AN: If you are unfamiliar with the song the title references... I STRONGLY urge you to look it up on you tube. Pride & Joy - by Stevie Ray Vaughan. It's my love song to Dean and Baby... as is this fic. All chapter titles are AC/DC song titles. A special thank you to Rick Blevins who helped me out with Baby's flat tire! Also a shout out to Terri, who is a classic rock encyclopedia of weird!

"Fine! Deal! Now tell me!"

1 – T.N.T.

Sam looked up the address as quick as he could and then drove like a bat out of hell, not caring how rough the ride was. Dolomite Gravel was about ten miles away. He was supposed to find an abandoned house about a half mile down the road that led to the quarry. The road was in better condition than he thought it would be and was heavily tree-lined. Sam almost drove past the old house before he saw it. Slamming on the brakes and backing up, he pulled in as far as he could get, jumped out and ran for the house.

Sam kicked the rickety door in and took off down a hallway. He should have grabbed a flashlight as little light was getting in past the boarded up windows. Catching sight of a flickering light from a room down on the left, he scrabbled down the hall, almost losing his footing in the garbage and detritus that lined that space, and found him. Dean looked like he was out cold the way his head hung down. He was gagged and handcuffed, wrist and ankle, to an old metal diner style kitchen chair. The chair faced the far wall, away from Sam. Zig-zagging all over that wall was a line of fuse that made it's way, eventually, to a single stick of dynomite that was taped to the wall right at eye level to the chair. Kind of old school, Sam briefly thought to himself. The flickering light Sam had seen was the fuse burning it's way to the TNT. Sam didn't have time to pick the locks on the handcuffs.

"It's okay, Dean. I got ya." he said in Dean's ear, even though he couldn't hear him. He grabbed Dean by the shoulders and tilted the chair back on it's back legs and started dragging it, and Dean with it, out of the house. It slid fairly easily down the hall, but once he got to the front door things were different. Sam had to pick up the chair, and his brother, as best he could, to get down the steps to the lawn. The grass was still wet with the recent rains this area had been having and Sam slipped and almost dumped his brother to the ground. "Shit." He felt like he could hear the hiss of the fuse in his head, driving him on. He started dragging the chair again, but the soft earth wouldn't have it. Eventually tripping over his own feet, he and the chair went down.

The hissing fuse in his head was overwhelmingly loud, now, so he scrambled back and lay himself down over his unconscious brother. He waited there for what seemed an eternity. It was quite literally the quiet before the storm. He could hear a cricket chirping nearby, signaling the end of the day. He noticed it was getting dark and it would be full night soon. And then it hit. The blast was amazing. He felt the shock wave before he heard the sound. Luckily, most of the blast was contained at the back of the house, but, with the house being as old and frail as it was, the whole thing collapsed in on itself. Well, what was left that hadn't been blown sky high did. Sam covered his head and made sure he was protecting his brother's body. He could hear and feel debris raining down all around them. Something slammed into his shoulder and sudden pain ripped into his leg.

He lay there well after the blast was over, wanting to make sure it was done before uncovering Dean. "What the hell was that?" came a muffled voice below him. Sam opened his eyes and looked down into the hair on the top of Dean's head.

"Just me, saving your ass." Sam raised himself up to his knees and off his brother, gasping in pain as he did so. His back was in agony, but he couldn't quite figure out what was going on back there. He looked down at his leg and found a piece of glass sticking out of his calf. He grimaced and yanked it out. "Let me get you out of that chair. You okay?" Sam dug around in his pocket and then got to work on the handcuffs.

"Yeah, I think I'm okay. Killer headache, but otherwise I don't think anything else is wrong. What's wrong with you? You're hurt."

"I got hit with some debris when the house blew. My back is really killing me." Sam finished with the cuffs and Dean scrambled up out of the chair to his feet.

"Holy hell, Sammy. Gimme a light and don't move."

"I don't have a light. Car's over there." Sam motioned with his head.

"Okay. Seriously, don't move bro." Dean ran down to the car. The driver's side door still hung open and he reached through and pulled a flashlight out from under the seat. He went around to the trunk and realized he didn't have the keys. He ran back to Sam. "Keys!" Sam started to dig in his pocket with a grimace of pain on his face. Dean batted his hand away and dug into his pocket, retrieving the keys himself.

He ran back to the car and popped open the trunk to get the first aid kit. When the lid went up, he came face to face with an old woman who hissed at him. Frowning, he reached past her to the kit and slammed the lid down again. Wondering why there was a woman in Baby's trunk, he ran back to his brother, flicked on the light and took a look at Sam's back. "Well, no wonder your back hurts. You seem to have a plank of wood growing out of your shoulder blade." Dean set the kit down and opened it up to get at an antiseptic wipe. He needed far more than this to properly clean and bandage Sammy up, but he needed to do a fast fix and they needed to clear out before the entire county came down on the burning wreckage before him.

"Okay. I'm gonna yank it out, stuff an antiseptic wipe in there, and then put some gauze on top. That'll have to hold it till we can get to a hotel far away from here. Okay?"

"Sure. Just do it."

Dean grabbed the piece of wood, counted to three in his head, and pulled it free. Sam jerked and swore. "Don't be a baby." Dean grabbed his wipe and stuffed it into the wound and layered some gauze on top. He grabbed some tape and, shoving Sam's torn clothes out of the way the best he could, taped it all in place. He wrapped an arm around Sam's waist and helped him up. "You're limping..."

"Yeah, glass to the calf." Sam managed to spit out around his clenched teeth. Dean glanced down as they hobbled to the car and noticed blood on Sam's pants. Helping his brother into the front seat, he dumped the first aid kit into his lap. "Here, see what you can do." Running around and jumping in the car, he started her up.

"Which way?" Sam motioned to the left and they were off. About ten minutes down the road Dean asked "So...what's with the witch in the trunk?"

"Oh shit. We gotta let her go."


"I made a deal with them."

"You did what? Sam! They were the reason I was almost blown to kingdom come back there!"

"They were also the reason I was able to find you and haul your ass out of there! Dean we all promised to leave town and let each other go in return for your whereabouts."

Dean sighed. He was frustrated about letting them go, but glad to still be in one piece at the same time. They could always find them again some day down the road. "So if we're all going our separate ways, why is one of them in Baby's trunk?"

"She was my insurance. In case the location they gave me was false. We need to let her go, though." Dean sighed again and pulled over to the side of the road. "You're going to do it here?" Sam looked out the windows. They were literally in the middle of nowhere. Farm fields on both sides of the road and not a house in sight.

"Yup. A deal's a deal." He grinned. Dean hated witches and he saw no problem with leaving her at the side of the road. He got out and Sam did the same. Leaning heavily on the car, he hopped to the back as Dean popped up the lid of the trunk, grabbed the old woman, and hauled her out. "Last stop."

She squinted her eyes at him. "You can tell your sisters thank you and we will hold up our end of the bargain if they do." Sam said.

She turned an eye on Sam. "A deal is a deal. We're women of our word. We will leave this god forsaken little town in our dust and you will do the same." She said it with a roll of her eyes and a sigh. Sam could tell she was not a fan of the deal her sisters had made with him. She looked around her. "Wait. You're leaving me here? How am I to contact my sisters?"

"Use a crystal ball or something. We don't care." Dean slammed the trunk closed as punctuation to his statement.

The woman backed away from them and glared at them both. She then closed her eyes, turned and lay her hands on the car, and started to mumble something.

"Hey! HEY!" Dean knocked her hands off his car. "I don't know what the hell you think you're doing, but knock it off!"

"I am just blessing your 'baby' for safe travels far away from us." she said it far too sweetly and smiled up at him.

"Well, we don't need the blessing of some filthy witch, thanks anyway!" Sam glared at his brother over the witch's head.


"No, Sam! Let's go." He turned on his heel and headed back to his door.

Sam looked down at the woman. "Thank you. You and your sisters be good." He hobbled back to his door and got in. He watched her in the rear view mirror as they pulled away, her lips moving again.