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A/N: This is a break from my usual Yami/Tea fic. This is a Kaiba/Tea fic.

It was a Monday afternoon. There was only fifteen more minutes of school left that day.

Tea wasn't looking forward to going home from school. She knew what was going to

happen. Her mom died when she was only five, and when she died her father was so

devastated. He developed a drinking problem thinking it would help him, but it only hurt

him, and Tea. Tea would go home and find him drunk all of the time. Whenever he was

drunk she knew what was coming, he beat her. Whenever he did she didn't want anyone

to know about it, so she covered it up. All of the sudden the bell rang. Oh great. Tea

thought. She got up from her seat. "Hey Tea!" She heard someone call. She turned

around. It was Joey. "Tea, we were wondering if you would like to come back to the

game shop and hang out with us?" He asked her. "Sorry Joey, but I have a lot of

homework I need to get done." She told him. "Oh." Joey said "Maybe tomorrow.

"Yeah, tomorrow." Tea said with a weak smile on her face. "See ya later." Joey said.

"Bye." Answered Tea. Kaiba overheard there conversation. Hmmm. He thought. I'm

in all of Tea's classes, and we didn't have homework in any of them. I wonder what she's

hiding... Oh well, what do I care. He turned around and left the classroom. Kaiba

wouldn't admit it, but he had strong feelings for Tea. He had liked her ever since he met

her in seventh grade. He just wouldn't admit his feelings for her.

Tea was walking home from school. She was almost to her house. I hope he doesn't

notice me come in. Tea thought to herself. As she walked up the sidewalk to her house,

she said a little prayer in her head. Dear Lord, please keep me safe, please don't let my

dad hurt me. Amen. Tea walked into the house. Her dad was sitting in his chair with a

beer in his hand. "Where have you been?" Her father asked. "I was just walking home

from school." Tea answered. "Don't get smart with me young lady." He said. He got

up from his chair, walked over to her and hit her so hard, that she fell over. There was a

mirror hanging on the wall that broke when she hit the wall. She felt stinging pain flow

throughout her arm. She looked down at it and it was covered in blood. "That will teach

you for getting smart with me." Her dad said. He walked back over, and returned to his

seat in the chair. Tea got up and ran upstairs to the bathroom. She locked the door.

Then she washed the cut the glass had given her. She wrapped some gauze around it.

Then she went into her room. She laid down on her bed and cried herself to sleep. When

she woke up the next morning she got ready for school. She got her clothing on and left

her room. She could hear her dad in the bathroom, throwing up. Tea went downstairs

and slipped out the front door. She pulled a little mirror out of her backpack and looked

at herself in it. She had a huge bruise on one of her cheeks. Oh my gosh. She thought to

herself. I could never cover this up. She proceeded to walk to school. When she got to

her first class she slipped in quietly. She kept her head down while all of the other kids

were socializing. Yugi saw her and walked over to her. "Hey Tea!" He said cheerfully.

Tea looked up at him. "Oh hey Yugi. She said. "Tea!" Yugi cried. "What happened to

you!?" He looked at her surprised. "Oh you mean this?" She said. "I wasn't looking at

where I was going last night and I walked right into my doorframe. Isn't that silly?" She

said. "Oh." Yugi said. "Well I'm just glad you weren't seriously hurt." He said.

"Yeah, me to." Tea said with a weak smile on her face. Kaiba overheard Yugi and Tea's

conversation. She's lying to him. Kaiba thought to himself. She didn't get that bruise

from running into her doorframe. She was hit by someone. Kaiba knew this because his

stepfather used to beat him. Geography class started. The teacher told them that they had

a project to work on. They were going to have partners. Tea and Kaiba were paired

together. After class Kaiba walked up to Tea. "So, do you want to come to my house

after school today to work on our project together?" He asked her. "I'm sorry." Tea

said. "But I can't." "Well, do you want me to come to your house?" He asked her.

"Ummm.... No it's okay, we'll go to your house." She said. After school that day,

Tea waited for Kaiba at the school's front entrance. He met her and they both walked to

his car. They got in. They rode in silence for a long time. Finally Kaiba broke the

silence. "So, what do you want to do our report about?" He asked. "Ummm.. How

about France? She suggested. "Sounds good to me." Kaiba said. They pulled up to his

house. When they got inside, he looked at her cheek. "So what did you do?" He asked

"Oh, I ran into my doorframe." Tea answered quickly. "So, where do you want to start

on the report?" She asked, trying to change the subject. "No you didn't." Kaiba said.

"Exuse me?" Tea asked. "I said you didn't get that bruise from running into your

doorframe." He said. "Yes I did." Tea insisted." "Tea, stop lying to me. Your father

hit you, didn't he? Kaiba asked. "Tea hung her head down in shame. "Yeah, he did."

She said quietly. "Where else has he hit you?" Kaiba asked. "On my back." Tea said.

"Turn around." Kaiba told her. He lifted up the back of her shirt. She had stripes up and

down her back. When Kaiba saw them he was disgusted, sad, and angry all at the same

time. "Why haven't you said anything?" Kaiba asked her. "Because, I didn't want

anyone to know about it." She answered. "Come on." Kaiba commanded. "Where are

we going?" Tea asked. "We're going to your house." Kaiba answered. He grabbed her

hand and led her out the door. When they got there, Kaiba walked to the front door with

Tea right behind him. He tried the knob and the door opened. He walked inside. Tea

was standing right behind him. "Whose this?" Her father asked mockingly. He got up

and jerked Tea out from behind Kaiba. He slapped her on her face. Kaiba stepped in

front of him. "Don't touch her." He said sternly. "What did you just say to me?" Her

father asked. "I said, don't touch her." He said again. "You have no business telling me

how to raise my daughter." Tea's father said. "You have no business hitting her. Have

you seen the marks on her back? Kaiba asked with a look of disgust on his face. "I said,

you have no business telling me how to raise my daughter." Tea's father said again

fuming. He grabbed Tea's wrist and pushed her backwards onto the floor. Tea cried out

as she hit the floor. "My arm!" She cried. "Tea?" Kaiba yelled. "Look what you did!"

He screamed at her father. "You hurt her worse this time!" He bent down to help her up.

Tea was crying and holding her arm. He got her to her feet. Kaiba stood in front of her.

"Don't touch her again." He warned. "Or you're going to pay." They both walked out

of the house. They drove to the hospital. Tea got her arm x-rayed, and got a sling pit on

it. "Tea, do you want to stay at my house?" Kaiba asked. Tea nodded her head. "I'm

sorry." She said. "Do you want to stop at your house and gets some clothing?" Kaiba

asked. Tea nodded her head. They drove back to her house. They both went inside.

Tea's father was upstairs. Tea snuck up with Kaiba close behind her. Tea went into her

room and got a few things. When she came out of her room, her dad was standing right

in front of her. "Where do you think you're going?" He asked mockingly. He grabbed

Tea and pushed her down the stairs. He started laughing. Kaiba was fuming. He went

downstairs and looked at Tea, she was unconscious. He called the police. A policeman

arrived first. He arrested Tea's father. "You'll pay for this!" Tea's father yelled at

Kaiba. The ambulance arrived a few minutes later. They took Tea to the hospital. Kaiba

was out in the waiting room with, Yugi, Yami, Bakura, Yami Bakura, Tristan, and Joey.

Finally the doctor came out of her room. "How is she?" Joey asked. Everyone was

eager to know. "Well....

A/N: Well it's a cliffie!!!!! I'll be writing more soon!