I know my God is real.
You ask for proof?
I will not lie. I cannot give it to you.
But do not dismiss me quite yet.

For truly, what is real?
Something you can see, touch?
The movie "The Matrix" taught us that reality can not be judged so
So what how do we define real?

How can we judge whether something exists?
How can we be sure that what everyone thinks is truth
Is really a lie?
Does that mean there is no truth?
That cannot be so

Because without truth
There is nothing

So what can we do?
Proof cannot lie in scientific theories
Because how do we know if those theories will be proven wrong?
The laws of science are not always true
After all, if atoms cannot be created
Where did they all come from?

I've noticed that the people who live around me
Take very little notice of anything but themselves
"If God exists, why doesn't He show ME?"
"Why would God let all this happen to ME? He must not be real."
"I cannot see or feel God, so that must mean He is not real."

Can't you see the arrogance? The selfishness?
To assume since God cannot be proved to you,
He cannot exist, is very arrogant
Because it assumes that you know everything
That there is to know

I don't care what scientists say
We really don't know much
We are a severely limited race
Perhaps blinded most of all by our own self importance

So what can we prove?
I came to the realization
That everything we know
We either learned by ourselves
Or were told by another human
And since we don't relearn in one lifetime
Everything that humans have learned in the past
A majority is told to us
By other people

So, our proof is basically founded in other people
Atoms exist because a scientist told us so
Evolution happened because our teacher told us so
And they made sense to me

I know I've rambled on for some time,
But consider for a moment, what is proof?
Indeed, isn't most of what we "know,"
Really based on faith?

And so I know my God is real
I don't need any scientist to tell me so
I simply know He is
He makes more sense to me
Than this crazy world ever did

I always said I would rewrite "Proof," but in my attempt to, I think I gave it a completely
different message. Oh well, I hope you enjoyed, and please, criticism is really extremely
helpful, but most when it's written in a polite form, and when it explains what you find wrong
with it. Flames that simply state you don't like it are just ignored. Thank you, God bless.