"Candy Corn" called the low silky voice of the potion's master. The gargoyle that was set in front of the Headmaster's office jumped out of the way and Snape made his way up the spiral steps. Once he reached the top, he entered the circular room that housed the pictures of past Hogwart's headmasters, all sleeping in their frames. Snape continued to the door at the opposite side of the room and knocked before entering.

"Ah Severus. I was expecting you." The headmaster said, blue eyes twinkling.

"You wished to see me, headmaster. Of course you were expecting me." Snape drawled, voice filled with sarcasm.

It was nearing the end of summer, the following September would begin Harry Potter's final year at Hogwarts, much to the hidden delight of one constantly cranky potion's master.

"I wished for your opinion, Severus." The headmaster continued, completely used to the sarcasm with which Snape spoke. "I want to help build the logical mind of the wizarding student body. As you know, one thing that muggles are better at compared to us is their ability to use logic to solve problems. All the more proven by Miss Granger's quick solving of your potion's puzzle in her first year."

Like he needed to hear that. He found it immensely infuriating that such a young person could solve it. And a Gryffindor - it took him forever to live that one down.

"What do you suggest, Albus?" Snape asked. He was curious, but did not want to show the intrigue. Albus knew it was there anyway.

"I propose a logic puzzle of sorts. A very tough one. One that will require the students to use the power of observation, memory, and detail." The headmaster said, excitedly. "House points could be given to those who correctly solve the puzzle at the end of the year."

"A guessing game?" Snape thought for a moment.

"Of sorts. In order for the guess of the students to be valid, the student must be somewhat positive, and can justify their choice."

"To eliminate those who simply write down a solution and drop it in without thinking logically about it." This seemed like a game he would enjoy. Slytherin, after all, was known for their cunning and could win hands down.

"Exactly. What is your view on this?"

"It may do some good for these dunderheads to use their minds for once. Maybe build a little common sense." Snape replied.

"Maybe melt a few less caldrons." Albus added, thinking about Snape's temper after a class with Neville Longbottom.

"Somehow, I doubt that very much. Although, I wish to thank you for increasing the supplies budget this year." The headmaster chuckled. At least Severus appeared to have a sense of humour at times.

"Well, you are the first head of house that I have proposed this idea to. I'll pitch it to the others, see what they think of it. I will let you know when the final decision has been made."

Snape nodded, and got up to leave. "Oh, and Severus." He turned around. "If the plans do go through, expect to set aside a few rooms for some guests."

Confused by this, Snape simply nodded and made his leave.


It was a few days later that found the headmaster paying a visit to the personal labs of Severus Snape. He knocked on the doors, knowing that the potion's master hated to have someone simply walk in on what he was doing. Apparently, his research was very delicate.

"Enter" he heard called from behind the door.

"Severus, I wished to inform you of the final plans for the game." Snape nodded. "It appears to be a go. The whole faculty seems to be excited about this."

"Is there anything that I should know of before hand?" Snape asked.

"Not yet. I wish to wait for our guests. Speaking of which, I need you to brew some Wardus potion for me."

"Wardus? Wardus is used so that nonmagical people would be unaffected by most wards that are put in. What would you need that fo-" He stopped abruptly as he just put two and two together. "Our visitors are. . .muggles?!?"

"Most of them. I'll give you the details when they arrive, but I need enough potion to last for a week for 6 doses. That is all the detail I will share with you at the moment." And the Headmaster left, closing the door behind him, and leaving Snape to stare at it.

'Muggles? I have to make room in my dungeons for muggles?' Snape was disgusted by the thought. He was also somewhat concerned. It was not as if he thought muggles to be all that bad. But to survive near the Slytherin house - the most anti-muggle place you can have. 'Looks like they will have to work on their survival skills while everyone else works on the problem solving.' Snape thought. He than remembered the task Albus had just given him, and set for work.


"WOW!!" Mark exclaimed as he entered the front doors of Hogwarts castle. "If my school looked like this, I may not have dropped out." He continued in his Australian accent. Mark was a 24-year-old musician. His first and only love being his guitar. He was slightly muscular, with a deep tan, dirty blonde hair, and green eyes. He was followed by Avis, who was lugging behind him a pile of trunks; another 24-year-old who was a bit thin because of his study habits. Avis dropped the trunks on the floor, and took a look. They were the first two to arrive. Both had been friends for a number of years, and were excited to come along for the game.

"Welcome to Hogwarts." They heard a voice say. Both men turned and saw an elderly man and woman awaiting them on the stairs. "I am Headmaster Dumbledore. Before we take you to your rooms, we need to speak with you in my office. I am sure the other's will arrive before long." They nodded, and began to walk in the direction that Albus pointed in. After a few steps, they heard the old man say, "Severus, would you be so kind as to await the other guests for us?" The two men turned and saw the intimidating figure of the potion's master. Both tried to act calm, but their fear was obvious in their eyes.

"Certainly, Albus." Snape said, although he really didn't want to do it, and he made it apparent in his tone of voice. The headmaster smiled and nodded, and continued to lead Mark and Avis to his office.

Snape stood there waiting. 'Great. Now in addition to all these brats, I have to babysit a couple of muggles.' Just as he was brooding over what a terrible year it would turn out to be, the doors opened again. This time, a young woman appeared. Snape took in her appearance. 'Gods. Does this one even care about how she looks?'

The woman approached him, ignoring his scowl and obvious distaste for her appearance. "Hello." She said. Snape could tell she was either from Canada or the States. "My name's Krista. I'm here for the game." Krista was a 23-year-old student at the University of Toronto. She was wearing torn, loose jeans, and a black tank top, and her brown hair was tied up into a ponytail. She seemed to be a bit dirty and sweaty; as if she was physically exerting herself all day. She lugged some of her belongings in a backpack that she was now removing from her shoulders. She drug behind her a trunk that held the rest of it.

Without even hiding the disgust in his voice, Snape said, "Yes. We will wait for the other's here. And than I will direct you to the Headmaster's office."

Krista did not miss the loathing in his voice. She looked at him, amazed at how rude he was. 'Well, not my problem. At least I hope it won't be.' She thought. She simply nodded, and set her things down on the floor beside her. She opened up her trunk, and pulled out her textbook. Closing the lid of the trunk, she pulled a highlighter from her purse, sat down on the trunk, put her glasses on over her brown eyes, and began to read. Snape did not like the fact that she did not seem to be very intimidated by him. Rather passive. They continued to wait in silence, save for the occasional screeching of the highlighter on the pages of the book.

Next to arrive was a young man named Derek. He was almost a snap shot of what Snape looked like when he was a Hogwart's student. Derek was 24, with a slim build, raven black hair, and dark eyes. He was from Bulgaria, and spoke English quite well. He also was not intimidated by Snape, which really got on his nerves. So much so that when Carly showed up at the door, she nearly ran back out of it.

Carly was a 25-year-old redhead from Hawaii, with blue eyes and an athletic build, with a rather unstable emotional well being. She didn't have any big problems, but she was rather squeamish, especially around Snape. This helped to ease his temper slightly.

Finally, after what seemed forever, the final three approached the doors. Christom was a tall, muscular 28-year-old man with a deep tan, brown eyes and black hair, from Israel. Melanie was a shorter 20-year-old from Japan. She had black hair and brown eyes, with an olive complexion. Finally, Natalie was a 26-year-old woman; bit more heavy set, but not overly so, with curly brown hair, green eyes. She was from Alaska. Since the rest had arrived, Snape led them to the Headmaster's office to begin the meeting.


The meeting began after everyone was seated with a cup of tea in each hand. Albus sat behind his desk, Minerva in a chair on the right side of the desk, and Snape stood by the fire behind all the chairs, making sure that he was out of sight.

"Good to see you are all here. Any troubles?" All shook their heads in the negative. "I also see that you took your potions." This time, all nodded. "I will explain the rules to you than."

The rules went as followed: out of the eight visitors, one was a witch, and one a wizard. The students would have to use clues throughout the year to determine who it was. Not even the heads of houses would know, much to Snape's irritation. There would be a game played by the houses each month after dinner in which the winning house would receive a secret clue that only they would get. The other houses would have to try and figure it out on their own using observations that they gather from the group. At the leaving feast at the end of the year, the two would be revealed, and house points would be awarded for guessing correctly.

"Any questions?" Albus asked finally.

It was Krista who spoke up. "Since we are going to be here for the entire year, what are the arrangements for living quarters?"

"That will be taken care of now. The heads of house have been asked to set aside two rooms each. You will all be sorted into houses, and may access the common room only when invited by the students in your house." Snape nearly scoffed. Like a Slytherin would invite them in.

Albus got up out of his chair and retrieved the sorting hat. Giving it to Minerva, she went to each of the visitors and they were sorted: Krista and Mark in Gryffindor (much to Krista's relief when she found out that Snape was the Head of Slytherin), Natalie and Avis in Hufflepuff, Melanie and Christom in Ravenclaw, and Carly and Derek in Slytherin.

Finally, with the guests sorted, they were told that they could see their heads of house or the headmaster if there were any problems. Students would be arriving in a week, and all were settled in. They were given a common room that was magically connected to each of the rooms, and were able to explore the castle in the meantime. It seemed like it was going to be another interesting year.

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