Hellos peoples!

This is my first fic, so please be gentle. I couldn't get this idea out of my head, so I just had to write it. So in simple terms, there will be little violence but lots of chaos, the Hell-spawn and Jaegers are human and the Spider Mastermind is a woman. So...



11:28am , FEBRUARY 10, 2135, PAHALA, HAWAII


It was a cool cloudy, breezy day. Behind the beautiful beaches of Pahala rests a medium-sized, quiet town mainly consisting of single and double story houses, shops, and service systems (schools, police and fire stations, etc). The world has recovered from the Economic crisis, that was 10 times worse than the Great Depression of 1929, by forcing ALL their corrupted politicians to resign and new politicians who have risen and have done a much better job.

The Union Aerospace Corporation, so far the most powerful conglomeration, has successfully developed their 2 main abilities (Teleportation and turning waste into drinkable water) and are still doing initial tests and experiments.

As Doug the local well-known mail-man delivered his mail, he came across a particularly large house, on the front yard resting on a hammock laid a white teenage boy relaxing and listening to music on industrial-sized headphones.

The boy has a red-ish hue to his skin, his eyes are bright green, his hair was as white as snow and what's Doug always notices about the nice-hearted teenager is his ever present grin, and a weird blue glow in his wide mouth. Through out the 4 years he's known the "Abbadons", who where not only a very respected family, but where also considered the 3rd wierdest family in the entire town. As much as that disturbes him (which is only about 2%), he is very good friends with them.

As he enters the front yard, the teenage boy opens an eye and notices him. He gets up and gives Doug his town-famous grin. "Hey Doug, my man." the boy said. "Hey dude!" they share a hand shake. Doug looks at the house with a look of surprise on his face. The boy notices this "Whats up, man?" he asks confused. "Carlos, this is the first time ever this place is quiet." Doug pointed out, very astonished. It's trure. 128 Neather Street was more or less the most noisiest house in the entire town. There has never been more than 30 minutes of silence coming from that place, even at night.

Carlos looks at the mailman with a bemused expression on his face and as Doug is about to speak again, he lifts up his hand to interupt him and starts silently counting "5...4...3...2...1...Now." A split second after he said now, from up the street, 2 loud, deep "AHAAAAAAAAAA!" broke the peace and Doug snaps his head, startled by the volume of the screams.

"WHAT THE- WHAT WAS THAT?!" Carlos simply smiles and points to the fence.

As he walks to the fence and looks up the street, 2 blurs bolt right past him almost knocking him off balance. "AHAA! WHAT THE...?!" he yells in confusion at the sight before him.

"LEAVE US ALONE!" one voice yells. He is tall and is South African with a buzzcut hair style. He is wearing a brown T-shirt that says 'Knight of pure power', green fingerless gloves, brown knee-hight short jeans and black sneaks. "GO AWAY! YOU GIRLS TORTURED US ENOUGH ALREDY WITH YOUR...WHAT EVER YOU 3 PLAY WITH!", the other voice, a little deeper, yells at the young girls chasing him. He is the same height as the first guy, is white with a reddish hue to his skin (like Carlos), is wearing a red T-shirt with a picture of the Red Baron flying away from a burning Zeppelin, orange fingerless gloves, brown sweat pants and black sneaks.

"BUT WE WANNA PLAY WITH YOU SOME MORE!" the first female voice belonged to the shortest, a South African black girl with ruby-red eyes and snow white hair, followed by 2 twin American girls; one with red hair, pinkish skin and golden yellow eyes, wearing a bright pink jersey, blue jeans and grey shoes; the other having brown hair, golden eyes, pale-white skin, wearing an olive-green skirt and shirt and blue sneaks.

Through out the time Doug has known the Abbadons, whenever he sees the 2 tall boys being chased by the 3 small girls, he always sees hearts in the girl's eyes. In fact everyone in town always sees hearts in every girl's ,aged 13-19, eyes whenever the 2 boys are at that particular place. The 2 boys where also known for delivering a very hard beat down when it comes to boxing and wrestling, which is why everyone calls them the 'Bruiser Brothers'. Doug and Carlos decide not to warn the South African Harold-Knight and American pink-skinned Boris O'Hellia about the silently incoming wave of about 8 girls who are friends with the 3 currently distracting the Bruiser Bro's.

"IRLINE, PATRICIA, STELLA, FOR THE LAST TIME LEAVE US AL-AHAAA! AMBUSH!" The 2 finally take notice of the wave of the on-comming wave of girls 2 seconds before they could tackle them to the ground. But now they are surrounded and every girl they look at has 2 giant hearts instead of eyes, which has forever creeped them out. Before anyone can do anything to help them, "GET 'EM!" yells Irline. The girls all lunge at the screaming-in-terror boys...And time stops and the screen goes black.

10 Seconds later...

5 girls, 2 of which are Irline and Stella, drag a furiously resisting Harold "NO! NO! NO! CARLOS! DOUG! HELP! THESE GIRLS ARE DANGEROUS! AHAAAAAAA!" Harold yells while being dragged while Boris was not screaming due to the fact that Patricia was on top of him and was stuffing her tongue down his throat and the other 5 girls carrying (yes, carrying) him above their heads, despite his weight and muscular frame, to wherever thay are taking them

Meanwhile, Doug was trying to breath and get back on his feet, while Carlos just shook his head. Doug then tries to ask what just happened but Carlos, anticipating that the mail-man will ask what just happened, answers before he could ask. "Don't think I'm gay, but I'll admit those 2 are handsome. They're like a magnet for those girls and-BLWAAAA!". Before he could continue, he gets a bucket of very dirty, cold water with fish heads in it thrown on them from the roof of the house by a group of about 6 little rascals.

"OH, YOU SORRY LITTLE NIGHTMARES!" Carlos was also known for his very short-temper and his long lasting grumpy mood after. The Nightmares, or Lost Souls as everyone usually calls them, where a group of (5 boys and 5 girls) 5-6 year old kids who held the record for being the most mischievous kids in the entire town. They where British with caramel-like tanned skin, bright orange eyes, they are very short, they have fiery yellow, orange and red hair that seems to wave slowly like fire.

"AH...AKA LUKA JUMBA ZUMBA, CARLOS! HAHAHAHAHAHA!" they yell in victory as Doug just looks at them and then Carlos in confusion. "What...did they just say" he asks, trying to get what's happening. "They made their own language! PAM!" Carlos yells in great frustration. 20 seconds later, Pam-Elizabeth, the cutest girl in town with a heart-shaped face which looks like a baby face, she is a little shorter than Carlos, is British, has a heavy tan that makes her skin brown, has BLACK hair that reaches up to her mid-back and has red eyes with a golden ring around the pupils.

"What do you want Carlo-oh..." She stares wide eyed at the dirty Carlos and slowly starts giggling until her, the 5 Lost Souls on the roof and Doug are trying to keep themselves from falling to the ground. Carlos just has a lot of anger in his eyes and on his face and silently goes to take a shower. When his hand touches the door knob, he hears shouting and heavy foot steps running towards the door. He presses his ear against the door and hears a lot of commotion.

"GET BACK 'ERE, YA LITTLE MIDGET WANKERS!". "GET EM!". "DON' LET 'EM GET AWAY!". Before he could react, the door blows open and hits him square in the face, knocking him into some bushes. Out the door rushes the other 5 Nightmares, along with 3 boys chasing them. The first one is the youngest; he is white skinned, has weird green hair, bright red eyes and is wearing a paint-ball suit outfit with lots of fresh patches of red paint on it. The second one is the middle-child; he has tanned skin, is bald and is also wearing a dark grey suit with lots of big patches of fresh red paint on it.

The third guy is the oldest; he is dark skinned, is more muscular than the other 2, is also bald, is wearing a dark red suit also with patches of fresh red paint on it. The 3 all had bright red eyes and always wear those suits which, combined with their deadly accuracy when it comes to paint-ball and the way they love meat, earned them the names 'Former Humans'. They also always carry paintball guns, which is also why people give the FHs specific names.

The first guy with the green hair carries a semi-automatic assault rifle and people call him the ''Zombieman' for some weird reason. The second guy with the tanned skin carries a pump-action shot-gun, which he NEVER swaps for another gun, earning him the name 'Shotgun guy'. The third guy carries a self-made replica of the M-134 Minigun and combined with the way he speaks, earned him the name 'Commando'. Their real names are Zack, Shnider and Corwin. And right now, the other 5 Nightmares had their guns in their small hands.

As quick and sneaky as they where, the Nightmares lacked co-ordination, they don't pay attention to anything that's right in front of them. That ends up with them running into people or things, which normally end with painful results. The Nightmare carrying the assault rifle ends up ramming straight into Pam's stomach. "What the-OOFF!", she wheezes out before falling on the ground, clutching her stomach while the Nightmare falls right on her.

The Nightmare carrying the shotgun speeds straight towards Doug and rams into his legs, sending Doug flipping and the Nightmare almost losing consciousness by ramming into the fence face first. "We'll take those! How many time hav' we told ya to stop stealin' our guns!?" Zack harshly demands after yanking his assault rifle from the dazed Nightmare. Shnider takes back his shotgun, yet Corwin looks everywhere for his beloved minigun.

Suddenly, the sound of a heavy gun being lifted and the barrels starting to spin catches everyone's, except Carlos, attention and with wide, fearful eyes, they slowly turn around to be greeted with a 6-barrelled heavy machine gun being aimed right at them by 2 Nightmares with very evil grins on their faces.

"Oh...shit." The FH silently say in unison.

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