Title: Dreams of Time
Pairing: Finn/Bella
Summary: She didn't know when it truly started or why, neither did he but for once in his life Finn felt right in the dreams of the young woman, accepted. Now all he needed was to be undaggered.

Author Note: Well there isn't really any Finn/Bella's out there besides BiteMyTongues one and I couldn't stop the rabid bunnies.

Third POV

Isabella ran and ran until she was in the attic of her grandmother's home, tears streaming down her face as she collapsed against a chest. Today was her grandmother's funeral and she didn't want to believe that her Gran was gone, never coming back.

She could hear people call her name, but it didn't matter. To her the world was ending because no matter how much her father and mother loved her, it was her gran that gave her stability, a childhood she always dreamed. She felt her eyes droop as sobs tore from her chest, wishing she wasn't alone.

"Are you alright little one?"

At the voice Isabella snapped her eyes up, scurrying away as she saw a man stand in the middle of the room, she hadn't heard him come up and when she looked back over to the chest she lay, her body was still there.

"Am I dead?" She asks causing the man to chuckle softly.

Finn didn't know why he was here, he was still daggered in a box but he had been pulled and flung towards this little girl before him. He didn't know why exactly but he wasn't all too worried about that right now. He was tired of dreaming of nothingness and a little bit of colour in his life seemed calming, but he was also worried for the little girl before him.

"No little one, you are dreaming. You called for me and I was brought here, I am Finn." He sooths softly, sitting down on the old floor. He cast a look around the room, trying to recognise something or to find a way to know how long it has been, when his eyes landed on the sleeping girl and the chest.

He knew that crest, the crest that rested on the top.

"Isabella… But I like to be called Bella; it's what… it's what my Gran calls… called me." Bella choked back, her eyes pooling with tears as the memory of today spread through her mind.

Finn's face softened slightly as the little girl began to cry, his heart clenching at the fact she was sad. "Would you tell me about her, your grandmother?"

Isabella sniffled and nodded, scooting closer to the man, a feeling deep down telling her that he was safe, that he would never hurt her. It was something her Gran always told her, that if she felt it deep down then trust it.

"My Gran taught me how to cook, my momma doesn't know how and I'm always alone. She taught me many things to cook, and the last thing she taught me was to make lasagne, her special one. I miss her." She whimpers out, unable to really tell what she wanted.

"Does your father cook?" Finn asks, regretting it almost instantly as the little girl looked down brokenly.

"I don't know… I don't see him very much; momma told me that daddy chose work and his home town over her and me. I see him once a year and that's when I'm with Gran." Bella chokes out, fingering the hem of her dress.

Finn felt the rage sweep over him, he knew that the girl before him believed the words but he could clearly hear her father calling for her desperately as he searched the house. If what the young girl said was true, he wouldn't be searching for her in such a way. He felt sorry for young Bella, to be lied to consistently by someone she loved. He knew the feeling all too well and he didn't know how to feel towards the small girl now.

"Young one, you need to wake up now. Your father is searching for you." He sooths, gesturing towards the door where he could hear the man's voice growing louder.

"Will I see you again?" Bella asks the tall man with trembling lips. She didn't know why she wanted to see the man again but Bella knew deep down the man would keep her safe, or do the best he could.

Finn glanced down at the young girl with a sorrow filled look; he couldn't seem to find it within himself to lie. "I am unsure Little One." He explains truthfully.

"Please?" Bella whispers softly as she wraps her small hand around Finns.

Finn stared down at the young girl in surprised, her little hand resting on his. It was the first time he had felt the touch of a human, the last one being that of his Sage's and when his brother placed the dagger in his didn't know how to feel about it all really, the young girl before him was innocent and he a monster, an abomination.

"I shall try, little one, I shall try." He responds before taking off the necklace he had around his neck and placing it in her small hand. "This is mine, my sister made it for me when I was younger, if you wear it always, I will be able to find you. It is my name in my mother language."

Bella took the necklace and clasped it around her neck, fingering the stones on the front. She cast him a wide smile that eased his regret just as the door opens to see an aging man that was obviously Isabella's father. The worry on the man's face washing away as he saw the little girl resting on the trunk.

Finn watched as little Isabella disappeared as the man woke her carefully, bringing back a whole new rage at what she had said before. There was no doubt that her father loved her, it was obvious by the way the man lifted her carefully in his arms and whispered for her to wake.

"Oh good you found her, I can take her now and go home." A voice from the door caught Finn's attention and he couldn't help but hate the woman on the spot. Who was she and why did seeing her upset him so?

"Renee, please, I barely see her enough as it is because of you. She's missing her Grandmother; right now just let her stay here with me for a few days." Charlie begged holding back the nasty comment as his ex-wife tore his daughter from his arms, causing her to cry out for him.

"Now Isabella, you know better. Time to go now."

"FINN!" No one said a word as she cried out, her little hands reaching for him as he watched her mother take her away, turning his head as he felt his face shift.

There was no doubt now that he will find her when time comes, but for now he had hoped that she shall call for him once more.

Charlie sighed softly before turning to the chest that his daughter had laid upon, his eyes watering as he saw the family crest on the front. It was passed down from generation to generation and he knew that it was his job to pass it on to Isabella when she was ready, so with a weary sigh he lifted the large trunk up and began to leave.

Finn watched it all, his eyes widening as he saw the crest on the front. The crest belonged to the Swan's, a clan of witches that he and others thought had long since died out.

Author Note: Well, stuff the one shot lol.. Tell me how it is, if you really want me to continue it or not, I'm not too sure on Finn but he wont be like he was in VD