The sun rises over the fields of Crownsheild. It seems quiet for now, but a dark shadow approaches from afar. For Men and Elves are in their positions on the battlements of the great castle, all in hand with spear, axe and sword. The sounds of a marching army move ever so closer and closer.

The women and children in the shelters of the castle hear the sounds overhead and are frightened. Mothers draw their children close and try to sooth crying babies. Fear lies dormant on their faces, but the bravery of those on the wall keep them protected, for now.

The men and Elves look out into the darkness, lit by the thousands of torches carried by the huge advancing army. They come by the tens of thousands, all spawning from some form of evil. Goblorcs, demons, monsters, trolls and soldiers of the undead. The light from their torches bouncing off their armour and weapons. Teeth sharp, claws raised. They are out for a bloodbath.

With a row of Elf archers, Kagome is standing beside Thrandeer & his father Deertheon behind the walls of the castle, her bow in hand and the armour of a skilled warrior that was to come before her. InuYasha approaches and stands beside them. He puts his hand on Kagome's shoulder.

"You gonna be okay here?" He asks his love.

"I've got some pretty good cover fire." Kagome smiles with intimidation. She hates fighting, but the only person she cares to kill is Naraku. InuYasha smirks. She's in good hands. Then the sound like that of thunder is heard and red lightning like flashes, revealing the sea of the approaching enemy. For it comes in the form of an evil powerful being in dead center of the crowd of monsters.

"Your friends will always be with you, InuYasha." Thrandeer nods with courage.

"Yeah, let's hope they last the morning." InuYasha barks.

The marching and thumping from the army grows louder and louder, as InuYasha takes leave towards the stairs. There he meets Eldor, who behind him are 50 horsemen, all shine with bright armour of brave and noble knights. For these are Eldors fighters, the finest elf warriors the kingdom has to offer. All are armed to the tea with long pikes, shields and each carry a sword by the side to protect them.

"We'll give you the signal when were clear for assistance." Eldor nods.

"You know, you could just let me go." InuYasha barks. "I can take them all myself."

"Brave words of pride do not equal victory, my friend." Eldor smiles.

"Just get going. You're only delaying your own deaths." The half demon shrugs.

Eldor then pats him on the back till attending to his Horse Percy, a loyal friend who has gone to battle with him several times. Gamlink fallows suit and gets onto the horse with some help from Perry, who is ready to fight upon the gate if the time comes. But who else is to join Eldor but Higurashi, dressed not in the hybrid form of that of a noble knight, but in the style of the legendary warriors of his world, the samurai. And with him there lays a katana, forged from the elves as a gift.

Kagome turns to see the horsemen preparing to leave, but her eyes glazed on her father. They hold each other's gaze for a moment before Higurashi turns to join Eldor. Kagome departs her attention back with the Elves in the direction of the approaching army. Eldor turns to attend to the elf warriors.

"Follow me! Yah!"

Gamlink tries to get his pony to move, but very little effort goes to the miniature horse.

"Forward." The battle hardened dwarf shouts. "I mean, charge forward! March forward!"

The pony finally moves off with Gamlink seated rather unsteadily.

The demonic aura of the approaching army grows larger, lights flash as the ground rains with the filthy feet of the demonic creatures. While the undead and many Goblorcs around him continues to march at the fortress, Sarvon leads as the military commander. He stands at over 12 feet tall, his armour spiked and dressed in a silver bronze.

"Open the gate!" Perry shouts. The large iron cage opens up, clanking loudly as it goes. Eldor and his men trout out from the castle walls. They all seem quite calm, as they form a line upon the walls of the castle. The Elves are in great formation, their pikes upwards, sharp as a excato knife.

But upon all who march in the dark shadows, only one seems calm and ready to spare no one. Naraku, whose red lightning aura comes from the blade he carries. He smirks with the sweet thought of slaughter and the licking lip taste of his enemies' blood. Surrounding him are the undead, 10 strong 15 foot tall demons and a few Symyosho.

Looking upon the army at hand ready to kill, Eldor gives commands to his men. While most of the western world is known to speak their own languages, Eldor gives his words of wisdom in Japanese, that of where his love once resigned.

"Karera ni yōsha shimasen! Anata wa dore o ukete wa naranai tame ni! Anata wa Erufu no ōkoku no saikō rankudearu tame ni wa, heiwa ya shi ga arimasu! Bakkuon ni shinaide kudasai! Hikikaesu koto wa arimasen!"

(Show them no mercy! For you shall receive none! For you are the highest ranks of the Elven kingdom, it is peace or death! Do not turn back! Never turn back!)

Naraku raises to the sight of the horseman. But he is cold, showing no emotion, but a sense of menace and hate in his eyes, he turns to Saurvon.

"I have no interest in prisoners. Kill them all, but leave me the half demon and the girl upon the wall."

Saurvon raises his mighty sword and mace and commands his army to stop with a terrifying animalic cry. All menacing creatures stop and growl in anticipation of the upcoming battle and slaughter.

As Kagome looks out from the great walls, she starts to tremble.

"Are you afraid Lady Kagome?" Deetheon asks turning to her.

"I've never seen so many." She says softly, turning to Deetheon.

"This will be nothing more than target practice." Deertheon replies snootingly. Kagome smiles, she knows she safe, but what of InuYasha and the others?

Sarvon nods to the commanding Goblorc leader, who cries out once with a fierce roar, encouraging the demons and monsters to start roaring and thumping there spears and armour furiously. The sound of the horrendous beasts would make any mans ears bleed.

Within the castle, the women and children huddle together in fear, the sound of the demons is like that of a thundering tornado.

Eldor draws his sword, the blade sharpened to perfection, it begs to be stained with the blood of fighting. The others stand their ground.

With a menacing nod from Naraku, the creatures bare their teeth and roar with anger and the army begins there march on the castle, their speed gaining with each step.

The battle has officially begun.

As the monsters charge forward, Eldor raises his sword, signaling the elves.

"Tangado halad!" Deerthon shouts. This signals all the elves and human archers upon the wall to notch their arrows into their bows and aim, Kagome does the same. The army charges faster.

"Leithio i philinn!" Deetheon commands. Then in a flash, arrows rain down upon the enemy below. The first wave are hit quick and painless, all dead to the ground. Kagome aims her arrow, ready to fire.

"Hit the mark!" she shouts, finally firing. The arrow then flashes a bright purple light and flies through a line of demons. All are amazed by the girls power.

Naraku seems pleased by this, staring down where the light was based in.

"Give them a little harder hit." He smirks to Sarvon. The tall dark knighted figure raises his mace.

"Send in the first wave!"

With that command a larger number of Goblorcs and Demons charge ahead. The Elves continue to fire upon the approaching enemy, killing many of them. InuYasha and the group still hold their ground. More and more arrows are released, but the creatures keep advancing, with more replacing those who have fallen.

Sango from the top of the castle gazes out onto the battlefield below. She sees many more enemy troopers coming towards the castle. They're coming in fast, kicking up the dust of the field as they go.

Kagome takes aim at another group of troops from a long distance. She fires and the creatures are vaporized by her sacred arrows. The elves upon the wall fallow suit and slay another line coming towards the wall. Eldor swings down his blade, commanding his troops on horseback to charge.


With his brave command, the ground fray gallop at great speed towards the enemy lines, both teams are destined to meet and kill each other. InuYasha runs at great speed, as Miroku, Perry, Higurashi and the others fallow suit. A line of demon troops launch spears towards InuYasha, who is first ahead of the group. He jumps outta the way, launching into the air and drawing the Tetsaigia. Its transformation into the golden glowing fan echoes through the field as he lands straight into the enemy line of defense, slicing through a large demon down the middle in half, then swinging his blade through 5 Goblorcs, green slimy blood goes off like a sprinkler.

The elves draw there blades in preparation for combat as they charge forward. The cavalry and enemy troops crash into each other head on and the battle officially begins! Eldor and his company hack away at the demons and monsters, some penetrate the flesh of evil, and others only irritate and fight. Miroku, a master at staff combat, is bombarded with creature upon creature, but holds his own in the battle.

Kagome and the others look out and see nothing but a bloodbath of sword and shield.

The battle is at close combat as Goblorcs and demons are locked in duels with the elves and men. In the midst of the fighting, InuYasha turns to find a demonic beast growling at him.

"Come on!" InuYasha grins. "Bring your ugly face to my Tetsaigia!"

His blade is stained with many of the blood he's killed so far, but the glow of gold still fills it with power. The beast charges, just as it leaps towards him, a sacred sutra from Miroku's hand strikes the beast's forehead. The beast bursts into blue flames.

"HEY!" The half demon barks. "That one was mine!"

Out of frustration, he swings his sword into the face of another demonic beast. The elves pluck there spears into many of creatures. Gamlink, Perry and Higurashi form a circle around themselves and fight off several troops. Higurashi is quite the fighters himself, his katana slices down many, leaving black and hellish blood dripping down his blade.

"How many are you on dwarf? I've got 10 and counting." Higurashi grins, cutting down another goblorc.

"You're outscoring me, friend." Gamlink proclaims. "I've only knocked down 4." The dwarf turns to see a demon bat like creature trotting toward him. He flips his tomahawk into his hand and throws it towards the bat creature. A massive headshot. The tomahawk is seen attached to a chain as Gamlink flings it back into his hands, as Perry beside him cuts down a goblorc.

Miroku knocks down three more troops, but they just keep coming. Eldor rides past then fighting a Goborc on a fierce beast. He stabs the rider in the chest. InuYasha barks loudly as he sends many demons flying with a swing of his sword. The elves take a defensive line of positions. They've been weathered, hardened and continue to fight. There spears have seen their last, now long curved swords are drawn. The battle ensues as they cut down several more goblorcs. But they seem unable to stop the advancing enemy that just keep coming.

The entire group now join in a full wall of defense as the monsters charge towards them. Another wave is approaching. InuYasha is growing impatient.

"Grrrrrr! I'm sick of this!" The half demon barks, he raises his sword, as his blade swirls with a golden wind. The enemy charges towards him. Finally he swings his sword.


A massive flash of light and electricity burn through the battle grounds, hitting the army dead on. Everyone hides from the brightness of the wave of energy. Everyone on the castle look upon the distance in awe and wonder of what just happened. Eldor himself on the battlefield is astonished by the power of InuYasha's sword.

"Amazing!" The warrior proclaims.

As the light and dust clears, a scar appears in the ground in the shape of claw marks and a massive gap in the enemy lines. 100 troops have been wiped out. Body part scattered on the ground. But it it clearly not enough to win the war, but still, all on both sides are speechless.

Thrandeer and Deertheon look on with Kagome.

"What was that?" Thrandeer asks.

"That was the Wind Scar." Kagome proclaims. "The true power of the Tetsaigia."

However, it is Deetheon who is more intrigue.

"That my son, is the power of the great phantom beast, from some 200 years ago."