Chapter 5; Destruction vs. War; Battle of The Gods!

A little while later and Naruto was sitting on a beach waiting for his bae, idiot and Grover to arrive. Nai-chan was in their mansion petting Kurama who he had let out in kit form. Naruto could hear the fox purring and he was so going to hold that over the foxes head. His eyes then shifted when Annabeth, Grover and Percy all appeared, with Percy holding the Master Bolt. Naruto wasn't shocked to see him holding it, because he knew that it was in the pack the water boy had gotten from Ares. Naruto had let it proceed mainly because he wanted to kick the God of War ass anyway. He standing up counted down in his head before said God arrived. Sure enough Ares appeared and somehow not noticing him talked to Percy, Annabeth and Grover. He then summoned a boar to attack the three. Naruto stomping his foot created a huge hand of sand and crushed the boar before it could even move. Suddenly all eyes turned to him. Smirking he said "So the wannabe god and the cry baby titan have teamed up. Can't say I wasn't expecting it."

Ares glaring with hate at him said "I'm gonna get you for what you did to my brother."

Naruto shedding his shirt and cracking his knuckles said "Bring it on bitch."

Ares roaring charged at Naruto who let the Rinne Sharingan bleed into his eyes. He dashing towards Ares, clashed fist with him, sending a powerful shockwave across the beach. Ares swinging with the sword in his other hand, growled when Naruto countered it with Madara's Gunbai. This made a metal clang ring out. Naruto with an blood thirsty smirk on his face said "Oh yes. Give me a good fight wannabe or your precious father will loose his son today."

Ares growling tried to force Naruto to move, but Naruto didn't budge. Naruto shocking Ares and making the gods watching gasp, literally grew another arm and hand out of his body. This hand quickly started to go through handsigns. Naruto smirking said "Shoton; Crystal Encampment Wall!"

Eyes nearly popped out of sockets when a huge wall of crystal literally formed in front of Annabeth, Grover and Percy. Naruto once this was done jumped back and started to blur through handsigns with all three hands. He finishing cried out "Water/Lightning/Fire style; XYZ Dragon Jutsu!"

He then unleashed a absolutely gigantic dragon that ripped up the very ground around it and made the very air tremble as it barreled towards Ares. Ares rolling to the left watched as the dragon soared out over the ocean and exploded into a bright light. He snarling charged towards Naruto with his sword once again. Naruto laughing swung with his gunbai and actually managed to knock the sword out of Ares hands. Naruto laughing jumped into the air and caught the sword he had just knocked out of Ares hand with his third hand. He then to the continued shock of everyone watching grew another arm. He landing started to blur through handsigns with his original two hands and landed on tiger. He taking a deep breath in said "Fire Style; Flight of the Blazing Dragon Jutsu!"

He then unleashed an unholy torrent of flames from his mouth that literally turned all of the sand it touched into glass. Ares with wide eyes tried to dodge this attack, but was hit directly in his chest. This caused the God of War to cry out in pure pain. Naruto ending the jutsu, dashed forward and slammed his gunbai into Ares side. He once Ares bent over from the force of the attack kicked the god of war in the face making the man lean back. Naruto of course used this opportunity to slash the man across the face with his own sword. Ares screamed in pain as his golden blood actually spilled into his eyes. Naruto kicking the man laughed as he landed in the ocean. Blurring through more handsigns, this time with all four hands he said "Shakuton; Truth in their Eyes jutsu!"

Suddenly 10 tomoe appeared and launched at Ares, who was forced to scream in pure agony as his body was literally burned from the inside out. Naruto laughing coated the sword of Ares in demonic chakra and tossed it at the man. The blade lodging into Ares made the man scream as the demonic chakra burned into his body. Ares ripping his sword out growled and changed his sword into a spear. He charging towards Naruto said "Take this you little shit."

Naruto spotting the electricity coming from the spear, smirked and blurred through more handsigns and soon the beach was filled with the sound of crackling electricity. Naruto was now holding four chidori. Naruto dashing forward said "Allow me to show you what lightning looks like."

He then surging chakra through his body made the chidori gain intensity. Naruto nearly at Ares, spun in and with his elbow snapped the spear in half shocking Ares. Naruto then spinning again kicked Ares towards the water once more. Once the man hit the water, Naruto tossed all four chidori into the air and watched as they connected with the charges in the air and formed mighty clouds above him. Naruto laughing turned to look Annabeth directly in the eyes. He said "Watch this bae, I just came up with it."

The cry of thunder was then heard and actual rain started to pelt the part of the beach not behind a barrier. Naruto lifting up his right hand said "Do tell me how this feels dumb ass. True Storm Style; Electrokinetic Murderous Playground Jutsu!"

When he said this a huge bolt of dark red lightning literally struck the exact spot where he was standing. Annabeth with wide eyes screamed "NARUTO!"

Ares getting out of the ocean smirked thinking that it was over, when suddenly a searing pain could be felt coming from his right hand. He looking at said appendage gained wide eyes as he no longer had a right hand, all that was there was a bleeding stump. Ares was in shock wondering how this was possible when suddenly Naruto's taunting laughter could be heard. Annabeth the other two also hearing this laughter gained wide eyes wondering where Naruto was. Hell some of the gods watching were wondering where Naruto was. Suddenly the air started to spark, and these sparks slowly formed a face. Annabeth gained wide eyes spotting Naruto's face laughing in the air. Naruto still laughing said "This is the genius of my jutsu. I am now literally one with lightning and this storm is my playground."

Ares wasn't the only one to blanch hearing this, as this attack was truly genius and beyond anything anyone had ever come up with. Naruto laughing said "Now then back to the destruction of a god."

The sparks then dispersed and Ares cried out in pain as a huge slash appeared across his back. He cried out again when another slash appeared on his left leg. Ares picking up the sand, covered himself with it. Smirking he said "I just found a way around your attacks."

Naruto's taunting laughter could once again be heard. The laughter stopping said "You truly are the very definition of idiot. Fool that sand is soaked with water, and even if it wasn't it's raining dipshit, meaning that the sand would quickly become soaked, or wash off."

Ares gained wide eyes as if figuring this out. He had no time to do anything else as he was launched clear out into the ocean and once he actually hit the water, he lit up like a Christmas tree. Ares was screaming out in pure agony as currents coursed through his body. Percy spotting this asked "What the hell?"

Naruto's voice could be heard saying "Even the ocean has an electric charge right now and since it is after all water."

Annabeth quickly said "Ares is in a world of pain unlike anything anyone has ever been put in."

Naruto's voice was heard saying "Correct my beautiful Annabeth." Annabeth blushed hearing this.

The gods were shocked watching this battle between gods. Hera was simply shocked out of her mind spotting the man she was quickly becoming smitten with kicking her son's ass with ease. Aphrodite was trying to stop the perverted thoughts flooding her mind spotting Naruto easily kick her ex-boyfriend's ass with the practice and ease of a six grader. Hell he was kicking Ares ass like it was just a simple training exercise. Athena was nodding to her decision to have sex with Naruto, as the man was proving himself to be very capable in battle and his intelligence was beyond any mortal she had ever seen. Apollo was watching Naruto move and was amazed at how much it resembled a dance, a deadly dance at that. Hermes did not envy Ares at all and was honestly already picturing Naruto's ascension to godhood. He couldn't stop the smirk that appeared on his face if he tried as he could already feel how drunk he was going to get from that party. Poseidon was happy that his son didn't have to fight anymore, but was also worried because he could tell that Percy had a thing for Athena's daughter which would not end well. Zeus was stewing in his anger as what Naruto was doing, shouldn't be possible and only he should be able to do. Dionysus broadcasting this battle to the camp was starting to like Naruto more and more. Artemis broadcasting the battle to her hunters couldn't believe the power Naruto had at his disposal or that Naruto was actually facing a god in battle. Hestia tending to the fire was making plans to loose her virginity to Naruto, as he was too damn sexy for her to resist. Hephaestus watching Naruto kick Ares like a low down dirty dog smiled already liking this kid and thinking of meeting him. The other gods were simply shocked at what they were seeing.

Ares managing to climb out of the ocean glared at Naruto and said "You little brat. It's time I stopped playing games with you."

He then roared and became shrouded in a bright light. Annabeth spotting this quickly said "Cover your eyes he's going into full god mode."

Percy and Grover quickly shielded their eyes and even turned away. When the light finally died down Ares was now standing there coated in a red aura and completely healed from any injuries Naruto had given him. Smirking he said "Now I'll kill you brat and Aphrodite will once again be mine."

His response was Naruto's taunting laughter. Naruto actually appearing was still laughing. Ares snarling at this charged towards Naruto and punched him clean in the jaw sending him flying. Ares smirking said "Heh got you brat."

When the smoke cleared Naruto could be seen laying in the sand, no longer laughing. Naruto slowly standing up had a cold impassive look on his face, but his eyes revealed just how angry he was. Naruto walking forward said "You want to stop playing games. Then so be it."

He making the ram handsign said "You will be the first to bear witness to my god form."

All eyes widened hearing this and Percy was the first to ask "Did he just say his god form?"

Annabeth nodding numbly said "He did."

Naruto shutting both of his eyes was soon inside of his mindscape. He looking Juubi directly in the eyes said "It's time Juubi."

She nodding leaned forward and touched her forehead to Naruto and quickly started to vanish. On the outside a slit on the middle of Naruto's forehead slowly opened and everyone blinked when the Rinne Sharingan appeared in this slit. A tremendous amount of energy then hit the entire world and a black aura appeared around Naruto. Naruto's shirt burned off from this aura and his four powerful arms were now glowing with pure power. A huge pair of wings then appeared from his back looking much like that of an eagle. 10 large lion tails appeared. The power then gained a dark feeling to it and several humans, animals and even some gods felt their pants get heavy, having shit their own pants. Naruto slowly opening his main eyes revealed ice cold blue eyes. He then dropped out of the ram handsign and said "Behold the face of the God of Destruction and your death Ares."

Ares snorting said "You can't kill me brat, no matter what you do to yourself."

Naruto snorting said "We will see."

He then vanished and Ares was hunched over from the sheer power behind Naruto's punch to his stomach. He was then launched into the air by an uppercut from Naruto. One of Naruto's tails then grabbed the god by his ankles and slammed him back down, slamming him into the ocean. Naruto blurring through handsigns said "Hyoton; Temple of the Almighty God of Frost Jutsu!"

Jaws literally scraped the ground when the very air and the water froze turning into a giant building that looked like it could belong to some long lost god. Ares inside of said temple was trying to stop himself from shivering at how cold it was. His eyes widened when Naruto appeared inside of the ice with that same impassive look on his face. Ares growling punched the ice but gained wide eyes when he didn't even dent the structure. He then heard Naruto's voice from all around him saying "This ice is beyond the power of mortals and to be frank, beyond the power of gods. This ice was created with the very power of a Primordial goddess and nothing short than a titan can break free of this temple."

Ares hearing this lost all color in his face, and the smell of shit tainted the air. Naruto actually being able to smell the fear his words had just place in Ares smirked and said "Welcome to my domain, where pain will become your only name and suffering will be your only desire."

Six Naruto then stepped out of the walls each holding Madara's Gunbai or the Kusanagi. Naruto said "Your first round begins now."

All six clones then blurred towards Ares who barely blocked the attack from three of the six clones. The other three managed to land their attacks, leaving three deep slashes on his arm. Ares screaming in pain turned around and stabbed one of the clones in the heart. He gained wide eyes when the clone melted into ice. He was then slashed across his back making more of his blood spill onto the ice. He growling spun in a circle and managed to destroy all of the clones. Naruto watching this stomped his foot and Ares was soon pelted with billions of ice needles that numbed the part of his body they touched. Ares gained wide eyes when 12 clones of Naruto now stepped out of the ice dome, all having four arms and a weapon in each hand. Naruto said "Your second round begins now."

Ares cursed hearing this and tried to shake the numbness off of himself, but reacted too late as 6 clones pounced on him and started to punish the god of war, making more of his blood spill into the dome.

Outside of the dome Annabeth was amazed, turned on and terrified all at once. She was amazed that Naruto had created something so masterful and elegant out of ice. She was turned on because Naruto's body was letting our pheromones that were hitting her full force and making her want to jump Naruto's bones. She was terrified because the man she was in love with was proving himself to be a powerful being that wasn't afraid to fight. Percy was just plain out shitting himself, as the power Naruto was putting out would make even the mightiest monster whimper and run for cover. Grover was actually not afraid for some reason, almost as if he knew that Naruto would never use this power on him. The Aphrodite cabin at camp was up cheering for their brother, as he battled the God of War. Said God's cabin was worried for their father, except for Clarisse who was for some reason turned on watching her father be absolutely destroyed by Naruto. Apollo's cabin was wondering if Ares was going to win this fight or not. The Athena cabin was shocked at the power Naruto was showing and wondered if Annabeth being him was really a good idea. It was like this for most of the camp, except for Luke who was very angry at the turn of events, as Percy was supposed to have died by now.

With the gods, Hera was struggling to keep Nuibari by her side as apparently the sword had felt it's masters power and wanted to return to his side instantly. She was also worried about how damp her panties were getting from just watching her son get the brutal beat down. Zeus was no longer pissed, but was very worried for the life of Ares as the power Naruto was putting out rivaled a titan with ease. He had also realized just how lucky Hercules was, as if Naruto had used this power on him, he would be down a son already. Athena was scraping her plans on just having sex with Naruto and leaving. No now she wanted to marry him and have as many kids as he wanted, because what he was doing had turned her on so much, she could drown a child in her panties. Aphrodite knew for sure that she had to do everything within her power to get Naruto to forgive her, so she could get him to fuck her brains out and impregnate her. She was also rubbing her thighs together as like Athena she could most likely drown a child in her panties. Apollo was now in the same boat as Hermes and was already planning on the party for Naruto's ascension to Godhood. Hell he even knew what Naruto was going to be the god of. Destruction, Chaos and Demons. Hermes was already getting ready to order to wine and entertainment for the epic party that was going to be Naruto's ascension. Hermes knew he was going to be so wasted at that party. Dionysus was laughing his red ass of at the ass kicking Naruto was giving his arrogant brother Ares and couldn't wait for the party that Naruto was going to get for his ascension to godhood. Hephaestus was really excited to meet Naruto as the boy was getting rid of his biggest headache and making said headache look like a rabid dog that needed to be put down a long time ago. Poseidon was now wondering what he was going to wear to Naruto's ascension to godhood, as Ares was a Deadman walking, even he could tell that. Artemis with Naruto's headband pressed closely to her chest could literally hear her heart beating at a million miles a minute, as there was no doubt within her mind that she was in love with Naruto and knew that sooner or later she would be having his children. She was also wondering when he was going to come for his headband as it was a part of his identity and what made him a ninja.

Hades in the underworld was impressed and terrified at the power of the young god known as Naruto. He looking at his wife also knew that soon he would be loosing her and she'd finally be free of the curse he placed on her so long ago. Hell thinking on that he should most likely get rid of that, before she met Naruto, so that the young god didn't come after him. He shivered knowing that if Naruto did come after him that battle would reshape the underworld and he'd loose. Persephone licking her lips wanted Naruto and wanted him bad.

Ares having managed to survive 12 rounds and defeated multiple clones of Naruto was finally free of the ice temple of doom and was thanking Zeus that he had managed to do so. He landing on the ice cold beach turned and started to search for the real Naruto. Said person was sitting at the very top of his ice temple looking at Ares with boredom in his eyes. He standing up jumped down from his ice temple and landed directly in front of Ares who snarled spotting his target. Ares asked "Are you ready to die brat?"

Naruto sighing said "No but you are."

Ares snorting asked "What are you talking about brat?"

Naruto sighing again pointed up. All eyes followed the direction he was pointing an every single living being blanched spotting an absolutely huge meteor falling from the sky. Ares taking several steps back asked "What the hell?"

Naruto said "Behold what really killed the dinosaurs and one of the most powerful jutsu known to Madara Uchiha."

The meteor then caught on fire and to the horror of Ares roots and vines wrapped around him. Naruto turning around and looking Annabeth directly in the eyes said "This is your protection from all that may even think to hurt you my dear Annabeth."

Ares screamed as he tried to escape the roots and vines keeping him in place. Naruto then said "Behold your end Ares. Tengai Shinsei!"

The meteor was then revealed to actually be thee large meteors that collided with each other and slammed into the exact place Ares was standing, creating a massive earthquake that could be felt all the way in North Carolina. When the smoke cleared, Annabeth gasped. There was absolutely nothing left of Ares and all of the sand that once covered the shore of the beach had been superheated into glass. She then looked towards Naruto and did something she would deny to her very last breath. She swooned, as Naruto had his eyes closed and was letting snow fall gently on his face. Naruto slowly opening all three of his eyes said "As the snow falls gently from the sky, the ground below shatters and rumbles. The broken shards of a thousand stained glass windows reveal the sad story a angry god, seeking revenge for the belief that something that he thought belonged to him, was taken away from him."

Naruto lifting his right hand up started to collect snow in it as he said "The structure of the snow reveals the instrument of his defeat, his untimely fall."

Naruto closing his hand said "He was felled in battle by a god of destruction, and then ten tails."

Naruto then looking at the pink barrier that was still up dropped it and shaking his hair blew all of the glass away. Once it was clear, Naruto walked straight up to Percy and grabbed the Master Bolt. Naruto lifting it up until it was in his face said "I should just take this and make the big baby live without it or come and try to take it from me."

Naruto dropping out of his god form handed the Master Bolt back to Percy and said "But I have no need for it and would hate being the King of gods."

He turning to look at Annabeth smirked as she was still swooning at his little display. He grabbing her face pulled her into a kiss, that made the daughter of Athena's left leg curl up behind her. Annabeth felt like she was in heaven and never wanted to leave. They kissed like this for about five minutes when a blushing Grover coughed. Naruto ending the kiss had a smirk on his face, while Annabeth had a healthy blush on her face. Naruto disconnecting himself from Annabeth who whimpered said "You three need to get the big baby his little toy."

He turning around and walking towards the ocean said "Percy make sure you don't loose that thing, Annabeth, I'll see you later. Grover, you did a good job."

He then stomping his right foot down caused the earth to mend and the tsunami that had formed from the earthquake to vanish. Naruto once sure all of the disasters were avoided cracked his knuckles said "Now if you excuse me I have somewhere to be."

He then to the continued shock of everyone watching vanished in a burst of black butterflies. Annabeth with hearts for her eyes said "He's so dreamy."

Grover rolling his eyes said "We need to get moving."

Percy also rolling his eyes said "We should return the master bolt