amongst the debris.

The woman pushed her self up to her feet and overlooked the battlefield once more. Friends and family had fought bravely, and yet, it had not been enough. The force was now on the loose, and heading straight towards the last people who could stand up to it.

My son…The woman thought. The woman, also known as Syaoran's mother, feared deeply for her son. He was still in Japan, aiding the Cherry Blossom, now the Clow Card Mistress, in her new mission. The force is heading straight for Japan. It can sense them, and it will try and destroy them.

Syaoran's mother bent over the four forms she'd recognized earlier amongst the carnage. Syaoran's four eldest sisters had also fought along side her, along with every other able-bodied member of the Li clan, and yet, it still wasn't enough!

The force had been prepared and had brought and entire legion of dark soldiers, creatures from the underworld, with no sense of survival, only bent on destruction. The Li Clan Elders has met and decided that they had to stop the force here, in China, before it could grow stronger and spread throughout the world. But now it was too late.

Syaoran's mother kneeled over the girls and made sure they were breathing. They were, and she sighed with relief. She looked out towards the setting sun. I must go to my son. I'll will warn him tonight and join him as soon as I clean up here. He must be forth warned!