I recently started rewatching Sherlock and I just got obsessed all over again, so I had to write a story :) I hope you enjoy it and I would love to hear opinions. I own nothing except Lily!

Perhaps alleyways are not the best option?

As Lily pounded through London's backstreets, she winced as her bare feet made contact with glass, gravel and god knows what else. She only managed to get out with a skimpy blue dress which was becoming tattier and more ripped as she fled. Just keep running she screamed at herself, as she heard heavier footsteps pounding a few yards away. Seeing a well-lit road 50 yards ahead she used every ounce of energy left in her screaming muscles to reach the safe halo of the street lamps. As she ran she heard a gun cock. Don't stop, don't stop! she thought as she reached the road at last. Naturally it was dead quiet. She had no concept of time so it could have been 2am, could be closer to 6? How long have I been running?

She had reached a crescent row of apartments, the kind that have steps leading down to a basement flat. As she scanned around for some kind of saviour, a black town car turned down the road she was on. She had seen so many similar cars like this before, it filled her with more dread that relief. Hearing her pursuers gaining on her, she grappled with a metal gate and crept down the steep stairs, hoping to find a shadow to hide in. She barely made it half way when the first of her hunters was on her, he grabbed her dark red hair and began dragging her up. She cried out and he stuck the muzzle of a gun to the back of her exposed neck. "Let's not make a scene eh princess?" he spoke with a heavy cockney accent. "Chris please?" she whispered frantically, "Just let me go! You know it's wrong!" He tugged hard on her hair again and dragged her up higher so she was almost pavement level.

He was about to respond when they both suddenly became aware of the town car, that had pulled up alongside them. Lily panted as sweat glistened on her pale skin, as the front passenger side window rolled down. The driver turned to look at his passenger in the back and nodded once. Reaching for something in the seat next to him, both Lily and her captor stared as his hand emerged holding a revolver with a silencer attached. "Bloody 'ell! ALI? GET HERE QUI-" Chris' shouts were cut off, as the driver pulled the trigger twice, popping two rounds with precision into his chest. Lily thought she might have made a sound, but couldn't be sure, as blood spattered over her face. The gun that was lodged into her neck fell at her feet, clanging on the metal steps, and she managed to steady herself enough to grab it. She heard a second set of heavy boots coming as Ali emerged from the alleyway and caught site of his boss, lying dead in the street, Lily cowering behind the body. He reached for his gun, but this time Lily was prepared. She stood up and emptied Chris' gun into Ali's chest, he fell back with a look of shock on his face as his arms flailed about behind him. A moment of silence passed as Lily stared at Ali, blood seeping from his clothes and she dropped the gun with a loud crack. As agony and fatigue washed over her she fell to her knees and sobbed, resting her head on the cold pavement.

The door of the town car opened and she heard footsteps pacing towards her. Not daring to look up, she shivered and waited for the nightmare to end. She suddenly felt a heavy, soft coat being draped over her back and she sobbed loudly. Looking up at her saviour, she found deep green eyes staring into two dark brown ones and a smiling face. "You've made a bit of a racket my dear" he said in a soft Irish voice. "Perhaps instead of waiting here to be arrested, you'd like to come with me and we can see what can be done about those poor feet?" There was something about him, something in his eyes that made her feel a shiver run down her spine, but feeling as though she had no other option she nodded. Trying to stand she placed her left foot gingerly on the ground, and nearly screamed as the pain of it rocked through her body. Her adrenaline was gone and her weak body crumbled back to the floor. Feeling two strong arms wrap around her, the Irish stranger picked her up and carried her, placing her gently into the backseat of his car.

Pulling the coat closely around her, she watched as he sat down next to her, glancing at the driver. "We're making a little detour Seb. Let's go and see Dr. Mirokov, he owes me a favour or two." The driver smirked and set off without a word. Lily's eyes began to droop as she racked her brain for the name Mirokov. It didn't sound familiar to her, but previous dealings with doctors from the 'Underworld' made her feel queasy so she pushed it from her mind. She refocused to look at him and finally found her voice.

"Who are you?" she croaked, her mouth feeling drier than the desert. "My name is Jim...Moriarty." The name rang a bell, but she was too tired to wrack her brains anymore. "Thank you Jim Moriarty. For saving my life..." Her eyelids fluttered and she sunk back into the plush leather seat of the car. As she drifted off she could have sworn she heard him chuckle, but fatigue won out and she fell into a dreamless sleep.