Title: Dreams of Time
She didn't know when it truly started or why, neither did he but for once in his life Finn felt right in the dreams of the young woman, accepted. Now all he needed was to be undaggered.

Chapter Twenty-Three

For the first time since Alice woke alone in that field with no one around her nor the memory to help her... her visions failed and she was afraid. Truly afraid. The traditional before her radiated age and power beyond what she could see or understand.

There was nothing in her future but blackness. A black so consuming that she knew told her death. It was unforeseen... how could her plans have failed so quickly? Edward that fool had gone against her instructions and wishes.

A scream tore through her lips as she felt the Traditional yank her hair once more, feeling the strands tear free from her scalp and taking little chunks with them. It was not a pain she had felt in this life before, it was not something she would ever have prepared for because she saw herself as queen and Edward at her side with Bella chained to their thrones doing their bidding.

"Tell me leech where is my kin?" The Traditional asked with dark piercing eyes.

With a defiant hiss, she spat at his feet, screaming out as his hand tore free a good chunk of her hair and scalp, a look in his eyes that said he was bored. It was a look she knew well, a look that had been in Jasper's eyes when he had to kill someone. The Traditional was a warrior and knew the art of torture and killing.

With a sigh the Traditional removed his coat and rolled up his sleeves revealing the knotwork tattoos and oddly enough scars, it went all in slow motion as his hands grasped above and below her knee tightly before pulling but not enough force to tear it completely.

"Tell me where he took Bella," Tobias growled, veins spreading around his eyes as he let his true face free while slowly pulling the limb free. He glanced up quickly to see Peter holding back the other coven members and the Major just sitting on the stairs with a blank stare.

"I... don't... know." Alice gasped out, "Please stop!"

In a blink, Peter had taken Alice from Tobias's hold and buried her several inches into the drywall of the hallway. "Stop? Ya beg for him t'stop when ya didn't take my own kin's insistence for you to stop harassing her? Why should we stop? What reason are ya to give me so I don' just burn ya here in tha hallway?"

Fissures spread up Alice's jaw and face from beneath his fingertips, venom dripping down and closing them instantly and pulling whimpers from her lips. If she was to live then she'd forever have the spider webbed scars across her face for the rest of her wretched life.

"Captain put her down," Tobias ordered, pulling his kin back from the Cold One and taking his place. "Let me give you a history of my family. My mate is Sage, first changed into a vampire by an original and not just any Original, the eldest."

A sharp inhale left Carlisle's lips that had Tobias's lips twitching up into a smirk as a dark chuckle left his lips. "Oh yes, Finn the Berserker. Well, back to what I was saying, you see I was a Swanson Witch... or was until I was changed. I assume you thought Bella was just an ordinary human with extraordinary abilities that would aid you in your mad quest?"

"Yes." She gasped out once more as he glowered at her when she didn't answer.

"Well, my Bella happens to be the last of our line and holds the power of those that have passed... not only that... your brother has taken her and trust me... if she is not found before my Mate finds her creator... the world will burn to ashes and your head will be the first to do so." Tobias explained calmly over the screams as he slowly entered his hand through the underside of her ribcage and yanked one out.

"STOP THIS!" Esme screamed out in a sob, her eyes watery as Carlisle kept her locked within his arms.

"Be SILENT!" Tobias snarled furiously, yanking out another rib in his fury at the interruption.

Several ragged breaths later Tobias turned back to the Cold One within his clutches as he deconstructed her piece by piece. "Bella has been claimed by Finn, she's his mate and he hers. Your brother took her and now your fate and the fate of your family rests on you telling me where the FUCK HE IS!"

Sobs wracked Alice's frame as another rib was removed, leaving five left on her left side. The agony was excruciating worse than the burning of the change. She wanted it to stop and Alice could feel the pleas leave her lips as another was removed from the other side, she couldn't think or see beyond the pain and darkness.

"I don't know! He- escape—visions..."

A frustrated sigh escaped Tobias's lips at the babbled speech and let the creature go before turning to face the others, his fingers itching for his old sword. The coven leader had his eyes adverted while his mate sobbed into his chest and the big one was staring blankly while he held his own mate in his arms. They were of no use to him so he turned his eyes to the Major who was casually sitting on the steps as if the torture of someone he had shared a bed with was nothing.

"I am three seconds away from just burning this house down with everyone in it. Please do explain what the fuck she was saying before I do so." He hissed out through gritted teeth. "You know what, no."

In three swift easy steps, Toby has moved and tore the Cold One's head from her body, severing the vocal cords and plunging them into semi-silence once more. The sobs grew louder as he did this, his fingers twitching towards his pocket that held his lighter as he eyed the pool of venom at his feet.

He was not in the mood to fuck around today, nor was he in the mood to deal with all this bullshit.

"Edward was able to dance around Alice's visions," Jasper explained after a moment. "She was being honest about tha' fact that she didn't know where the bastard was."

Toby growled low in his throat and shoved the Major forward, his hand tangling into the golden curls as he lead him and carried out the head of the seer. "Captain."

The Captain's eyes glittered at his kin as he caught the dark gleam in the Viking's eyes. He knew the Cullen's would not live through this meeting and thankfully his creator was not a part of that equation. "Yes?"

"Burn it and all within," Tobias ordered darkly as he turned back to the house. "Make it last. Make them suffer like their son and brother has been doing over the last few months."

A dark pleased grin pulled at the Captain's lips as he got the order. Tobias may be a kind man in theory and only to a few, he didn't care that the rest of the Cullen's were innocent or not, one of them had taken his family, had hurt his family and now he'll make that member suffer. He was known to be ruthless if pushed and those that lived to tell the tale made sure never to cross the vampire again, it didn't help that Tobias was from Finn's bloodline, they all seemed to carry that savage rage and bloodthirst.

"With pleasure."

It was time to play.

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