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Chapter 13: Combat Test and the Puppet Brigade

Along with several other students, I stood up to follow our respective instructors outside the Academy building. After exiting the main building, Pakura vanished with only a small smoke cloud left behind.

Recognizing which Jutsu she used, I activated my own to rush to our meeting point. Several minutes later, I arrived at the Field 50's entrance and saw Pakura next to the public rest building.

She opened the door as both of us entered and sat down to begin our meeting in a comfortable environment. It was then she introduced herself and what we're going to do today.

"First off, my name is Pakura and I'll be your personal Jōnin instructor for the duration of your two yearlong apprenticeship. But before I start teaching you anything, you'll have to undergo a combat test for me to believe you're ready to be an official Genin."

Combat test? I tilted my head implying I required further clarification.

"You see Genji, this unit's purpose is mainly front line combat. There'll be other types of missions like infiltration, but it's mostly combat. You'll fight against me in field 50 at 6:00 AM so I can gauge your overall skill-set and figure out what to improve."

"Today's meeting is just a formality, so use your time wisely to gather any supplies and finish your preparations. You can go now."

Obeying her instructions, I left the building to see a quest immediately appear.

Major Quest Alert!

Pakura's Genin Test

Pakura wants to know your current abilities and skill-set. Use the rest of the day to prepare and plan for tomorrow's combat exam at Training Field 50 at 6:00 AM.

*You must fulfill four out of five objectives to receive the quest reward.*

**Bonus objectives can count towards the objective total.**


1: Land a clean hit.

2: Use five Jutsu.

3: Use Taijutsu, Genjutsu, and Ninjutsu.

4: Force Pakura to use the [Substitution Jutsu] three times.

5: Don't get knocked out.

Bonus Objectives




Quest Reward: 3,000 EXP per objective, 6,000 EXP per bonus objective, temporary title [Pakura's Apprentice], and increased relations with Pakura.

Quest Failure: 1,000 EXP, temporary title [Overrated Apprentice], and decreased relations with Pakura.

I have to fulfill four conditions? There's a lot of things I can do to increase my chances of success. So the first thing I did is to save my game as always before facing a tough challenge.

Pause. Save Data.

Do you want to overwrite '7th Birthday' with 'Formality Meeting with Pakura?


Save Data

Save File 1: 1st Day of Life Mid-Tutorial

Save File 2: Becoming 3.5 Years Old

Save File 3: Formality Meeting with Pakura


With a new rank, I need new clothes. After flickering to Yumi's Clothes for Everything, I asked Yusei for assistance.

He asked for my budget where I declared "Money isn't a concern. I want to see the best clothes you have on hand."

With Yusei's help, I found the clothes I was looking for. The set was called the [Mysterious Puppeteer's Series] and I showed interest in them because of the INT bonuses.

Seeing my interest piqued, he encouraged me to try them on and I did. I tried on the clothes with my Genin flak jacket in between the inner and outer robes, so my enemies won't think I'm wearing a combat vest.

Mysterious Puppeteer's Cowl - Rank: Superior

-A royal purple shinobi cowl made of cotton which protects the wearer's lower face, head, and neck from the desert elements such as the heat, cold, sand, and dust. The shemagh portion covering the face is removable allowing the wearer to eat.

+Durability: 100, +5 DEF, and +4 INT.

Mysterious Puppeteer's Combat Trousers with Sash - Rank: Superior

-Dark purple pants made of cotton which stop at the calves and has several large pockets to store things in. It also comes with a crimson cotton sash which can be used as a make-shift belt or tie the inner robes together.

Durability: 100, +5 DEF, and +3 INT.

Mysterious Puppeteer's Robes - Rank: Superior

-Two loose long-sleeved and full length robes made of cotton which serves as good protection from daytime heat and cold nights. The outer robe is a royal purple color, while the inner robe is a light sandy brown. Both have straps on the inside to tie them together and count as only one item.

Durability: 100, +5 DEF, and +3 INT.


*Due to wearing the complete set of the Mysterious Puppeteer's Series, some bonus effects are applied to the wearer. These are only applied when wearing ALL of the set's pieces.*

Passive Aura Effect: Mysterious Puppeteer - People find you to be either mysterious or suspicious as it's very hard to identify you, while wearing this set.

+50% fluid movement of both living and inanimate puppets manipulated by your [Puppet Technique].

+30% extended range and control of [Chakra Threads].

+25% bonus to [Deception].

+5% Evasion.

Those bonus effects! Whelp, I know what I'm going to continue wearing from now on until I find something better. The robe's sleeves will be very useful to conceal the fact I'm withdrawing or depositing items in my inventory space.

Not to mention the two robes only count as one equipment item meaning I can wear both the robes and Genin Flak Vest for my upper body. In addition, I bought bigger shinobi sandals too, since I'm about to outgrow the one's I have. In total, I paid 2,000 Ryo for the clothes and shoes.

Before I left, I requested a special order to Yusei if he could make more clothes of the same quality and design as this particular design, except in several different colors. He agreed for 35,000 Ryo and that it'll take at least a month to gather the materials and finish, so I paid him upfront.

The colors I chose are the seven colors of the rainbow, white, black, and another two royal purple sets. I'll confuse my future enemies by dressing myself and puppets in cheerful colors as I spill their blood with my hands.

Concluding my business there, I traveled to the Shinobi Outfitters next to buy 20 smoke and flash bombs each for 2,000 Ryo. The shop isn't allowed to sell them to any civilians including students, unless you're a Genin.

By the time I arrived back home and entered the dining room, it was 11:00 AM.

"Welcome back Genji, you're just in time for lunch. How was your day?" She happily said while placing several plates on the table.

"It's pretty good. I'll be apprenticing under Pakura if I pass her test tomorrow." I replied and she noticed my new clothes.

"That's wonderful, do your best to make her proud. Are those new clothes you're wearing?"

"Yes mom, I needed to upgrade my wardrobe to befit my new ranking."

I then showed her the front, side, back, and what I looked like without the cowl on for her to see. Looking back at her, she gave me her seal of approval.

"That's wonderful, do your best to make her proud. As for your clothes, you do look good in them as it makes you very mysterious."

"Thanks mom." I replied and kept my cowl off to eat lunch. One may think why the heck I'm acting out of character and being all nice instead of quiet.

I may be power hungry and selfish, but it's no excuse to act like a rude asshole to my new mother. Her devotion to me is admirable, since most civilians dump their kids at the orphanage and forget about them.

Done eating lunch, I stood on top of a stepping stool to wash the dishes and explained about my early morning test. She frowned at the time and said she'll make a breakfast meal tonight in which I can pick it up from the fridge tomorrow.

Inside my room, I examined all my current skills and inventory to brainstorm several methods to hopefully achieve all objectives. I didn't bother planning for the hidden ones, since my main priority is passing the mission.

I tried remembering any skills Han Jee-han created which might be useful for my situation, but the only one I remembered was his Energy Bolt. In fact, can I replicate it using pure Chakra instead?

Let's try doing it. Not in here of course, but in an Empty ID. Wouldn't want to explain to mother why I was stupidly experimenting with an unknown Jutsu inside my bedroom.

Once I'm ready to start, I pointed my right index finger at a wall and tried compressing Chakra at the tip. When I felt there was enough pressure built up, I tried ejecting it instead of streaming like a Chakra thread. The bolt launched from my fingertip giving my arm a slight recoil and impacted against the wall.


A skill has been created to launch a projectile made of Chakra.

Chakra Bolt (Active) Level: 1 EXP: 0.00%

-A skill that attacks by emitting Chakra from the fingertip as an energy projectile and aiming by pointing your index finger at your target. Damage is based on your INT + (INT X 10%).

+Flat Activation Cost: 250 CP per bolt.

+Current Range: 10 meters

That's great, but is there anything else? I tried remembering Pakura's information, an idea popped in mind.

After exiting the dungeon and heading downstairs, I alerted mother that I forgot to buy some supplies needed for my test. She thanked me for being a polite boy, instead of rushing out without telling her.

Going outside of the house, I searched for a hardware store to buy some string, leather, glue, two paintbrushes, and two cans of quick drying black and gray paint.

I eventually found all the items and paid 800 Ryo total for my troubles. Then I went straight back to home to implement this newfound idea and continued experimenting with my skills to see what works and what doesn't.

April 12: Tuesday

Early in the morning around 5:00 AM, I prepped myself and left the house by 5:10 AM with mother's breakfast dish in my inventory. It consisted of five superior ranked onigiri restoring 100 HP and CP each. Just one of many advantages of living with a parent specializing in the [Cooking] skill.

Minutes later at Field 50, I summoned some iron sand from the surrounding environment to prepare the battlefield to my advantage. Pakura never explicitly stated I couldn't come here ahead of time and cover the area with a layer of black sand along with several piles which will be my final plan.

Besides, Goro told me we're not honorable samurai and we're expected to cheat. To make sure I have a full CP bar to work with, I ate and meditated to recover all of the CP spent earlier.

At 6:00 AM sharp, I detected a presence behind me. Believing it's a threat, I settled into a combat stance only to see its Pakura.

Hero of the Hidden Sand

Level 170


"Good morning Genji, I see you're been busy. Before we start, let me explain the test's criteria again. This'll be a one on one fight and I want you to come at me with the intent to kill. Now don't think this means I'll stand around and not do anything because I will attack you." She explained, but I interrupted her.

"Kill? Not incapacitate?!" I blurted out and she nodded in agreement.

"The Kazekage has assigned me to be your teacher to prepare you for future enemies who'll hunt you specifically because you're a bloodline user. To do that, I need to see you go all out using all three shinobi arts and your creativity. Any questions before we begin?"

"Can I use anything at my disposal?" I asked just to make sure and Pakura paused in consideration before replying.

"Yes Genji, you can even use your bloodline limit if you decide to do so. But I recommend avoid using 'That' bloodline since we have some hidden observers watching this battle."

The moment she said observers, I tried sensing their presence but I couldn't detect them. Either they're outside my range or their stealth capabilities trump my detection skill.

"Spies?!" I questioned loudly and Pakura answered with slight distaste.

"In a way they are. They're going to watch us from a distance and probably report to the Suna Advisory Council."

"Wait a moment! Is this council the kind where they have more power than the Kazekage themselves?" I shouted thinking I'm stuck in one those fanfictions with stupid civilians, but Pakura shook her head in denial and explained to me the council's purpose.

"Don't be silly Genji, the Kazekage himself makes the final decision. The only time the council makes the final decision is if the Kazekage in power is incapacitated like a coma, missing, or dead."

"Then who's on the council then?" I inquired and Pakura continued to correct my misconceptions.

"In case you didn't know, the council is made of 12 accomplished Jōnin who assist the Kazekage in maintaining the village. I'm not a member myself, since I prefer fieldwork rather than sitting behind a desk doing paperwork."

"Thank you for clearing away my misconceptions." Phew! More like thank R.O.B I'm not in one of those alternate universes.

"Any other questions before we start?"

Shaking my head, Pakura's posture went from relaxed to battle ready. She then began the battle with her next words.

"Then let's begin!"

I expected her to sprint at me, but Pakura stood there alert and waiting for me to make the first move. Knowing this test is about my skills, I had to initiate the first move.

With an activation of Chakra Reinforcement pumping my body for additional AGI, I started the battle with several jabs all over her body to see her reaction. In response to my probing attacks, she simply diverted them with a simple push with her hands.

Eight jabs later and Pakura started to block my hits with her palms instead of deflecting them. This change of tactic practically screamed "CHANCE" in my mind and I simply had to take advantage of it.

After retracting another left handed jab, I threw a right handed straight empowered with [Power Strike]. Just as I expected she blocked it with her right palm to see how much power a straight punch will do.

CRITICAL! -419.59 HP!

The sudden power increase took her by surprise if the loud exclamation of "What" didn't tip me off. Due to being taken off guard with her right arm flung up into the air because of my strike's unexpected force, it left her right side open for a direct attack.

Before she could move her guard back in place, I rushed in to deliver a left handed liver blow. Her face grimaced in pain upon my fist making contact, but she exploded into smoke. A delayed seal-less substitution?

Checking Pakura's supposed remains, she switched places with a boulder. Where the hell did she get that at?

"Not bad!" From behind, I heard Pakura comment out loud and waiting for me to continue fighting.

So I obliged and continued using Taijutsu with a variety of punches, kicks, and strikes. Unlike last time, she struck back by parrying my hits and lightly hitting me back.

-410.6 HP! -412.2 HP! -410.6 HP!

After receiving a third hit, I separated from Pakura to take a small breather and some time to think. Soon, I thought of another strategy and I got back in the fight.

Throwing more jabs and punches, I waited for her to deflect one of my hits. When she finally redirected one of my strikes, I activated my Chakra threads from the fingertips and connected them to the hand Pakura used to parry.

Then I used five more threads for a total of ten strings to restrain her hand. With all my threads connected to her, I yanked them to me to forcefully drag Pakura to my position.

To my detriment, she pulled out a kunai and cut the threads to sever the connection. Seeing my tactic fail, I withdrew a kunai from my leg holster and connected a Chakra thread from my right index finger to the handle before throwing it at Pakura.

She easily evaded my weapon and two seconds after it passed her, I twitched my finger to yank the thrown kunai back towards her backside like a yo-yo. Unfortunately, the kunai missed my teacher by five feet and both of us stared at my weapon.

"Was that supposed to hit me from behind?" Pakura broke the silence with a deadpan question.

I made another thread to connect to my kunai and retracted the weapon back into my possession.

"Well, I only came up with yesterday. So I didn't have a lot of time to perfect it." I defended my earlier action and deposited the kunai within my sleeves.

"Your idea would've been better if you actually suppressed your thread to be invisible."

Guh! She's right, but my skill level isn't high enough for me to suppress them anyways.

Whelp! What should I use next? Ninjutsu or Genjutsu? Hmm, why not do both?

Gathering some iron sand around us, I focused the sand in the sky above Pakura's position and went through the hand seals required to use the Jutsu. In my mind, I yelled out 'Iron Sand: Nail Hell'!

-825 CP!

Once activated, nails rained down from the sky all over the battlefield. None of them hit Pakura on their downward journey, but most of them surrounded her in randomized spots forcing her to watch her step.

Before time runs out on my technique, I advanced forward while trying to place a small Genjutsu with eye contact. Once it takes hold, I'll maintain the connection via Chakra pulses.

The illusion will make her brain think the sharp impediments are still around her and stepping on them results in immense pain. I know how to simulate that specific kind of pain ever since I experienced it firsthand back in my previous life.

-300 CP!

Re-engaging in close combat, I made sure to avoid stepping on my own traps thanks to [Iron Metal Detector]. Her attention seemed split between me and the nails around us.

Soon six seconds expired and my nails reverted into clumps. My illusions seems to be working until Pakura suddenly disregarded them and struck me with a kick to my stomach.

-412.2 HP!

"But how?!" I exclaimed and Pakura revealed the answer.

"Your idea is pretty sound Genji, but your illusion was a bit rushed. It seems you're not used to running and using Genjutsu at the same time."

Well shit. Reaching into my sleeve, I pulled out my modified bone sword. All because I wanted to see how far I can go against a blade master with my self-taught swordplay.

To deceive my opponent, I modified my bone weapon by attaching a makeshift leather grip on the handle and painting it to look like a real sword. In hindsight, I should probably buy a real metal sword the next time I go shopping.

In response, Pakura pulled out a kunai from her hip pouch though she seems confused by my weapon's crude appearance. At least the observers watching us will think it's a shoddily crafted sword and not actually a bone weapon.

Then the two of us engaged in a match of swordplay. I'd thrust, slash, and hack in a randomized pattern, while blocking Pakura's kunai slashes.

Five minutes later, the only things established during our sword fight is my sword skills and stats are lacking compared to Pakura's. Feeling the battle isn't going anywhere, I leaped back to create some distance.

Depositing my weapon back into my sleeve inventory, I pulled out mother's onigiri and started eating them. While I continued eating, Pakura stared at me with incredulity.

"What exactly are you doing Genji?" Pakura said while trying to figure out what I'm doing.

+100 HP & CP!

"I am eating onigiri to recover my health and Chakra." I replied stating the obvious.

+100 HP & CP!





+100 HP & CP!




A skill has been created which makes people doubt your mental state.

Fool's Act (Passive) Level: 1 EXP: 0.00%

-A skill in which the user acts or speaks in a peculiar or bizarre manner making their opponent(s) doubt the user's mental state and causing them to be confused temporarily.

+.5% chance of confusing the target(s) for two seconds.

What the? Guess I can shelve my plan of acting like Tobi when killing bandits for now.

+100 HP & CP!

"I can see that Genji, but you're not an Akimichi. So why?"

+100 HP & CP!

Err, time to initiate Plan B. With the 'B' standing for Bullshit.

"I'm just a Shadow Clone created to distract you. The boss is currently sneaking from behind you as we speak." I said while pointing behind her.

"I'm sorry Genji. You may be a genius, but you're just a tad bit too young to use that particular Jutsu." Pakura shook her head at my failed attempt of deception.

"So much for that idea."

Well I'm facing a Jōnin after all, since they're trained to not fall for such trickery. Unless they're a background mook or some fodder trash. Since Plan B went down the toilet, it's time for Plan C.

Reaching into my sleeves, I withdrew a smoke bomb. Once in my hand, I threw it hard against the ground in-between us.


While the smoke obscured our location and eyesight, I have a skill to succeed. Using my metal detecting skill, I located the nearest kunai not on my person which happens to be what Pakura is holding right now.

Detecting her at my three O'clock, I chucked ten kunai simultaneously in that general direction. I heard several clanging noises and saw all my weapons laying by her feet when the smoke cleared.

Dammit! I was hoping that'll force her to use a Substitution, so onto the next plan.

Repeating my earlier actions, I threw down another smoke bomb and made an Iron Sand Clone giving it certain orders. Before the smoke dissipated, I gave the clone several kunai and transformed as well.

"Another diversion? What are you going to do this time Genji?" Pakura said after noticing my clone just standing around unresponsive and holding ten kunai.

In response to her question, my clone sloppily threw the kunai at her. It's to be expected since it has only 7% of the caster's stats, meaning 7% of my current DEX.

All the thrown kunai sailed through the air in an arc-like trajectory and embedded themselves against the ground all around her feet.

"That's it?" She said unimpressed and continued to stare at the silent clone.

Right when her attention shifted back to my clone, I undid my transformation as a kunai and instantly attacked with a Chakra Bolt. Surprised by my tactic, she attempted to get away but the bolt impacted against her lower left leg.

-350.14 HP!

Pakura grimaced in pain and hastily replaced herself with another boulder, but at least I landed a clean hit. Now I just have to force her to use a Substitution one more time.

Throwing down another smoke bomb, I threw another kunai at Pakura. Once I heard a clanging noise and as soon as I saw the kunai within my vision, I switched places with it. She wasn't surprised by my tactic and punished me for it.

-415 HP!

Ouch! Since this plan didn't work, I'll have to rely on my final plan relying on the piles of iron sand around us. My right hand went into my left sleeve and I pulled out my small battle fan.

With my fan in hand, I fought in close quarters combat again trying to lure her to stand near certain spots. Eventually, her backside was facing one of these spots and my trap card activated.

While she's distracted by my frontal fan attacks, an iron sand clone emerged from the pile of black sand behind her. The clone's hands reached outwards and restrained her ankles. Then it continued to encase her entire body with only her face exposed to the world.

"Kill me." Pakura said once bound by my clone. I would've done so immediately, but something reeked of suspicion and it's not me.

A quick [Observe] on Pakura revealed I encased a shadow clone. A shadow clone?! Since when and how does she know that Jutsu?

Did she switch places when I switched with the kunai? Or maybe earlier than that?

Checking the quest objectives, Pakura she didn't use a third substitution. This means she could've made a clone after I threw down my third smoke bomb.

Suddenly a countdown timer appeared on my HUD and Pakura's attack pattern shifted into total offense.



If I had to guess, I'd say I need to endure Pakura's attacks for 30 minutes without getting knocked out. She relentlessly slashed with her kunai along with some Taijutsu moves and I did my best to block or evade everything.

There's little to no time to think between her attacks, so I'm forced to react with my instincts. And with each minute that passes by, Pakura ramps up her DEX and AGI by a small increment.

Occasionally, I'd get nicked with a cut or receive a blow after every three attacks. Not feeling happy about the current flow of battle, I changed it by throwing a flash bomb between us.

Before the bomb impacted the ground, I closed my eyes and went through the hand seals for [Demonic Illusion: Hell Viewing Technique]. Once the blinding flash came, I sent my illusion to Pakura via a Chakra pulse.

The illusion took effect as Pakura became enraged. With her being momentarily vulnerable, I flickered right before her and unleashed a palm strike. However, she managed to dispel my Genjutsu due to recognizing the hand seals and quickly substituted with another boulder before impact.

Since I forced her to use a third substation, I'm guaranteed to receive [Pakura's Apprentice] title as my reward instead of the overrated version. So it doesn't matter if I get knocked out or not, but I'm going to try anyways for the extra EXP.



It's been more than a dozen minutes since I've forced her to use a third substitution. I've been relying on my 25%evasion, high HP regeneration, and food consumption to stay in the fight.

My tactics and passives annoyed Pakura a bit as I refused to be knocked out from her attacks. I should've been knocked out five minutes ago, but I'm cheating my ass off to succeed. Because if you're not cheating, then you're not trying.

Though the amount of hits I've received has taken its toll on my stamina. So I resorted to a backup stall tactic by surrounding myself in a large cocoon made of my [AISD] and additional iron sand just like Gaara.

With the short respite gained, I ate more food to restore my HP. I heard a loud explosion impacting against my cocoon, but it didn't penetrate my defensive technique.

Then my [Sense Danger] skill went off like a blaring alarm telling me there's something very deadly outside. Soon enough, I felt an intense heat slowly melting my iron sand defense.

Realizing its Pakura's Scorch Release, I hurriedly created a rear exit and escaped the searing heat. Once outside, I stepped around to see a flying red ball of death barely touching the cocoon. Observe!

Scorch Release Fireball


ANY physical contact with this fireball will boil the blood inside your body causing instantaneous death!

When Pakura saw she forced me outside the cocoon, she stopped using her bloodline and resumed her relentless attacks. This time with more ferocity and repeatedly targeting my stomach specifically.

-412 HP! -415 HP!

I only have to endure a few more minutes, but her strategy of decreasing my stamina is working due to the repeated body blows. If I keep receiving more, I'm going to collapse out of breath so I started using my iron sand to restrain her movements.



Grr! I need to draw out the time, but Pakura's high AGI outmatches the particle speed of my iron sand skills. When she charged at me again, I used [Pyschokinesis] on her feet to trip her up.

[Pyschokinesis]'s level has risen by 1!

Pakura fell forwards a bit before regaining her footing. Though she appears confused as to how I affected her shoes as there's no iron or anything metallic in them. And I showed her earlier my skill with Chakra threads isn't good enough to be suppressed to the point of invisibility.

Seeing some success, I spammed this tactic against her until I ran low on Chakra. It was then Pakura took off the kiddie gloves and blitzed my ass with repeated body blows.



After receiving several repeated hits to my stomach, I have no stamina left in the tank to continue battling. Due to this, my DEX and AGI significantly dropped putting me in a vulnerable state.

Pakura immediately noticed and took advantage of this opportunity. She concluded our battle by using her speed to get behind me and landed a very heavy chop on my neck to knock me out.

CRITICAL! -1,066.5 HP!

When I awoke five minutes later, I saw Pakura standing nearby. I know she took it easy on me in the beginning and started getting serious at the end, but now I know what kind of combat I'm expecting to face off against in the future.

"You did very well Genji. I'd say your overall skills in general are above a graduated Genin's level. What's notable about you is your stamina, physical endurance, and evasion." Pakura declared and continued showering me with praises.

"Your skills with a sword and fan both need more work. But that's probably due to the fact you've never clashed with another armed opponent who's better than you. Altogether, I accept you as my apprentice."

Major Quest Complete!


1: Land a clean hit. Achieved!

2: Use five Jutsu. Achieved!

3: Use Taijutsu, Genjutsu, and Ninjutsu. Achieved!

4: Force Pakura to use the [Substitution Jutsu] three times. Achieved!

5: Don't get knocked out. Failed!

Bonus Objectives

1: Force Pakura to use her Scorch Release. Achieved!

2: Show Pakura your creativity. Achieved!

3: Land five clean hits. Failed!

You've gained +24,000 EXP!

Pakura has accepted you as her apprentice!

Gained Title: Pakura's Apprentice

Effects: Grants +4 STR, +7 VIT, +3 WIS, +3 INT, +7 DEX, and +7 AGI permanently for each full month under Pakura's tutelage. +25% proficiency towards Bladed Weapons Mastery, general shinobi skills, and Fire & Wind affinity training.

I'm so happy I gained the quest reward, but what's with the abnormally high VIT, DEX, and AGI gains per month? I shivered at the thought her training regimen will make Goro's seem like heaven.


"Since the two of us will be spending a lot of time together, let's get to know each other with an introduction. I'll go first to set an example for you to follow." Pakura received my full attention and I listened to what she said next.

"As you've heard earlier, my name is Pakura. You may call me Pakura-sensei or sensei. I like shopping and spending time with my friends and family." Her cheerful mood about her likes became frosty from what I assumed is her dislikes.

"I dislike those who use others as disposable board game pieces and the philosophy of 'Fulfill the mission at all costs'." Then her chilly tone returned back to normal.

"I became a shinobi to protect the village my parents raised me in and the friends who live in it. My dream for the future is to live long enough to see my pupils like Maki and you become a fine shinobi."

"SHH! DON'T SAY THAT!" I shouted and thought 'Doesn't she know any better?'

"What's wrong Genji?" Pakura said after being startled a bit by my sudden outburst. I shook my head at her like she should know better and explained my reasoning.

"Saying something like that raises the death flag one usually reads from stories."

"Genji, we're shinobi and death is a common risk in our line of work. Most of us won't even live past the age of 50 let alone 40." Pakura sighed at my answer and I tried figuring out why I reacted like that.

It was then I recalled the future with Kabuto and his reanimated army. I shuddered at the thought of losing the war because of my new teacher running around killing off key members or Kabuto using his pieces strategically. Then again, the alliance could've sealed her but I don't remember if they did.

"No! I'll make sure you'll live long life. At least past the age of 50." I said as I stared into her eyes with my declaration.

"Anyways before I was interrupted, that's my dream. Now it's your turn Genji." She finished and waited for me to follow up.

Hmmm. Should I tell the truth or not? Eh, let's be honest since this is an apprenticeship.

But I will not reveal my gamer powers to anyone because that's just dumb. I only said I ate food to recover HP and CP earlier to screw with her and buy some thinking time.

Should I get caught, I'll say it's either a Jutsu only I can use or it's magic. Because if you can't dazzle them with your brilliance, then baffle them with your bullshit.

"Okay, my name is Genji and I like milk, desserts, food, money, and training my skills. I dislike naïve people and I became a shinobi to gain lots of money, and overwhelming power to survive future wars. Another factor for my choice of becoming a shinobi is the ability to take care of myself, my family, those I consider allies or friends, and Sunagakure."

"My dreams for the future? I have several of them, but I'll list the most notable ones. Live a very long life, learn Suna's unique specialties, seeing new places, becoming Suna's first ever God of Shinobi so nobody even gets the bright idea of double crossing me, and surviving any future wars."

So far from watching her expressions, she doesn't seemed surprised or shocked by my statements. Though she raised an eyebrow on how I kept mentioning my survival through future wars.

"You're certainly on your way to becoming powerful Genji. Some of your moves during our test would've incapacitated a Genin caliber enemy. Your overall abilities could've been better, but you're only seven years old."

Although Pakura praised me for my creative tactics, she's correct about my techniques. My Nail Hell only has a duration of six seconds and that's pathetic.

"Are there any shinobi divisions you have in mind to join or none at all?" Pakura asked and I was stumped on which group to join.

"Pakura-sensei! Can you please give me an overview of each division?" I replied wanting to know if she's talking about the ANBU or something else entirely.

"Okay Genji, here are the divisions of Suna's general forces you can join." She smiled at my enthusiasm and explained each division with enough details for me to make an informed decision.

"First is the Intelligence and Logistics Division if you can't handle killing people. It's where you mostly do secretary duties, deskwork, and paperwork such as handling mission requests, payment, bookkeeping, and or codebreaking."

"The Puppet Brigade is a place where you learn all about the design, building, weapons design, operating, and fighting with puppets. In addition, you'll learn how to improve your puppet technique, chakra control, and various applications of Chakra threads. Their main goal was to bring puppets to life to give Suna an edge in second war, but it resulted in failure."

"Next is the Fan Corps where you're taught how to manipulate air currents, wind elemental Jutsu, wind affinity training, and using battle fans of all sizes in combat. Then there's the Medic Corps where you'll grasp medical techniques, human anatomy, and information to heal injured people on and off the field."

"The final division is the Sealing Corps. In this group, you'll acquire knowledge learning various Fūinjutsu formulas and learn Suna's specialization of the Binding Cloth Technique." Pakura finished and awaited my answer.

All the divisions she mentioned sound good, except the first one.

"Pakura-sensei. What's the Binding Cloth Technique?"

"It's a technique where one can freely manipulate cloth in a variety of ways, but it's used mainly to immobilize your intended opponent by wrapping them tightly using a giant roll of cloth. They're wrapped up so tight that they move or use any techniques. It's versatile because one can write multiple seals on it and chain them one after another which can surprise an opponent if they're not expecting it."

"I thought Suna was all about fans and puppets?"

"Well, you're right it's one of the first things people usually think of. But there are other things too."

"Whenever you ask a foreign shinobi about Sunagakure, then the following is brought to mind: Desert, Puppets, Fans, Magnet Release, the One-Tailed Beast, and the Binding Cloth Technique. In fact, my previous pupil Maki specializes in the Binding Cloth Technique."

"Hold up! Why didn't you mention your Scorch Release Pakura-sensei? A fireball that mummifies your enemies with a touch by evaporating all the liquid in their body must be famous right?" I asked as I thought she's just being humble and not arrogant. Pakura grimaced a little from my detailed description of her ability before continuing her explanation.

"It is indeed famous Genji, but the Magnet Release gets more critical acclaim nationwide because of the 3rd Kazekage. He used his bloodline to great effect by decimating a couple of shinobi companies hailing from Iwa, Konoha, and Kiri shinobi."

"My bloodline only made me infamous in Iwagakure and Suna made me out as a hero for it. In the war, I was only deployed to battle mainly Iwa-nin and the occasional Konoha-nin. Does that answer your question?"

"Yes, thank you Pakura-sensei." Hmm, she didn't mention anything about battling any Kiri-nin. I'll have to ponder it later on as I have a higher priority to focus on.

Which division should I join? I did say I'll join the Puppet Brigade, Medic Corps, or Sealing Corps early, but now I'm not so sure. There's so many choices on the path to power and so little time.

"Is it possible to join more than one Pakura-sensei? Also, do I have to have a wind nature affinity to join the Fan Corps?"

Pakura paused for a moment to think before responding.

"I'm sorry, but it's not possible. Some divisions such as the Medic and Sealing Corps require you to spend a lot of time dedicated to their field. For example, you'll have to pass a medical exam testing your memory before you're allowed to even heal someone. For you second question, you don't need a wind affinity to join the Fan Corps. But it does make it easier to learn their techniques."

"Do I have to join the Sealing Corps to learn Fūinjutsu?"

"No, they teach Fūinjutsu in the brigade as well."

Hmm. I could spend one year in the Brigade before transferring to the Fan Corps for another year. After that, I'll join either the Sealing or Medic Corps. Only time will tell.

"I want to join the Puppet Brigade Pakura-sensei."

"Are there any other questions you have before I dismiss you?"

"Can you tell me what my elemental affinities are pretty please?"

I've been dying to know what it is after the shopkeeper kept refusing to sell me some Chakra paper due to not being at least a Genin. Now that I am a Genin, I reconsidered buying it. Because why should I pay for Chakra paper, when I can have my teacher give it to me for free?

"Hmm, I guess it's all right for you to know right now." Pakura reached into her hip pouch, pulled out a piece of paper, and handed it to me.

"This here is Chakra paper. By inputting your Chakra into it, the paper will react differently depending on what your Elemental Affinities are."

Following her instructions, I emitted my Chakra into the paper. The paper sliced into two pieces, with one side crumbling away and the other half barely crinkled.


You've finally discovered your elemental affinities.

Natural Wind Affinity (Passive) Level: 1 EXP: 0.00%

-A natural ability you were born with to manipulate and control Wind related techniques. It also represents your skill of Wind Nature Manipulation by molding and shaping neutral Chakra into Wind natured Chakra along with its unique properties.

+.5% decrease of wasted Chakra for Wind natured techniques.

+40% skill EXP and +3% bonus effects for Wind related techniques.

+5% particle speed and airborne control of Iron Sand.

Natural Earth Affinity (Passive) Level: 1 EXP: 0.00%

-A natural ability you were born with to manipulate and control Earth related techniques. It also represents your skill of Earth Nature Manipulation by molding and shaping neutral Chakra into Earth natured Chakra along with its unique properties.

+.5% decrease of wasted Chakra for Earth natured techniques.

+40% skill EXP and +3% bonus effects for Earth related techniques.

+5% bonus damage, defense, and density of Iron Sand.

Natural Lightning Affinity (Passive) Level: 1 EXP: 0.00%

-A natural ability you were born with to manipulate and control Lightning related techniques. It also represents your skill of Lightning Nature Manipulation by molding and shaping neutral Chakra into Lightning natured Chakra along with its unique properties.

+.5% decrease of wasted Chakra for Lightning natured techniques.

+20% skill EXP and +2% bonus effects for Lightning related techniques.

+2.5% acceleration, summoning, and compression speed of Iron Sand.

"As expected since your bloodline is the Magnet Release." Pakura concluded after seeing my results, while I'm confused as hell.

"Pakura-sensei, the Kazekage mentioned someone named Toroi who also has the Magnet Release."

"What country do we live in Genji and what's the affinity most people have here?" Pakura started off her explanation with a question and expected me to respond to them.

"Wind Country and the wind affinity."

"Where does Toroi live and the majority affinity they have in his country?"

"Lightning Country and the lightning affinity."

Oh! So that's why.

"I see you figured it out. I don't know the exact ratio their version, but I do know Toroi uses Chakra Flow to activate his version. Why else do you not hear of a Kumo-nin with Suna's version of the Magnet Release levitating large quantities of minerals?"

Maybe they're keeping it hush hush so they can secretly build up their military might and cash reserves?

"So the bloodline mutated?"

"Possibly. In my opinion, there's different variations of the Magnet Release out there that affect different properties of magnetism. Any more requests?"

"Can you teach me the Shadow Clone Jutsu? If not, then what do I have I have to do learn it?"

"Calm down Genji, I feel you're not ready for this technique yet. You'll be soon, but not now." Pakura motioned her hands down to calm my enthusiasm.

Quest Alert!

Learning the Shadow Clone Jutsu

Pakura feels you're not ready for this Jutsu, so fulfill her conditions to show you're ready.


Chakra Control Mastery Level: 50

Clone Jutsu Level: MAX

Iron Sand Clone Jutsu Level: 25

Quest Reward: Pakura will teach you the [Shadow Clone Jutsu].

Quest Failure: None

[Yes] or [No]?

Yes. I can't believe I have to max out that pathetic Jutsu! It's still a cheaper alternative than the one offered on the Auction. I could experiment on my own using the clone seal from my memory, but I'll trust and accept her judgement for now.

"I have just one question left. When and where did you learn it?"

"It was back then during the 3rd war. I interrogated several Iwa-nin for some information and one of them revealed all their secrets under duress. Anyways, you're dismissed. Meet me at the Wind Tower by 6:00 AM tomorrow." Pakura said and started to walk away.

"Huh? But it's only 8:40 AM and we have a lot of daylight to burn." I said surprised we're not going to do anything else.

"Not exactly. I have to report to the Kazekage, make arrangements with Brigade leader, and finalize your training schedule. See you tomorrow morning Genji."

Pakura disappeared from my sight and I tried to figure out what to do next. Well first, I need to know the current levels of those three skills needed to fulfill the objectives.

Show Chakra Control Mastery, Clone Jutsu, and Iron Sand Clone Jutsu.

Chakra Control Mastery Level: 32

Clone Jutsu Level: 60

Iron Sand Clone Jutsu Level: 4

Man, I have a lot of work to do. I'll just go home for now to tell mother the good news and practice those three there.

But first, I need to gather up all the iron sand and store it into my inventory. With my skill, I made several dozens of ten pound compacted cubes of sand and stuffed each one into my sleeve inventory.

Once finished with my self-appointed task with no black sand covering the training grounds, I flickered back home to see a Chūnin in front of my house talking to mother.

Village Tax Accountant

Level 70


A tax accountant? What the hell is this person doing here?!

Major Quest Alert!

Money, Money, Money!

The tax man of Suna has come knocking due to Emerald Valley Farm's suspiciously high profits.

Better think up a credible alibi that'll convince Mamoru.

Quest Reward: 1,000 EXP and an appeased tax man.

Quest Failure: 25% decreased relations with everyone as they'll think you're a thief.


"Welcome back Genji, Mamoru here was asking for you." Mother gestured at the man and he spoke up.

"Indeed I am miss, I want you to explain me something young man. Where'd you get the money to pay for expensive milk when it exceeds your Academy stipend hmm?!"

The man peered down at me, while I struggled to come up with an answer. Come on brain! What can I say to not fail this quest and ruin my reputation?!







"Gambling. I gambled with my stipend money to play Chō-Han."

"Gambling you say? Like you can earn more than 450,000 Ryo by gambling." Mamoru haughtily stated since it really is a ton of money.

Feeling pissed off being backed into a corner and that I couldn't say I gained it from hunting zombies, I argued by giving him a counteroffer.

"Yes I can and I'll prove it as well. You'll accompany me to a gambling den where you'll watch me turn 3,000 Ryo into 30,000 by the end of today. Legally without cheating of course, unless you're too much of a chicken to witness it in person."

[Speech]'s level has risen by 1!

"Brat, I'd like to see you try and fail to make a ton of money by gambling. You'll have to fess up the real reason to the Kazekage himself after I watch you fail."

Major Quest Alert!

Do you Feel Lucky, Genji?

You made a claim to Mamoru about turning 3,000 Ryo into 30,000 by the end of today. Go out there and make some money!

Time Limit: 11:30 PM tonight

Objective: Win 30,000 Ryo

Bonus Objective: Win 60,000 Ryo

Quest Reward: 1,000 EXP.

Bonus Reward: 2,500 EXP

Quest Failure: 50% decreased relations with everyone for being a thief and a liar. A talk with the Kazekage himself.

Whew! I gave him enough rope to make him believe I just hanged myself with my bold declaration. Now that he's willing to go along, I have to make sure I win the required money somehow.

"Don't worry mister, I'm just lucky. But I need to swap my current robes into my lucky clothes."

Not to mention saving my game again. Pause. Save Data.

Do you want to overwrite 'Formality Meeting with Pakura' with 'Gambling with Mamoru'?


Save Data

Save File 1: 1st Day of Life Mid-Tutorial

Save File 2: Becoming 3.5 Years Old

Save File 3: Gambling with Mamoru

Resume. Before I stepped in the house, mother pulled me aside to speak to me privately.

"Genji, you don't have to do this. You might lose all your money and end up bankrupt."

"I know mom, but I have to prove my point."

Your relations with your mother has decreased by 50!

Inside the house, I entered the bathroom and quickly swapped my current equipment via the character status screen with the Young Noble's garments. Why waste time putting clothes on and off, when you can do it in an instant?

Once I stepped outside the house, the reactions of both Mamoru and my mother varied to my Japanese Prince Ali knockoff. The tax man wondered how the hell I bought such expensive silk clothes, while mother shook her head in disapproval of my frivolous spending.

"Bye mom, I'll be back by sometime tonight. Let's go gambling mister Mamoru-san!"

After saying my goodbyes to mother, I traveled to a gambling parlor with Mamoru in tow. To ensure my increased chances of succeeding, I decided to do something that went against my current plans. I hate to do this, but the current situation demands it.

Pause. Character Status.

Are you sure you want to spend the following points?

+20 LUK

Current LUK: 116 136


While VIT is my dump stat, this event takes priority right now. It's a good thing I dumped all my bonus points in LUK because then I'd have to reveal my dungeon skill to the Kazekage.

Once the two of us went inside a gambling hall, I handed Mamoru 3,000 Ryo to gamble with so he doesn't get kicked out due to not doing anything.

It's 9:00 AM and I have plenty of time to get the money.

"Hey Mamoru-san, do you believe in magic?"

11:30 AM

It's been more than two hours so far and I've earned 12,000 Ryo, +3 LUK, and three levels of [Gambling] just from playing Chō-Han. Mamoru grumbled about how unfair my bullshit luck is due to mostly losing.

He's like a female version of Tsunade in how much he sucks at gambling. Though I had to take a small break to eat and do our bathroom business.

2:30 PM

After winning another 6,000 Ryo for a total of 18,000, the owner booted me out of his den.

"There's no way you're that damn fucking lucky guessing twenty outcomes in a row." He claimed and I had to accept his decision.

Mamoru accompanied me to another gambling parlor though he's starting to be swayed that I can earn my money by gambling.

5:30 PM

Initially I lost 8,000 Ryo, but gained it back along with 2,000 Ryo. My total is now 20,000 and need 10,000 Ryo more. Mamoru complained about losing all the money I've given him, thus I loaned him another 3,000.

The ungrateful bastard seems to enjoy gambling when he's not using his own money. Then again, I'd think it applies to everyone.

7:00 PM

The good news is I managed to reach my targeted goal and then some as my total winnings is now 38,000 Ryo along with +2 LUK and another two levels of [Gambling]. I could've continued until nearly midnight, but I didn't.

Standing up to leave, Mamoru followed me out. I even heard the other patron's grumbling as well on the way out.

"Thank God he's finally leaving!"

"Maybe my luck will turn around now the lucky bastard noble is gone."

"Well Genji, I guess I'll believe you for now. If you're really this damn lucky and done this every weekend for the past few years, then I can see how you raked in the money." Mamoru spoke when we're outside before leading into his next question.

"But there's one problem I have with this whole thing. How did you get in there if they don't allow minors to participate?"

Grr, this bastard is still trying to find a hole in my story. Fucking pest he may be, but I had plenty of time to think of an answer for any possible questions.

"The Transformation Jutsu obviously! Some Academy students were showing off their brand new skills in the courtyard by shouting out the hand seals and slowly performing each one needed to perform them."

I then transformed my face and voice into smug Aizen along with a demonstration of my 'noble' behavior by looking at him like he's a bug beneath my feet. My appearance and performance managed to sway his opinion into my favor.

"Yeah. Academy students tend to do that a lot."

Major Quest Complete!

You've gained 1,000 EXP!

Major Quest Complete!

You've gained 1,000 EXP!

You've convinced Mamoru with your gambling alibi.

He then gave back to me 500 Ryo which was what's left after I gave him a total 6,000 to play with earlier. I don't know if he sensed my growing anger about the missing 5,500 Ryo or I leaked some killing intent, but he tried placating me.

"Wait, don't be angry about the lost money. You gave it to me willingly." He said and I immediately rebuked it.

"I gave it to you so you wouldn't get kicked out for soliciting. Don't think I didn't see you enjoy gambling yourself when playing with other people's money. Goro-sensei taught me to be observant and not stupidly ignorant you know."

I made a point about his enthusiasm of actively gambling because he had a go big or go home playstyle. Mamoru felt like he couldn't give a rebuttal to my point and he gave up.

"Okay, okay! You got me. I'll make it up to you next time I swear!"

"Hmm, I guess I can find it my big big heart to forgive you of the debt you owe me. That is if you tell me about the tax rules about gambling winnings, income, deductions, and taxes in general?" I said the first part sarcastically, but gave him a way out if he told me what I wanted to know.

You gained +1 WIS for wisely making the accountant explain the tax system to you.

Hearing my question, Mamoru gave me a thorough explanation.

"While there's no lottery tax on your current winnings, it does count as income. So make sure you report each amount you win no matter how small it is. Whenever you go shopping to buy products, there's a small consumption tax applied on whatever you buy."

"The tax rate of Suna is a 7% annual flat rate of all income totaling above 250,000 Ryo. Those who earn under 250,000 do not have to report their taxes. It doesn't matter if you earn 250,000 or 20,000,000, you'll pay 7% of that number and it must be paid between February 16 and March 15."

"You can also earn 35,000 Ryo tax-free as a deduction for basic living expenses. The winnings you earned while you were still a student aren't taxable. But now that you're an adult thanks to the headband you wear, any winnings or mission rewards you earn counts as income and therefore is taxable. See ya!"

Mamoru left and I just stood there contemplating what he just said. If I heard him correctly, I wouldn't have been taxed if I remained a student.

Well isn't that wonderful? Just another drawback of graduating early. I appreciate the man is doing his job, but nobody likes it when they're the ones under intense scrutiny.

Flickering back home and entering the house, mother still had a frown on her face.

"I'm back! Look mom, I earned 38,000 Ryo today." I said and placed the money on the table.

"Genji, I don't like how you're earning money using such a risky method. Because the chance of you getting into debt reminds me of the time I was poor and couldn't afford to take care of you." Mother answered and I understood seeing it from her point of view.

"Don't worry mother, I passed Pakura-sensei's Genin test so I'll be doing missions really soon and I'll have a stable money source. That way, I'll save enough money to not rely on gambling and take care of you in the future." I said while staring at her seriously.

Your relations with your mother has increased by 10!

She smiled at my thoughtfulness and the two of us ate dinner. While she disapproved of gambling, she told me to limit my habit and to not solely rely on it for my income. It's okay as a hobby and side income, but don't make it an obsession.

Before heading upstairs into my room, I gave my mother a heads up on another 6:00 AM meeting with Pakura again. She told me she'll leave my breakfast in the fridge to pick up.

Now that I've taken care of the annoying tax man Mamoru, I can now focus on other things. Accessing the Abyss Auction, I browsed the site for some books.

Eventually I found and bought the beginner, intermediate, and advanced training books of all five elements including the ones for Yin and Yang Release for 320,100 Ryo.

Your purchase has been delivered and deposited straight into your inventory.

Thank you for your business!

I started reading the Beginner Fire and Water books first just to get their affinity skills. Following the instructions listed on the pages, I tried my best converting my Chakra into the nature of Fire.

Two hours later of practice and experimenting, I finally got the skill.


A skill has been created to show your proficiency of Fire natured Chakra.

Fire Affinity (Passive) Level: 1 EXP: 0.00%

-A skill showing your current ability to manipulate and control Fire related techniques. It also represents your proficiency of Fire Nature Manipulation by molding and shaping neutral Chakra into Fire natured Chakra along with its unique properties.

+.5% decrease of wasted Chakra for Fire natured techniques.

+1% bonus effects for Fire related techniques.

Then I spent another hour trying to change my Chakra into Water natured Chakra before getting the result I wanted.


A skill has been created to show your proficiency of Water natured Chakra.

Water Affinity (Passive) Level: 1 EXP: 0.00%

-A skill showing your current ability to manipulate and control Water related techniques. It also represents your proficiency of Water Nature Manipulation by molding and shaping neutral Chakra into Water natured Chakra along with its unique properties.

+.5% decrease of wasted Chakra for Water natured techniques.

+1% bonus effects for Water related techniques.

Man! Those two affinities were a pain in the ass to figure out. And I still have to learn the Yin and Yang Release as well. Better get to work on them too.


A skill has been created to show your proficiency in Yang Release.

Yang Release (Passive) Level: 1 EXP: 0.00%

-The physical energy aspect of Chakra that governs vitality and breathes life into form. This skill represents your proficiency of changing the physical ratio of Chakra in your techniques.

+.025% Physical Energy (PE) boost.

+.05% decrease of wasted Chakra used for non-elemental techniques.

+60% skill EXP and +3% bonus effects of Medical Ninjutsu or any Yang related techniques.


A skill has been created to show your proficiency in Yin Release.

Yin Release (Passive) Level: 1 EXP: 0.00%

-The spiritual energy aspect of Chakra that governs imagination and creates form out of nothingness. This skill represents your proficiency of changing the spiritual ratio of Chakra in your techniques.

+.025% Spiritual Energy (SE) boost.

+.05% decrease of wasted Chakra used for non-elemental techniques.

+40% skill EXP and +1.5% bonus effects of Genjutsu or any Yin related techniques.

You know, I can see the path to overpowered via maxing out both Yang and Yin releases. But with that out of the way, I can focus on training my natural affinities.

I've got two years of being Pakura's apprentice, so I should be leveling wind and fire as much as I can. So I practiced both Wind and Fire affinities all night long until 2:00 AM.

That's when I decided to take a short nap and sleep a bit. Despite not needing any sleep as a game character, I still do it because I tend to think of random crazy ideas when lying down.

April 13: Wednesday

Waking up at 5:00 AM again, another translucent screen appeared again.

Major System Update!

Both HP and CP Regen are now per minute instead of per five seconds.

[Chakra Control Mastery] has been reworked.

Hmm, this feels like a buff and a nerf at the same time. The per minute change makes sense because if I brought an enemy down to low HP, then they'll be A-Okay 10 to 20 minutes later.

But this also makes using any Dead Bone Pulse techniques a risky tactic and actually forces me to spend my Chakra more wisely. It could give me a major advantage since I can eat consumables to recover health and Chakra.

Checking my [Chakra Control Mastery], it now said it doesn't decrease the amount of wasted Chakra of flat costs or Elemental techniques. Meaning if I want to lower the amount of wasted Chakra spent for elemental techniques, I have to level up my affinities more.

Dismissing the window and getting ready for the day, I flickered to our meeting point and waited for Pakura. She eventually showed and greeted me nicely with a surprise.

"Good morning Genji. Ready to do some missions today?"

"Missions already?! I thought we're supposed to train?"

"You're correct, but today's a mission day according to our training schedule. I've taken the liberty of writing it down on a piece of paper for you. Here you go."

Grabbing the paper from her hand, I looked at my schedule and it's jam-packed of activities.

Genji's Training Schedule

All training sessions will be held at Training Field 40.

Sunday: Free day to relax and do whatever.

Monday: 6:00 AM - 3:00 PM Pakura's Session at and 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM Puppet Brigade

Tuesday: 6:00 AM - 3:00 PM Pakura's Session and 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM Puppet Brigade

Wednesday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM D-Ranked Missions with Pakura.

Thursday: 6:00 AM - 3:00 PM Pakura's Session and 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM Puppet Brigade

Friday: 6:00 AM - 3:00 PM Pakura's Session and 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM Puppet Brigade

Saturday: 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM Puppet Brigade

At least I have some free time on Sunday to spend with friends and family or practice my Jutsu. Shoving the paper in my inventory discretely, I asked her several questions.

"Where's Field 40 and why change the training location?"

"I'll show you where it is at the end of the day. We'll be training there because it's only accessible to those who are at least Genin ranked."

"Will I be able to choose the missions or you?" Pakura stood for moment in consideration of my question before answering.

"I'll allow it, since you'll be doing all the work and I'll be supervising to make sure you do the job correctly."

You sure about that or you don't want to break a nail doing grunt work? Good enough for me since these chores could help increase my skills.

Nodding in agreement to her proposal, both of us flickered to the Wind Tower and headed towards the missions desk on the first floor. Luckily we were first and have first pick of the missions.

Though the random Chūnin working behind the desk confused me.

"Pakura-sensei, I thought any missions are assigned by the Kazekage himself?"

"You're correct Genji, but he sometimes doesn't bother doing them and relies on a trustworthy Chūnin to do his duties in his stead."

"Team 11 present and ready for some D-rank missions. What do you have available?" Pakura asked the Chūnin manning the desk and he checked the mission records.

"There's three missions that need to be done right now. The first is shopping and delivering groceries for an elderly couple. The second is to find and capture the pet lizard of the Wind Daimyō's mistress. The final D-rank is babysitting a few children."

"The shopping mission!" I shouted before Pakura could get any funny ideas and because shopping won't take too long. Not to mention tracking and capturing a lizard is way too much of a hassle compared to a cat. For all I know, it could be a lizard from hell itself.

Major Quest Alert!

D-Rank: Shopping For the Elderly Couple

Buy everything on grocery list and ensure every item is at least average ranked in quality. Then deliver the foodstuffs to the couple's residence.

Quest Reward: 1,000 EXP, 5,000 Ryo, and increased relations with Pakura.

Quest Failure: Decreased relations with Pakura.

Bonus Reward: EXP is tripled if you complete the mission without using any effects of [Observe].

Taking the list and 700 Ryo needed to buy the groceries, I raised an eyebrow at the condition for the bonus reward. Though I understood what it's basically trying to teach me after a minute of thinking it over.

I can't be using [Observe] everywhere and on everything because it'll take out the fun and mystery of the mission or adventures ahead. Plus, I need to be able to judge things using my knowledge and instincts.

Not to mention there's simply no time to read information during an intense life and death battle requiring my full concentration.

It's like that protagonist of an anime exorcist series who's over-reliant on his special eyeball in the beginning. I forgot his name, but all I remember was the eye being used to see a hidden enemy amongst the people called Akuma.

Checking the list again, it was full of perishable foodstuffs. At the food market, I was paranoid of each fruit and vegetable I picked up and carefully inspected every one. If it felt even slightly weird or spoiled, I placed it back where I found it.

Pakura didn't help out in any way, since she stated earlier I'm going to do all the work. Though she was amused by my shopping antics of sniffing, tapping, feeling, fingering, and looking at each item.

The merchant didn't like how I was fingering all of his goods, but he allowed me to continue doing so. Probably because I have Pakura the hero standing behind me. At least she was nice enough to create three Shadow Clones to hold the excess grocery bags because I can only carry so many in public.

Paying 650 Ryo for all the groceries, I followed the directions listed to the elderly couple's residence. When I gave them the food and the 50 Ryo change, they thanked me for ensuring the food was safe to eat and signed the mission request with their signature.

Checking the time on my HUD, it currently listed 8:00 AM.

"You did great job for your first mission Genji. Ready for another one?" Pakura said on our way back to the Wind Tower.

"Yep! Can I stop by the stipend desk to pay off my Academy stipend debt first?" I requested so I don't have to worry about a looming debt over my head.


Back in the tower's first floor, I paid my debt of 84,000 Ryo fully at the orphan loan desk. The cashier was stumped I paid it off all at once instead of small installments, but accepted the cash.

Standing in line for another D-rank, our turn finally came to the mission's desk.

"Team 11 has completed the mission of shopping for the elderly. Here's the signed mission request." Pakura said to the receptionist and he told me to go to nearby Chūnin to receive my payment.

Quest Complete!

Some of the foodstuffs are good quality and the rest are average!

You've gained 3,000 EXP

You've gained 5,000 Ryo!

Your relations with Pakura has increased by 10!

"Pakura-sensei, I thought the requester usually pays the mission fee after the job is complete?"

"You're correct again Genji, but some civilians trust the village enough to pay ahead of time in cash or withdraw directly from their bank account."

"Thanks for clearing that up. Do you have any more D-ranks mister?" I asked hoping there's more jobs that aren't related to finding a missing pet.

The desk jockey was about to speak, when a random female Chūnin came rushing in.

"Sho-kun, an employee at Miyanaga's reported in sick. The owner needs a dishwasher right away for seven hours and she's willing to pay 20,000 Ryo directly from her account."

CHA-CHING! That much money simply for dishwashing?

"Sign me up mister for I'm a professional dishwasher!" I announced in a grand manner in which the Jōnin, Sho, scoffed at my professional remark.

He allowed me to take the mission anyway and listed directions to this restaurant. Apparently it happens at least three times a year and the owner pays a whole lot more Ryo than usual.

Major Quest Alert!

D-Rank: Doing the Dishes

Wash all the pots, pans, dishes, and utensils sparkling clean.

Quest Reward: 1,000 EXP, 20,000 Ryo, and increased relations with Pakura, Miyanaga's, and mother.

Quest Failure: Decreased relations with Pakura, Miyanaga's, and mother.

Bonus Reward: Impress the owner with your dish-washing skills for an additional 500 Ryo tip.

Confused by how doing this mission increases my relation with my mother, I put it on the backburner as both of us flickered to our destination. The location of this business is in the rich side of town where the affluent live and dine.

At the parlor's entrance, a chubby lady with a closed paper fan tapped her right foot impatiently awaiting our help.

"Oh how wonderful! You must be the help I so desperately need right now. I was expecting three Genin, but I'll do with what I've got. Please come this way to the kitchen."

The lady directed me to the kitchen and I understood why it included my mother.

"Hi mom, what're doing here and didn't you work at night?" I greeted mother who was wearing a chef's work uniform.

"Genji? This is where I work now. I also asked my employer to change my work hours from the night shift to the day shift, so I'll be with you at home in the evening." Mother smiled and continued mixing up some vegetables before frying them in a wok.

Ah, how sweet on her part. Instead of eating a cold refrigerated breakfast, I'll eat something freshly made in the morning.

"Oh hoh, this is your son Miya-san? I hope you know what you're doing because you'll have to do the work of three Genin." Miyanaga pointed at the sink where there was all sorts of things needing to be washed and I went to work immediately.

Several Hours Later, 3:25 PM

"Oh Genji, your dish-washing skills alone are better than the usual Genin who sometimes work here. I'm sorry for making you work overtime a little bit, so here's a tip from me to you and along with my signature for a job well done."

You've gained 500 Ryo for a job well done!

Your relations with Madame Miyanaga's Parlor has increased by 20!

Your relations with your mother has increased by 10!

Of course madame, you can thank my level 74 dishwashing skill for this job. Before Pakura left for the Wind Tower, I made another small request.

"Pakura-sensei, can we make a quick stop at the Academy so I can talk to someone for a brief moment?"

"I'll allow it, but make it quick."

Appearing at the Academy gates, I waited for Shira to leave and spotted him soon enough.

"Hey Shira over here! I need to talk to you for a moment." I yelled and got his attention. Although he looked to where I'm standing and seems confused. Is it because of my current get-up?

"It's me Genji, I don't have a lot of time to spare so hurry up!" Once he realized who I was, he came running to me.

"Hello Genji-san. Did you need something?"

"Yes, my Jōnin teacher has given me my training schedule and I'm only available on Sunday. Is there any time you prefer on Sunday to meet?"

Shira took some time to mull over his answer before replying.

"How about from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM here at the Academy gate?"

"Yep, that'll be okay with me. Oh, has anything interesting happen recently since I've left the Academy?"

"Well Maki-sensei and Nonota-sensei aren't teachers anymore. They said they're rejoining the general forces so they'll become Jōnin."

"Genji! Are you done yet and who is this?" Pakura suddenly spoke up from behind.

"Yes I'm done and this is my friend Shira. Shira this my Jōnin teacher Pakura-sensei." I gestured towards my sparring partner hoping she'll get a positive impression about him.

Your relation with Shira has advanced from [Neutral] to [Friendly]!

"A-ah! Pakura-sama, my name is Shira. It's an honor to meet you." Shira seemed surprised for a moment before saying his greetings to my teacher.

"It's nice to meet you Shira. Now Genji, we still have more missions to do before 5:00 PM."

"Sorry to cut my talk with you short. See you later Shira." I parted with Shira and he waved goodbye before returning to his business. Though I saw a smile on him before I turned around to leave.

Hmm, is it because I called him my friend that our relation has increased? I did wonder why my relations with him didn't advance no matter how many times we sparred, but now I finally know. Shira still has some insecurities and they must've decreased when I called him my friend.

After waiting in a long line behind other Genin teams, it's finally our turn and I submitted the signed form.

Quest Complete!

You've gained 1,000 EXP

You've gained 20,000 Ryo!

Your relations with Pakura has increased by 10!

"Are there anymore D-Rank missions being offered?" Pakura asked Sho the desk jockey.

"Well there's. . ."

"Sho-kun! The Genin of Team 6 injured their legs from a training mishap and they can't deliver the monthly documents to the outpost personnel. The Jōnin of Team 6 said he'll let another Genin Team do the mission."

"I'll do it!" I exclaimed because document delivery is easy peasy and something like this must pay a lot of money. Raising and waving my hand excitedly, Sho sighed out loud giving me the mission form. He then told me directions to another desk to receive the documents.

Obeying his instructions, I waited for another Chūnin and he gave me four envelopes soon enough. Each one had a different letter marking and they were 'N', 'W', 'S', and 'E'.

"Make sure you deliver them to the proper outposts' young man."

Major Quest Alert!

D-Rank: Document Delivery

You received four envelopes where you'll deliver one to each of the four guard outpost buildings on Sunagakure's tall rock cliffs located in the 4 compass directions.

Quest Reward: 2,000 EXP, 50,000 Ryo, and increased relations with Pakura.

Quest Failure: Decreased relations with Pakura and Sunagakure.

Showing the mission form to Pakura, she said I'm still responsible for this mission. Meaning I have to locate all these outposts without her help and carry the envelopes myself.

Stuffing all four of them in my sleeve, I went southwards with Pakura following me. Ascending the tall rock cliff, I managed to find the Southern guard outpost after entering three wrong buildings and handed them the 'S' labeled envelope.

The delivery mission took around an hour total and I completed it by running counter-clockwise to the other three locations. Submitting the signed form with four signatures from each outpost, I received my rewards.

Quest Complete!

You've gained 2,000 EXP

You've gained 50,000 Ryo!

Your relations with Pakura has increased by 10!

Exiting the tower, Pakura spoke to explain what we're going to do next.

"Well Genji, I believe that's our last mission today. Now follow me to the training field I want you to show up at tomorrow morning."

I followed her to the new meeting point and memorized its location on my mini-map.

"Remember to meet me here tomorrow morning for the first official day of your training. I also recommend you learn where the Puppet Brigade is located too. See you next time Genji!"

Departing from the field, I searched for the Brigade's headquarters and eventually found it. With nothing else left to do, I returned home and found mother cooking dinner.

"Mom, look at how much I've earned today!" I greeted mother and presented the money to her on the table.

"That's wonderful Genji. Make sure you store it in a safe place or at the bank."

Bank? I guess I could open a savings account.

"Will you go with me to create a bank account when you have some time available?"

"Sure Genji, I'll help you out."

After dinner, I told mother about my training schedule and went upstairs to my room. In there, I honed my clone skills all night long.

Though I noticed the skill's EXP increased more each time I activated the Jutsu and not from how many clones were created. Meaning I only had to create one clone per activation instead of two or more.

April 14: Thursday

Today's the first day of my training and I meditated to restore my CP back to full before meeting Pakura. Usually, I wouldn't have to worry about it, but both my HP and CP regeneration are now per minute.

Going downstairs and eating a freshly made breakfast made by mother, I said my goodbyes and left for training field 40. At 6:00 AM sharp, Pakura appeared and began my training.

"Good morning Genji. Let's start off with 100 strikes against this soft Makiwara post using our left hands and then another 100 strikes with the right."

As I punch the post and ignore the stinging pain, I glanced at Pakura noticing she's doing the workout along with me. After hitting the post, she then made me do another 100 strikes using kicks per leg.

[Physical Endurance]'s level has increased by 1!

This is a pretty good idea. Since she's starting me off from the soft, then I'll move onto the stiff Makiwara eventually.

Didn't martial arts masters train by hitting a boulder too? I'll do so after getting used to the stiffer post.

Right after my 100th right kick against the post, she made me do 200 reps of Goro's usual regimen along with a few add-ons. Like for example doing some katas while sand-walking. Pakura even brought some jump rope and we finally took a short 30 minute break after 200 jumps.

"Pakura-sensei, why are you working out alongside me?" I questioned her as I thought a Jōnin instructor usually stands around watching their Genin team train like Kakashi.

"It's a considerable waste of my time if I stood there watching you. If I exercised alongside you, then you'll be more motivated to finish the tasks assigned and I'll maintain my physical fitness too." Pakura replied and stood up after our short intermission expired.

"Break time is over, we're now going to run 200 laps around the training ground's perimeter and a one lap run around the entire village. And this'll be done without using the body flicker."

"Say again?" I heard her say 200 laps around the training grounds as I expected it earlier, but I think I misheard her after that.

Pakura repeated what we're going to do again and I understood why there's such a high VIT gain.

Several Hours Later, 10:30 AM

When the two of us finally completed our run, I collapsed down on the ground to rest up. Pakura didn't look winded at all as it appears to be barely a warmup for her.

"Pakura-sensei, why did you plan the training menu this way?" I asked in between my heavy gasps for air.

"What's the most important thing for a shinobi to have?" She turned to me and waited to hear my answer.

Three solutions to her question popped in my mind: Power, quick reflexes, and speed.

"Quick reflexes?"

"No Genji, its stamina. A ninja has to have good cardiovascular health. Otherwise, they're useless and will meet an early grave. Sometimes, we have to cover large swathes of territory to get to the mission site on time."

I'm not sure if I agree with her on that one. You could have unlimited stamina, but it's useless if you someone one-shots you because you couldn't even react or see it coming. Like those Iwa-nin being decimated by the Yellow Flash due to his reflexes and speed.

Another 30 minute break later, Pakura forced me to engage in several combat situations. First we clashed with swords so I'll get used to fighting against an armed opponents who are superior to me.

"There are situations where one can't rely on logic and deductive reasoning during a fight and must be able to react using their instincts, reflexes, and muscle memory." She explained during our fight as she continued to pummel my ass into the ground.

Following our sword fight another two combat rounds. The first was Taijutsu and the second was using my Iron Sand against her to adapt to an opponent with superior speed.

Soon it became lunch which only lasted for another 30 minutes, before we got back to training. My next set of training exercises is to deflect all throwing weapons with my sword followed by evasion practice where I wasn't allowed to block any projectiles for the objective is to dodge.

My training session with Pakura came to an end as my cuts, bruises, and wounds disappeared after I applied [Basic First Aid]. While tending to myself, she handed me some papers.

"Great job Genji, you managed to endure and complete the workout. Your homework is to memorize these hand signs and actions which will be used as unspoken signal commands to be used on missions outside the village. Once you memorized it, destroy the paper and then you'll memorize battle formations."

"Okay then, we're done for today. Before I leave, the brigade leader said to bring an [Advanced Puppetry Kit] with you and be there by 3:30 PM for a tour."

Once she left, I started eating some food to restore my HP and CP before flickering home to pretend I picked up my puppet kit. Going inside the house, I sensed mother wasn't in so I withdrew my kit from my inventory space.

Inspecting the kit's contents, I found a six-foot tall wooden humanoid puppet with a whole bunch of work tools to modify and repair it. It's nothing special as it doesn't have any hidden weapons and looks like an average bald human adult.

I then sealed the kit inside a sealing scroll and arrived at the Brigade's HQ by 3:20 PM. After entering the lobby, I asked the receptionist about what I'm supposed to do.

He told me to wait for an appointed guide and I sat down on the comfortable furniture. Two minutes later, I sensed someone's approach.

"Hey, are you Genji?"

Looking to who said that, I saw someone who was wearing a black robes with a hood reminiscent of a practioner of black magic.

Dank Puppet Specialist

Level 120

Umetarou Nekozawa

"Yes I am. Who are you?"

"My name is Umetarou Nekozawa and the brigade leader assigned me to guide the new members. Have you brought your Advanced Puppetry Kit?"

"Yes. I have it inside my sealing scroll."

"Good. Follow me and join with the other newbies." I walked behind him and joined the group of ten beginners.

"Alright everyone! Let me show you all the brigade's facilities first. Then I'll test each of your skill levels with Chakra Threads and the Puppet Technique to determine where you'll be placed."

He then showed us the workshops, a puppet parts shop, a target range, weapons testing area, his office, and the puppet playground. I then understood why he's called a Dank Puppet Specialist when we went to his office as it was all dark and gloomy with minimal light.

It could also serve as a good setup for a horror movie with creepy dolls reaching out to grab you from behind. Hmm, I better write that down as it's a good idea for a Genjutsu.

The puppet parts shop sold and offered all sorts of goodies. Completed puppets, puppet parts, wood, tools, metal, lubrication oil, custom orders, and repair services. They even sell Sasori's puppets too such as Crow, Black Ant, and Salamander.

I'll have to make sure to buy all three later. Because to defeat an enemy, you have to understand their way of thinking.

The most interesting place shown in my opinion is the puppet playground. The playground is a special place where two puppeteers fight each other using puppets. There are five tiers denoting your skill level which are Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Specialist, and Master.

The overall goal is to manipulate your puppet to defeat the opponent's puppet. There's a ton of restrictions at the beginning level and it lessens the more you increase your rank.

Beginners aren't allowed to use hidden mechanisms or target the other puppeteer. They simply use the puppet's limbs to disable and disarm the other puppet so they'll get used to moving the puppet in a combat situation.

Those in the Intermediate level can use hidden mechanisms or contraptions and advanced rankers can target either the puppet or puppeteer in battle. Specialists are allowed to use poisons and multiple puppets. Master rank is basically just for bragging rights.

But in all tiers of the playground, there's a strictly enforced no maiming rule. It's kind of like Taijutsu spars at the Academy, only with puppets instead.

There's also a scoreboard with interchangeable wooden blocks listing the number of puppeteers in each tier, names, and that person's current rank. I found Kankuro's name and he's ranked fourth out of 50 Intermediate puppeteers.

Elder Chiyo is ranked 1st out of the five masters. As for how many people are in each level, I checked the current dead last of each one and this is what I've see.

Beginner: 100

Intermediate 60

Advanced: 30

Specialist: 10

Master: 5

Nekozawa then took us all to a private room and he told us to demonstrate our skills to him one by one. When my turn came around, I showed him my current abilities which he commented on.

"Your skill with Chakra Threads is slightly above a Genin's level, but your Puppet Technique is barely above an Academy student. Okay everyone, follow me to the beginner's class where you'll learn the basic fundamentals of puppeteering."

As we entered the room, there were twelve other students inside too. Finding an empty seat in the back, I checked my fellow classmates.

None of them are friendly and most are either sneering or making disparaging comments. They probably don't recognize me due to my outfit covering up my appearance completely.

Some of the males acted arrogant talking about their so called elite skills despite being beginners and the females were stuck-up. Basically a bunch of students acting like Kankuro and Saya. Not everyone acted like them as there were some who were indifferent.

Our class started and apparently my teacher is Nekozawa. He proceeded to talk about how he and other teachers host several lectures for beginner, intermediate, and advanced topics. Only those with a teacher's approval or defeat a higher ranked puppeteer can move up a level and attend higher tiered lessons.

These lectures aren't absolutely mandatory to attend because some brigade members go on high ranking missions which could last several days. But they're very helpful for becoming a better puppeteer.

Next he gave each of us a syllabus showing us what lessons we'll learn in this beginner class. It also came attached with a general overview of what we'll learn in the intermediate and advanced classes to serve as encouragement to improve ourselves.

Education Subjects Covered in Tier

Beginner: Chakra Thread Training, Chakra Control, Wood-working, Metal-Working, Puppet Design, Basic Puppet Assembly, Joint Mechanics, and Puppet Operating.

Intermediate: Custom Puppets, Weapons Development 1, Human Anatomy, Tactics, and Basic Fūinjutsu.

Advanced: Advanced Fūinjutsu, Poison Mixing, and Weapons Development 2.

Specialist: Strategy, Weapons Development Part 3, and Multi-tasking.

*You must be in the advanced tier or be approved by a specialist to use puppets on missions.*

**To become a Puppet Master, one must be a specialist and able to manipulate three or more puppets simultaneously.**

"To begin our class, we're going to do a small review session. Genji, please explain to the class about the Puppet Pentagon on the back of the humanoid puppet like what it is and what each circle does? Also where does a puppet master connect one thread to control the entire puppet?"

Why me?! Luckily enough, I know the answer and remember it verbatim.

"The circles of the Puppet Pentagon are the control points a puppeteer attaches their threads to in order to manipulate the puppet's movements and actions. When the thread connects to the control point, it sends Chakra through the inner wires of the puppet which acts like a skeleton and or nervous system."

"The pentagon's topmost circle controls the puppet's head and other parts of the head like the eyes and mouth. The two upper circles control the puppet's arms, hands, and fingers. The two lowermost circles control the legs and feet."

"Finally, the circle located dead center of the pentagon controls the spinal joint and sometimes the hips. It's also the same control point a puppet master uses by connecting one thread to control the entire puppet."

"Excellent answer young Genji! That's a very detailed answer you recited to the class. Is it possible to attach more than one thread to a control point?"

"Yes Nekozawa-sensei. Attaching more threads to a control point allows the puppeteer increased control over that point's specific functions."

"Good job Genji."

Nekozawa continued the review and explained the history of the brigade. The brigade's original goal was to bring puppets to life to increase their effectiveness in battle, but they gave up on it.

As he continued to talk about the brigade's history, it got me thinking. Didn't the one of my textbooks say anything is possible with Fūinjutsu?

And then I had a crazy idea. Isn't it possible to do it by using a combination of Fūinjutsu, Yin Release, Yang Release, human anatomy, and Sasori's human puppet research?


A quest has been created!


Where Elder Chiyo failed, you might succeed.

Become the first person to create an autonomous living puppet that speaks and fights.

Quest Reward: 10 Million EXP, 1,000 Fame, increased relations with the Puppet Brigade and Sunagakure.

Quest Failure: None

[Yes] or [No]?

Yes. It doesn't hurt to try and it'll be a nice side project after the 4th Shinobi War. At least it's not death for failing this quest.

Nekozawa then told us to follow him to the target range as we're going to do some Chakra Thread exercises. Once there, he explained and demonstrated each exercise.

The first exercise is connecting a thread to a bulls-eye target ten meters away and hitting the center once from each finger. The second was the same, except hitting a puppet pentagon with ten threads from all ten fingers.

The final exercise of the day is attaching a thread to a kunai, levitate it in the air above our heads, and run several laps around the room while maintaining the thread. In the future, we're expected to run laps while levitating ten kunai with our threads.

Before class is dismissed, Nekozawa told us our homework is to continue training our Puppet Technique, Chakra control, and Chakra Threads. I thanked him for today's lesson and went to one of many nearby rest buildings.

At each building, I cleaned out every vending machine of their CP restoring snacks and drinks for a total of 36,000 Ryo. All so I can train my CP skills all night long. After my large purchase, I returned back home for the day.

April 15: Friday

After doing 205 reps of exercises and another lap around the village, Pakura trained my throwing skills. She created a couple of shadow clones and told me to hit them as live target practice.

Then Pakura gave me a lesson about Chakra Flow and what it does. To demonstrate its effects, she threw a kunai infused with regular Chakra and it penetrated a nearby boulder.

She explained the process step by step and I eventually learned how to do it myself.


A skill has been created to flow your Chakra through an object.

Chakra Flow (Active) Level: 1 EXP: 0.00%

-A skill that comes in two forms where one flows Chakra through an object and or any technique increasing a weapon's potency by flowing Chakra through it. To initiate Chakra Flow, one must be touching the weapon though it's not necessary to continue touching it to maintain Chakra Flow.

+Activation Cost: 250 CP and must be touching the weapon.

+Maintenance Cost: 100 CP per minute.

+10% bonus damage, 50% critical chance, and +.1% durability damage done to non-Chakra conductive materials weaker than your weapon.

+Items infused with Chakra will keep these bonus effects up to .6 seconds after failing to maintain Chakra Flow.

The last task before I left for the Puppet Brigade was Pakura quizzing me on our signals. I got some of them right, but she told me I needed to memorize all of them to be allowed to go on a C-rank mission.

At the brigade, we were shown a visual representation of what's inside a puppets hand. There was several wires, cables, and mechanisms needed to just to move the fingers. Nothing different happened after that because Nekozawa made us do the control exercises yesterday.

April 17: Sunday

It's Sunday morning and I could've taken a break today, but I didn't. I spent some time in the restricted section of the library trying to find any low leveled training books or techniques which'll be useful to me.

There was only one D-rank Jutsu which piqued my interest and it's the Temporary Paralysis Technique. With a simple touch, I can paralyze someone.

It's possible to get some of the higher leveled Jutsu, but it requires a Jōnin's consent. I'll just have to prove myself to Pakura, so I'll get some of the more useful C-ranks like the Earth Release: Hiding like a Mole I saw thanks to [Observe].

Bringing the scroll to bookkeeper, he explained I can either borrow the skill scroll for a seven days or buy it for 10,000 Ryo. I did the latter so I can absorb it and he recorded my purchase for their records.

Seeing my curious look as to what he's writing, he explained in case I'm ever caught sharing or giving the scroll to someone not approved by Suna, then I'll be punished accordingly. One consequence for example is revoking the option of buying or borrowing scrolls.

Returning back to my bedroom, I opened the skill scroll.

Would you like to learn the skill [Temporary Paralysis Technique]?

[Yes] or [No]?



You cannot learn this skill!

Requires [Human Anatomy and Physiology] Level: 22

Requires: 300 INT

Whelp, might as well go to the gym for a swim at the pool. Well that is after I removed my iron sand weights and a quick stop at the market to buy several swim trunks for 300 Ryo.

While at the gym's pool, I had an idea to gain two skills I could gain and implemented them.


A skill has been created to swim farther and faster.

Swimming (Passive) Level: 1 EXP: 0.00%

-A skill representing how fast and far you can swim, while using less stamina.

+1% STR, VIT, and AGI.

+2% swimming speed and decreased stamina consumed when swimming.


A skill has been created to walk on water.

Water-Walking (Passive/Active) Level: 1 EXP: 0.00%

-A skill enabling the user to walk, run, or stand on water without sinking by expelling Chakra at a varied rate accordingly to the water's surface tension.

+Activation Cost: 100 CP.

+Maintenance Cost: 100 CP per minute.

+1% INT

After spending a couple of hours there, I dressed myself off for my meeting with Shira. We then sparred and fought in eight 10-minute rounds with 5 minute breaks in between for two hours straight.

But when Shira was about to leave, I asked him to accompany me to go somewhere. And no, it wasn't a date as I don't swing that way.

"Genji-san, where are we going?" Shira questioned in an unsure tone, but trusted me enough to go with me.

"You'll see." I said mysteriously. With Shira following behind me, we walked and entered the Konami Fitness Gym and I talked to the pretty receptionist.

"Hello miss, I'd like to sign up my friend Shira for a gym membership. Could you charge his monthly membership fee to my account?"

"If that's what you want Genji-san, that'll be 13,500 Ryo."

"Genji, what're you doing?! You don't have to do this!" Shira yelled and tried to convince me otherwise.I raised my index finger at him and he allowed me to explain.

"You said you're going to become a ninja by mastering Taijutsu right Shira-kun?" He agreed and I continued.

"Well then you've got to have access to gym facilities to assist your growth."

Your relations with Shira has increased by 200!

"Genji-san, thank you."

"No problem."

You've gained +1 WIS for powering up your rival to keep up with you!

While the gym trainer showed Shira this place's facilities, I was busy lifting dumbbells to build up my STR. When Shira's tour finished, he began by practicing his Taijutsu moves against a sandbag with intense focus.

Why would I do such a nice and charitable thing? Since I'm the Gamer, it's expected I'll become pretty damn overpowered or god-like. But that's way in the future and I'm not OP yet, since I can't beat a Jōnin.

So I need a rival who can challenge me physically and a friend or ally I can depend on in battle. I know for sure Shira can do it, since he has the same work ethic and determination to succeed as Rock Lee.

July 12: Tuesday

It's been three months since the day I became Pakura's apprentice and I've been working my ass off. For every training session, she'd tack on an additional 10 reps and one extra lap around the village for each month.

Since I'm in the 3rd month of our training, I have to run at least 12 laps a week. Then again, didn't Might Gai run 100 laps around the village every day or am I misremembering my information?

I'm starting to suspect the higher-ups are taking advantage of my [Gamer's Body], since they probably noticed I don't suffer from muscle cramps or soreness. Goro-sensei isn't a demon instructor of hell, he's the damn gatekeeper.

Due to this increased regimen, I've earned +18 STR, +29 VIT, +12 WIS, +20 INT, +28 DEX, and +30 AGI. Some of these earnings was due to increasing my iron sand weights on my body and studying the homework material the brigade assigned.

And with these stat increases are the bonus skills I've gained. Well technically, most of them are just upgrades.


[Environmental Resistance] has been upgraded due to reaching 300 VIT!

Environmental Resistance (Passive) Level: MAX

-By living in the desert for your entire life, your body has adapted to the shifting temperatures of the burning hot day and the freezing cold night.

+Stamina decreases 50% slower when the user is in locations of intense temperature differences.

+80% decreased chance of receiving negative status effects caused by the desert environment.

+The user's body temperature will feel 50% warmer in freezing locales and 50% cooler in the burning hot areas.


[Swift Learner] has been upgraded due to reaching 300 INT!

Swift Learner (Passive) Level: MAX

-You now understand and master skills faster than your peers.

+30% skill EXP gained when training a skill.

+Skills and skill book prerequisites are reduced by 15%.


[Wired Reflexes] has been upgraded due to reaching 300 DEX!

[Marksman] has been upgraded due to reaching 300 DEX!

Wired Reflexes (Passive) Level: MAX

-Your body has developed the hard-wired instincts required to be a shinobi and can now react to danger even when sleeping.

+33% reaction speed whenever the user detects an incoming attack upon their person or nearby.

Marksman (Passive) Level: MAX

-You're able to easily determine whether your target(s) are within range of your throwing projectile weapons and hit them accurately. However, the further your target(s) are away from you, the less likely your weapons will hit.

+30% bonus hit chance within 35 meters.

+15% bonus hit chance further than 35 meters.


A skill has been created by merging [Muffled Movement], [Silent Steps], and [Shadow Stalker] as a reward for reaching 300 AGI!

Silent Shinobi (Active) Level: MAX

-A shinobi is silent and must be able to stalk their target efficiently without using Chakra. This includes your footsteps, equipment, and movements. This skill can be turned on and off.

+Active Effects: +30% Stealth, additional +10% Stealth when hiding entirely within shadows, and anything being carried on your person makes 60% less overall noise when moving.

Because my team is a combat unit, I asked Pakura for assistance in learning how to use my whip sword. She wasn't familiar with it, but said the first step is learning how to use a whip.

After hearing her recommendation, I made Shira accompany me on the following Sunday again to a weapon shop. He was hesitant about me spending even more money on him, but I reassured him it's necessary to become a Taijutsu master.

When he saw the destination, he asked why he'd need weapons when he can fight with his body. I gave him a bullshit reason I made up on the spot, but it could prove to be true.

"If you're going to be a shinobi, then you'll encounter enemies who are too dangerous to touch or make contact with your body. So we're here to buy some weapons just in case of these situations."

Since Shira was still a gullible child, he believed my made-up excuse and entered the shop with me. He tried to skimp out, but I told him clearly I'm willing to pay for any weapons he believes will be useful for him.

After some deliberation, Shira selected nun-chucks, steel arm guards, and a collapsible bo staff. Both he and the shopkeeper raised an eyebrow at how many weapons I brought to the countertop.

The weapons I carried were a sword, whip, flail, kusarigama, mace, axe, hammer, frying pan, spear, and a halberd. Along with Shira's selection, I paid 30,000 Ryo and sealed mine in a sealing scroll.

Why all these weapons? If I received [Bladed Weapons Mastery] by having three skills merge together at level 10, I thought maybe there's a blunt and or ranged weapons version as well.

My theory turned out to be true when [Whip Mastery], [Flail Mastery], and [Kusarigama Mastery] combined to form the [Ranged Weapons Mastery].

Ranged Weapons Mastery (Passive) Level: 12 EXP: 20.00%

-A combination skill enabling the user to wield a ranged weapon and perform various combat techniques, katas, and movements effectively and efficiently. These bonus effects only apply when wielding a ranged weapon.

+10% DEX

+60% attack power and +120% attack speed.

+12% decreased damage when blocking enemy attacks.

Leveling those three in particular to level 10 was literally painful, since I often struck myself with my own weapon against the zombies. Especially the kusarigama when I cut myself and sent the zombies into a blood frenzy.

Speaking of zombies, I've gained 39,630 EXP and 447,750 Ryo. Due to the amount of work and studying, I could only spend at most two or three hours inside the dungeon each night.

To get a head start on my fellow beginners, I manipulated my six-foot humanoid puppet and fought against every monster from the level 1 Zombie Kid to the Level 11 Zombie Genin.

Whenever I ran low of HP or CP, I drained the monsters via my [Chakra Drain] and [Life Drain] skills. Meditating inside the dungeon simply took too long to restore my CP.

As for how I did it? Since both skills required direct contact, I restrained my enemies with [AISD] which doesn't cost any CP and left only their stomach exposed.

When I drained a zombie and left their face exposed, it shrieked loudly for reinforcements. Monsters simply die when their CP reaches zero as they don't receive the (Chakra Exhausted) status effect.

I'm getting close to fulfilling all the objectives for the Shadow Clone quest. It only took me a month of late night practice to max out the [Clone Jutsu] and another month to reach level 20 with my [Iron Sand Clone Jutsu].

The only requirement left is reaching level 50 of Chakra Control Mastery, which is level 45 recently. All thanks to the Puppet Brigade honing my Chakra Control in ways I didn't think of.

My current rank in the playground is first place out of the 118 beginners. It used to be 100 beginners, but my class of 18 newbies were added onto the ranking list. And it's all thanks to the effects of [Swift Learner], [Mysterious Puppeteer], and [Aspiring Puppeteer].

However, my win ratio was only 70%. In the beginning, it was 35% since I lost a lot. But with every loss, I learned something new and rapidly improved to make sure I don't make the same mistake. One lesson is even if you separate a limb from the opposing puppet's body, the opponent can use the severed limbs to launch a multi-pronged attack.

When the skill level of Chakra Threads reached level 25, I learned how to suppress the threads and make them invisible to the naked eye. However, it doubles the amount of Chakra consumed.

Because of all the battles against the zombies and other puppets, my puppet received a lot of damage. So much damage that I gained the [Repair] skill from fixing it myself and leveled it up.

Repair (Passive) Level: 15 EXP: 75.25%

-A skill representing your proficiency in repairing broken equipment, machinery, electronics, and objects back to working order.

+30% repairing speed and restoration quality.

It's not the only skill I've gained thanks to the brigade. I received the [Mechanical Engineering] skill after I disassembled a puppet and reassembled it together in working order.

Mechanical Engineering (Passive) Level: 12 EXP: 80%

-A representation of your overall skill to design, analyze, manufacture, and operation of machines and mechanical devices.

+10% WIS.

+24% workmanship quality.

In the following months after my first three D-rank missions, I've done another 40 D-ranks earning 1,175,000 Ryo and 58,000 EXP. These missions varied between rubble removal, dish-washing, laundry, searching for herbs, shopping, repair work, woodworker shop assistant, and etcetera.

Thanks to all the EXP received, I leveled up twice from 23 to 25 and a surprise notification occurred.


Due to reaching level 25, you can now equip two titles at the same time.

Out of the ten bonus points gained, I spent some immediately giving me +4 WIS and +2 LUK. The remaining four points will be saved and reserved for VIT in the future.

Once in a while, I visited the Academy to spend time with Temari and Saya because it's important to keep cultivating the relationships I've established. Although I had to skip some lectures to do so.

Temari asked why I wasn't in the Fan Corps, which I replied I'm only going to be in the brigade for a year before doing transferring. In return I questioned why she's still in this class and she reasoned there's a chance of making more friends here.

Saya on the other hand, questioned how far I'm in the brigade's ranking system. She explained I might see her soon enough because when Kon-sensei believes your skills with the Intermediate Puppetry Kit are good enough, he'll write up a recommendation for the student to participate in the brigade.

When I asked Kon why he didn't give me a recommendation, he said I had too much on my plate learning under Goro. After attending several brigade lectures, I understood his point.

The last important thing during this three month period was finally finding a solution to one of the problems I've been trying to resolve. As my Chakra reserves grow, so does the amount of iron sand from [AISD].

I keep storing the excess inside my inventory, but I want it all of it to be on my person. So it can readily respond to any threat.

The problem at hand was trying to figure a way to contain my Chakra-infused sand without copying Gaara's gourd storage. I didn't want to be a copycat of Gaara because the gourd is his thing.

So I bought a complete history of Earth book from the auction for 5,000 Ryo and read it for any inspiration. And I found it from reading the name of India's version of the brigandine armor. The original was a coat, but I made a cloak instead.

While standing in front of a mirror, I manipulated [AISD] to form a thick cloak covering my puppeteer robes. Around the back of my neck is a fur trimmed hoodie I can pull over my head similar to Kiba's for the extra intimidation factor.

When I finished, I stared at my reflection and was mesmerized by the cloak's shifting sand. All the black and gray particles moving in randomized patterns.

I thought the finished product would be too heavy to wear, but it's not and I received a message from the system.


What would you like to name this preset form of [AISD]?

"Cloak of 10,000 Nails."

Reading my newly updated [AISD], it now displayed some additional information.

+Preset Form 1: Cloak of 10,000 Nails - A cloak with a fur trimmed hoodie completely composed of shifting Chakra-infused iron sand that acts like a regular cloak. It serves as an additional layer of defense and is readily available to be used for anything the master wills it to do.

+100 DEF, +130% Bonus DEF, -15% DEX, and -20% AGI.

What's really great about this preset form is it doesn't count as an equipment armor item. Meaning I can wear three layers of defenses instead of the usual limit of two. And the defense value will only grow the more I practice my [Natural Earth Affinity].

I can even apply a transformation so it could look like a normal cloak if I choose to do so. It's also additional protection from Orochimaru's curse seal. But knowing that snake's crafty ways, he'll find a way around it.

But that's enough of the past!

Right now, I'm playing shogi with my mother although we're both beginners at the game. It's a good idea since I'm raising my WIS, secretly practice my [Sand-Sticking], and spending time with mother.

Multi-tasking at its finest so far. I had to buy a shogi set and how to play book for 1,000 Ryo because mother said she didn't know how to play and I didn't either.

Alright alright, that's not the real reason I'm doing such a nice thing.

The real reason I'm spending time with mother is because I told her Pakura-sensei believes I'm ready to go on my first C-rank mission tomorrow. Team 11 is a combat unit, so I'm not going to be doing menial tasks for the duration of my apprenticeship.

Mother felt worried about me going outside the village with only Pakura as my safety net despite her hero status, but my teacher also said I'm going to have two temporary teammates joining me too.

This calmed her down and told me to stay safe on my mission and listen to Pakura's orders. While working on my Chakra control, I pondered on who my teammates will be. When I asked for their identities earlier, Pakura said "It's a secret."

I just hope they're easy to work with, but my teacher kept reassuring me that I'll like her choice.

July 13: Wednesday

Today's the day I'm going on my first C-rank mission and I'm full of anticipation. Yes, I know there's a chance of killing some living human beings, but it's a kill or be killed world.

Will I meet somebody important or will my luck make me experience something similar to the Wave Arc? Only time will tell, but right now I'm trying to decide what color of clothes to wear.

Orange? Nah, I'll stick with royal purple for now. Should I wear my cloak of 10,000 nails? No, I'll do so after hearing the mission's parameters.

Going downstairs and sitting at the table, I removed the shemagh portion of my cowl to eat breakfast. When I was about to leave, mother called out.

"Wait Genji! When you get back from your mission, we're going to have a talk about your bloodlines. Mine in particular."

"Okay mom." I said as I puzzled over what she could possibly teach me. Maybe she knows some clan techniques before she exiled herself or some tips and tricks? Ooh, the possibilities.

Because I'm going to meet my new teammates, I kept the face mask portion off so they can see my face. It's important to establish trust even if they're only temporary.

Arriving at training ground 40 by body flicker, I noticed two very familiar people standing near Pakura.

"Good morning Pakura-sensei! What are Maki-sensei and Nonota-sensei doing here?" I greeted my teacher and rudely pointed at Maki in particular.

"Do you have a problem with me being here Genji?!" Maki stated with a tinge of annoyance.

"C-calm down Maki-chan, Genji is probably surprised to see his former Academy teachers as his new teammates." Nonota spoke in my defense and raised his hands in a placating manner before continuing conversation.

"Pakura-sama also informed us of your Magnet Release bloodline earlier, so we won't be surprised by it. But to think you're related to the Sandaime Kazekage, it all makes sense now." Nonota was about to talk even more if Pakura didn't interrupt him.


"Good morning Genji, these two are here to fill out the missing spots of Team 11 for the duration of your apprenticeship. You can call them Maki-senpai and Nonota-senpai." Pakura motioned to the two former teachers and Maki stood proud of being personally chosen by her idol.

"Even though they're Chūnin?"

"Indeed. The Kazekage ordered me to find two shinobi to be your teammates who aren't Jōnin. Maki and Nonota are here to assist in teamwork exercises, serve as an occasional sparring partner, additional protection on missions, and teach you the basic fundamentals and sealing theories of Fūinjutsu."

More like the Kazekage doesn't want a valuable asset being kidnapped by other villages. At least I'll finally be able to level up my Fūinjutsu skill soon instead of working my way up to the brigade's advanced level.

"Is my training going to be reduced because my senpais possibly can't handle it?" A tick mark appeared on Maki's forehead as she didn't like how I'm underestimating their capabilities in front of Pakura.

"No Genji. They'll have to endure the training specifically tailored to you. Because if they can't handle it, then they can't become elite Jōnin."

"Don't think we can't handle whatever training you're undergoing Genji." Maki pumped her fist like the 'We can do it' woman followed by Nonota's reassuring response.

"Y-You don't have to worry about us Genji. Besides, how bad could it possibly be?"





"Hey! What's with your evil smile?!" Maki yelled as I continued smirking knowing they'll suffer alongside me.

"Oh you'll find out, misery loves company after all." I said as I reattached my shemagh face mask. My statement frightened Nonota a bit, while Maki ignored my scare-tactic.

"By the way, are we going to do introductions since we're going to be a team?" I asked since I'm curious about these two.

"That's a good idea Genji. I see your already promoting teamwork already. I'll go first, then Maki, followed by Nonota, and finally you Genji." Pakura said and reintroduced herself giving the same information I heard earlier.

"My name is Maki and I like Pakura-sensei, my friends, and reading. I dislike Kiri-nin in general and dream of becoming an elite Jōnin to get revenge on those responsible for my parent's deaths."

"Umm. . . My name is Nonota and I like Maki-chan, my friends, and family. I don't have anything I really dislike much other than enemies with strong abilities and I dream of becoming more confident."

When my turn came around, I gave the same introduction as last time. The two Chūnin were surprised by my goal of becoming Suna's first God of Shinobi.

"So that's why you've been training so hard. You have your work cut out for you because that kind of title requires you to be proficient in all five Nature Affinities."

"Now that everyone has given their introductions, let's go for your first C-rank mission Genji."

Pakura has joined your party!

Maki has joined your party!

Nonota has joined your party!

Would you like to name your party?

Yes. Team 11.

Party has been renamed to Team 11.

Hmmm. Does this mean I can actually view their current stats via the Main Menu's [Party]?

Character Status

Name: Genji Kaguya

Class: The Gamer

Age: 7

Affiliation: Suna


[Genin] (Allowed access to E, D, and C ranked Jutsu in the library's restricted section. Able to participate on D and C ranked missions with a team.)

[Aspiring Fanboy] (+15% proficiency learning Suna's fan arts.)

[Aspiring Puppeteer] (15% proficiency learning Suna's puppet arts.)

[Zombie Slayer] (+50% attack and defense when in combat against Zombies.)

[Pakura's Apprentice] (Grants +4 STR, +7 VIT, +3 WIS, +3 INT, +7 DEX, and +7 AGI permanently for each full month under Pakura's tutelage. +25% proficiency towards Bladed Weapons Mastery, general shinobi skills, and Fire & Wind affinity training.)

Status: Normal, +25% Evasion, and +60.84 DEF

Level: 25 - EXP: 17,513/65,000

HP: 4,194 - HP Regen: 198.45 per minute

CP: 4,628.8/9,257.59 - CP Regen: 38.52 per minute

STR: 69 + (69 X 1.13) = 146.97

VIT: 126 + (126 X 2.15) = 396.9

PE: 543.87 + (543.87 X .125) = 611.85

WIS: 78 + (Meditation 23) + (Reading: Bookworm 2) + (103 X .87) = 192.61

INT: 119 + (Meditation 23) + (Reading: Bookworm 2) + (Clothes 10) + (154 X 1.16) = 332.64

SE: 525.25 + (525.25 X .25) = 656.5

DEX: 103 + (Ambidextrous 25) + (128 X 1.45) = 313.6

AGI: 125 + (Sandals 4) + (129 X 1.39) = 308.31

LUK: 143 + (143 X .1) = 157.3

Fame/Infamy: 60/0

Unspent points: 4

Money: 6,752,574 Ryo - (37,000 Clothes) - (2,800 Equipment & Supplies) - (5,500 Gambling) - (320,100 Training Books) - (84,000 debt) - (33,500 Gym Membership) - (30,000 weapons) - (5,000 history book) + (38,000 Gambling) + (1,250,500 Missions) + (447,750 Zombie Hunting) = 7,970,924 Ryo

Kaguya Genji is a paranoid reincarnated young man who desires money and power to guarantee his wishes such as his survival past the 4th Shinobi War and his mother's wellbeing.

He feels indebted to his mother Miya because she didn't throw him away after birth and tried her best to take care of him.

Genji is somewhat lazy, but his paranoia of the main characters failing to save the day is enough of a motivator for him to improve himself. In addition, he's finds the art of puppetry enjoyable and has thought of several ways to improve the field.

Currently, his power level and stats are equivalent to Itachi and Kakashi when they were his age.

With the right training methods, skills, work ethic, and overall goals to improve himself for selfish reasons, he'll surpass all eventually.

Author's Note

Yes, I'll rewrite this chapter again should Kishimoto ever list what the affinity components of the Magnet Release are.

If you can think of a better description for Yang and Yin release, then please let me know.

I've rewritten all 12 previous chapters for multiple reasons like my timeline of events was wonky and out of order, some skills should've been learned earlier, damage output is inconsistent, and etc.

Did you think Genji could spend all that money and nobody would notice? He's living in a ninja village, so they'll notice that discrepancy. Why didn't they notice it earlier? Because of his high LUK delaying the investigation in his favor.

Will the cost of [AISD] decrease? Yes. It'll decrease for every 200 WIS increment reached until 1,000 WIS where the amount of Chakra consumed is proportional to the amount of sand needed to defend himself.

If Maki and Nonota are on his team, then what about Shira and Saya/(Other)? Maki and Nonota are only temporary who'll only be there for the duration of his apprenticeship. He'll still have his two classmates as future teammates as he's working on his [Speech] skill and waiting for them to graduate from the Academy.

Guest97: Any Jōnin who are familiar with Genji actually do notice his abnormal growth rate, it's just I haven't included any interludes detailing their observations, reactions, or POV. I'll probably dedicate a single chapter with everyone's POV in them later on after his first C-rank mission.

malikmi95: No, the automatic party system doesn't reveal his gamer powers to any party members. He could turn it off to manually invite others where they'll see his powers in reality, but he's not going to.

XxOmNiPoTent PriMorDial GodxX: All-Killing Ash Bone won't be learned early on because that's an end-game skill. He could get the skill automatically by eating a Chakra Fruit appearing on the Abyss Auction, but the fruit will be one of the most costly things he could buy from the site.

Im Not Itachi: Thanks for pointing out the mistake.

victimsofrage: Something similar to that will happen when Genji has a higher WIS and rereads [AISD] noticing the ability follows his will. So instead of having it as an armor, he could command it to take a different form like an autonomous clone of himself, floating guardian, or something else.

Dragon of Selene: Yes, I have limited Genji to only CP. No point in having Mana Points (MP) when the Naruto world doesn't have it.

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