Fingertips tapped harshly against the wood of his workdesk. Ichika stared down at the notebook in front of him bearing numbers that made no sense to his brain. Beside his desk were two grasshopper like gadgets play wrestling. How they could do that or why they would do that escaped his knowledge right now. Not that the young man had any attention left to spare to figure those mysteries out.

"You know-"

"Don"t start." Ichika warned.

The sound of sheets shifted behind him and that girl's voice spoke, "I still can't believe that worked."

Ichika blew a heavy sigh and leaned back on his seat. His image the very definition of a lazy individual. "Neither can I."

Really. No one can blame these two for being so flabbergasted at the situation. Though they could do better to have more stupefied expressions to match how they felt. As of now, the pair of would-be-murderer-and-victim were now lounging languidly in the latter's room.

Ichika had some misgivings but he quickly decided to confront his elder sister on whether their family does in fact have a third sibling. It had little to do with the young man's demon drill sergeant of an elder sister catching him at the front door holding an unconcious fourteen-year-old version of herself clad only in an IS piloting suit. Which may we remind the crowd, looks very much like a lewd version of a one piece bathing suit. God. Even a bikini can't hold that level of sex appeal. Not that such things bothered Ichika. That boy's got issues.

Anyway, basically everything went down pretty much how Ichika did not predict. Chifuyu was pretty twitchy the whole time and somehow the self-proclaimed little sister Madoka woke up right in the middle of their conversation. Like literally, Ichika and Chifuyu were speaking with a minor passed out between them then she just suddenly bolted upright.

The three of them ended up talking and Chifuyu admitted that they had a third family member but neither her nor Madoka were forthcoming about the details of their separation. Ichika didn't complain and easily welcomed Madoka into the family, offering her a place in the house if she wanted.

That threw Madoka for a loop and when she sought Chifuyu for a reaction, the elder woman was already rubbing her temples in preparation for the oncoming headache. The eldest Orimura in the room was muttering something about "that look in his eye" and "stubborn idiot."

So now the two of them retreated to the room of a teenaged boy with no particular plan in mind. There wasn't an extra room in the Orimura house for a third person. Ichika would have to share with Madoka because Chifuyu said that there were military and IS related secrets in her room so she couldn't let a freshly turned terrorist like Madoka in yet. Not that there wasn't any trust but those government protocols could have them imprisoned you know. Besides, it's not like the government knows about Madoka being a terrorist, living with them or the fact she even exists.

"How'd you get her to let me stay anyway?", Madoka finally thought to ask. "Earlier, you made it sound like she wears the pants in this family. Does she...", she nudged her head in the direction of the rough-housing gadgets.

Ichika shook his head, "No, she doesn't." He reached towards the corner of his desk and raised a certain pleather bound notebook for Madoka to see. "She may wear the pants in this family, but I have her bank book."

Madoka fixed his back with a flat stare, "You are evil, just evil."

"Thank you.", Ichika yawned with a stretch. "Coming from a terrorist that means a lot."



"You never miss a beat don't you?", Madoka fumed at this beloved brother of hers that turned out to be quite the hole.

"Try living as an embittered youth quashed under the immense figure and authority of your elder guardian's thumb and let's see how you turn out."

"Don't start comparing tragic childhoods with me.", Madoka rose with anger.

"Then let's not.", Ichika waved off.

"Aaarrggghh.", Madoka hissed, "You are such an ass."

"Deal with it. Otherwise", Ichika raised one arm to point, "there's the window."

"Window? At least show me the door!"

"You're a terrorist and an IS pilot. I'm pretty sure you don't do doors."

Thunk thunk thunk

The owner of the room sighed as he went back to his work, "Make sure you don't dent my wall with your head."



A few minutes pass and Ichika thought that would be the end of their conversation. His new little sister didn't seem to be getting tired of their conversations any time soon though.

"Are you sure it's okay for me to stay here?"

"Of course I am.", Ichika answered confidently as he finally got that stupid integration problem.

"I'm part of a terrorist organization you know?"

Ichika pointed out the window, "Feel free."

"I don't mean that!", Madoka screamed with a thump. "I-", Madoka paused unsure. "I'm part of a terrorist organization."

Ichika was on the verge of solving the next equation when the sound of his scratching pen stopped. He placed it down and turned around to face his little sister who was sitting on his bed on her knees. "Why are you telling me this?"

"To ascertain where we stand in this situation."

Silence passed for a few moments before the elder Orimura nodded, "Okay."

Madoka nodded meekly, "I'm a fairly important member to our organization. The fact I have a personal IS should have told you as much." She paused, waiting for some sort of reaction. When her brother didn't say anything, Madoka continued, "They'll come for me, whether dead or alive they eventually will. And when that time comes, this family will be plunged into a war."

"War huh?", Ichika mumbled as he called one of the grasshopper gadgets to rest on his palms. "That's fine by me."

The terrorist group member shook her head, "It's not that simple. Even with that weird armor, you can't win."

For a simple teen, Ichika suddenly looked years older than his real age would imply. "It's not about winning.", Ichika tossed the gadget grasshopper into the air and caught it after it did a summersault. "In war, there's only one rule." Ichika tossed the gadget in the air and caught it again. He whispered, "survive."

The last thing Madoka saw before darkness overtook her vision was the green grasshopper gadget thrown directly at her face.

When the youngest Orimura finally woke up, she could see a faintly familiar roof.

"Welcome back to the world of the living. How was your stay in hell?"

"You sonnuvabich I could've died!", Madoka seethed at the introduction of a mechanical object to her cranium at high velocities.

Ichika hummed, "Actually you did die. For like- a second? A second and a half?" He shrugged.

"And you sound so casual about all of this. Are you seriously a civilian?"

"Hey, I brought you back didn't I?", Ichika brazenly pointed out.

"Are you serious!?"

"About killing you then resuscitating you? Or having the nerve to do so? 'Cuz the answer is yes to both."

Madoka opened her mouth to argue back but stopped. "You know what? I'm not even gonna argue this. You are way more messed up than I thought you would be. I'll just ask how the heck you did what you say you did and why."

"The why was easy.", Ichika shrugged again. "You were implying a lot of things about your organization taking you back. Yet you never mentioned any details, not even the name of your organization. That means they'll kill you if you release any vital information. The selective nature of your words was also key. Being so vague, I suppose there was someone monitoring your every move. And the how to that was also improbable but not impossible. This place is an enclosed room with one window. If they really want you back then they can snipe me through the window or from anywhere within a few miles spherical radius if IS is involved. That's why I kept my little friends out and about.", he then gestured to the gadget grasshoppers as he explained, "They can keep me safe if anything bad outwardly happens. But I can tell they can't sense any threat. It only stands that they can only watch and kill us through one way: you. Specifically", the elder Orimura tapped his temple, "something installed in your brain."

"...", Madoka swallowed the spit that had gathered in her throat throughout the whole exposition. "Seriously. What the hell kind of civilian are you?", she asked.

"I thought we weren't comparing childhood woes?", Ichika shot back pointedly.

Right. Her words. Madoka backed up on that complaint. "Then what about how?"

"Electric shock.", Ichika summed up simply.

"What?", the victim of said death and revival by electric shock questioned in stupefaction.

"You must've noticed when we thought but these little guys.", Ichika lifted one of the gadgety little critters again. "Can generate some sort of energy charge. So what I had them do was shock your face and hope it disabled whatever was implanted in that head of yours."

"Wait. Hope?", Madoka asked incredelously. "You didn't even know if that would destroy the nanomachines in my brain!?"

Ichika condescendingly gestured to her with his hand. "I guess it did."


"Hey, I may be able to infer a lot of things but I still can't predict the future.", Ichika defended. "I saw the opportunity and my gut told me to take it."

"I still could've died!"

"And I'm sorry!"

Ichika huffed, "I'm sorry okay? I couldn't risk it. I couldn't risk letting you hold secrets like that if even the slightest provocation would kill you." The young man then looked away, clearly unused to showing those kinds of emotions.

The receiving party shied away too, for she had never experienced such forceful kindness before. That level of sacrifice and concern that couldn't be refuted with cynicism. Especially when enforced with the ties of blood. "Then it should be thanks... I guess?"

Ichika peeked grumpily in her direction, "Damn right it should be."

"Jerk!", Madoka screamed as she threw a pillow at Ichika's head.

It smacked him square in the face. And it fell, revealing a very annoyed older brother.

"Anyway...", Madoka now began shyly.

Ichika raised a questioning brow. "Anyway...?"

"Now that we're sure no one's watching...", the younger girl started to squirm like a nervous schoolgirl.

The young man sighed, "I think I know where this is going."

"Can you please tell me where you got that armor?"



Ichika fixed his younger sister with an amused stare as she seethed and flustered at the same time. "I'm neither a siscon nor a lolicon so acting like an innocent little sister won't get me to promise things carelessly for you."

"Damn.", Madoka cursed.

"In your words- Anyway.", Ichika stood up and stretched out his numb hip and tailbone areas from sitting too long. "It's about time for bed. I'll go lay out the extra futon for you."

"You're making your little sister sleep on the floor?", Madoka raised a questioning brow at her brother's guardianship methods

Ichika raised an equally epic interrogation brow in reply, "Yes, can't I?"

"It's principle you know? principle!", Madoka ranted angrily hitting the bed with her open palm. "Aren't you ashamed that you're forcing a young girl to sleep on the floor? And you're not even going to offer me some sort of pajamas like a shirt to sleep in? Aren't you disturbed to see a lady half-naked as I am crawling all over your sheets?"

"No, no, no and no.", Ichika replied non-commitally. " But if it makes you feel better then fine. I'll use the futon and get you one of my shirts and shorts. Don't worry, I wear briefs."

"Idiot!", Madoka blushed, "like I care about your taste in underwear!" Then another few seconds before realization set in, "and whaddya mean you aren't disturbed? Does that mean I'm not sexy or something?"

Ichika's grumbling reply was slightly muffled as he searched his closet for suitable nightwear for his sister. "It's not so much you're not sexy as to me having way too much experience than I'm actually comfortable with."

"So you're not?", Madoka asked with slacked jaw.

The young man especially stuck his head out to give his younger sister a disapproving glare. "Of course I am!", Ichika declared indignantly, "It's not like I'm some kind of horndog or anything."

"Then what do you mean by being used to it? Are you hiding stacks of porn around here?", Madoka stuck her head under the bed. Nope, it was clean.

Ichika rolled his eyes, "I wish. Things would be a lot easier if that were the case."

"What is the case?"

He sighed, "You know how I told you that onee-san is pretty violent when it comes to disciplining me?"

Madoka nodded, remembering that clearly to be the elder male's declaration of victory.

"Well sometimes after Chifuyu-nee knocks down a few more beers than she should. She goes into Yobai-mode and tells me how she's sorry about being so violent and wants to make things up to me."





"WHAT THE HELL!?", Madoka exclaimed. You could practically see the proverbial table she was flipping hundreds of times in a single throw right now. "Yobai!? What is this? The boonies? Are you some sort of battered wife?"

"Aha!", Ichika exclaimed when he found a set of clothes he found suitable. "That's enough chit-chat for now.", he tossed the clothes at Madoka, "Go get changed and get to sleep."

"Yobai? Seriously?"

"We've got a busy day tomorrow so we'll need all the shut eye we can get.", and with that Ichika turned the lights off.

"Hey! At least wait till I'm done changing!"



It's two past midnight. The door to Ichika's room opens and closes with a soft click. The smell of alcohol clings to the body of the intruder clad only in lacy black underwear. The intruder's gait is unsteady but she knows well where her objective is as she swiftly slithers under the covers. Her arms reach out and gently fondle her captive.

"I~chi~ka~", they moan seductively. "I'm s~o so~rry."

Madoka suddenly snaps wide awake feeling her chest and crotch being fondled. She tries to fight back but her assailant is too strong. She tries to catch a glimpse of her molester and comes face to face with a drunken Chifuyu.

'Eeeeeeek!', Madoka screams in her mind.

"Ichika's scent.", Chifuyu sniffs Madoka's borrowed shirt.

Madoka shudders and shoots a glare at Ichika sleeping peacefully on the ground not five feet away.

Was this all that bastard's plan?

Chifuyu then pulled away and whispered in Madoka's ear, "And Ichika's taste." The older female Orimura then, much to Madoka's horror, slowly dove in with puckered lips for a nice sloppy beer stinking deep frenchie.

Oh hell no.

"Get out of my bed!", Madoka kicked the drunkard off..