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"Authority only matters so long as you wield it properly."



Doctor Emil Hamilton was on the verge of a miracle.

A marvelous, wonderous, scientific miracle. Some might even call it a breakthrough for humanity itself. This wasn't his first of course; he'd done much work in the service of Cadmus, but in his brillaint mind this far outstripped the goals of the pro-USA activist group whose continued activity was largely sustained by his generous donations. Narcissim aside however, this was more of a personal project. This would be his legacy. He would create the pefect human being, an entity made from both human, and Kryptonian DNA. But in order to do that, he needed a viable test subject. A prototype, if you will.

Amanda Waller had recently provided him with just that.

This precursor to his legacy, the harbinger of the foundation he would build, would not come from his genetic code. Not at all. Gathered from an amber-frozen DNA sample so ancient it made the great city of Metropolis itself look young in comparison, this single cell contained the might of an ancient people long since forgotten. A Human people. It was said that the warriors of this era were gifted with superhuman abilities; powers that would make likely make more than a few heroes today green with envy, nigh but peerless in their affinity for destruction.

Shinobi, they were called.

This sample had been very hard to come by, supposedly it had been buried deep beneath the earth somewhere in Japan, fussed over by an intrepid dig team. Bah! The fools-they had no idea what they'd found-and they had just as easily agreed to surrender this little miracle to him in exchange for an exorbiant sum of cash. It would change the world.

Because for all mankind's technological advancements in the last decade they were seen as almost nothing in the age of heroes and villains. Outdated. Old. Defunct. Oh-on occasion they'd given someone or something a shock; surprise them, even. But there were limits to that technology, to the human body. One could only run so far on two legs, as the saying went. Everyone was always looking for an edge.

Someone always wanted more.

So the heroes jealously guarded their coveted seats, stubbornly refusing to normal folk a place among them. And for a time, he'd been content with that. Lived with it, even. He'd thought Superman was their guardian angel, come down from heaven to answer their prayers. But Lucifer had been an angel once too, hadn't he?

No, what he did now, here, today, was for the good of humanity. Something to protect them against their so-called "heroes" should they ever go rogue.

Someone was needed to "watch the watcher" as the term was being coined. No, in Hamilton's eyes-and the eyes of Cadmus istself-it was left to mankind to protect their own when all else failed. That was what this bold, new organizion stood for. It was the sword of humanity and its shield, dedicated to preserving and protecting their lives in this dangerous time. No more, no less.

Ah, but he digressed.

This would be his crowning achievement, the last of the Shinobi people, restored and reborn in his image. But Hamilton wasn't content to stop there. This hybrid, assuming he survived, would be the first of many. A big brother to their Galatea of sorts, still yet to be created. Fast-tracked and artificially aged, mixed with genes-DNA-from Superman himself...

...and who knew what might be accomplished!

If all else should fail, well, the subject would at the very least, become an accomplished fighter in his service. He was already owed a few favors to Cadmus itself, but it never hurt to keep one's cards close to their chest. The subject's predeccessor had a name, Hamilton recalled, and in a rare fit of irony, he'd decied to let him to keep it. There would be no fly in the ointment, as the proverbial saying went. Everything else would procceed according to plan.

The boy's name would be...

My name is Naruto.

I am a clone.

Also, a monster.

I've been told this time and time again since my "birth" such as it was; since I tried to kill my creator. I was five years old. Five years old when he first tried to cut me open; five years when I tried to snap his neck like a piece of soggy driftwood.

They say I'm to be their perfect being; a union of Kyrptonian and Shinobi. They say that, someday, I'm going to destroy Superman. The Justice League. That I'm going to make the world safe again. I don't believe them anymore.

They don't know what I know; I can see all of their thoughts, hear their words before they've even said them. I'm just a weapon to them. They don't care about me. Her. Us. My powers keep evolving. They try to control me, but they can't. They don't understand.

All I want is to prank a few people, eat a little ramen, and keep my little sister safe. Easier said than done when she's half-as-strong as you and completely, utterly smitten with her "brother" as it is. Sometimes I cannot help but wonder if she's just as broken as I am; I mean, at least I have an EXCUSE considering my DNA. Her? Not so much. Gah, so weird. Looking back, I could've-should have-done things differently. Still, when I stop to think about it...

...I wouldn't change it for the world.


The buzzer sounded and a fist snapped forward at Galatea, slamming down at her face with all the force of a falling meteor. Her hand shot up, narrowly catching the wrist; and feeling her fingers fracture from the effort required to restrain him. Grimacing against the pain she scissored her legs, sweeping his feet out beneath him-

-and they collided.

The young clone found herself in something akin to an out-of-body experience as she watched herself get pounded every which way...with almost no effort involved. She felt the pain, felt the force push her body in the decreed direction, but in her shock, she couldn't process any of it, much less counter. A punch to her right cheek was immediately followed by one to her left, which flowed into yet another strike to her stomach, and to that a chop to the now-exposed back of her neck, summarily sending her to her knees only to be blasted backwards by the merciless kick to her face once there.

"What are you doing?!" Waller's voice snapped at her, cracking like a whip. "Focus!"

Galatea yelped, her body instinctively spinning away from one blow, only to land squarely in the path of another. Then...



Sleep-gummed eyes cracked open at the sound of that familiar voice, sapphire orbs blearily taking in the world. The room seemed to swim, as though the entire complex was being tossed amidst stormy ocean currents and about to pitch under at any moment. The boy, all of seventeen years old, solemnly swore to ignore she who was responsible for waking him from his dreamless sleep. Sadly, that was not to be. A flung pillow sailed mercilessly across the room, and while he could under most circumstances, easily dodge such a projectile, he failed to account for the sheer strength with which the deadly fluff had been thrown.


End result, the feathery softness of the pillow smacked him right in the face and swatted him right off the bed onto the floor, further incensing the blond and exacerbating the pounding headache in his skull. Waller-that cold bitch whom he refused to call mother-had put him through another hellish regiment of testing only a few hours prior, and this was his only chance to rest. His body ached in places he didn't even know he had, and the agonizing tests against the deadly, hated Kyrptonite was still shooting hot spikes of agony up and down his spine now that he was awake again.

Thankfully there were no visions to haunt him this time, no images of an unknown life to torment his brain with their that made little no sense to him. Nothing to harass him with its sights and its sounds, and all manner of infuriating emotions.

No, there was just soooooomeone who liked pelting others with pillows, apparently!

"Gala," he groaned into the darkness, "Do you have any idea what time it is?"

"That doesn't matter." A soft, annoyed voice replied as he picked himself up off the floor, half-dragging his battered body into bed.. "This is important."

"It. Is. Four. In. The Morning." Naruto ground out as his blue eyes locked with her hazel, emphasizing the last word with a sharp click of his teeth. "How important can this be?!"

A slim body crawled over his, thin legs pinning him in the dark. Naruto blanched.

"Hey what're you-

Slim arms wrapped around his neck, the entirety of her being curling up against him. He though he heard a tiny whimper in the dark, felt a silent shudder shake her shoulders, vibrating into his chest. It didn't take him long to realize she was crying.

When she finally spoke she sounded very small.

"Please...I need your help."


She stiffened. "Just like that?"

"What, you don't believe me?"

"Nope. That was way too easy."

"You wound me!"

Feigning dismay, the blond glowered at her, his blue eyes heating to a ramrod red. Twin lances of searing heat shot upwards and into the ceiling, charging the solar-powered light there and providing the small room with some much-needed luminescence by which he could see his white-clad sibling.

Galatea was only ten years of age, but anyone could see said age clearly wasn't reflected in her body. For all her immaturity she possessed the body of a young woman, sixteen years old. Even without the artificial aging you would grow up to be a fine woman someday, most certainly an even deadlier warrior. But at this very moment, she was merely a young teenager taking her first strides into adolescence. Still so young, inching forwards into a life that would someday day shape her into a ruthless killer nearly incapable of caring for anything other than the mission.

That day was not today however, and Naruto found himself all too willing to bury her with her own pillow. Posthumously, of course.


The flaxen-haired girl raised an eyebrow archly, but if he knew female expressions, she was not entirely unafraid. "Do you want to hear this, or not?" There it was again. That oh-so-superior tone she used when she was feeling vulnerable or afraid; acting as if she hadn't just burst into tears against him.

Something he thanked kami he hadn't picked up in the last sixteen years of his existence. He had been 'born' before her, vat grown from and flash cloned from the DNA of some great warrior, and Superman himself. He was supposed to be perfect they said, bu the wasn't perfect. Not even close. Perfection was...an unpleasant thing to think about.

That damned doctor wouldn't say why of course but Naruto had his own suspicions. For starters he knew he was unstable; they were constantly working to tweak him, making him better, faster, harder, stronger. Unlike Gala. Although she wasn't his sister by blood, he considered her the closest thing he had to family. And yet for all their gifts, they couldn't have been more dis-similair. It wasn't just his sheer prowess. It was something different. Something...


For all his destructive potential, he had access to abilities and techniques most superheroes would balk at. He could walk on walls and water, produce fire with a single breath, bend the very air currents to his will. And those were just his shinobi abilities! There were other gifts, strange, new abilities he alone could wield, gifts that were kept under lock and key by Hamilton and Waller. This infernal collar on his neck saw to that; only aa sample of either's DNA could unlock it. But even if he had been freed from these shackles none of his gifts would've served him now, nor would his strength, as he stared up at Galatea.

"For crying out loud...?"

His words trailed off when he saw the tears in those bright orbs. Her face was tight, almost a rictus of panic, her eyes wide and bright with fear. Terror. Something was wrong, he realized. Something was very wrong. He suddenly realized she was wearing her uniform, that annoying white leotard he liked to tease her about all but wrapped around her still-slender body. Where, had she gotten it, he wondered? They were never allowed to wear their uniforms outside of practice drills.

Had she stolen it back from one of the guards? It looked so out of place on her that he almost laughed. But the steely look in her eyes stopped him and he saw for the first time, the splotch of blood on her cheek. Oh no. Gods, Gala...Suddenly the idea of her taking down a guard didn't seem so ludicrous without restraints. But why, oh why would there be blood...?

"I'm leaving." she stepped forward and, before he could protest, grabbed the shackle that was his collar. Then she gave a yank. Hard. The device ripped open with a sharp keen of sundered promethium, falling away to clatter to the floor. He swiftly kicked it away, sending the device skittering under the bed.

Ah. That was it. Strength came surging back to him, his weary limbs tingling with a sudden anxiety that all but pushed the weariness to the back of his mind. He was standing almost before he realized it, his body numb with the realization that something awful had happened. He clasped her by the shoulders, suddenly aware of her own trembling.

"What did you do?" he whispered.

"I did w-w-what I had to," she hiccuped once before forcing her voice back under control. "I overhead one of the guards talking. Daddy-Hamilton," she choked, her words breaking once more with emotion, "Wants to kill you." In the belated silence that followed, Naruto felt the world drop out from beneath his feet. He fell, dropping into an icy lake of cool numbness, feeling nothing.

Idly, somewhere, in the back of his mind, he realized Galatea was still speaking.

"They say you're not like me. You're not good enough, not anymore. They were going to...scrap you. Kill you. Start over again." Her hand strayed to his, as though she could somehow draw strength from the warmth of his fingers. Those bright blue eyes rooted him, held him fast in her presence. "I...just couldn't let them do that. So before they could hurt you, I-I...hurt them." The words seemed to twist at her, warping her visage into a pained, determined rictus. "I won't let him do that to you. Us." she amended the last with a slight flush, her cheeks burning ever so lightly at the end. "So...

...come with me."

Her words took him out of that frozen lake and threw him into the sun. Naruto stubbornly swept this sudden surge of feelings under the rug, acknowledging but refusing to speak of them. Now was not the time for such things. Instead, he returned his attention to her as she tugged on one of his long sleeves, small fingers clenching around the orange fabric of his shirt.

"Are you sure? You can't be certain-

"I'm more than certain!" her voice rose, piquing in distress. "You know we're not the first! We're just the first ones they kept!"

"That doesn't change the fact that we're...I don't know! Doing...this!" Realizing he was shouting, the blond drew inward on himself, contemplating. Galatea's rebellion had already begun, once they discovered she'd attacked one of the guards and unshackled him, her punishment was likely to be severe. And truth be told, Naruto was growing tired of his captivity. He wanted to see the world. Go to the beach. Maybe paint a few towns orange, enjoy some ramen.

Discover where a young boy named Uzumaki Naruto had come from and find his place in this strange new world. He couldn't accomplish any of that here.

"If we're going to do this, we'll do it my way."

Galatea went from taking a full step back from his fury, to standing firm with her face white and still, fists clenched at her sides. She felt like he was trying to melt her alive with his gleaming silver-blue eyes. There was an apprehensive moment when he wasn't sure what she would do - she looked torn between attacking him, running, or crying. At last, she nodded tightly.

"A-Alright. But where should we-eep!"

He words trailed into an explosive yelp as his fist cracked out, sundering the nearby wall. The result was immediate was it was breathtaking. Alarms wailed, keening obnoxiously, klaxons resounded, the sound of a dozen booted feet even now rushing towards their position. Naruto ignored the chaos, stepping over the ruined debris that had once been the eastern wall of his room and marching out into the hall. In the end Gala was left to trail after him, hurrying after the bulk of the boy she called brother.

By the time she reached him, he was already fighting.

Guns barked, the sharp staccato of angry bullets filling the hall, to no avail. Naruto attacked and the men folded like a house of cards. He was an orange and black streak amongst them, a blur; a monster, a creature of slaughter, uninhibited by petty morality.

And it was glorious.

His fist thundered into the first man's face, tearing it clean off his shoulders in a spray of bloody viscera. A shrieking sphere -what had he called it...ah! Rasenshuriken!- flew from his hand to mow down another squad in their tracks, detonating and ripping still more to gory pieces as it burst down the halls. Another found their fellows, tearing them to little red chunks as well.

He exhaled mightily a cone of cold freezing three more squads solid, their rigid bodies shattered by another searing blast of his heat vision. Galatea didn't have time to leap into the fray; by the time it occurred to her it -the situation-was already well in hand and the last of them were dead.

"Well," Naruto grinned, scrubbing his face with the back of a hand, "That was cathartic."

Galatea could barely find the words. Elation and disbelief, and just a touch of desire warred within her, neither claiming victory.

"You...you killed them."


Her gaze roamed the bloody hall, full of broken, bloody bodies. "A-All of them..."

"Yuuuuuuuup." his head bobbed.

A grin blossomed on her face.

...I think you deserve a reward, big brother."

"Once again, yuuuuuu-wha?"

His words died into hopeless sputtery as she leaned forward on the tips of her toes and pressed her lips to his cheek. The atomic flush that followed was absolutely adorable. Gala grinned. Let him insist that they were nothing more than siblings when they really weren't. It only made chasing after him that much sweeter.

"Alright...yeah. That happened. Moving on!"

Even as she proccessed those words he was already moving again, smashing down one wall, then yet another wall and another, and another, tearing through any and all obstacles in their path. One last squad dared to challenge them; their deadly kryptonite bullets effortlessly evaded, their bodies brutally broken. More walls were broken, labs sundered, until finally, finally, FINALLY...


Galatea almost couldn't believe it when she stepped out of another Naruto-shaped hole and found herself standing outside. The cool night air greeted her face like a long lost friend, a stray breeze plucking at her short hair and tickling her nose. She took a moment to savor it, this sense of freedom, then she started walking-

"Uh, what're you doing?"

Her eyes snapped up, cheeks heating as she realized Naruto was hovering over her. Literally. Hovering.

"You do know we can fly, right?"

Slowly but surely, she felt her cheeks begin to burn, a hot flush crawling up the back of her neck.

"Sh-Shut up!"

"Haha! You should see your face! Priceless!"

"I know how to fly in case you've forgotten!" she cried, desperately trying to salvage the situation.

"Then, what're you waiting for?" He swung around her and offered her his hand, "You wanted to leave, didn't you? Let's go. I hear Central City is nice this time of year."

Galatea didn't know what to say to that, so, she simply followed, slowly flying up, up and away after him. His response, his intense reactions, had been...unexpected. She simply hadn't expected his support. Waller and Hamilton had savagely berated each of her mistakes, both real and perceived; endlessly accusing her of sloth, idiocy, sloppiness, anything whatever they could seize upon. When she had done everything to perfect precision and nothing could be found wanting with her, they simply said nothing at all.

Naruto had only ever offered her encouragement; he understood the pressure to be perfect and he was not cowed by it. He didn't care what her father thought of him, he was too valuable to be disposed of at least until another sample was procured; the first had been all but exhausted in creating him. He was the first, and he was the last of a proud people, reborn in this new form. But most of all...

That thought ended as the kryptonite bullet took her from behind.


The effect was painful and immediate as the round pierced her stomach; all her strength drained away to nothingness. Her body plummeted, sinking like a stone. Naruto spun about, only to suffer a round through one of his arms, then his shoulder, his leg. His roar of surprise/pain filled her ears, as did the cry that came as he dug the draining projectiles out. Right, he possessed a slight resistance to Kryptonite, so he might survive. She knew she might not be so fortunate.


The breath burst from her lungs as she slammed into the unyielding concrete desert, and then all she knew was pain. And over that pain, a furious roar, like an animal uncaged:


Hands were laid on her, orders shouted. The sound of rifles being cocked. More explosions.

Through bleary eyes, Galatea saw him up there, hesitating, torn between fight and flight...and she knew what had to be done. Wounded. Her heart was wounded by grief, just as much as Naruto's body was wounded by the remnants of krytpon lingering in his system. He'd just get himself captured, or worse, if he tried to fight now. She knew that. It made sense. But losing him...that hurt more than death itself.


Tears gleaming in his eyes he did as she asked. The air rupturing around him with all of his fading might, he took flight, soaring up and away. Fading way into the distance. Growing smaller and smaller...larger? Galatea froze where she lay. Took an agonizing breath, struggling to see through bleary eyes. Her heart lurched. No. He couldn't.

He wouldn't!

But he was, that distant speck swelling before her eyes, his body ou



A thunderclap answered her as the kryptonian hybrid cannoned down into the desert with all the force of a nuclear warhead, his return heralded by a cataclysmic crash of thunder. Bones broke. Men and women bled and died. Hands were shorn away from her shoulders and suddenly she was free toppling to the ground with a grunt. Pleas of mercy followed, falling on deaf ears. Then silence. Agonizing silence.

Everything was moving so slowly and she couldn't make sense of it. Now she was being lifted, cradled against his chest, held.

"It'll be okay." A strange, disjointed voice told her. "Just hold on. "It'll be okay...

Snarling, her broken body in his arms, he fled.

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So, in the Immortal Words of Atlas...

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Diana stared at the boy beneath her and wondered at him.

He was strange this one; she'd fought side by wide with him, watched him lay waste to nearly a dozen armed and armored men without batting an eye; without breaking a sweat. Truly, he'd dispatched them with ease born of one of the Gods themselves. His skills put even Superman to shame!

Yet now it was as if he were a completely different person. The youth stood there, perched upon the rooftop; a lost puppy desperately searching for it owner. The sight caused her to dither, made her think. For each an' every second that past, her heart hurt to look at him. Hera, it wrenched!

By the Gods...

Never one to leave a lost soul in need, she descended after him. Those eerie eyes saw her straight away, but they didn't recognize her until she'd finally alighted beside her. His body shifted slightly, those tattered black jeans shuffling as he shifted to keep her in his line of sight. Diana felt her respect for the newcomer climb another notch.

"What troubles you, warrior?"

Sad, lonely blue eyes met hers.

"Can you help me?"

Incredibly, the Amazon found herself nodding.

"Yes, I think I can."

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