The O.C.W. Presents



Written as a Mini Series by

Jack Buchanan

Based on the Manga, Anime & Characters

Created by

Rumiko Takahashi



We see a darkened sky; the clouds are of a fiery smoke. Its fumigated, as dark rumbles of thunder and red strikes of lightning fill the sky. This is a dark place, only guarded by a wall of mountains untouched by what lies in the smoke filled sky.


It is here we see the open lands behind the walled mountains. We are not where we were in the Feudal Era, but to the western continent.

The plains are nothing but gravel, and volcanic ash. Rocks and chiseled cliffs are the canopy of these lands, as pieces of mechanical engineering, metal and wheels fill the spaces. Torches and hot fires lighten the darkness and scurried foul creatures guard the plains, armed with rusted but sharp blades. But these critters are not the only living beasts that patrol the lands, hundreds of deformed, disgusting demons lay dormant on land and in the air.


While darkened mountains are erupting in flames and keep watch over these parts, a large mountain at the center of it all, holds the fortress tower of those who rule. It is made from rusted metal, blades and spikes guard its shell. Bones and old wood supply it with dungeons and contraptions. While the top tower oversees all matter across the lands, its centerpiece is that of a Human skull, carved from the rock and stone of the mountain side. Its jaw creates a drawbridge and displaced teeth create its gate, human and demon rib cages fill in the gaps. Surrounding this fortress are not critters, but beings that are not of the living.


We enter what appears to be the Throne Room of this fortress, where nothing but red flags, weapons and a great chair holds the ruler.

We see sitting on the throne is a sight not one would want happen. Naraku, now sitting upon it. His white baboon robes are replaced by his once true form. His black hair seeps through the throne and his body is layered by red and black robes, along with dark purple armor on his chest, spikes stick out from the shoulder pads. He sits quietly, almost meditating.

Entering the Throne Room is a scout Goblorc, one of the guarding soldiers of these darkened lands. He scuttles towards Naraku, almost afraid. He has come to report to his master.

"What word from your battalion? Did they fulfill their task?" Naraku asks with an evil grin. His presence is unsettling.

The commanding Goblorc stutters to speak. "They we're…unable to kill the Chosen Warrior my lord. They…were outnumbered by two…mere mortals and…a half demon. The mountain we…had submitted with your position…was purified."

"I don't want excuses." Naraku hisses. He then turns to himself. "So InuYasha and Eldor purified my stronghold within the mountain. How unfortunate."

With no time…GASH! One of Naraku's demon tentacles turn into a sharpened spike, piercing the Goborc though the stomach, blackened blood spills to the floor. The Goborc screeches in pain, as more blood coughs from his hideous mouth, until finally, the spike slashes upwards, cutting the creature down the middle.

The spiked piece returns to Naraku's body. The monster on the throne shows no emotion.

"My warriors are not one for you to toy with." A dark voice hisses from within the shadow halls. The voice enters revealing a tall built figure, plated in led amour, sharp and filled with spikes. His face is covered by a black hood, his cape as long as the tall banners that lay shredded in the halls of the room. His amour clanks as he walks in.

"He was a useless runt to begin with." Naraku smiles. "His mother nothing more than that of a queen bee, only used for breeding insufficient bastared children."

"Every one of these warriors will be at my command once the army has reached full completion." The tall armored figure said.

"You mean my army, Sarvon." Naraku turns disruptively. "You forget that it was your master who gave me rule here, not you, who failed at conquest 60 years ago. You are lesser of a failure now than you we're back then. As long as I rule here, you will obey my commands."

Sarvon grunts with rage. "HOW DARE YOU INSULT ME! I am the master's greatest warrior and high command! I will not be bullied by some Eastern filth that calls himself a lord! Without the Sacred Jewel you once held, you are nothing! You are mortal, and I can kill you if I wish!"

Naraku, not one to unveil his temper, snaps, striking a part of his body towards Sarvon, knocking the tall dark warrior to his knees.

"Do not tell me of what power I do not wield!" Naraku shouts, his body turning into a foul accession of demon arms, tentacles and legs. "I've seen the master's powers! He will make me more than the sacred jewel ever could! And in return, you will be crawling on all fours like a dog!

With those words, Sarvon attacks! His power rises, body lightens with a darkened red, eyes glow the same. He unsheathes his sword, ready to take on Naraku. Naraku as well, his powers unleash his purple colored barrier. The halls of the room shake, cracks begin to form on the walls. The aura between both is strong enough to have the fortress rock violently, as Goblorcs and those guarding begin to panic.

As both unleash a violent rage of power, another appears, this time larger. Out from the center of it all is a powerful force glowing a hellish blood red. It is the same that brought Naraku to this world. Its roar is fierce, sending the two rivals flying, pushing their bodies with brute force smashing into the walls; both choke from its strength and wave upon wave of energy shoots on them, shocking their bodies with an electrifying heat.

In its monstrous tongue, like that of a large reptile crossed with a wild boar, the rage of power speaks. The words are darkened with cursed speech.

"None shall rule! You both belong to me a thousand fold! Fulfil your allegiances! Attack the kingdom of Crownsheild and destroy The Chosen Warrior! Darkness will rule once again! War has come!"

With a burst of dark light, the voice vanishes, dropping both servants of this terrible evil to the ground. Both are gasping for air and struggle to rise from such a blow. Everything is silent…

…then from the gates of the great halls, another Goblorc guardsman, enters with urgency.

"Masters! Masters! There has been a prison riot in the dungeons! Some Crownsheild rats are trying to escape!"

Both rivals look at each other. Naraku nods at Sarvon, giving the command. Sarvon races to the gates of the halls, ordering commands.

"Double the guards around the castle! Make sure they do not escape! Hunt to kill!" He slithers at the Goblorc commander.


Within the Corridors of the darkened castle, 4 imprisoned men, all in rags from there past cloths, march along, guarded by 6 Goborcs, they are being taken to the lower dungeons halls for torture and interrogation.

The group reaches an intersection where a dozen escaped elves, armed with only a few rusted spears and swords suddenly swarm in! They attack the Goblorc guards with stealth tactics, slitting their throats and stabbing them from behind.

The escorted prisoners then seize the slain guard's weapons from them. The commanding elf in charge of the organized riot team turns to his second command. There elvish words are hard to understand, but one of the prisoners, a man with shagged black hair and beard, understands them.

"Well done." The elf speaks with tongue. "Head to the watch towers, keep the rats quiet. Move."

As the commanding elf's guards quickly head off, he begins to undo the prisoned men's binding.

"What do you think you're doing?" The lead man asks.

"You're getting out of here." The elf replies. The man cannot believe his ears.

"I thought your race had abandoned all hope." He says as the elf unbinds him.

"Not all of us, my friend." The elf replies. "There is still hope for our people to unite once more. Rumor has begun to spread of the return of The Chosen Warrior."

The man is shocked. "He's returned?" he asks.

"No one knows for sure. Scouted Goblorcs had been saying of a group of 10 entering the western realms, not two days ago."

The elf then gives him and his 3 men a pick of weapons.

"Our spies have found glimpse of The Deceiver's plan. His demon forces, along with an new army of Goblorcs move in to attack the kingdom of Crownsheild in less than 7 sun risings." The elf continues. "Tasaku Higurashi, you are the Chosen Warrior's greatest companion and friend. If he has indeed return, you must warn him and prepare those who are willing to fight for the battles ahead."

Tasaku nods, knowing of what he must do.


The group of five move though the quiet corridors, being sure not to be spotted by nearby guards.

"There's one chance to get out." The elf explains with urgency. "At the East Gate, a few of my men have it on guard, but not for long. Get there as fast as you can, I've arranged for a few broken out horses to get you to Crownsheild."

"What about you and your men?" Tasaku asks. "Aren't you gonna make a try for it?"

The elf turns to him, a determination on his face. "This whole plan was to get you out. We'll be willing to die to defend our home, whatever it takes."

"Your sacrifices will not be forgotten this day or the next, Lord Landuin." Tasaku says, trying to fight emotion.

Suddenly, the sound of Goblorc screams can be heard from a distance of the corridors. Landuin pushes them forward.

"GO! NOW! I'll handle these witless worms!" He says urgently. The group runs, heading towards the cliffted walls of the mountain. Tasaku takes a final glance at the elf that saved his life, then runs off with the others. Landuin is left to face the upcoming forces alone.


Tasaku and his men run down the fortress cliff walls, keeping out of sight from above and below guards. The eastern gate is only a distance away.

They work their way downwards, when suddenly they spot a Goblorc rushing towards them, screeching wildly.

Tasaku turns to the charging freak, striking him down with his rusted sword. The cry of the creature sends word to all above and below guards, all then head towards the fleeing escapers. Below, Goblorc archers fire a flock of arrows towards them, barley missing them.

As they flee, an arrow hits one of the men in the back, sending him to the ground. The others turn to see him cry in pain.

"Run you fools!" The fallen man shouts, coughing blood. The others turn back and continue running to the gate.


A flight of stairs are seen as Tasaku and the other two men race for the Eastern Gate, overlooking the exit to the long ways ahead forest.

Just as they arrive, the escaped elf group that Laduin promised spot the fleeing group. The commander gives the order to open the gate, in which two others turn the wheeled gears, giving a crack open of the gates. Behind the gate, in the outside world, are three horses, grazing the dry grass.

In wild anguish, a large group of Goblorcs howl at the escaping prisoners. The chase them and starts firing arrows at them.

"Oh no! Tasaku, they're behind you!" the second man alarms, then intercepting an arrow for Tasaku. Tasaku turns to see his prisoned friend fall. But there's no time to help him!

Another flock of arrows fire near the last two men. Everyone turns to see what a squad Goblorcs running toward them. The elf peeks out from the gates tower and fires a round of arrows at the charging beasts.

Two other elves start firing at the troops as Tasaku makes a break for the tower corner. Arrows continue to fly around the two. Tasaku sticks his head out of the tower cornet and motions for the pair above to hand them weapons, but they barely notice. They seem possessed, transported, as all the frustration of captivity and anger of loss pour through their death-dealing weapons.

But after a few moments, they hand the two a set of bow and arrows to counter attack the Goblorcs. They're arrows cocked and they begin to fire as the Goblorcs race forward.

The two come round the corner and head for the gates to the other side. They glimpse the horses for a moment before they are bombarded with another flight of arrows. The group ducks into an alcove as Goblorcs arrive at the end of the gate. The elves above send a rain of arrows at the critters. Tasaku returns fire, hitting a Goblorc in the head.

Arriving on the battlefield is Sarvon, who is in complete rage.


Another round of arrows fire from the Goblorc archers, hitting one of the elves as he falls from the tower.

As all seem outnumbered, Landuin appears flying down the stairs, slashing many of Goblorcs.

Some Goblorcs shoot upon him, others simply try to attack, but are taken out in no time.

Other Goborcs pursue to attack the group by the gate, who are firing back at them.

The elf commader nods to the last two archers, who then jump down and dash outside.

Landuin attacks a battalion of Goblorcs attempting to reach the gate. He holds off the troops as the commander jumps off the tower, sword drawn and charges to aid his elven brother.

"Get to the horses quick!" Tasaku commands his fellow comrade. The man nods and runs off. The Goblocs continue to attack as Landuin and the commander race up to the gates, beheading many of the fifthly vermin. Landuin turn to Tasaku, who cannot leave the elves behind, after what they have done for him.

"Tasaku! Go!" Landuin shouts.

Tasaku nods, running out from the gate. As he flees, Landuin is then stuck, by a vast amount of arrows, hitting his body in full force. The commander turns to the fallen fighter, and in a rage of vengeance attacks the remaining Goblorcs. Sarvon suddenly intercepts and strikes the elf down brutally.

The four surviving prisoners lift themselves onto the three horses and ride off into the twilight sky plains, heading towards the near forest as Sarvon roars with rage, looking from upon the walls of the gates. Troops of Goblorcs fire after the fleeing riders and a battalion of troops take off in pursuit.