Why hello there people, long time no-see, eh? I know you all probably thought that I went and forgot or gave up on writing for you guys, but I'm proud to say that have not and that my lack of activity has been for two reasons – adapting to Uni life and illness.

I originally planned to update all my works over Christmas, but I was laid low by a rather horrific bout of illness that left me bed ridden for several days and barely willing to get out of bed when I was able to, let alone write anything.

But now I've settled in at Uni and shaken the bugs that were plaguing me, I'm finally ready again to get back to doing what I love – writing for and entertaining you guys.

I plan to have Code: DxD Potter updated by Wednesday, Thursday at the latest and The Jackal of the Grigori by Friday and Legacy by Saturday. I've written the majority of the chapters for the first two stories, and so I shall look to finish them off this week so that next week we can finally begin to make some headway with my works – because a fair few of you have been letting me know that you want me to get back to updating.

And I enjoy my life too much to get cyber-lynched by an angry mob of FanFic readers !

Well rejoice my readers, for the Mantis has returned.

And he's here to stay!

So Until my next official chapter, I bid you goodbye.

Peace folks,


P.S: Make sure to go check out the one story I have managed to update – Despair of the Uchiha. It's a different take on the DxD / Naruto crossover that I hope you'll all enjoy XD !