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Rated M for vulgar talk about sex but no actual sex scenes. Also, there's very little dialogue it's mostly character introspection and exposition. Warning the characters don't have favorable opinions of Sonny so if you can't handle that you might not want to read.

I've lived in this place and I know all the faces

Each one is different but they're always the same

They mean me no harm but it's time that I face it

They'll never allow me to change

But I never dreamed home would end up where I don't belong

I'm movin' on

Will sank onto the bar stool in front of him. Gazing at his surroundings Will almost winced at the opulence of the bar. He was not used to marble counter tops, art deco lighting and loud, confusing techno music. Then again the only club he ever spent time in was back home, 'And I certainly can't spend time there now', Will thought bitterly. 'No, no thinking about that. No thinking about Him. Tonight is all about moving forward. New Will hangs out in fancy bars with blinding lights and drinks he can't pronounce.'

Forcing his shoulders back and his spine to lengthen Will caught the eye of the bartender. He ordered the night's specialty and winced at the overwhelming taste of vodka. Will quickly put the martini glass back on the obnoxious counter top, vowing to pace himself. He can still remember being an angry and confused teenager stumbling around drunk. He doesn't need New Will to repeat some of his earliest mistakes.

Over the next twenty minutes Will attempted to get up and move to the dance floor. 'New Will is confident and dances at bars. He likes weird techno music and too much vodka in his cocktails. He is young and handsome and not afraid of anything. OK, just take a drink and get up.'

Just as Will was about to stand up a man slunk onto the stool next to him. Will turned his head and shifted uncomfortably when he noticed the man was openly staring at Will. Will quickly turned back to his drink, face heating up and lips clamped firmly together.

"Hey," a deep voice shouted at Will above the pounding of a bass line. The loud music made it almost impossible to hear but the stranger had moved closer.

Will slowly turned toward the man apprehensively only to be met with dark blue eyes and a wicked smirk.

"I saw you sitting here alone and it looked like you were having a pretty intense battle with yourself there," the man chuckled, "I figured you might need a neutral party to help you out."

Will, blue eyes widening, "Oh, um. Yeah. I guess I was," thinking about the confident New Will, "I was trying to convince myself to get on the dance floor."

The blue-eyed-stranger hopped off his stool with a bounce. Without saying a word he smoothly grabbed Will's hand and yanked him to his feet. Laughing Will stumbled slightly before following him out on the dance floor. With flashing lights switching colors overhead Will closed his eyes, focusing on the beat. Will's body reacted to the music when large, warm hands settled low on his hips. When his eyes opened blue eyes smirked darkly and pulled Will closer, encouraging his hips to rock to the beat.

Shyly smiling, Will finally took a good look at his dance partner. He was a few inches taller than Will making his head crane back a bit to get a good look. In addition to the vibrant blue eyes he had light brown hair thickly swept away from his forehead. Will's arms were wrapped around broad shoulders that felt firm under his hands. Meekly looking back into his eyes Will flushed brightly when he noticed the dark eyes never once strayed from Will's own face. Will smiled to himself when he boldly moved even closer until their entire bodies were pressed together. 'Apparently New Will is a good dancer.'

Will tipped his head backwards when the song changed and his body ground provocatively against Mr. Blue Eyes'. Sweat pooled on his lower back and began to run down his neck. Will was glad for the pounding music when Blue eyes leaned forward, tongue catching the sweat on his neck, making Will whimper audibly. The vibration must have still been felt when Blue Eyes laughed against the hollow of his throat, hands sliding to cup Will's ass firmly.

Empowered by the bright lights and seductive music Will brazenly tangled his hands in the thick mane of hair. Blue Eyes met Will halfway when Will yanked his head away from his neck and towards his lips. Will's fingers dug into the brown hair harshly overwhelmed by the heat that surrounded him. Groaning deeply Will undulated his hips faster when he felt fingertips dip into the waist band of his jeans, skimming against his bare ass.

The two separated, foreheads pressed together, panting against lips. Blue Eyes moved his head and whispered hotly against Will's ears, "Come with me to my hotel."

Will nodded mutely, words caught in his throat while his earlobe was gently suckled.

Will collapsed against the bed thoroughly exhausted, hair still wet from the shower and clinging to his forehead. He jostled slightly when the man landed next to him. Feeling those intense blue eyes on him once again Will rolled over to his side. There was something about the way Blue Eyes looked at Will that drove him crazy.

Will smiled bashfully, cheeks flushed when he asked, "What?"

Blue Eyes just shook his head looking almost confused, "It just amazes me that you can still look that sweet and innocent when I just split you open on my cock."

Will immediately ducked his head into the man's neck, face moving from flushed to bright red. The man laughed, pulling Will to his side. Snuggling against him Will glanced at those bright blue eyes again almost reveling in the admiration he saw. The man leaned down for a heated kiss. As the man's hands slid between Will's cheeks Will pulled back quickly.

"Nope, I don't think so. My ass can only take so much in one night," Will told the man while clambering off the bed in search of his boxers. He wasn't exactly paying attention when Blue Eyes practically ripped his clothes off of him.

"I beg to differ. I bet your ass can take much, much more," Blue Eyes said, pointedly looking at Will's pert bottom. Arms stretched behind his head and completely unconcerned over his own nudity, the man smirked.

After locating his haphazardly thrown clothes Will slipped them on while laughing at his mysterious blue eyed lover. He had never been around someone so blunt before. Will was enjoying the honesty. But, the walk from the bar to the hotel room was short and the two spent more time pawing at one another than talking. All Will could focus on was getting to the room before his clothes were pulled off of him.

Completely dressed again Will stood awkwardly in the middle of the room. 'What does one tell their one night stand as they're leaving?' Will wasn't waiting alone very long when the larger man stood up and strutted over to Will. He grabbed Will's chin bringing their lips together again. Will wrapped his arms around his neck, almost standing on his tip toes before pulling back.

"You're trying to distract me," Will panted with a smile. He was very tempted to stay, climb back into bed and forget everything until morning. But he could only leave his mother in charge of Arianna for so long before some disaster or other would strike. Plus he couldn't miss his little girl waking up in the morning and wondering where he was.

Blue Eyes shrugged, attempting to look innocent, "Like I was going to let you leave without a goodbye kiss."

Smiling brightly, Will pressed himself against the man and whispered against his lips hotly, "Goodbye". Pulling away quickly Will laughed loudly at the affronted look on the man's face. Will slowly backed away towards the door unable to keep a goofy smile off his face. Hoping to keep himself in check before he started acting like a dweeb.

When Will's hand touched the door knob the man spoke softly. It was the first time Will heard him as anything other than confident, eyes looking around the room, tone gentle "How long are you staying in Hollywood?"

"I'm not sure really. Why do you want to know?" Will asked his head tilted to the side in confusion. 'I'm not really sure on the proper protocol of a one night stand but I'm pretty sure you aren't supposed to keep tabs on the other. Maybe he's just checking to make sure we don't run into each other again.'

The man guffawed loudly, looking exasperated, as if Will was being dense on purpose, "I already told you, I know your ass can take much more than the three rounds tonight. And I plan on being the one to find out."

Will's eyes widened while his mouth opened and closed like a fish. Finally, cheeks hurting from holding back a grin,"Tomorrow," he whispered, "I'll be at the bar at 9. Don't be late."

Opening the door and looking over his shoulder one last time at the naked man before him, "I'm Will, by the way, in case you were wondering."

Blue eyes meeting blue eyes, the stranger told Will in his deep voice, just before Will walked out the door, "Nice to meet you Will, I'm Alex".

Alex relaxed on the couch, excited to finally unwind after a long shoot. His signature smirk eased into a small smile when he felt the familiar weight of his boyfriend pressed against him. 'Boyfriend,' he thought uncharacteristically shy, 'Never thought I'd ever be here.'

Nuzzling his nose into Will's blond locks and inhaling deeply Alex decided he liked the way things turned out.

Alex met Will at a bar in Hollywood his first night in town. With the bright lights dancing off his hair Alex was instantly drawn towards Will. He observed the blondes shoulders rounding and lengthening as Will seemed to gather himself. Before Alex knew what was happening he was sauntering in Will's direction. Even he couldn't have predicted what would happen next.

Alex has always been attracted to all genders; he just never felt the need to announce it to the world, or his family. If he was serious about someone he would let his family know but generally speaking he got bored. If he was being completely honest with himself Alex only dated those that he knew his parents would not approve. Even Alex could admit the girl with the tattoos was a bit extreme but he did have fun tracing each and every one with his tongue. But at 29 Alex could admit he never quite grew out of his rebellious stage. He especially loved setting off his oh so beloved Mommy.

For a long time growing up Alex could never quite figure out why Adrienne treated him differently than her other sons. It was only when he discovered his true parentage that her behavior made sense. Alex supposed raising a child born from your husband's affair as your own could be difficult. 'Nothing like a living, breathing reminder that your husband was once unfaithful sitting across the dinner table.' Alex still felt slightly bereft though. Joey and Victor were never stared at whenever Adrienne thought they couldn't see. Each and every decision Sonny made wasn't criticized and judged. 'No precious Sonny could never do anything wrong in Mommy's eyes'. Alex often wondered if Adrienne even knew what she was doing to him. Noticed that her smiles were never as wide, her hugs never as tight with Alex versus her other children.

Which is what led Alex to Hollywood in the first place, sick of hearing about the success of his younger brothers Alex sought to find his own way. Alex's lifelong photography hobby might finally have a chance to develop in Tinseltown instead of Dubai. Of course even if his art did become a success it's not like his family would appreciate it anyway. Somehow Alex couldn't imagine his mother proudly telling her friends her eldest son took nude photos for a living. Uncle Vic would never hang a close up photo of his favorite model's dick in the family mansion.

In spite of his family woes, Will was Alex's first boyfriend. They might have started as nameless strangers during a one night stand but now Alex can't imagine being with anyone else. Not even the rounded breasts on his model today stirred anything in him. All Alex could focus on was the way Will's face turned pink when he slapped him on the butt on his way out the door. Usually by this time Alex would have found someone more interesting but he just can't seem to let Will go.

At first Alex was a bit apprehensive about his feelings for Will. After their first night together Alex couldn't stop thinking about the boy who looked so bashful even while rocking shamelessly on Alex's cock. He went back to the bar again the next night to see him. And the next night and the night after that. Soon they were meeting up before nighttime for dinner or lunch. Some nights they did nothing but walk around town, sightseeing with their arms locked together; Alex's hands itching for his camera to capture the way Will looked in the downtown lights.

After three solid months Alex realized they were already practically dating, might as well make it official. Which was when Will dropped a bombshell on him-Will had a daughter. Alex was tempted to run the other direction but figured he owed it to himself to at least meet the kid.

It hasn't exactly been smooth sailing with Arianna Grace but Alex is trying. Kids have always freaked him out and he thinks the feeling is mutual. The first time they met Arianna refused to acknowledge him and almost clawed his eyes out when he kissed Will. Of course, he probably shouldn't have tried to do that while she was sitting in Will's lap. But the kid was slowly warming up to him. Now she calls him Al, instead of 'that boy'. She even let him sit next to her on the couch to watch Peppa Pig the one and only time he babysat her. But after realizing they would need to get along for Will's sake the two came to an understanding, or as much of one as a 29 year old and a 3 year old can have. The trip Alex took Arianna and Will on to Disneyland also sealed the deal. It is almost affectionate now when she calls him Al with a deceptively innocent smile on her face. He even swears that she smirks just a bit like him when he accidentally-on-purpose forgets her name and calls her Anna.

However, Alex never imagined himself with a boyfriend he had genuine feelings for, let alone one with a kid. But here he was, actually happy in his career and personal life for quite possibly the first time.

Unfortunately, Alex is afraid that feeling won't last. 'At least not until I tell Will the truth,' Alex thought, arms pulling Will closer to his chest.

Just last week Alex finally got up the nerve to call his parents. The last time they talked was to tell him Sonny was getting divorced. Adrienne was upset Alex wasn't more concerned for her precious baby but Alex figured if Sonny was dumb enough to live in Salem he risked infidelity. Of course what should have been Alex's moment to reveal he might have found his place in the world once again became the Sonny show. Alex really couldn't give a shit about Sonny's old new boyfriend and a missing ex or whatever he was hearing. "And where the hell is my father?"

It wasn't until Adrienne lamented out loud that Alex paid any attention, "I wish I knew where Will and Ari were now. Or at least if they're safe".

Alex almost dropped the phone in shock. 'There's no way. It has to be a coincidence,' Alex thought, horrified. 'But there is no such thing as a coincidence when it came to Salem,' Alex realized miserably.

He knew Will was recently divorced and from Illinois. He also knew Sonny's husband was named William and had a daughter. Of course it was only then did Alex realize neither Will nor himself ever mentioned their last name. It never came up and seemed almost pointless to ask. He knew Will was shy yet seductive, interesting, intelligent and a great father. Nothing else ever mattered to Alex. 'Oh god, that means his mom is Sami Brady. But all those times I met her she seemed so normal', Alex pondered. Were all the things he heard about the residents of Salem true or just gross exaggerations? 'Although that would explain why she said if I hurt Will she could kill me and make it look like an accident.'

After getting Adrienne off the phone quickly Alex dropped his head in his hands. How was he ever going to tell this to Will?

With Will quietly telling him about the interesting article he was writing this week and how proud he was that Ari knows all her shapes Alex concluded he didn't want Will to go. He's never felt so connected to another person before, physically and emotionally. 'Hell, even the kid is growing on me'. Realizing he couldn't jeopardize his relationship any longer, Alex steeled himself to tell Will the truth. But how?

'Hey Will, remember how you left your hometown to escape all the drama and bad influences in your life? Well guess who my brother is?'

'Let's reveal our last names on the count of three…'

'At least I'm not a long lost Dimera?'

"You look like you're having a silent battle with yourself there, need a third party to moderate," Will asked with a sweet smile. Alex was immediately taken back to when they met, chuckling at their role reversal.

Alex took a deep breath and forced out, "I found out something and I'm not sure how you're going to take it"

Will's eyebrows scrunched together cutely, "If this is about the condom thing I'll understand if we still have to use them."

Alex frowned and blinked rapidly, "I do not have an STI…and fuck you for thinking that" he told Will laughing, stuck between indignation and pride for Will's zinger. 'He's coming along nicely'

Alex's favorite shade of pink touched Will's cheeks before he shrugged and said, "If the shoe fits Mr. Nude Photographer."

"I do not sleep with my models thank you. I'm very professional," Alex proclaimed, chin tilting upwards.

"Right? Then what do you call last weekend? Because you could barely put the camera down fast enough before you were inside me," Will said looking unimpressed.

Alex scoffed, "That doesn't count. I've never photographed an ass like yours. No one could resist looking at it naked for almost an hour and not want to be balls deep."

Alex shook his head to clear it while Will hid his face in Alex's neck, blushing yet looking pleased. "Besides, this isn't about sex. Well I guess it kind of is but not really. It's just I'm kind of terrified I'm going to lose you once you know."

Will pulled himself upright to look in Alex's eyes. Alex exhaled slowly. He knew everyone always told him his blue eyes were memorable but god did he love Will's. Will's were like the turquoise water of the Caribbean, it reminded Alex of sand between his toes and the sun warming his skin. Seeing the patient yet worried look on Will's face made Alex confess.

"I talked to my mom last week and I don't think we're exactly strangers, Will," Alex rushed out, hoping he might not have to spell it out exactly.

"What do you mean?" Will asked gently.

Sighing deeply, treating it like a band-aid, one fast rip so it hurts less, "I mean that my name is Alexander, Alexander Kiriakis."

"Oh," Will whispered, face paling.

Will should have known that the minute he felt his life was finally making sense it would blow up in his face. When he spent the night with Alex the first time he never predicted they would date. He thought he was just the handsome stranger Will took to bed. But life never works out the way Will Horton expects.

The decision to leave Salem was almost easy. He had been divorced for nearly two months. He hadn't even seen Him for three months. While that might have been easier for Will, Arianna was suffering. She missed Him terribly but He had not made any efforts to see her. Will wondered if his old fears were actually true-maybe He never wanted Will's daughter at all.

On top of being divorced and Ari missing Him, Will was terribly lonely. He had always had trouble keeping friends. As a child parents never let their kids associate with the son of Sami Brady. 'There's nothing like walking through the park to see all your classmates at a birthday party you weren't invited to for a kid realize how unwanted he was.' The older Will got the harder it became. As the events of the past year and a half showed it wasn't getting any easier. With the end of his marriage came the end of almost all his friendships. 'Maybe they were never actually my friends at all,' Will thought. 'Maybe if they were they would have tried to help me see what I was doing.' His father was still in town but involved with his own secrets and lies and Will had no interest in being involved with That family again.

Even the one person Will always thought would be there for him had abandoned him. Grandma Marlena had her own relationship woes to attend to and Will couldn't bear to look at her after he caught her having lunch with Them. 'Then again maybe her new step-son ranks higher than I do now. It wouldn't be the first time now would it?' Will thought bitterly.

With no friends and no family Will saw no point in sticking in Salem. The only place Will could think to go was his mom's. The past few months Will had come to appreciate his mom and all she had been through. He spent so long resenting her when she only ever tried to do her best. She definitely made mistakes and was almost always in the wrong but she never had any friends either to help her. No one to guide her back. Instead she received judgments and disapproval instead of help. No one ever gave her the benefit of the doubt and Will knew exactly how that felt. She too had her friends and family turn on her whenever she did something wrong. No one knew disappointment and heartache like Sami Brady Walker Roberts Dimera Hernandez Dimera.

Will also knew his mom had been so much happier away from Salem. She left everyone who ever hurt her and who she hurt behind. Will knew he needed to do the same. Salem only ever brought out the worst in people, himself included. He owed it to Ari to get her out of Salem while he still could. Will knew he would only ever hurt and alienate his daughter just like what happened to him. The harder Will tries to make the right choices the more like his mother he becomes. Only now, while living with her in Hollywood, he's beginning to realize that might not be such a bad thing.

So, with his mind made up Will went to visit Gabi, the only person he knew would understand. Despite how hard it would be to not see her daughter Gabi knew Will was right; Salem was no place for their little girl to grow up. With Gabi's blessing, Will settled everything he needed to, rented a truck, packed up his daughter's home and left.

Meeting Alex was never part of Will's plan. However, Sami convinced Will to go out one night. He was only 22 after all; he didn't need to spend all his time with a 3 year old. So, with Ari snuggled up tight in bed and his mom on babysitting duty Will took a cab to the swanky bar near where he worked. Going home with a stranger never crossed his mind but Will was tired of being his old self. The Old Will only screwed things up and hurt people. He didn't believe in himself and in turn couldn't believe in others. The New Will was self-assured and went home with handsome strangers.

Alex was nothing he ever encountered before. Alex was like the glow of the moon on a cloudy night. He didn't command attention but shone brightly regardless of anything blocking his way. He made Will laugh in a way he wasn't accustomed to, almost ripping the sound out of him. Will didn't want to like someone so borderline cocky, that made Will blush like it was his job. He wanted to find Alex annoying and a waste of his time but he just couldn't. Whatever the reason Will found his time spent between Ari, writing and Alex.

When Will introduced Ari and Alex he was almost afraid. At first it seemed the two hated each other but Will realized they were just uncomfortable. Ari had never had to be presented to anyone interested in dating Will. Alex was so clearly out of his element with a young child but he tried for Will's sake. Will knew he could never be serious with someone who Ari didn't approve of but Will really liked Alex. So, to see the two of them trying to get along warmed Will's heart. Even hearing Ari and Alex call each other the wrong name made him happier than he ever thought he would be again.

But what Will appreciates the most about Alex is the way he makes Will feel. With Alex Will never once felt insecure. When Alex looks at him Will feels completely sure of himself. Maybe it's because Alex doesn't know Will's past or because there is no one whispering in both their ears that Will isn't good enough. But mostly Will thinks it is Alex. The way he looks at Will makes him feel like the only person in the room. The way Alex touches and kisses Will makes him feel like he's exactly where he should be. He's never once doubted himself or Alex since they've been together.

On top of all that Will has never had someone act so possessively. Alex glares at everyone who looks at Will. He keeps his arm wrapped firmly around Will's waist or hand in his back pocket. Even the way he fucks Will makes him feel completely owned. The hoarse way he calls Will his as he slams into him leaves Will filled physically and emotionally. Will would never admit it to Alex, at least not this early, but Will's never felt like he's wanted unless someone was fighting over him. As a child he only knew his parents loved him when they were arguing over him. He was often alone or shuffled from home to home but he always knew he was cared for if Mom and Dad were battling it out. Ashamed of feeling this way Will did all he could to repress the feeling. Sure, the fights made him feel like a bargaining chip and not a person but it was hard to erase the memories of his childhood.

When Will was with Him he never truly felt like he was wanted. Will always felt like He could do better than Will and like He knew it too, like everyone knew it. 'Feeling like a placeholder can take its toll on a person.' Not to mention the other guys that He let hang around knowing it would upset Will. He always made Will feel like he was horrible because he was insecure and scared. Yet, He never once tried to make it better for Will, only saying that Will should trust Him. But how could Will trust Him when he's never once seen a relationship last? How could Will trust Him when Will couldn't trust himself? 'And I was right in the end. I was His second choice,' Will mused for the first time with little emotion.

Even knowing what Alex does for a living doesn't make him insecure. Alex looks at his models bodies as art and Will agrees. Alex's photos still make Will blush but he can see the artist behind the lens in each one. Not to mention the few times he's gone to a shoot Will's never seen Alex look at the model the way he looks at Will. Will thought he would be an anxious mess knowing his boyfriend is staring at a naked model all day but Will just isn't. Alex always does his best to reassure Will before and after a shoot. Whenever Will begins to feel the all too familiar suffocation of insecurity Alex always seems to know. Knows when Will needs a compliment whispered against his skin. Knows when Will needs a vulgar comment grunted into his ear while being taken. Alex does everything he can to tell Will how desired he truly is.

With Alex, however, Will's never felt so connected with himself. When Alex calls him beautiful he believes him and can even see within himself what Alex means. He doesn't doubt Alex's commitment. Will also doesn't doubt himself. He's never been prouder of his writing or his parenting skills. Perhaps it was taking the courage to leave Salem behind for good that changed Will's mindset. With no preconceived ideas about him or his family Will was able to take a new outlook on life and relationships. He knows one day he'll need to explain his past in detail but wants to hold on the sense of security Alex gives him unconditionally.

But for all his efforts to remove the drama of Salem from his life Will found himself here: Confident, happy and healthy for the first time in a long time. Now, Alex's told him this. The man that he's been drawn to, the man who helped Will feel more self-assured than ever, the man that he's been falling for is connected to Salem too. Not just connected but related to Him. He's the oldest brother of the man he divorced. The oldest child of his former in-laws; the in-law who always disliked him, who might be having an affair with Will's father. Will doesn't even know what to do now.

All he can think about is how history is going to repeat itself. Soon Alex will know all about Will's family and past. Alex will be poisoned against Will. The look Alex gets in his deep blue eyes just for Will soon will disappear. The judgement will begin and justifications demanded. Alex will know Will is a failure at everything he has ever tried. That he's never known how to be happy. That he was a horrible husband and was turning into his mother. The satisfaction Will finds in himself and his relationship will go away. It will be as if he never left Salem. The loneliness is already creeping back into Will's chest, clawing and ripping at him from the inside.

But Will has not been abandoned yet. Alex is still here. He was afraid Will would be the one to leave. No one has ever been afraid of that. With Alex beside him Will is still confident and successful. He won't let himself be sucked back into the chaos of Salem. He does not want Alex to leave.

Will desperately grabbed Alex's hand, squeezing it harder than strictly necessary. Looking him right in the eyes, "I don't care what your name is or where you're from. I already know who you are. Can you still say the same for me?"

Alex's face split open in a grin, not his typical smirk but a blinding white grin, "Nothing anyone can say could turn me away from you now."

Author's note:

I got inspired for this oneshot as my mom and I were reminiscing about the good old days of DOOL storylines and the old NBC soap Passions. I said the only thing that would make the current Will storyline more soap opera-like would be if Will accidentally fell in love with another Kiriakis. And thus this story was born.

I've only ever seen Alex portrayed as either the super supportive older brother, the protective older brother or the homophobic older brother in fics before so I thought I'd try a new direction. Also, Alex's birth mom was last played by Judith Chapman who has big blue eyes so I ran with it. His character is inspired by clips from his parents in the '80s'. I encourage others to scour youtube for clips of Anjelica, Justin and Adrienne for a laugh. Nothing like Anjelica telling her husband she's pregnant with Justin's baby by telling him "there is a sterile cuckoo in your clock sir."

This is my first time seriously writing fic so any reviews would be appreciated.