Hello everyone! It's Corn/Crackers. This is going to be a short A/N, I'm afraid, not an actual chapter. My attention has been drawn back to this story (and a few of my others) lately by more activity happening. I do want to continue this story in particular, but I can't remember where I was going. So, I'm going to re-write it and tweak a few things, and figure out where I want it to go. I will publish the first chapter of that version (Likely it will be titled "If One Never Left [REWRITE]") in a few days, I haven't started writing yet. To be honest the prospect is a little daunting. O.O If you're new to my stories, hi nice to meet you, I'm Corn, and I hope you like them! (As cringey as some are, because I sucked at writing a few years ago and probably still do, haha)
See ya in a few days!