Hey there guys and Happy Halloween! I've been sitting on this idea for awhile now so I hope you all enjoy this secret boss chapter based around my favorite Halloween movie Hocus Pocus :) if you haven't seen it before then I highly recommend it! It's super funny! So this bonus boss is set right after the Halloween Town world in Another Side Another Story just so you guys know and without any further ado, let's get started!

Another Side Another Story: Just A Little Hocus Pocus

Riku still didn't know why they ret urged to Halloween Town, but there he was. He was walking alongside West and Mushu along a dark dirt road that lead to Oogie's manor For reasons still unknown to him. West was the one who suggested they go back to the spooky world without saying why. Of course, Riku had no interest of going back and experiencing the discomfort of being a ghost. But, with two votes against one, the sound of West and Mushu's annoying begging and the influence of West's cute face, he was compelled to take them back to Halloween Town via dark corridor.

The silver-haired ghost rolled his eyes as he continued to walk alongside his two companions. He felt frustrated that he still didn't know why they wanted to return so badly. Finally, Riku had enough of being in the dark and turned to West.

"Okay seriously, West what are we doing back here?" He questioned. "We were literally just here. What's the point in coming right back?"

"I left my shoe box here." West replied simply. "When I ran from Oogie's manor I realized I didn't have it."

Riku raised his eyebrow at her. "Seriously?" He asked. "Why couldn't you get it back when you left the manor the first time!?"

"I was kind of busy running for my life." West replied. "That torture chamber was scary and I didn't want to go back alone. Oogie's really freaky when he's up close."

Mushu nodded. "I can believe that." He said as he slithered up on to West's shoulder in his rattlesnake form. "Something's just real creepy about a walking, talking bag of bugs."

"So basically I'm here as a shield?" Riku rolled his eyes.

West and Mushu looked at each other and nodded.

"Yup." Mushu said.

"Pretty much." West agreed.

Riku groaned. "Okay whatever, let's just get this over with." He rolled his eyes as they continued walking.

By that time, they had reached the bridge to Oogie's manor only to be greeted with a sight no one was expecting. Oogie's manor had completely disappeared. The bridge had completely collapsed and there was nothing at all left of the spooky, terror-filled manor, only a giant hole in the ground coated in minimal debris. off to the side you could make out a small green river connecting to two caves, the water reminding them both of the creepy fountain back a Guillotine Square.

None of them could have predicted the disappearance of the entire building. It really was a shock; Oogie and the three trouble making trick or treaters were nowhere to be found. Not a single trace of them remained as far as the group could see. Were they really gone? What could have happened to make the entire manor, Oogie, Lock, Shock and Barrell disappear like that?

"No way..." West gasped. "How did Oogie's entire manor get destroyed like that?!"

Riku released a groan. "I bet it was Sora." He said. "I wouldn't be surprised if we just missed him and his stupid new friends. This is pointless. If the manor is gone, your box is probably gone too. Come on, let's get out of here and get back to Hook's ship already." Riku said as he turned around and started to walk away from the pit.

While Riku slowly walked away, West looked down deep into the large hole that once housed the scary manor. Just as she peered in, she spotted two familiar figures in their Halloween Town forms walking out of one of the caves connected by the river and into the big open area where Oogie's home once stood.

"Kyra? Rusty?" West gasped, causing Riku to turn around and look back down into the pit alongside her and Mushu. Sure enough, there they were in their Halloween Town forms as a reaper and a black cat.

"What are they doing here? I thought they'd be gone by now." Mushu asked curiously.

"I dunno. But let's go say hi!" West exclaimed as she was about to jump into the pit before Riku grabbed her arm and pulled her back.

"Woah, woah hang on there." Riku said as he shook his head. "Look, she's up to something."

As West looked back into the pillar, she realized Riku was right. She looked closer to see that Kyra had pulled an old map out of her jacket and was looking around the area as though she was looking for something. Finally, her eyes spotted a nearby secret hole in the ground and approached it. She and Rusty walked down the path into the hole, then dissapeared from sight.

"Huh?" Mushu asked. "Where'd they go?"

West shook her head. "I dunno but now I'm getting all curiousy inside. Come on let's follow them! Yahoo!" Without another word, West jumped off the edge of the broken bridge.

"Wait! Hold on!" Riku protested as he reached for West but she was already inside the pit. Riku released a groan as Mushu climbed up on to his shoulder. "She's crazy." He groaned.

"Yeah, but you love that about her, right?" Smirked Mushu.

Riku turned his head and glared at the rattlesnake-dragon. "Oh, shut up." He grumbled as he jumped down into the pit after West. The perky thief looked around the area until finally she spotted the secret tunnel Kyra had dissapeared through. As she looked inside, she could clearly see a door in the shape of a guillotine door. (1)

"Woah, cool-looking door." West said in awe as Riku and Mushu caught up with her.

"What's Kyra doing here?" Riku asked, admittedly curious. "And why go through this door of all things?"

"Yeah, no kidding." Mushu agreed. "This door is just screaming creepy."

"I dunno, but lets go ahead and ask Kyra." West suggested as she pulled a nearby lever, allowing the guillotine blade to fall. The moment it came back up, a long, dark catacombs-like tunnel appeared. As soon as she saw the tunnel, West cringed in disgust and fear. "Ugh. This tunnel looks creepy."

Riku groaned. "Then can we go now?"

West shook her head as she slapped her cheeks. "No! Kyra and Rusty might need help! I'll brave this creepy tunnel for them!" Then, West jumped behind Riku, hid behind him and pushed him forward. "You first, though."

Riku released another sigh and rolled his eyes. "You are such a chicken." He groaned. But, he still stepped into the tunnel with Mushu on his shoulder and West hiding directly behind him.

The tunnel was dark, stank of foul sewage and was filled of old, rotting, unmoving skeletons. The ground beneath them was coated in a thin layer of green, slimy sewer water that shifted each moment they took a step the sludge swished under their feet. The tunnel seemed to go on forever, it seemed like no matter how many steps they took through the tunnel, the exit appeared to get further and further away.

After what felt like ages, they finally saw the end of the tunnel. Though, what awaited them at the end was something peculiar; an old witches cottage that sat at an odd angle as though it has been dropped there through a powerful wind. Somehow, Riku got the impression it had been dropped there after its original world fell to darkness. Though, Riku couldn't understand why something like a cottage would survive a world's fall or why it would end up on a different world like Halloween Town.

"A cottage?" Riku asked curiously. "Why would Kyra come here?"

"I don't know." West admitted. "But, she must be inside so let's go ask her!" She sad as she jumped up from behind Riku as started climbing the steps to the cottage. Riku and Mushu followed behind her as she pushed the cottage door open, revealing a dusty interior with old brooms hung up on the wall, a cabinet full of gross-looking potion ingredients and a large cauldron in the centre. Lastly, there was a giant spellbook, ominous-looking spellbook locked in a glass case which Kyra was standing over and looking down at. Rusty looked just as interested in it as she was. Off in a nearby corner was an ominous and peculiar candle with black designs on it. The cottage was so dusty, Mushu was finding it hard to stop himself from sneezing.

Slowly, Kyra opened the glass case and picked up the book. "This is it, Rusty." Kyra said, never taking her eyes off the spellbook. "I almost didn't believe it when Merlin told us Salem fell to darkness. It's still surprising that the entire Sanderson Sisters' cottage ended up on an entirely different world. But, at the same time I'm relieved. With Winifred Sanderson's spellbook we might finally have a chance at finding my family."

"So that's what you're doing here." Riku spoke up, capturing Kyra and Rusty's attention.

Kyra spun around to face the entrance and glared darkly at Riku. "What are you doing here, Snowy Locks?!" She growled. "And why did you bring West?! This cottage is full of darkness and it's dangerous!"

Mushu sniffled as he brushed his nose with his tail. "And not to mention dusty! Seriously, whoever owns this place needs to learn how to clean up!"

West stepped out from behind Riku. "Kyra, don't be upset with Riku. I saw you go through that door and I just wanted to know what you were up to. Riku followed after me. We were just worried about you."

"Well, West was at least." Sighed Riku while Mushu continued to sniffle, almost about to sneeze. "So, what's the story with this cottage? You mentioned something about the Sanderson Sisters?"

Kyra released a groan as she moved to explain. "A few years ago in my travels to look for my family, me and Rusty ended up on a world called Salem. It was Halloween night and I met some kids named Max, Dani and Allison and a talking black cat named Binx in a graveyard surrounded by heartless. After Rusty and I defeated the heartless, they told us they accidentally brought three dangerous witches back from the dead by lighting the black flame candle."

Kyra took adept breath before continuing. "The Sanderson sisters; Winifred, Mary and Sarah. Sarah and Mary were idiots but Winifred was fearsome enough for all three them. They were killed three hundred years ago because they were sucking the lives out of children just to stay young forever. When they were brought back they tried to do it again. The sisters attacked us with everything they had and we all sustained injuries. Somehow, we managed to defeat them but their defeat caused the spell book to dissapear so I left without any information that could help me find my family."

As Kyra finished her story, West looked up at her sister-figure. "So, what are you doing here now?"

"When I heard from Leon that Salem fell to darkness, I heard rumours that the Saderson Sister's cottage ended up on this world. So, I was hoping I could find the spell book or anything that could help me find my family." Kyra said as she held the spell book close to her chest.

Riku shook his head. "I doubt you'll find anything in a dusty old spell book." Riku grumbled under his breath until his eyes reached the black, decorative candle. He could sense a large amount of darkness coming from it. "What's with the gaudy candle?"

Kyra turned and spotted the candle. "It's the black flame candle." She explained. "When lit by an innocent during a full moon, it summons the Sanderson Sisters. Max was the one who lit it last time. If I know the witches, they'll use the darkness that caused their world to fall to come back the moment someone lights it. We better stay away from it; all I want is to get out of here with the book without having to deal with any of that."

While Kyra talked and handled the book, a few stray whisps of dust drifted into the air and flew towards Mushu who already had an itchy nose.

"I thought you said the witches were dumb." Riku argued. "Why would you be worried about having to fight some old dumb hags again."

With a scowl on her face, Kyra marched straight up to Riku, kicking up even more dust on the floor.

"Uh, guys-" Mushu wheezed, but was ignored.

"For your information, Snowy Locks, two of the sisters may be dumb but Winifred more than makes up for it! You wouldn't be laughing if you faced them yourself!"

"Then why don't we light the candle and meet the old broads?" Riku challenged. "I could probably beat them in no time at all, plus I bet Maleficent would appreciate the help."

"G-guys..." Mushu sniffled, finding it even harder to hold back.

"Don't you dare!" Kyra snapped as Rusty growled in anger. "You make one move towards that candle and I'll stick an arrow in you!"

"Riku! Kyra! Calm down!" West stepped in between them. "The last thing we want to do is fight!"

"GUYS!" Mushu suddenly yelled.

"WHAT?!" West, Riku and Kyra shouted in unison as they turned to the dragon.

In the next second, Mushu released a powerful sneeze that sent a large fireball headed straight for them. The others quickly ducked to the floor to avoid the powerful, fiery blast that flew straight over their heads and hit the far wall.

Once the fireball had disappeared, the group looked back towards where the fireball hit, only to gasp in horror. The cottage remained completely intact from the blast, but the black flame candle had been lit.

"Oh no." Kyra's eyes widened in horror at the sight of the lit candle. "This really isn't good." Before their eyes, the flame on the black flame candle turned darker and darker until the flame was completely black.

Realizing what he'd done, Mushu nervously looked around the room as the air around them turned cold as death.

"You know this is not entirely my fault! I wouldn't have sneezed if this place hadn't been so dusty!" The dragon defended.

Kyra glared daggers at Mushu as she, Riku and West pushed themselves up. But, then at that moment the ground violently shook beneath their feet. It felt as though something was trying to push up from beneath the ground. Green smoke and mist pushed up from beneath the floorboards as the shaking increased and all the previously unlit candles in the cottage magically lit one by one. Lastly, the fireplace in the corner roared to life.

The group looked to each other as feelings of dread, fear and nervousness washed over them. Then, they heard the sound of villainous cackles as the front door burst open. Standing in the doorway were none other than the three Sanderson Sisters; Winnifred, Mary and Sarah. The one leading the group, Winifred had wild curly red hair and was dressed in green and gold. Mary was large with black and dark purple done in a twisted up do and dressed in orange and red. Lastly, Sarah was thin with long wavy blonde hair and dressed in purple and pink.

"Sisters! Behold! We have returned to life once again!" Winifred exclaimed as she and her sisters stormed into the cottage, momentarily unaware of the others in the cottage.

"We're getting good at this Winnie!" Mary smiled as she lifted up her head and started sniffing like a dog.

"Last time we turned to dust! Remember that Winnie!?" Sarah exclaimed as she started bouncing around her sisters. "Dust! Dust! Dust!" Sarah was interrupted by Winifred violently punching her in the stomach, sending Sarah doubling over in pain.

"Silence! Now, Sisters, me must act quickly..." Winifred continued.

"Winnie-" Mary said.

"We must begin gathering children at once..."


"Or perhaps we should start the potion first..."


"WHAT IS IT MARY?!" Winifred shouted at her sister impatiently.

"I smell children!" Mary finally said as she pointed in the direction of Kyra, Riku, West, Mushu and Rusty. The witches turned to face them with shocked looks on their faces; it was the first time they'd noticed the world travellers since stepping into the cottage. The witches immediately recognized Kyra despite being in her Halloween Town form.

At the sight of Kyra, Winifred smirked. "Well, sisters look who we have here. It appears to be young Kyra." She grinned. "And is that Thackary Binx? The mangey feline?"

Rusty barked and growled angrily at the sisters for confusing him for his old friend Binx. Though, it was thanks to Halloween Town's magic that he looked like a black cat instead of a fox.

Mary aggressively barked back. "It's little Rusty, Winnie!" Mary loudly barked at Rusty again, causing him to hide behind Kyra's legs.

"Oh, yes I see it now." Smirked Winifred. "So not the mangey feline, but the mangey mutt instead. It truly has been awhile, has it not?"

"Long time no see Winifred." Kyra growled as she crossed her arms. "Mary, Sarah. Just couldn't dissapear along with your world could you?"

"Nope!" Sarah giggled. "We gotta suck the lives out of little children!" She exclaimed.

West cringed in discomfort. "Okay, now that I hear it from them, it just sounds creepy." It was then that Winifred and her sisters fully acknowledged the presence of Riku, West and Mushu.

"Oh, brought more little friends with you?" Winifred smirked while Sarah approached Riku.

"Pretty boy." Sarah said flirtatiously as she held out her arms towards him. "Can we keep him, Winnie? I wanna play with him!"

Mary nodded in agreement, winking at Riku. The silver-haired teen couldn't help but cringe in disgust.

"NO! Focus you idiots!" Winifred snapped angrily at her sisters as she pulled Sarah away from Riku by her hair. "Come, we must hurry, we should prepare for children."

That was enough for Kyra. She immediately drew her bow and arrow and pointed the weapon directly at the witches. "Oh no you don't! I'm not going to let you fly off this world and hurt any innocent children!" She snapped while Rusty stepped out from behind her legs and growled at the sisters.

The Sanderson Sisters looked at each other, then burst out laughing.

"Oh? You really think thou can stop us?" Cackled Winifred.

"I beat you guys once! And that was when I had a broken arm!" Kyra shouted angrily at the witches "I can beat you again! And this time you'll stay gone!"

"Oh ho ho." Winifred laughed evilly as her sisters cackled behind her and grabbed their brooms off a nearby wall. "Oh, we shall see about that, child! Once we have defeated you here then we shall venture out into these other worlds and all the lives of all the children shall be mine!"

With that, Winifred raised her arms as dark black and green smoke swirled around them. The smoke grew more and more intense as it filled the entire cottage and sparks of lightning danced before their eyes. It wasn't long before smoke filled the entire cottage and blinded the heroes.

When Riku opened his eyes again, he gasped in shock at what he saw before him. He, West, Mushu, Kyra and Rusty had been transported to some sort of graveyard-themed battle arena with dark smoke and clouds surrounding them. Thunder and lightning moved all around them.

"What's going on?" West asked fearfully. "Where are we?

"And where are those witches?" Mushu asked.

Immediately, Mushu got his awnser as familiar dark laughter echoed throughout the arena. The group looked up to find Winifred, Mary and Sarah flying above them on their broomsticks.

"Now, here is where you shall meet your end!" Winifred cackled as her sisters joined her in laughter.

"Go ahead and try!" Kyra snarled. "Like I said, I will stop you!" Rusty barked and growled in agreement.

West drew her knife and stood alongside Kyra. "And we'll help too, right Mushu? Right Riku?"

"It's my fault for accidentally lighting the candle so I'll help stop these witches!" Mushu nodded.

Riku summoned Soul Eater to his hand. "I'm not crazy about you hags sucking the lives out of children so I'll help stop you too!"

Kyra glared at Riku. "I didn't ask for your help, snowy locks but since you're already here. I guess we'll work together."

"I feel so honoured." Grumbled Riku.

West rolled her eyes. "Guys, can we please focus?!"

"Hag?!" Winifred growled. "Sisters, did you hear what they called you?! They must be punished!"

With that, the battle began. Winifred dove straight for Kyra while Sarah headed straight for Riku and Mushu and Mary headed for West and Rusty. Winifred sped towards Kyra at top speed but luckily managed to dodge by jumping to the graveyard ground. She ended up with only a mild scratch on her arm. However, as Kyra was making her way back up to her feet, Winifred took advantage of her brief moment of vulnerability and summoned a cluster of lightning bolts down upon her. Kyra cried out in pain as she once again collapsed to the ground. Winifred used this opportunity to approach Kyra and slowly began draining her of her energy to maje herself stronger.

Seeing her friend and sister-figure injured and in distress, West moved away from Mary, kicked Winifred away from Kyra and tossed her friend a potion. Kyra graciously took it and drank the contents, feeling her strength return to her. Unfortunately, Mary moved to attack West, so she had to move away from Kyra quickly. Kyra didn't waste another moment as she adjusted her weapon and fired a cluster of arrows at Winifred, many of them hitting their target and causing continuous damage.

In the meantime, West and Rusty were trying to fend for themselves against Mary who was throwing fireballs at them and trying to drain their energy. The whole time, Rusty and Mary were aggressively barking at each other. Mary was a little too out of reach for West's knife to preform any really powerful attacks so she had to throw her knife instead and make do with weaker attacks that way. This left Rusty as the powerhouse by attacking the witch with a wide variety of magic attacks. West headed the team with potions and elixirs she stole from the witches whenever they got close.

This left Riku and Mushu to deal with Sarah. The whole time they were fighting, she was grinning flirtatiously at Riku which made the silver-haired teen really uncomfortable. And she seemed to be targeting Riku the most out of everyone. She attacked with blizzard magic and tried to confuse and hypnotize the group by singing. Like her sisters, she also tried to drain the group's energy. Mushu's fire breath proved to be very effective against Sarah. While Mushu attacked, Riku used the opportunity to sneak up behind her with a powerful blow from Soul Eater.

Knowing that the sisters were close to defeat, the team knew this was the time to strike. Gathering up all their strength, Riku, Kyra, West, Rusty and Mushu attacked the witches all at once with everything they had. That final blow was enough to defeat the Sanderson sisters and turn them to sparkling green, red and purple dust. And, with their victory, the arena began to fade away.

The next moment Riku opened his eyes he was back inside the cottage with his worn-out teammates.

"D-did we win?" Mushu asked nervously.

"We saw them turn to dust." West said. "I hope that means we won."

Riku nodded. "I can't sense their darkness anymore. That must mean we've defeated them.

As Kyra released a loud groan, the group turned to look at her. "West, Mushu thank you for sticking with me during that fight. And..." She released another groan. "...Thank you too, Snowy Locks I guess. You didn't leave is to die so I guess that's something."

"A simple thank you would be enough." Riku rolled his eyes. "You know, I'm not as heartless as you think, Kyra."

Kyra glared at him. "If you werent as heartless as I thought then you wouldn't be dragging West around with you to all these worlds, putting her in danger and associating with someone as evil as Maelficent." Kyra then turned to West. "West, come on let me take you back to Traverse Town with me where it's safe!"

West hated seeing Kyra worried about her like this, but she still shook her head. "Kyra I'm sorry I'm making you worry. I really am but this is something I have to do." Mushu even looked really sad and heartbroken as he climbed on to West's shoulder.

"Come on, West we should get going." Riku said as he put a hand on her shoulder. "Maleficent'll be wondering where we are."

"Right." West nodded. "I'll see you later, Kyra, okay?"

Seeing she wasn't going to change West's mind, Kyra groaned. "Yeah. I'll see you later."

With that, Riku, West and Mushu stepped out of the cottage, began walking down the steps and towards the tunnel. As they walked, Riku turned to West.

"So you didn't see your shoebox anywhere?" He asked, a hint of annoyance in his voice. "I mean, that's what we came here for in the first place, right?"

West shook her head. "I should have realized it was gone the second I saw Oogie's manor was gone. I'm sorry for putting you through so much trouble."

Riku released a sympathetic sign as he took her hand in his. "Don't worry about it. I just feel bad you lost all those artefacts from different worlds.

"It's okay." West smiled up at him. "I have memories of all the worlds I visited with you, that's enough for me. So, thank you for giving me my dream and showing me all these different worlds."

"Geez, you guys! Get a room!" Mushu interrupted from his position on West's shoulder. West and Riku quickly turned to face away from each other, their faces bright red.

"Mushu! Don't say weird things like that!" West blushed.

"Right, let's just go." Riku said, trying to hide his blushing fave as he held up his hand and opened a dark corridor.

As Kyra watched Riku, West and Mushu leave through the dark corridor, she released a sigh and opened the spell book. She immediately began flipping through the pages, looking for any kind of spell that could help her. Rusty looked up and watched her, a worried expression on his face as Kyra flipped through the pages. His worry was justified; when she first started looking through the book she had a hopeful look in her eyes but as she looked through more and more pages that hope was quickly fading away.

Finally, Kyra reached the last page of the book and her face fell into despair. She angrily shut the book and violently threw it against the cottage wall, causing Rusty to jump in surprise.

"Nothing! There's nothing there! It's a dead end!" Kyra shouted in a pained voice mixed with anger and despair. "We came all the way here for nothing! It's hopeless! I'll never see my family again and I'll be alone forever!" She cried as she collapsed to her knees on the cottage floor and tears started to fall.

Sensing Kyra's pain, Rusty slowly approached her. Tears wouldn't stop falling as she continued to cry. Then, she felt a soft, furry paw rest atop her knee. She looked down to find Rusty looking up at her with sympathetic, understanding eyes. He gently nudged his head against her leg in a comforting manner. Kyra used her sleeves to wipe her tears and then pulled her furry friend in her arms, into a tight hug.

"Thanks, Rusty." Kyra smiled as he pet his head. "I'm sorry, I guess I just got my hopes up a little too much. But, yeah, I know I'm not alone. I have you."

Rusty barked up at her and nuzzled into her neck, trying to comfort her. He then wrapped his paws around her neck as though he was hugging her.

"You've always been by my side, haven't you?" Kyra hugged him back. "Don't worry, that was just a brief moment of weakness. I won't give up on finding them as long as you're by my side.

Rusty barked in agreement as he happily licked her cheek.

Kyra laughed as she tried to stop Rusty from licking her. "Okay, okay enough already. Come on, this may have been a dead end but that doesn't mean we can give up. Come on, we should head back to Traverse Town."

With that, Kyra and Rusty stepped out of the cottage on their way back to Traverse Town. As they wandered back towards the tunnel, they walked past stone statues of the Sanderson Sisters that weren't there before, proving that they truly did defeat them.

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(1): Any one else thought that door lead somewhere in KH1?