Seriously, I Love You

Disclaimer: I only own the plot and the character Britney (sadly enough).


Chapter 9: Expecting a Letter

Life was good again. Angelina and Fred were in love, and that was all they could think about. Fred had been worrying about the letter from Britney, which hadn't arrived yet. But a little thing called victory drove the thought of a baby out of his mind, temporarily. What was they victory in? Quidditch of course.

They final game, Gryffindor vs. Slytherin, ended in a matter of seconds. Madam Hooch blows the starting whistle, and before anyone could even make a goal, Harry had caught the Snitch. It was a little disappointing because they didn't even get to play. But the Gryffindor team quickly recovered when Lee Jordan reminded them that it just meant that they had more time to party.

Every Gryffindor was in their common room, celebrating. And just when the party started to get good, a tap on the window ended Fred's fun. It was Britney's owl, with a letter in it's mouth. Fred quickly opened the window and took the owl's note. He walked calmly over to were Angelina was talking to Katie.

"What is it?" She asked. Fred showed her the envelope and Angelina knew at once what was in it. "I'll be right back." She told Katie hastily, as she ran off to the boys dormitory for some privacy.

"Open it." Angelina urged once the door was closed.

"I. I can't." Fred said weakly. Angelina sighed and grabbed the letter from him.

"Come on. Just open it. It won't do any good to just put it off." Angelina said.

"But, this is going to say if I'm a father or not." Fred reminded her. "Maybe we could just throw it away and act like we never got it." He suggested hopefully.

"Fred, open the damn letter." Angelina said impatiently.

"Okay." Fred said reluctantly, taking Britney's letter back from her. He opened the envelope and took a deep breath.

Hey Fred,

How are you? Did the whole you and Angelina thing work out? I hope so. I'm guessing that, from the twenty letters you've sent me in the past week, you want to know if there is a baby or not. Well, I won't beat around the bush... I am not pregnant. I'm sorry I have made these past few months complete hell for you.



Angelina looked up from the letter, and at Fred. He seemed to be reading it over again with sad eyes. When he finished, he looked into Angelina's eyes and gave a weak smile.

"Well. there you go." He said, looking a little disappointed.

Angelina wrapped her arms around him and whispered, "It's okay."

"This is a good thing, right?" Fred asked. "I mean, I wouldn't be a very good father anyway."

Angelina pulled back and looked into Fred's eyes. "You would have made a wonderful father."

"But you said it yourself, I'm immature." Fred said.

"But sometimes that's what kids need. Someone to understand them. Someone to play with." Angelina said, making Fred smile.

"Yeah." Fred said sadly. "I would have made a great dad."

"You would have. Just not yet." Angelina said, hugging him again. "Just think of it this way. When you do become a father, you'll be ready."

"Yeah. I just need to find the right girl." Fred said, kissing Angelina's forehead.

The next day, at breakfast, everyone at Hogwarts got a big surprise.

Angelina was talking to Fred and Katie.

"I can't believe this is our last year." Katie said.

"The year isn't even half over." Angelina laughed. "Don't think about that yet."

"But we are going to be leaving all of our friends!" Katie said. "Aren't you a little sad? I mean you have some really good friends. Like me. And Fred. , except he's your boyfriend." Katie pointed out. "How long did you guys know each other before you decided to date?"

"Ever since the first day of Hogwarts." Fred said. "I met her on the train there first year."

"Yeah, but we weren't friends till months after that." Angelina pointed out to Fred. "I wouldn't talk to him because he put a big old cockroach in my robe pocket. You weren't very mature back then." She laughed.

"I remember that!" Katie said. "You didn't find the bug until the feast! Remember? I asked to see your wand and when you reached in it crawled up your arm!" Katie said, doubling over with laughter.

"Yes, I remember." Angelina said, glaring at Fred. "I think that everyone in the hall remembered it, I screamed so loud." She said, laughing a little.

"But then you forgave me after I took you to Hogsmeades threw that underground tunnel I found." Fred pointed out.

"You only did that because you fancied her." Katie said.

"Really?" Angelina said, looking at Fred. "You liked me that soon? Three months after you met me?"

"I liked you before that. I just wouldn't admit it." Fred said truthfully. Angelina smiled and kissed him.

"God, why don't you just get married?" Katie said sarcastically.

"Why don't we?" Fred said. Angelina laughed, then noticed that Fred wasn't doing the same.

"You're serious?" She asked.

"Well not yet. But maybe. in a few years?" Fred asked. Angelina looked taken aback. Fred got out of his seat and kneeled down on one knee. The whole hall went quiet.

"Angie, will you marry me?" Fred asked.

Katie caught his attention and mouthed, "ring."

"Oh, yeah. The ring." Fred said, searching his pockets even though he knew he didn't have one.

"Here." Katie said, taking a rubber band out of her hair and handing it to Fred.

"Right." Fred said. "Now will you marry me?" He asked a shocked Angelina. "Sometime. in the future?"

Angelina couldn't talk, so she just gave him her hand. Fred wrapped Katie's rubber band around Angelina's finger. The whole hall 'awwed' and started clapping. Angelina pulled Fred into a hug.

"I'll buy you a real ring." He whispered in her ear.

"You don't have to." Angelina said, looking into his eyes. Fred gave her a look and she said, "Okay, you do. But not soon. I'm fine with this. for now." She laughed.

Fred and Angelina wed a few months after they finished school. Angelina didn't take off the rubber band until her wedding, when Fred gave her a real engagement ring, plus a wedding band. They had a baby girl a year later. Her name? Britney. Why? Because without Britney's pregnancy scare, Fred would have never grown up.