Hello. Not exactly sure what I thought about while writing this, but here you go!

Chapter 1

"If you could do something, whatsoever your heart desires, what would it be?" Elijah lightheartedly asked from the driver's seat.

Rebekah was quick to answer, her tone as sharp as a knife. "To rip Kol's bloody heart straight from his chest, and then drop his useless body into the ocean!"

Elijah sighed and pinched the ridge of his nose and spoke silently to himself. "This is going spectacularly."

"Aw, com'on, Bekah darling," Kol quipped from the back seat of the SUV. He leaned forward to speak in her ear. "You can't blame this on me. It was our wonderful brother who suggested this lovely family bonding session."

"Shut up, you idiot," Rebekah snapped.

"Enough!" Klaus snarled next to Kol. "Pull the damn car over, Elijah."

"On the middle of the freeway?" Rebekah alarmingly asked, glimpsing over her left shoulder to give him a bizarre look.

"Pull over. Now."

Kol chuckled, "We've all but lasted ten minutes together. I'd say that's a new record for us. Back to the coffins, is it, Nik?"

"For God's sake, Kol. Don't further antagonize him!" Rebekah ridiculed, reaching a hand back to strike at Kol. Kol quickly ducked from her sharp nails.

Elijah pulled the SUV over and Klaus immediately exited the vehicle. Elijah followed Klaus, wanting to reason with Klaus. Rebekah and Kol remained inside, however, quarreling every curse word under the sun at one another. Luckily, there was a seat between the pair.

"Niklaus, please, for the sake of our family, what must I do to make you stay?"

Klaus ran a hand through his tussled curls. He turned to face his brother. "For starters, if you honestly care, we need our space. Not to be hauled about all over in a vehicle. If I go back in there, I will dagger the lot of them."

"The mansion then," Elijah stated rather than questioned.

Klaus perked his head up to the idea. Yes, Klaus thought, he could make due with the mansion. That was where he preferred to be, after all.

Upon their agreement, Elijah and Klaus returned to the vehicle. The remainder of their drive, however, could not have been predicted.

"Would you look at that sight?" Kol expressed, pressing his face against the glass window for a better view of the blonde woman walking down the streets of Mystic Falls. Her blonde hair shimmered like sand and gold in the sunlight.

"Elijah, you must stop."

Rebekah narrowed her eyes at the blonde Kol was drooling over. "Kol, must you be so daft? It's just that hideous, chaotic cheerleader who Nik is obsessed with."


Kol rolled down his window in an attempt to grab the blonde's attention, despite Klaus threatening his very existence.

"Leave the poor girl alone, Kol." Elijah finally warned from the driver's seat.

Kol ignored his brother's request, sticking his head out the window and calling for the woman. Rebekah rolled her eyes and applied pink lip-gloss while looking up at herself through the visor's mirror.

Klaus, on the other hand, was seething.

"Stop the damn car."

"Not again." Rebekah loudly groaned.

Elijah hit the brakes, nearly sending Rebekah into the windshield and her lip-gloss to the floor.

"Bloody hell, Elijah!?" She shrieked. "Do you even know how to drive this thing?"

"Perhaps you should be wearing your seat belt," Elijah said.

As the vehicle full of originals stopped in the middle of the street beside her, Caroline debated whether or not she should make a run for her life or see what all the commotion was. And who the hell was shouting those tasteless lines at her?

Klaus exited the car and walked onto the street. He appeared to not take notice of Caroline, or refused to do so.

Caroline was so very, very confused.

"Klaus? What's going o– "

"Not now, love."

Caroline watched him for a moment longer before shrugging and continuing on with her walk to the Grill. She decided that she did not want to know what was going on if Klaus' entire family was involved.

Elijah exited the vehicle then and approached Klaus on the street. Thanks to Caroline's vampire hearing, she overheard Elijah speaking quietly to Klaus. "Home is not too far away, Niklaus. You must hold out for a little while longer. That's all I ask of you."

"Like I said, brother, I'm going to dagger them."

Caroline elected to look back at the SUV parked in the middle of the street where she could see Kol and Rebekah having a rather heated discussion. Although, a heated discussion was putting it lightly. This was the beginning of a battle of between two enraged lions.

Elijah took notice to Caroline then, hope lighting up his eyes like a Christmas tree. "Good afternoon, Miss Forbes. Would you care to join my family and me on this peaceful afternoon drive?"

Klaus rolled his eyes.

Shit! Caroline thought. She should've booked it out of there when she had the chance!

"Sorry - I have other things to do," She smiled, walking away again.

Elijah raised an eyebrow, a did she just refuse my request sort of eyebrow raise. No one says 'no' to an original vampire. "I deeply regret to do this, Caroline, but you leave me no choice."


"Seriously? What do you need me for? I have enough problems of my own, thank you very much!" Caroline awkwardly fidgeted, sitting between Klaus and Kol in the backseat.

Kol laughed, "You'll fit in quite perfectly then, sweetheart. Besides, your problems will never reach the extent of Rebekah's. It would be quite difficult to - what do the kids these days say? - get on her level."

"Honestly, Elijah," Rebekah started, switching her death glare from Kol to Caroline through her visor's mirror. "I don't see the need in bringing this brat along. You do remember her and her little friends trying to kill us, don't you?"

Elijah ignored Rebekah, keeping his eyes on the road.

Caroline pulled out her phone and, as secretly as she could, sent a text message for help.


The original family, plus Caroline, finally pulled up to the original's mansion.

Elijah nearly squinted. "Is that Stefan Salvatore?"

"Stefan?" Rebekah abruptly questioned. She released Kol's hair from her death grip and sat normally back in her seat. Obviously, the seat between the two siblings was not enough to stop her from getting to him. Kol rubbed his head and patted down his hair.

Rebekah's voice fell soft, almost caring. "What's he doing here?"

"My rescue," Caroline muttered. She reached across Klaus's lap and clawed for the door handle. When it opened, she climbed out. She ignored Klaus's legs and strong shoulder, which she grabbed a hold of so she didn't fall to her face.

Stefan had been patiently waiting outside, sitting on a wooden bench near the mansion's front doors. Once he saw Caroline come fumbling out of the vehicle, he rushed over to her side.

"Caroline, are you all right? What did they do to you?" Stefan asked, taking on a defensive stance once Caroline moved to him. His eyes quickly inspected her body, only to find nothing seemingly wrong with it and all her limbs still intact.

The original family had by now exited the vehicle. Rebekah was examining her nails while leaning on the car's front hood; an ill excuse to see Stefan. Elijah was waiting at the mansion's front entrance for everyone. Kol was scheming a way to get back at his sister for ruining his hair. And Klaus debated if he wanted to lock himself away in his gallery or dagger his siblings for peace for another 50 years or so.

"Let's go." Caroline shot back at Stefan, already making her way down the driveway.

Stefan threw a hand in the air, completely in shock. "You said they were torturing you. You said it was life or death."

"Yeah, well, they were and it was!"

"She's clearly exaggerating," Rebekah spat. "Not even a scratch on her perfect little body. Although that can be easily arranged - "

"Excuse our sister." Kol interrupted, "She tends to get easily jealous by pretty little things such as yourself."

Rebekah shot him another death glare.

Stefan quickly noticed the original family all had the crazy eyes, which was more than usual. He was beginning to regret his decision of coming to Caroline's aid.

"Inside. Now." Elijah suddenly ordered over everyone.

Kol and Rebekah continued their quarrel as they entered the mansion.

Elijah then looked to Stefan and Caroline, a thought crossing his mind. "You two will accompany us for the time being."

Caroline's jaw dropped. No way in hell was she staying any longer with them.

"On what condition?" Stefan asked.

A faint smile found it's way on Elijah's lips. "On the condition that you and your friends will be kept safe from my family in the future, and as long as we remain in this place."

Caroline hit Stefan's arm with the back of her hand. "We are not staying another second."

-An hour later-

They had stayed another second, in fact, they had stayed far longer than preferred. After the hour it took to gather everyone in the den, Stefan had by long regretted his unwise decision.

"Send help." Stefan desperately whispered into his phone as he hid away in one of the bathrooms scattered around the mansion. Of course, he had chosen the one bathroom without any windows to escape from.

There was a sudden knock on the bathroom's wooden door. He ended the call abruptly and turned the running water off from the sink.

"What's taking so long?" Rebekah's impatient voice could be heard on the other side of the door. "Did you fall in?"

Stefan sighed and exited the bathroom, walking straight pass her as if she were invisible. Rebekah had been following him all around the mansion, stating that he needed an eye kept on him in fear of his unspoken plots to kill them.

Stefan continued down the hall.

Rebekah threw her hands in the air. "Unbelievable. It's like I'm not even here."

This was definitely the last time Stefan came running to one of Caroline's distress calls.


Back in the sitting room, Caroline was curled up on one of the leather couches.

Elijah had somehow tracked down Klaus and brought him back.

Klaus was now sitting opposite of Caroline, scribbling in his sketchbook while leaning back into the couch. Kol was pacing around the empty fireplace while Elijah tried speaking of acceptable activities the family could try out in hopes to adjusting with the 21st century. This was only phase one in rebuilding their family.

"Elijah, you worry too much." Kol shrugged. His eyes were fixed on the cabinet in the next room - the cabinet full of all Klaus's rare and expensive alcoholic bottles collected from around the world. "I'd say we're doing a fine job at not killing those around us. Don't you agree, Caroline?"

"Just wonderful," She mocked.

"And Nik?"

"Sod off, you halftwit." Klaus threatened.

"See! Just brilliant!"

Caroline brought her hands up to cover her face. "Why am I here again? Can't you guys work out your own problems? I have other plans that don't include sitting around in a house full of crazies."

Klaus's brows furrowed briefly before he closed his sketchbook and stood up from the couch.

"Are we done here, brother?" Klaus hissed.

Elijah rubbed the back of his head and spoke calmly. "We haven't even started yet, Niklaus. Perhaps if our sister and Stefan would be so kind to join us."

"Rebekah!" Klaus shouted, his voice looming over the mansion.

After no answer, Klaus left the room in search of a drink to quell his anger. Caroline stood up. "You know what? Fine. I'll help. Just as long as I get to leave at a practical time. Today."

"Deal," Elijah agreed.