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The late-August sun shone down on the mother and son pair as they made their way to the red, blue, and yellow play structure on the other side of the park. It was the first Sunday that whole month that Olivia Benson got a break from ordering her squad around and being able to spend the entire day with little Noah.

Olivia stopped in the grass nearby the child-filled territory and knelt down to unbuckle Noah from his seat. "There we go mister." She lifted him up from the seat and stood him up next to her.

"Pay, pay." As hard as Noah tried, he still struggled to say most of the words he spoke, but Liv had come to understand what most of them meant.

"I know, buddy, but we're going to eat our lunch first and then we can play." The mom knew, however, that getting any food into the little boy's tummy would be a difficult task when he was so distracted by his next activity.

Half an hour later, the pair still sat on their blanket. As much as Noah loved to play, the kid loved eating a little more, such a boyish trait he already displayed. He had finished his half a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, grapes, a few strawberries, and was working on finishing his chocolate chip cookie, the best part of his whole meal. Olivia sat beside him, finishing her own lunch, and watched as the little boy enjoyed himself. Moments like this, when it was just the two of them, were her favorite.

"Pay, mama, pay." Noah had shoved the last bit of his cookie into his mouth and was now talking through it, anxious to make his way to the play structure.

Olivia put away the empty containers and shoved the lunch bag back into the bottom of the stroller. "Okay, Noah, we can go play."

The little boy smiled in response and immediately got to his feet, walking as quickly as he could towards the play area.

It had been nearly three months since the adoption was finalized and Olivia could more officially call Noah her son. And nothing in her life had ever felt so meant to be; the bubbly, happy, babbling little boy was hers and was always meant to be hers. While, there were times when Liv thought of Ellie and what might have happened had she not be green lit, it saddened her a little that the woman would never get to be a part of her son's life, but Liv also knew that it would have been a tough situation and certainly not a great situation to bring up a child in. So, in a way she felt like she was helping Noah and Ellie, which was exactly what she had wanted to do in the end.

"Mama, side!" Noah screamed excitedly about the blue plastic slide, as he watched the other children go down at a rapid pace. The slide was always his favorite.

But before the brunette sergeant could help her son up the steps and down the slide, she heard a familiar voice calling her name.

"Liv!" It was none other than Rafael Barba himself, sporting an unusual pair of khaki shorts and a light pink polo. "Liv!"

"Seriously, Barba?" Olivia questioned him as he got closer. "You really have to find me on a Sunday?"

"It's so good to see you too." The DA smirked at her. "You team said I could probably find you here if you weren't at home."

"And what did you need to find me for?"

"Well I got some pictures delivered to me this afternoon that have a little something to do with our accusers activities." He was referring to their most recent victim at the sixteenth precinct, a former prostitute who was now accusing her ex-boyfriend of rape. It had been a sketchy case from the beginning, the last thing the team needed was something else to muddle the investigation.

"Just what I wanted today, how did you know?" The sarcasm dripped from Olivia's words.

"Oh, you know, I figure you can always use a good reason to ruin your day off."

Liv sighed. "If it's going to ruin my day, then I will be saving this for later." She gestured to the folder that Barba had handed her.

"Do whatever you please with it; I just wanted to make sure that it got into the correct hands." Barba chuckled.

"Mama, mama." Noah whined as he tugged on his mother's hand.

"Hola, Noah." Barba leaned down so he was at the same height as the boy.

Noah gave him a cheesy smile. "Barb!"

Olivia couldn't help but laugh at her son's reaction. Noah and Barba had obviously met before, but with Noah now doing his fair share of talking, they had yet to have a conversation. "I swear I didn't teach him that. The kid obviously hears me say your name a little too often."

"So funny." Barba rolled his eyes in a playful manner. "Well, you will be calling me later when you get a chance to look over those, but for now I'll let you two finish the rest of your afternoon."

The rest of that afternoon consisted of repeated trips down the slide and a long time on the swing filled with many giggles. With a stop for ice cream after leaving the park, the pair made their way back to the apartment.

A cluttering of bright colored, plastic toys covered the living room floor, seeming to swallow it in toddler entertainment. Everywhere the mom tried to step she ran into another block or stuffed animal or bouncy ball.

"Noah is it fun for you to make everything a mess?" Liv questioned her son later that evening, while they sat in the apartment.

The dark haired, big eyed little boy laughed at his mama, like he knew that no matter what he did, he was too cute for her to stay mad at. No matter what anyone said, children were a lot wiser than they were given credit for and Noah certainly wasn't any acceptation.

"Oh you think that's funny, do you? Do you?" Olivia asked the question as she scooped the little boy up from his spot on the floor surrounded by toys and set him down on the couch, tickling him until his giggles filled the apartment with joy.

"Mama!" Noah squealed with excitement.

Every time he called her mama, she felt a small tug at her heart. Even after hearing it over and over again, she couldn't help but smile when she heard the word leave her son's mouth. After waiting so long to become a mother, Olivia didn't take a single moment with Noah for granted and every one they spent together was a memory she would cherish.

Hours seemed like minutes to the mother and son pair, especially when there were only so many hours that were shared with just the two of them. Before even realizing it the day was dwindling away and dinner needed to be made and baths had.

"How about mama makes us some dinner and then we can have a nice long bath?" Liv found herself constantly talking to Noah now that at nearly two years old he was starting to answer back.

"Foo mama." Although many of Noah's responses weren't quite full words or always understandable.

An hour later dinner had been made, eaten, and cleaned up. Spaghetti had been the meal of choice, as Noah was a fan of the noodles that were easy to pick up with his fingers since he hadn't quite mastered the using of a fork or spoon yet.

Bath time had followed as normal and Liv watched as Noah splashed around in the warm water, more toys had made their way into the bath to be played with. It was the most normal aspect of every day, but Olivia always found herself looking forward to it, something about the minutes spent in the small, warm space, watching her son entertain himself made her feel like a mom.

"Alright, buddy, let's get you in your pj's." The two had made their way back into Noah's room and were sitting on the floor.

Olivia rubbed baby lotion on Noah as he squirmed under her touch. She finished with a fresh diaper and the dinosaur pajamas Noah loved so much. He was all ready for bed, but first it was time for his book of the night. Liv would read Noah at least one book every night before putting him to bed, it was just one of those things she had always wished to do with her own mother and since it had never happened for her, she made sure it happened for Noah.

As soon as Olivia sat down with Noah in her lap, though, she was interrupted by a knock on the apartment door.

"Now, who could that be Noah?" Liv's first thought was Barba again with another reason to ruin their case.

But when Olivia made her way to the door only a moment later, Noah settled on her hip, the person on the other side of the door was certainly not Barba.

"Can I help you?" Liv asked the tall, burly man that now stood in front of her doorway.

But instead of getting a response in words, the man said nothing and rather he reached for his waist, pulling from its holster, a gun.

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