I know that my God is real. I know that I know that I KNOW that my God is real.

You do not believe me, you ask for proof.

And so, I try to prove it, but in your eyes, blinded by the logic of man, I fail. You smugly laugh and tell me "I told you so."

But how can I prove Him? How can you prove the existance of color to one who has never had sight? How do you explain music to a man born deaf?

You cannot.

Does that mean it does not exist?


A deaf man can only trust what others tell him about the world of sound.

So why is my faith so hard for you to understand?

I believe in something I cannot see. You cannot see emotions, you cannot see love or joy or thoughts or ideas, but they are there.

I believe in something you cannot hear with physical ears.

Humans have poor hearing in comparison with most animals. There are sounds that we do not hear, and didn't even know about for many years, like the echolocation of a bat. Because your ears cannot hear it, does that mean it does not exist?

No! To assume so would be arrogant, to think that anything would need to be seen/heard/felt by you to exist. Are you so proud that you need to give God permission to exist?

Faith is trusting in what you cannot prove. I have faith in God, because even though I cannot see Him, hear Him, or prove Him, I can see what He's done for me, hear His voice in the words He's written, and feel His presence in my life.

I'm sorry if you cannot believe in something you cannot prove. I'm sorry if you cannot look beyond the physical world, or to simply have faith. However, just because you cannot believe, do not condemn me because I can.


Just my thoughts for the day. Hope you enjoyed.