Title: Dreams of Time
She didn't know when it truly started or why, neither did he but for once in his life Finn felt right in the dreams of the young woman, accepted. Now all he needed was to be undaggered.

Chapter Twenty

Third Point of View

Nik found himself staring down the familiar eyes of Tatia and Katerina. He had sent Maddox a head to confirm the story his noble brother had told him.

Oh, they found the doppelgänger alright and had plans to lure him back to the wretched town that was the beginning of everything, how fitting that the last pieces of his curse were in the town that was built near the old village where the curse started.

Soon he will be free of this pain and torment, free to feel his body shift with each moon if he desired compared to the agony of being locked away, of the sensation of his animal crawling and tearing at his skin.

But what would please him more was that once his curse was broken there would be more of a chance for him to protect his family and then his family could be together once again. There would be no risk of their father finding and killing them, not with him being the stronger of the two. He would not allow that monster to hurt him or those he cared for again, even if he was classed as a monster to all and by all those he loves.

Bekah, Kol and... Finn... His eldest brother... there were many things that came to mind when he brought himself to think of his eldest brother. There was barely any love between them, even when they were growing up and yet...

With a sigh, Klaus ran a hand through his hair as he went over the warehouse footage once more, over several years worth of footage to see whom could have taken his brother's most prized possession. There was nothing, no one suspicious or even a soul that went near the coffins unless they were his most trusted and only when he needed to transport them.

"What on earth?" He mutters with a squint as he watches a soft shimmer over his brother's coffin every now and then. "Odd."

It took only a moment to load the files he needed and move to the other room, plug the USB drive in and load it on the TV for a bigger image, watching the scene over and over again. It was magic he was sure of it but the more he tried to spot it the less he saw it. It concerned him greatly, was a witch tapping into his brother's energy? Was it they who took his necklace or someone else?

For now, he'd have to let it go until Maddox was free from his current mission as he did not trust Greta a bit with something like this. Not with the way she was looking at him, how she always dismissed Maddox and tried to push her will onto his subjects like as if she too was their master.

She was nothing but a tryst, something to keep him occupied. At first, he had indeed found her charming but her sweeter side slipped further and further away and her true colours shone through, she was just as manipulating like the rest and he knew all her dirty little secrets and hidden skeletons. But he still needed her so he turned a blind eye for now but there were plans in place that only he and Maddox knew, in the end Greta won't survive.

"Is it true?" He didn't need to greet the caller as he answered within the first ring.

"It is, her name is Elena Gilbert adopted daughter of Grayson and Miranda Gilbert, she's seventeen and is awfully close to the Salvatore brothers. I sent you a file." Maddox explained. "There are many secrets in this town, many problems to unravel but that is not the problem."

A frown pulled at Klaus's brows as he opened the images. "What is the problem then?"

"The rumors about your brother being here is true, he is also the one aiding the Salvatore brothers, the doppelgänger, and her little witch friend. Katherine Pierce is also here, I keep hearing snippets of her name in conversation... they are not careful where they discuss sensitive topics." He explained with a perplexed tone.

Image after image of the doppelgänger filled his screen, images of her and two women, of her with a young man, her and Stefan, her and the other Salvatore that his good old friend Stefan called Damon. Elijah with all of them, he had not changed besides the haircut, still all prim and proper.

"We may have to change our plans slightly then, find out all you can about those closest to her and then send me feedback. We'll still proceed with the original plan but with a different face, if my brother is there that is." Klaus sighed out while closing the documents on the screen before him.

"I will do as you ask and get back to you in a couple of days; I'm working my way into the inner circle so to speak via the witch. She's clueless and not as strong as the rest of her line predicts very little guidance and very little maturity." The disgust and amusement were evident in Maddox's tone.

"Then be careful, make sure they don't catch on to who you are, why you're there and who you work for or it would end badly for everyone." He instructs back before hanging out, his hand coming to rest at his temple as he felt an oncoming headache began to form.

There were so many things he had to do, so many things that had questions upon questions and very little to no answers... like the magic that caused Maddox to See, that woke him from a dead sleep and shook him so badly... then there was the mystery of the magic surrounding Finn.

It was slightly concerning but the witch he trusted most to know the whereabouts of his family was unable to scan it, was it the same person who sent a message to Maddox or was it someone else? But unfortunately it was something that he had to put aside, for now, all his focus had to be on getting the tools he needed to break the curse and now with his brother being there, he had to be extra careful.

With a shake of his head Klaus poured himself a drink, now was the time to plan. Soon he will get all the answers he needed, he just had to wait.

Author Note: Time to speed things up a bit yes? BTW not a huge fan of Bekah and Elijah, they'll be dicks... just a fyi...