Despite the fact the sun had long since risen, Eridan was still wide awake; the map he had been working on for so long was beautifully detailed, and he had become completely lost in his work. It had been hours since he had closed the heavy curtains to keep the burning sunlight out, and the warm glow from the candles he had lit provided him with more than enough light to continue his masterpiece; The desklamp sat unused behind him, as Eridan much preferred to work by candles, as the orange glow seemed so much more natural, and the way the light flickered made Eridan's ink lines almost seem to come alive.

He was just labelling a new cave that he had discovered the previous night, when a knock at the door to his respite-block snapped him out of his thick concentration.
Frowning, Eridan bit down on his bottom lip with his shark-like teeth, and hoped that his visitor would think him sleeping, and leave him to his peace, but there was no such luck. Once again, the person on the other side of the door made themselves heard with a gentle knock, and Eridan set down his quill, and stoppered his ink-pot.

Standing proved to be almost as big a pain as the thoughtless intrusion, and Eridan grumbled at himself for letting his back get so stiff. He opened the door and glared at his visitor with the darkest disdain he could muster.

Sollux glared right back at him with his stupid fuckoff glasses.

They had once been acquaintances of sorts, thanks to sharing a mutual circle of friends for many sweeps, though both he and Sollux had fought with an incomparable ferocity whenever they were within eyesight of the other, and never seemed to find even a sliver of a reason to enjoy each other's company. Which was why Eridan had been so surprised when Feferi had told him that Sollux would be moving in with him for a 'little while'. Apparently Sollux's home had been destroyed in a mind honey incident, and apparently it would be good for the pair of them to spend some quality time together to find some common ground.
Eridan had agreed. Not because she was now the Empress, and her word had been law for the past three sweeps, but because she was his moirail, and he would do anything for her. Though he had his own condition, that he only wanted to house the ochre-blood for as long as it took for a more suitable hive to be found. And Feferi had agreed. Though this had gone on for longer than Eridan had anticipated, and Sollux was still there, stinking out every room of his ship hive, and robbing it of the silence that usually hung heavily throughout it.
Truthfully, it was proving difficult to figure out whether this was a good or bad thing.
When Eridan was a younger troll the silence served as a constant mocking reminder of his maddening loneliness, and if he was being honest, he did find some enjoyment for the spats and quarrels he and Sollux partook in on the rare occasion that they both inhabited the same room, but the ochre-blood knew nothing of showing proper feudal spirit, and Eridan didn't like the way the disrespect to the hemospectrum felt.
Not when he was used to being treated with a little more respect from someone so low on it.

Eridan folded his arms, and looked the lanky troll up and down, before asking in a courteous voice, "what do you want? I happen to be in the middle a doin' some very important work that you wouldn't be able to wrap your insolent little mind around."

Sollux let himself into Eridan's block, much to the seadweller's annoyance, and strode over to the desk. He snorted when he saw the quill, "holy shit, do you actually use this?" Sollux asked, his words lisping slightly, "Yeah, you're right, I can't wrap my insolent little brain around you still using ancient shit like this."

"Captor, you either need to explain what it is that you want, or get the fuck out a' my block before I remove you from it piece by piece." Eridan's patience with the troll had barely existed in the first place, but what little he had was quickly wearing thin, "I want to finish my map while the memory is fresh in my pan, now state your business." He put his hands on his own hips, and tried to look as regal as possible in an attempt to command the reverence that he so sorely deserved.

Woefully unintimidated, Sollux smirked at his show, "I'm bored." He stated, with a shrug, "There's fuck-all to do in your shitty hive, and I'm pretty sure FF told me you'd have something to entertain me with, so I thought I'd come on by and see if I could pick through your half rotten pan for some ideas, because I'm supposed to be your guest," the smirk widened to a cocky grin, "remember?"

Deciding that he didn't have time to waste taking the bait on an argument that wouldn't even lead to a death-defying duel of burning caliginous intent, Eridan shook his head and tried to drop his foul mood, "go fuck yourself, Sollux. My graciousness has gone so far as to offer you a greater hospitality than you have ever deserved, so no, I don't think that it's my duty to find some fuckin' entertainment for an insignificant and wildy unsufferable pissblood like yourself," he barged past Sollux, and dropped himself back into his high-backed chair, and reached for his quill, "now remove yourself from my private quarters before the next decency I show you is slitting you open over my next meal."

Sollux offered no response, and Eridan almost thought that the troll would leave, but then his hand suddenly froze in place.
No matter what he did, Eridan was stuck; he couldn't reach for the quill any more than he could pull his hand away. After a moment of struggling, he noticed the tiny flickers of blue and red around his wrist.

"If you're tryin' to be funny, it ain't workin'." Eridan stood up, but he buckled as his hand stayed where it was, as though held by a vice; he tried to wrench it out of the grip of the crackling energy, but was completely unable, "Let me go! What the hell do you think you're playin' at?"

Behind him, Sollux shifted; he moved a little closer, and spoke with a low voice, "Have you been avoiding me, Ampora?"

Eridan bristled at the closeness of the landdweller, and he puffed out his chest, "what I do in my own hive is my own damn business, an' if I want to avoid you, then that's my prerogative." The lowblood was so close, "But for your information, no, I haven't been avoidin' you, I've been busy doin' my job. Now let go a' my hand before I…" Eridan didn't get to finish his threat. Both of his hands slammed down against the flat surface of the desk, and a tendril of electrical energy rolled down his back, causing his tongue to fail him.

"Shut your fucking mouth." Sollux muttered, his voice dripping with pure loathing, "I asked a simple question, I didn't need you to start a speech."

Immediately furious, Eridan's mouth snapped open to retort, but before he could, Sollux snaked an arm around his chest, claws coming to a rest just over his blood-pusher, while his other hand came to a rest on Eridan's hip. The Aquarius' voice betrayed his hopes with a quiver, "w-what the hell do you think you're doin'?"

Sollux pressed himself against Eridan as his hand began an agonisingly slow descent from the seadweller's hip, "You disgust me." He murmured, leaning close to Eridan's finned ear, "You demand respect for the glory of winning the lottery of blood colour, and you actually think you deserve it, that you're better because of it, but you have no fuckin idea how pathetic you are. Not even the lowest of the low should ever have to bow to you. Hell, you don't even deserve to kneel at my feet, you're so below dirt."

The show of blatant disrespect made Eridan's cheeks heat up, and he bared his sharp fangs to try and ward off the enclosing humiliation, "how dare you, you insolent piece a' shit, I should rip one a' your scrawny arms off an' beat you with it until you learn some respect for your superior!" Eridan strained against the psionics to turn his head as best he could, "What don't you understand about the fact that I'm a seadweller, a violet blood, an' a—"

Lips crashed against his clumsily, and Eridan felt a warped rush of both unbridled rage and excitement that kept a hiss locked away behind a retaliation of quick bites.

Given a better position, the kiss might have lasted longer, but Eridan was forced to turn away when his neck protested at the angle, "How dare you." He muttered darkly, glaring down at his map and hoping that his cheeks wouldn't give away the fact that he had been enjoying himself.

"Don't give me that shit, this is the most attention you've been given your whole miserable life."

Eridan grit his sharp teeth, "excuse you, Captor, but you're forgettin' my kismessitude with Vris, an' we weren't exactly a pair a shrinkin' violets with our destructive attraction. In fact, I'd say that at this moment you wouldn't even be able to hold a candle to her caliginous advances, an' we were sweeps younger then." Wanting to make sure that Sollux hated him as much as possible, Eridan was sure he'd pressed the right button when the psionics around his wrists tightened with a bright flare of energy. Eridan smirked to himself, and cast a glance back at the gold-blood standing perilously close to him, "If you're tryin' out to be her replacement, this is a pretty pathetic attempt."

Sollux's top lip quirked upwards, and suddenly seemed so unimpressed with him, "you could go fuck yourself, Ampora, only one of us is pathetic, and you know full well it isn't me."

"Have you still not read the memo about how I'm better than you just by birth-right alone, but allow me to give you a biology lesson, pissblood." It felt good to be able to burn off some frustrations, and Eridan relished in the way that Sollux's eyebrows began knitting together in an obvious sign of irritation, "You were worthless from the very moment you hatched, whereas I reside leagues above you in both caste an' personality. Surely you must know how detestable the sludge that crawls through your veins is? Maybe when you're done doin' whatever it is that this is, I'll call Vris an' we can reminisce while we talk about how shit you are at—"
He would have continued, but his breath was stolen from him as the sudden feeling of electric-like pressure rolled down his chest; it headed lower, and Eridan could scarcely believe what was happening as the psionics dipped below the waistband of his boxers. Without a second thought, Eridan leant back and sighed quietly; it was warm, and the pressure flickered, leaving his skin tingling.

Sollux's voice hissed against the delicate membrane of Eridan's fin, "You're the one who's worthless." He pressed himself against Eridan, and grinned, "Admit it, you're desperately trying to piss me off enough to keep me around because you're enjoying yourself. You're enjoying this."

Eridan made a weak noise of indignation, but he couldn't help but clench his eyes shut as the energy that had been lingering just below his waistband suddenly travelled lower to rove over his already-hard bulge. Gasping as he struggled to stay still, and with a monumental effort, Eridan finally managed to form a sentence that was able to drip from his thinkpan, and off his tongue, "Do you really think someone like me could ever enjoy bein' touched by a pissblood? What would ever even convince you that you were worthy a' touchin' the likes a' me?" His voice quavered ever so slightly, and he cursed his luck, "You'd do good to beg for my forgiveness, an' hope that I don't hold this ridiculous charade against you."

There was no way that he wanted the Gemini to stop, but it wouldn't be fun if he didn't stoke the dark fires of pure hatred a little more.

The comment made Sollux pause, but he quickly regained his focus, and he moved his hand upwards to grab at one of Eridan's horns; cruelly twisting, Sollux snorted as he forced Eridan to turn his head at his whim, "there's one thing that I will never do, Ampora, and that's beg for your forgiveness." Sollux grinned, and dipped his head towards the freshly exposed neck, alternating between dragging his forked tongue, and teeth, along the soft skin.
When he trailed his tongue over the delicate frilled slits of Eridan's throat, the sedweller gasped, and Sollux paused.

Ridiculously sharp canines came to a halt on Eridan's pulse, and he froze; he didn't believe that Sollux would actually kill him, but at the same time, fear swelled in his chest, and flooded his veins with a terrified chill. The bifurcated tongue slipped past the razor-teeth, and dragged across the fragile spot, causing Eridan to shudder involuntarily; he clenched his eyes shut, and tried not to imagine how it would feel if Sollux decided to rip out his throat, and instead, forced himself to tilt his head even more, to allow the landdweller to have better access.

It was a simple sign of both respect, and trust.

The acknowledgement that one of them was now infinitely closer to a bloody death than they had been before hung in the air between them. Sollux refrained for long enough to plant a seed of worry before biting down; hard enough to cause pain, but not enough to break the skin, and was rewarded with a small gasp that didn't sound the least bit fearful. He closed his mouth, and pressed his lips to the pulse, then moved his hand to the front of Eridan's trousers, palming him roughly through the thick fabric; the heartbeat beneath his lips quickened, and he flicked his tongue against it once more.

Eridan's eyes fluttered open as his wrists were pulled up, and he found himself being spun around so that his ass was pressed against the wooden desk; his hands slammed back down next to his map, and Eridan watched as Sollux stepped between his legs. He didn't even bother hoping that his face wasn't currently a deep shade of violet, as he knew that the burning sensation he felt in his cheeks couldn't be anything else. His fins dipped slightly when he saw that Sollux's glasses had slipped down a little, and their eyes met.

Violet irises surrounded by burning gold met molten red and sapphire blue; both pairs of eyes held rivalry and caliginous intentions, but there was something more to it than that. It was difficult to see in the wavering candlelight, but Eridan noted that there was a delicate chartreuse flush across Sollux's nose, and he puffed out his chest a little, "is that all you got, Captor?" He challenged, sincerely hoping that it was not.

Sollux pushed his glasses back up the bridge of his nose, and Eridan found himself feeling more than a little disappointed. Twin tongue tips flicked out over Sollux's bottom lip, and he frowned, "what was that? I didn't quite hear you."

"I said, is that all you fuckin'— oh!" Eridan pressed his forehead against Sollux's shoulder and gulped down air. His entire face burned with embarrassment as the psionic energy stroked his already-hard bulge suddenly and without warning; the tendrils felt like hot coals, and had an insistent pressure that left the seadweller seeing stars. It didn't help that the Gemini had also decided to yank one of Eridan's legs up a little, and grind his own hips forwards.

The sound of smug snickering above him was infuriating.

"What's wrong? Meowbeast got your tongue?" Sollux chided, holding back a laugh as the seadweller finally pulled away enough to glare up at him.

Eridan snarled in a fierce defiance, and his fins twitched. This seemed to catch Sollux's attention, and he pressed two fingers to Eridan's lips before he could speak, "shhh." He whispered, and leant closer with narrowed eyes; the fins froze as he did, and the seadweller hissed in a wordless warning behind his fingers.

Sollux smirked a little, and he murmured gently, "are you going to try and save face?" He ground his hips forwards, and watched the fins flutter in response, "You should have told me you were this sensitive, Ampora."

"Go fuck yourself." Eridan spat out the words as if they were venom, but his cheeks were flushed, and his legs opened a little more of their own accord.

This only made Sollux grin, and he nipped the Aquarius' ear; when he heard a soft gasp, he bit down on the thin membrane once more.

Eridan flinched, and swore beneath his breath, knowing that even if he wanted to pull away, he'd be powerless to do so; swallowing his pride, despite knowing that he only had a miniscule amount left considering his position, Eridan wrapped his legs around Sollux waist, and pulled him closer.
Their lips came together once more, and this time their kisses lingered. Through the fog of his mind, Eridan thought he heard someone moaning heatedly, and hoped that it wasn't himself, but Sollux's snicker quickly answered that question.
Thin fingers trailed over the tented fabric of his jeans, and deftly unfastened the gold button, making Eridan's fins tremble with anticipation; thankfully he didn't have to wait long, his trousers were quickly wrenched down, and once they were past his knees, Sollux stepped on them to force them off, then moved back into his previous position. Eridan's blood-pusher was in his throat when Sollux suddenly plunged a hand into his boxers, and his entire body went rigid for a moment; he couldn't understand how someone's hand could be so warm, so soft, so wonderful. He arched against the touch and his fins fluttered while his world dissolved into a mess of deliciously warm fingers and kisses, all the while, the ever-present danger of Sollux's strength, psionics, and fangs filled him with an almost electrical adrenaline.

A sharp breath tore its way through Eridan's throat as his bulge was stroked firmly, and Sollux nipped at Eridan's fin again, "pathetic." He whispered, but he blinked in surprise as Eridan was unable to prevent a heated moan from leaving his lips.

Eridan nearly didn't notice, but the briefest flicker of weakness in the energy binding his wrists told him everything he needed to know; Sollux had left down his guard.
Despite nearly becoming lost in his lust-muddled mind, Eridan wrenched his hands away from the desk, and grabbed the waistband of Sollux's trousers; in his haste to get rid of the damn piece of clothing, he ripped the metal clasp right off the coarse grey denim, surprising them both. Though there was barely time to care, as Eridan hastily pushed the jeans down, and wrapped his arms around Sollux to pull him closer once more, until their clothed bulges were pressed together.

With Eridan's nails firmly dug into his back, Sollux took it upon himself to free their straining erections; the seadweller's underwear was tight, but there was a handy opening in them that allowed Sollux to shift the fabric to one side to release the violet-tinged bulge, but his own were baggy and loose-fitting with the fiddliest buttons on the whole of Alternia, so he just hastily pulled them down.

When Sollux ground his hips forwards, Eridan sighed against him, relishing in the way the landweller's burning skin warmed the chill that his own body seemed to be permanently inhabit; reaching up, he grabbed one of Sollux's tall horns, and held on as Sollux rocked their bodies together, trying desperately not to make any more noise, not after all the embarrassment he had already been burdened with.

Above him, Sollux must have noticed how hard he was trying, because when Eridan glanced up, he was met with the most obnoxious smirk before Sollux suddenly gripped his thighs and pulled his legs up further, both knocking Eridan off centre and gaining more control for himself; with little other choice, Eridan hissed, his sharp nails scrambling against Sollux's back as he tried keep some semblance of balance.
But this wouldn't last long before Eridan was gasping like a grounded fish as soon as Sollux lowered a hand to hold their bulges together firmly, and began stroking them in time with the movements of his hips. Eridan swallowed a small noise, but as his eyes fluttered closed, he reached upwards towards Sollux's neck and began laying kisses against any patch of skin he could reach; as another moan slipped out, Eridan flushed with embarrassment and locked his lips against the Gemini's throat before biting down, hoping that by focusing on bruising the lowblood, he might muzzle himself.

Then suddenly Sollux groaned above him, carnal and desperate and full of need, and his hand squeezed and roved over their lengths, and they both shuddered as their bulges became slippery with precome.
Stars danced across Eridan's vision as Sollux pushed him further onto the table, forcing the seadweller's legs higher on his waist as he climbed the table to mount him, to drive his hips against him in a rough fervour as paper protested beneath them.

The expletives being spat at him under hushed breaths made Eridan's gut tighten, and he rested a hand on top of Sollux's, helping him squeeze their lengths tightly, following the other troll's speed, and submitting himself to the pleasure, despite wanting nothing more than to flip his rival over and take charge; burning caliginous hatred quelled with waves of pleasure.

Their voices echoed one another, and their movements became increasingly fluid, frantic whispers that hung off ragged breaths were silenced with kisses full of teeth and swears.
Both trolls were approaching their brinks, and Eridan arched his back when he felt Sollux shiver, and heard him whisper his name.
Eridan pulled away from the rushed kisses, and pressed his face against the join between Sollux's neck and shoulder; before the landdweller could get too comfortable, he bit down on the soft flesh hard enough to break the skin, and tasted the metallic blood that beaded up from tiny punctures. When he heard Sollux's hiss give way to a soft moan, Eridan dragged his claws down the other's back, whipping the landdweller up into enough of a fury that he grabbed Eridan and slammed him back down against the desk; Sollux's psionics crackled to life from behind his coloured lenses, and Eridan's wrists were held beside his head with flickering energy once more as the taller troll loomed over him, baring his long fangs threateningly.

Eyes lidded, and barely in control of himself, Eridan gave himself over, and began bringing his hips up to meet Sollux's, barely noticing the red and blue lights roving over their bodies clumsily until it had encircled their bulges and pressed beneath the firm grip of Sollux's hand with pulsations of warmth.
Eridan heard himself plead, and beg, but nothing mattered anymore, he just wanted to exist in that moment and no other for all of eternity, and then, Sollux's lips were on his again, and as they kissed, their bodies moved in tandem, and between their muffled sounds, Eridan heard Sollux hiss against his lips.

"I'm going to fuck you."

Eridan tried his best not to moan, he really did, but despite his best efforts, the sound was forced from him, and he called Sollux's name, long and heated, and then their orgasms came together, suddenly and at once, and Eridan felt every muscle in his body grow rigid as he tensed; spurts of violet and sulphur yellow genetic material spattered their chests unceremoniously, leaving Eridan gasping with the sudden shock.

It wasn't long before Sollux's thrusts finally became shallow enough to come to a stop, and with a heaving chest, he rested his full weight on Eridan, lying on top of him in exhaustion; the psionics flickered out around Eridan's wrists, and the seadweller swore he could feel the other's blood pusher hammering over his own.

After regaining some of his composure, Sollux pushed himself up, and climbed off both Eridan and the desk; he looked down at his own ruined shirt, and frowned, before pulling it off carefully as not to get any of the mess on himself.
Dropping the fabric into a crumpled heap on the floor in front of Eridan, he smirked, "do me a favour and get this cleaned up for me."

"Fuck off, Captor." Eridan's cheeks burned as he snarled, and he reached past the other troll to pull his cape off his chair; with a swift kick, Eridan got the soiled clothing as far away from him as he could while he tried to cover himself to hide his own stained clothing, "If you want somethin' cleaned you can damn well do it yourself, you lowblooded pustule-ridden sack a' shit." He did not allow his eyes to wander from Sollux's. There was no way he'd give the land dweller the satisfaction.

This seemed to amuse Sollux, and he walked towards the door, stretching, "I'm going to get in the ablution-trap to wash any traces of you off me." Tucking himself back into his boxers, Sollux turned back and ran his bifurcated tongue over his wicked grin, though his glasses did not betray the emotion of his eyes, "Thanks for the subpar entertainment, Eridan."

Eridan did not get a chance to respond, Sollux left him with that, and did not turn to see the seadweller's warning display of flared fins, but with the other gone, Eridan finally slid from the desk, and released the shuddering breath he'd been holding for so long. He dropped his cape, and began removing his clothes carefully, dropping them onto the shirt that had been abandoned with him.
Behind him, a sweep's worth of work lay in a crumpled arc across his desk, but Eridan couldn't bring himself to mourn it just yet, there were more important things to consider.

Then a cruel grin grew across his face. This was only the beginning, and the Gemini was a fool if he thought that he could beat Eridan at this game.
It was only a matter of time before they would inevitably clash again with the fury of a thousand burning stars, and when that time came, Eridan knew he would be ready. After all, he was a master tactician who never failed to bring down his prey.
It was all just a matter of time.

And Eridan was a very patient troll.