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All the shit you'll need for your Dmmd pet

We have now covered all the Dmmd pets out there! What's left for you to know is what we have in store for you and your gay little friend.

Dmmd Pet Crate

I would like to apologize if you were convinced that your Dmmd pet actually needed its own whole room within whatever you're living in. Your Dmmd pet's room will be the big ass crate you'll be carrying your Dmmd pet in when you first take it home. The Dmmd pet crate can be disassembled and set up as the Dmmd pet's room, like a dollhouse. The crate will come for free but you'll need to pay for a new crate in case you need one. If you're rich as fuck and would like to give your Dmmd pet its own human room then be my guest.

Tae-san's Cooking

This is the food you will be giving your Dmmd pet for the majority of its diet. The Tae-san's Cooking packages are full of all the nutrients your Dmmd pet will need for its health. It's not recommended to give your Dmmd pet too much human food or else it will get really picky in the future. If your Dmmd pet refuses to eat its regular Dmmd pet food, simply shove it down its throat and tell it that there are a bunch of starving Lamento pets that would love to have food but can't because the Nitro+chiRAL store is giving all their food to Dmmd pets. Your Dmmd pet will grow to love it. Go Fuck Yourself food is good for your Mink pet. Just don't ask why it smells like cinnamon.


Allmates are great for keeping Dmmd pets company while you are not around. More advanced allmates can fulfill multiple tasks. Allmate Usuis are like the smartphones of the Dmmd pet world, just slightly cheaper. Or if you're a rich bitch and you decide to give your Dmmd pet its own smartphone then that's cool.

Dmmd pet Oil

The Dmmd pet Oil is used as food for Clear pets, Ren pets, and advanced allmates such as the allmate Usui. The Dmmd pet Oil cannot be used for regular allmates. Allmates need to be charged through a cable like any other electronic device.

Allmate Chargers


Dmmd pet Leash

The Dmmd leash is very useful for the really hyperactive Dmmd pet. The leash works like the Toddler leash since the Dmmd pet walk upright. If you really trust your adult Dmmd pet to not scurry off like the little bastards they are then you won't have to get a leash. However, you're going to have to get a Dmmd pet leash if you own a Mink pet because it's required to wear one in public. This law is enforced in just about every single area Mink pets are sold.

A large and strong bag

Now I know that it's really hard to say no to your Dmmd pet whenever it wants something. It can be a challenge to not spoil your Dmmd pet. Unfortunately, this is a major problem with many Dmmd pet owners. If you were to look around an area of Dmmd pets, you would notice that at least a handful of Aoba pets are, how you say, "curvy". Now you can try to keep your Dmmd pet's weight under control when it's getting a little high on the squishy scale or you can call it quits and carry them around a bag. If you insist on not performing the Reincarnation Ceremony on your Beastjaku pet, a large and strong bag would come in handy. Some Beastjaku owners intentionally spoil their Beastjaku pets because they think that a "big-boned" Beastjaku pet will have less energy to fuck shit up around the house. If you are willing to look past the lack of morality, the idea works for the most part; however, if your "big-boned" Beastjaku pet falls through its bag, then the smart idea has gone way out of hand.

Bad touch Jacket

If you're not around your Aoba pet and are worried about Boyfriend pets getting grabby around it, the Bad touch jacket is the shit you'll want. Though it may look ugly ass fuck, the jacket will inflate, keeping Boyfriend pets from going near your Aoba pet. Do not worry about suffocation.


For some reason all Dmmd pets have a thing for wearing boots and belts.

Wild Mink pet Hair Wigs& Extensions

Don't be ashamed. You fucked your Dmmd pet's hair up. All Dmmd pet owners mess up their Dmmd pet's hair up at least once. Don't you worry too much about it! We now have racks of authentic Wild Mink pet hair. Its strong and durable texture allows it to be styled in any way that would suit your Dmmd pet's natural hair. I mean if you want to show off how rich you are and buy your Dmmd pet human hair that's fine too.

I know I know…At least I posted two chapters to make up right? Anyways, I've been thinking about ending the guideline. Instead, I'm going to write fanfiction not about the Dmmd characters but about actual Dmmd pets. Sort of like supplements to the Dmmdpets101 story. Let me know if the idea is good or fucking stupid.