I had three chapters of this fic roughly written before I lost a whole laptops worth of writing. Anyway, it's been years, and I thought I should finish a draft I'd been playing around with to upload for 22-2-22, but I missed that because it's 5am on the 23rd, but fuck it, this month has been absolutely horrendous. Anyway, happy Sollux day, have some blackrom smut c:


The soft hum of the husktop was nothing like the usual low droning buzz of the bees from Sollux's beehouse mainframes, and they made him wish he were back at his own hive; he closed his eyes, and imagined he was back there, surrounded in chaotically laid wires and gamegrubs that he had grown himself. For a moment he thought he could even smell the bright golden, sickly sweet honey. Sollux shuddered as he opened his eyes, and shut down his husktop, no longer enamoured with the work he had been doing. Once the screen went dark Sollux stared at his reflection numbly.

There was nothing there for him.

Not anymore.

He pushed the thought deep down, and shook his head, tonight was not the night to deal with that inevitable mental shit-storm. Once his blood-pusher had slowed again, he put the husktop down on the table, and span in his chair and sighed. He hated Eridan's hive. Sure, it was fun antagonising the arrogant prick, but the gaudy shipwreck was just so far away from anyone or anything else; he had never been one for the hussle and bussle of the highly populated areas, but he was still used to living somewhat near to other trolls, even if he never had to interact with them. It had come as a genuine shock that the seadweller's hive wasn't situated on top of a gaudy clothing outlet, and the fact that it was miles from the closest shops made Sollux feel as though he was now living in the middle of nowhere. The Gemini sighed, and wondered how long it would be before some creepy Shining-level stuff would start happening.
At least that would be something though. Just over a week had passed since he and Eridan had been in the same room together for longer than a simple hissed insult, and Sollux would have been offended if it wasn't such a blessing to not have to hear that stupid wobbly voice.
His smirk fell, and Sollux's head drooped as he sighed; who was he even trying to kid, it was absolutely getting to him, and it was driving him up the wall trying to figure out what the seadweller's game was. Before he had made his move, Sollux was sure that Eridan was so desperate for some attention that he would try to get him back immediately, so Sollux spent every moment of the next three nights on guard, waiting for the retaliation, but it never came. And so, mundanity had become normal again, and Sollux wondered if he needed to swallow his pride and make another move on Eridan.
It was like double-texting after being left on read for a bulge-pic, and to be forced to debase himself for Eridan of all trolls? The thought made him sick.

But still.

Sollux had been completely unable to muster an ounce of interest in anyone else he knew. He couldn't even pretend to be interested in the smut he could easily find on his husktop.

But if he so much as imagined the way the seadweller's moans had sounded beneath him, he was immediately rock-hard, and having to make a long trip to the ablution trap for a frustratingly cold wash.

His personal block was so quiet, and still; the more Sollux sat and listened, the more he realised that the entire hive sounded completely vacated.
It was always possible that his pompous host had just not bothered to tell him that he was heading out, but Eridan usually warned him to stay out of his shit before he left, which would inevitably antagonise the landweller to the point that he would absolutely mess with his shit.
The thought of pissing the other off made Sollux smirk, but the thought morphed from Eridan flying off the handle in a rage, to Eridan lying beneath him, bested. Blooded. Blushing.


The reflection on the dark husktop screen bit it's lip.

The caliginous pitch boiled away beneath his surface; grublike distaste had long since been fuelled into hatred, and with that came the intense desire to see the subject of his ire defeated by his own hands, but that couldn't be so easily done when said troll was gone. Chances were that Eridan was doing his job, which usually meant hunting something that he'd act like was some kind of deathdefying lusus or another, but sometimes Feferi would have him doing all sorts until even the second moon had nearly set.
So really, he was just ensuring that he didn't waste another night waiting for something that obviously wasn't going to happen.
Sollux's hand fell to his lap, fingertips playing on his zipper as a painful ache reached up to meet his touch; reasoning with himself that it had been too long, he leant back in his chair, and allowed his mind to wander as his hands did too. With his bulge free, Sollux exhaled deeply, it had been so long, and he wanted to tease himself, to make it last, but every movement was threatening to bring his private entertainment to an end.
Breath hitching, Sollux clenched his eyes shut, while a restrained seadweller called mercy, or harder, he couldn't say, but he couldn't deny that it was becoming difficult to hold himself back from the brink and he could feel himself start to reach the climax he'd been waiting over a week for; his bulge flexed beneath his fingers, and he spread his legs as he imagined using it to finally shut Eridan up for long enough to—

Before he could spill over into the sweet release, Sollux's hands were wrenched from his bulge and fastened behind his chair. His eyes snapped open, but were immediately covered, dampening his psionics before he could form anything more tangible than a flash of light, "what the fuck!?"

"Is this how you repay my magnanimity?"

The response was closer than he was expecting it to be, and made Sollux jump, "fuck your magnums, get out of my block!" He spat his words to his left, towards the voice, "You're an adult, act like it! Weren't you ever taught to fucking knock?"

A tut, "it's disgustin' in here, you should be ashamed a' yourself."

Something collided and there was a thump against a far wall of his room, and Sollux recognised the sound immediately, "hey, quit kicking my gamegrubs!"
He grunted loudly when his chair suddenly swung and slammed against a wall, trapping his arms behind him.

Eridan laughed softly through his nose, the smile evident in the lilt of his voice, "I'd say make me, but unfortunately for you, you're in exactly the position you need, to be…" his lips brushed past the nerd's warm cheek, "completely…" a word whispered between his parted lips, "powerless."

The incessant arrogance was infuriating. Sollux enticed the bastard in by turning towards him in reciprocation, and when the other sealed their lips in a kiss, Sollux shot forwards against his restraints, snapping quick as a snake; he laughed through the violet cold on his lips, and revelled in the noise that Eridan was making, "damn, you're right, completely powerless."


"That's what you get for making me wait."

There was a pause, "were you that desperate for me to reciprocate, Captor?" The prick was smiling again, "so that's why you were indulgin' in such a filthy display."

Sollux snarled, and blindly twisted against his restraints, but his fangs parted with a sigh when a cool hand cupped his aching bulge gently.

"Poor landweller," Eridan's voice was smooth, but Sollux knew better than to trust it or the tempting hand, "poor lowblood."

"Don't call me that," the Gemini's words faltered when he felt his legs ease apart. He swallowed a sigh, and grit his teeth, hoping it would be enough to stop the noises that threatened to spill, but he had already teased himself so much, he had tasted the very precipice of his climax itself, and now even the slightest touch was driving his mind crazy with a kaleidoscope of desires.

"Say you want it."

"What?" Sollux snapped, despite himself.

Eridan's voice was cool, "I'm not doin' a single fuckin' thing to you until you can convince me you want me to do it."

"What if I like surprises?"

"Then I'll surprise you by walkin' straight out that door an' never botherin' to look back once."

Sollux swallowed, the threat had been heard and understood, "Don't."

A cold hand rested high on his thigh, a wordless truce to a petty spat.

"If you don't want me to leave your block when you're puttin' on such a shameful display, then what do you want me to do?"

Sollux took a breath, "I want you to touch me." He murmured, not knowing whether this was some kind of trick that he was stumbling blindly into, but when the hand on his thigh suddenly moved upwards and rested on his straining bulge, Sollux bucked against it involuntarily.


He cursed.

Eridan leant in close, and murmured beside his ear, "Like that?" He asked, before climbing onto his lap, and leaning the chair into a more reclining position, "or like this?"

Cool hand languidly stroking the full length of his excitement, Sollux nodded against the grip tight over his eyes, all sensible thought failing him, "yeah, this is good."

A smug little snort, then fingertips rested together on the tip of his bulge, "what if I was feelin' left out though, Sollux?"

Ignoring the red flag that was the tone of Eridan's voice, Sollux hummed contently as the hand dropped down, trailing fingers down his flushed bulge to the hilt; his head lolled back against the headrest his dark world disappeared, leaving only the weight of the troll on his lap, who had just started to grind shallowly against him.

"What if I want to give myself over to the pleasures a' solo indulgences, an' just use you to get me there?"

Eridan could have said just about anything in that moment, and Sollux would have agreed, the burning pleasure was radiating through him, promising an explosive climax in no time, as long as the decadent ministrations continued. He bucked his hips weakly, desperate with the need for something to satisfy the deep ache he'd had for so long, and knowing that he was so close.

"What if I decided that you'd had enough." Eridan murmured in his ear, and as though to demonstrate his point, his hand disappeared from Sollux's bulge.

And then Sollux felt the burning need to fulfil his desires begin to give way to something he knew only as a relentless frustration, one that he was not about to go through for an indeterminant amount of time until Eridan of all trolls decided that he was allowed to finish?
Absolutely no chance after the teasing he'd just sat through.
"You're not being serious." Sollux turned his head, blindly searching for the seadweller, he located him only by the sudden groan right beside his ear. It was soft, but it told Sollux everything he needed to know, and he bucked his hips upwards against Eridan as best he could, and felt how he was playing with himself.
To do it on top of him when he was already so close, so teased, made Sollux see red. Twisting his wrists, he tried to pull his hands from the restraints that bound them without bringing attention to his escape attempt, but it was no good, they were cuffs of some kind, and they were holding tight, all while Eridan was panting above him as though he was neither temptation nor distraction.

With no other choice, and with a desperation growing from the pits of his gut, Sollux launched himself forwards, colliding with the seadweller, and nearly throwing them both from the heavy chair. A wicked grin split his face as Eridan's hand slipped from his eyes.

Psionics flickered to life over grey fingertips for a moment before the entire room erupted into vacillating red and blue, and Eridan was thrown from his place of power atop Sollux's lap as the cuffs were shattered, and left to fall unceremoniously to the floor in a thousand pieces.
Finally free, Sollux stood slowly, and glared down at Eridan; he flexed his fingers, and his chair was thrown across the room, and Eridan looked up at him from the floor with wide eyes and wordless lips.
Sollux smirked, what had happened to mister tough guy? Had the quips run dry already?
The crackling whips of energy lashed out and wrapped around Eridan, dragging him up onto his feet, and towards Sollux until they were nose-to-nose.

"Pathetic." Sollux scolded, bringing a hand up to grip Eridan by the throat, "You're behaving like a flushed little grub with their first pity-crush."

"Don't misunderstand me," Eridan said, leaning close, his voice dangerously low, "I wake up every night with only the desire to see you grovellin' at my feet. I have never hated another troll anywhere close to how much I absolutely detest the very air you breathe." He smirked suddenly, a cruel image with such razor-teeth glinting in the light flickering around them, "An' I just proved that I can overpower you without even usin' a weapon, oh mighty psionic."

Sollux hissed, "Nearly, Ampora, but you fell at the last hurdle," he flexed his fingers, and relished in the way Eridan's gills objected to his touch as he began crushing the other troll's throat, "because I'm not overpowered anymore, now am I?"

Twisting against his grasp, Eridan glared at him darkly, a wordless threat frozen on his parted lips.

With the entire room enrobed in bright oscillating flashes of red and blue, and his rival powerless in his grip, Sollux felt a rush of excitement; the pitch inside of him spat and roiled inside his veins, burning his blood, right down to his fingertips, as his thinksponge was overtaken with the adrenaline of escape, and of the promise of the cacophony of destruction he could unleash if so inclined, if so challenged.
His grin tasted of salt and metal.
There was no fear in his rival's eyes, not even with the threat of death lingering on his touch.

"Say I beat you."

The words had fallen past his lips before Sollux even knew he was saying them, and he was grateful for his own obscuring lenses when Eridan's eyes widened, and the seadweller glanced between red and blue glass, offended, though unable to answer with the pressure on his throat.
The righteous retribution tasted like the sweetest ambrosia, and Sollux felt nothing but satisfied at the role reversal, snickering at the violet flush creeping across Eridan's face, "if I let go, will you admit it?"

There was barely a beat of hesitation before a thick glob of spittle hit his cheek, and Eridan sneered at him with fins folded back tightly.

Sollux took a step away from him, but the violet-blood remained exactly where he was, imprisoned with an encircling light that left no room for escape, and one that more than made up for the hand now missing from his throat.
Disgusted, Sollux ran a hand over his cheek, and glared at Eridan; thinking that the other looked a little too satisfied with himself for his tastes, Sollux reached up and wiped the spit across Eridan's face, intent on returning the favour, "you're disgusting," he lisped, pushing the seadweller's face to one side, and releasing the psionics around his throat, "and dishonest."

"Dishonest?" Eridan choked out between gasps, "When the ever-lovin fuck have I ever been dishonest with you? I should cut your slanderous tongue from your dirty maw for the very insolence a' misusin' my very name an' use it to clean the load gapers until you understand who you're fuckin' accusin' there, Sollux."

"Not only did you literally attack me while my pants were down," Sollux began, bringing a hand up to rest on Eridan's head condescendingly, "but you also tried and failed to take away my main form of both offence and defence."

"That was a tactical calculation, an' it proved successful." Eridan interjected, straining uselessly once more against the psionic bonds that held him so tightly, failing to shake Sollux's hand from between his horns.

"It did not, or you'd be the victor right now." Sollux hissed. He wanted the failure to sting, and for the shame to smoulder deep in his rival's chest, to spur the fires of their next encounter into a blaze, but from the indignant pout on the other troll's face, Sollux knew that he'd need to teach Eridan another way.
"I'm going to give you one last chance to admit that I beat you."

"You haven't beaten anyone," Eridan argued, petulant as ever, "I did everythin' right."
The seadweller's mouth snapped shut, and he pushed his bottom lip out in a pout as though to punctuate the point.

Sollux stared at Eridan's lips. He knew exactly how soft they were.

And then he knew what it was that he wanted.

The glow emanating from behind his glasses cast mixed lights across Eridan's face, painting his indignant anger in hues of reds and blues, and then the seadweller was sinking to his knees on the whims of the lights he was helpless within and the hand between his horns.
The head of Sollux's bulge quivered with every breath the seadweller exhaled, tip barely balanced against full lips; the trolls stared at one another, vindicated and defeated, entwined together in a moment in which a choice in trust needed to be made.

Eridan snarled up at him, ridiculous fins rattling in a display that was supposed to be intimidating, but one that Sollux saw right through; even with fangs bared, the violet blush gave the game away, and Sollux swallowed thickly before he whispered a quiet shh, and gently pushed Eridan's chin with an insistent thumb until the seadweller opened his mouth. Amethyst eyes glared up in a silent threat, but the dangerous game of trusting the troll who most wanted to mount his head on his wall was proving all-too alluring, so Sollux sank his bulge past the sharkish fangs and a cold tongue that rolled against the underside in protest.
It was already enough to make his head spin, but Sollux couldn't help himself; he grabbed Eridan's jagged horns and held his head in place while he thrust forwards, groaning with the effort of needing to hold back as he pressed deeper, driving his length in further each time until he could feel the head of his bulge press firmly against the back of Eridan's throat; this nearly felt like enough, but then he glanced down at the seadweller in time to meet his eyes.

Subjugated in defeat, Eridan at least took that with a little grace, but his lidded eyes were needful and desperate, and he moaned softly in a plead that Sollux could almost understand, and he would have been at least open to his plight, if not for his own teasing.
Choking back a moan as Eridan's tongue swirled around the tip, Sollux felt the pressure build in him like a tightly-wound spring, and though he was riding a smooth rhythm that seemed to be working for them both, a fierce need took hold of him as the bubbling pitch boiled over spilling a dark desire into his bloodstream, and Sollux bit down on his own lip to muffle himself as he fisted a handful of hair at the back of Eridan's head, and twisted, plunging himself as deeply into the seadweller's throat as he could reach, ignoring the deep-seated instinctual need their species all had, and instead holding Eridan's head down on his pulsing bulge. His release came suddenly, and he felt Eridan's throat tighten in surprise, but Sollux rode out his climax as his psionics wavered and pulsated around them both; with a giddy clarity that came with being finished, Sollux pulled away, finally satisfied.

Eridan opened his mouth and a torrent of chartreuse genetic material poured from it in a thick stream, spattering the floor between his spread legs as he coughed and spluttered, hunched over as though in worship.

"That'll do, Ampora." Sollux jeered,

Grinning as he strolled away from the block that was supposed to be his, Sollux knew that he'd given himself at least a minute head start before Eridan would even be able to begin to retaliate, and all he intended to do was to sit and wait for that to happen so he could hand the stupid seadweller his ass all over again.
It was all just a matter of time.

And Sollux was a very powerful troll.