Harry's eyes slowly fluttered open. Waking up he looked around in confusion, he wasn't in his cupboard or in the hotel bathtub that he normally stayed in. And why did he feel so warm and snug? And what was wrapped around him...?

Suddenly he felt the warm thing wrapped around him wriggle and pull him closer, causing him to suddenly panic, thinking he was about to be beaten by whoever was holding him. The soft cry of alarm he let out woke Sinon.

When she awoke to the sound of Harry panicking, her maternal instincts kicked in once more. Quickly she began running her fingers through his hair, softly kissing his cheek as she cooed "It's alright Harry, you're safe. It's just us here." Harry looked up, then remembered. Sinon had saved him. He had a new home... Sobbing, he lunged and buried his head in her chest, crying tears of both fear and joy. Joy at having a new home with Sinon and fear of being taken away again. He clutched tightly at the young woman's clothes, fearing that if he stopped making contact with her, she would disappear and he would be all alone again. Understanding why he was crying she hummed a gentle lullaby and ran her fingers through his hair, Softly promising "Don't worry My Little Warrior, I promise I'll never leave you." After fifteen minutes of this, Harry finally stopped crying, now clutching to his new caretaker, shoulders trembling. Smiling, she picked him up and rocked him gently back and forth before a small smile crossed her lips as she slowly began tickling him. The sad expression on the little boy's face immediately faded, and he began to giggle softly. Grinning at the giggle she began tickling him faster and faster, the little boy laughing joyfully as she did so. After a minute of this, she decided to stop before he died of laughter.

Getting an idea, she asked him "Harry, I'm already sure that I'm going to be the one given custody of you once your Aunt and Uncle go to prison and I also expect a lot of money to be given to you afterwards. How about we spend some of it to buy you an amusphere so you can go to Gun Gale Online anytime you want?"

Harry looked at her shyly. "Um...Y-You're gonna be there too, right?"

Smiling, she ruffled his hair "Of course Harry, I can't very well let my little warrior go and become a legend without being there with him." He smiled up at her, pure adoration in his eyes.

"You really...you really think i can be a legend?" he asked her hesitantly

Sinon smiled. "Of course I do. You're already legendary to me." At those words he beamed up at her and jumped, throwing his arms around her neck as he held her close to him

"Thank you..." He whispered softly. "Th-Thank you so much..."

"of course my little warrior," she said softly as she stroked his hair "of course." Harry smiled and leaned into her touches.

A week later Harry had been legally adopted as her son while a large payout had been given to them from Vernon Dursley's private bank accounts. Today they were going back into GGO, having taken the time to look up Harry's log in information from the gamer cafe he used before, and she was going to show him more of the virtual world. The duo were lying on Sinon's bed, Harry snuggled on top of his new mother, both with the helmets on their heads. Together they called out "Link Start!" as they entered back into the futuristic world of Gun Gale Online as Sinon took his hand in her own and led him back to the gambling station to see if there was anything he wanted to try and win before they updated their equipment

After playing a few games, and finding out that when it came to games and gambling Harry had ridiculously good luck, they went and he insisted on using a portion of his money to buy his mommy better armor and a pistol while also buying a second laser sword and an energy gun.

In the real world, mother and son were snuggled up with each other, smiling as they held each other close.