Caroline soon found Klaus prowling in the mansion's wine cellar deep underground. If she couldn't escape in assisting Elijah with his 'plans', then Klaus didn't merit that luxury, either. Elijah had then suggested to Caroline that if she'd merely ask him, Klaus would agree to anything she wanted. She did not entirely understand Elijah's vague reasoning but was about to test his odd speculation, nonetheless. Boldly, Caroline stepped into the large stone room that housed a few of Klaus's world-famous wines that he had collected over the years.

When he heard her approach, Klaus turned to glance back at her with a smirk already etched on his face. "It's as if you know the place."

"I can hear you moving around, you know?" Caroline muttered, pausing a few feet away from him. "Now, I'm down here to get you since your brother seems to believe that I'm his personal slave. Which, by the way, is completely creepy and not at all appreciated."

Klaus chuckled softly, drawing a bottle from the shelves to thoroughly inspect it. "And what use would my brother have for a baby vampire as a slave?"

"In case you haven't yet noticed, I was taken against my will before since he somehow believes that I can help with your family drama."

Klaus's signature smirk immediately left his face and was replaced by a scowl. He glared up at her with a now menacing gaze. "Those idiots can do whatever the hell they please for all I care."

"Elijah doesn't seem to think so," She countered, unfazed by the irritation clearly evident in his tone. Caroline folded her arms over her chest. "If we're all being forced to help, so can you."

"Now why would I do that when I have more important matters to attend to?"

"Like what?"

Klaus nonchalantly shrugged, depositing the wine bottle back on the racks - evidently not up to his taste. "Like forming my hybrid army, perhaps?"

Caroline resisted the urge to roll her eyes. Not this again.

Klaus continued on while his fingers loomed and rifled the shelves for another bottle. "It seems my amiable family often forgets my true motives and actually believes in the impractical notion that people can change."

"People can change," Caroline said, her voice lowering sympathetically as she added, "Anyone can."

A dark expression spread over Klaus's features as he spoke back at her. "That's just it - I'm not just anyone else. I don't want to change."

"Fine." Caroline cut in, getting straight to the point, causing Klaus to raise an eyebrow in surprise. "You don't have to change, but, please, we all have lives we would like to get back to! Elijah won't let us leave unless we help him." Klaus's expression then remained fixed, obviously not interested, so Caroline threw in something extra she was sure going to regret. "I'll even…promise to let you take me out on that date if you help." She quickly squeaked out.

Klaus all but froze for a moment until he finally turned to face her completely. "Don't make promises you can't keep, love," He said, gravely, watching her for any signs of falsehood.

"I promise."

Caroline watched as Klaus's deadly gaze changed into something more entirely frightening; hope, lighting up in his eyes that made her wish someone would have the decency to snap her neck then and there for her ever so brilliant idea she had presented him. What was she possibly thinking?

"Seven then?"

"Tonight?" Caroline shrieked.

His small grin faded and Caroline quickly realized she needed him to help them if she wanted to leave. "Fine, fine, all right. Seven it is." Caroline anxiously paced in a circle until she stopped and pointed a finger at him. "But first, keep your end of the deal! If I can't get out of this thing then the date is out of the question."

"As you say, Caroline," He said, heaving a bottle from the shelf and spinning to walk in her direction. "But first, let's have ourselves a drink. I'm certain we'll need it."

"So, let me get things straight, Stef," Damon said while striding around the den. Stefan was leaning back against the stone fireplace while Elijah carefully collected large pieces of debris from off the floor. "You got dragged into this mess because you received a text from Blondie? Why didn't you just let her be and spare us all from the misery of her crazy, controlling ways for a day or two?"

Stefan heaved out a loud sigh. "Damon, don't start this. Not now."

"This is your all fault, I hope you know." Damon continued on as if he didn't hear Stefan. "Here I am, just trying to be the good guy and save my poor baby bro, and this is what it turns out to be; the first act from a delusional freak show. Better gather all your animal friends, Stef."

Elijah peered up at Damon. "Please, let me remind you, Damon, that you are not bound to stay. If you will, the front door is just down the corridor and to the right. And be sure not to abolish it on your way out."

"Let Stefan leave and I'll be out of your hair," Damon quipped with a wide grin, flashing his teeth.

"I'm afraid I simply cannot allow that. I still require Stefan, as well as Caroline."

"Tch," Damon snorted, shrugging nonchalantly. "Well, then I'm sorry, amigo. I guess that you're still stuck with me. If Stef can't leave, then neither can I."

Elijah appeared to want to input something further, but detained himself from doing so. He instead continued on cleaning up the mess before him.

"Say," Damon suddenly began, his tone derisively thoughtful as he spoke, "What if Stefan were to, oh, I don't know, suddenly leave or just disappear? What would happen then?"

Elijah glanced up at him once more. Any trace of humor Damon was expecting was not found on Elijah's dead serious expression. Elijah answered simply, "Then I cannot assure the safety of you or your friends from my family."

"Just leave, Damon," Stefan unexpectedly said, rubbing a hand down his face. "Caroline and I can handle ourselves from here. Just go and check up on Elena."

Damon shot him a pointed look. "That's not what you said in your message, Stef."

"I know what I said, but that's not the point. If we want to get out of this, we need to w-" But Stefan was cut off as a giggling Caroline came strolling into the den. All Stefan had to do was inhale lightly to smell the staggering fragrance from the glass tumbler she held in her hand.

"Care, where in the hell have you been?" Stefan demanded, angrily, as he stepped forward. They needed to get to work if they wanted to leave anytime soon. Seeing Caroline surrounded in a radiant bubble of delight, and obviously somewhat tipsy, did not sit well with Stefan given their current predicament.

Caroline looked over to Stefan and caught the intense glare he was giving her. What the hell was his problem? She thought.

"I was being useful," Caroline replied, looking behind her.

Damon rose an eyebrow while Elijah stood to his feet, depositing the debris he gathered into the nearby trashcan.

Following promptly behind Caroline was Klaus. Unlike Caroline, Klaus appeared to be impervious by the alcohol's effects as he threw Elijah an amused look.

"Elijah, after all this time, don't tell me you still don't know our beloved siblings all that well."

Elijah remained silent, waiting for Klaus to elaborate. Klaus stepped further into the den, stopping short before Elijah.

"Kol is inanely predictable with his constant droning of visiting that blasted Grill in town. He may run into a few distractions along the way there, of course. And Rebekah, our dear sister, will more or less be taking her rage out on the town's featured magazine star, or even compelling every worker at her favorite store until she has a brand new wardrobe."

"Of course." Elijah sounded dumbfounded, but the hostile look emerging on his face was not as convincing. "How could I have forgotten? After all the years of our family being daggered throughout our wretched lives, how could I possibly not recall knowing their most favorite pastimes? It must have slipped my mind."

The tension in the room suddenly grew to an uncomfortable level until it was nearly palpable, instigating Caroline to swallow down the remainder of her drink in an anxious swig. Stefan and Damon backed away from Elijah, gradually making their way over and across the room to stand next to Caroline.

"You know damn well that those daggers were needed from time to time," Klaus replied sinisterly, his eyes darkening. "Don't let me remind you that you played a hand in their happenings, too."

Elijah's usual composed appearance shifted momentarily before he suddenly turned away from Klaus and spoke in a severe voice. "Niklaus, from this point moving forward, I don't wish to see another dagger buried within the flesh of our siblings for as long as we live. We must bring our family back together," He paused briefly, turning back to look at his brother. "It pains me greatly to see us like this; fighting needlessly. When does it end?"

Klaus's jaw remained locked tight as he minded Elijah and took in his words. Neither original spoke for what seemed like minutes.

Caroline felt a slight jab to her heart from watching the brothers before her. How was it that she could go from absolutely loathing their family to feeling remorseful for them all within a day's time? She also had to give credit to Elijah and his desire to reunite his dysfunctional family, despite his questionable methods for doing so. If Elijah believed in his family's redemption, Caroline thought she could at least try, too.

In an attempt to lighten the mood, Caroline took a step forward and spoke in a cherry voice. "Well, what good are we doing just standing around here? Let's get out and find them before anything…bad happens."

Klaus tilted his head slightly to look back at Caroline, and his dark eyes seemed to visibly soften to her voice. Elijah, too, relaxed and nodded his head soon after.

"You're right," Elijah agreed, pacing away. "Stefan and I will locate Rebekah. Caroline, you and Niklaus will search for Kol. If Niklaus's speculations are correct, we should have little to no trouble in finding them."

"Great plan, except I think you're forgetting about a certain someone." Damon suddenly chimed in.

All eyes in the room turned to fixate on Damon.

"I beg your pardon?" Elijah was the first to ask.

Damon scoffed. "All right, you all go out on your little search party. I'll just be waiting here until you return to collect Stefan." Stefan then quickly shot Damon a displeased look. "And Blondie," Damon added, rolling his eyes. "But I can't promise that I won't be inviting anyone over. I might get a little lonely."

Elijah sighed, "Fine, Damon. Please, just don't get too comfortable with your stay."

Caroline hopped into the passenger seat of Klaus's black SUV. It was late in the afternoon by now, but the group still had the remainder of the day to find Kol and Rebekah. Klaus entered the vehicle on the driver's side and started the engine within seconds.

"So, to the Grill then?" Caroline asked.

Klaus nodded, eyes focused on the road. "I suppose we've already let too much time slip away. He's sure to have found his way there by now."

Caroline swallowed, nervously, imagining the trail of blood left from Kol's rampage.

When they finally arrived at the Grill, Caroline was thankful that the place hadn't gone up in flames or was being surrounded by a swat team. Maybe Kol wasn't wreaking havoc as they had predicted. Maybe Kol wasn't even here.

"He's here," Klaus said, seeming to read Caroline's mind.

Both exited the vehicle and walked into the entrance of the Grill. Caroline immediately spotted Kol sitting at the bar, his back to them.

"So what's our plan of attack?" Caroline whispered to Klaus. "Are we going to throw him in a large sack and carry him out? Drug him with vervain? Maybe snap his neck in front of all these people?"

Klaus chuckled. "Nothing of the sort, love. Instead, we are going to have a drink with him."

"Uh, you do know that I am technically underage, right? Plus, my mom would literally freak if she found out I was drinking public...during the day. Especially with you!"

"Compulsion is a beautiful thing."

"Yeah, and compulsion is the reason why nearly half the town is on flipping vervain!"

"Oh, lighten up, Caroline. We can't be having you in a bad mood for our date tonight."

"Urgh, don't remind me."

Klaus smirked. "Let's get this over with, shall we?"

Caroline nodded, and the two headed up to the bar by Kol.

"Hello again, Kol," Klaus brazenly announced, taking the open seat next to his brother. Caroline took the seat next to Klaus. "Care if we join you?"

"Nik. What a lovely surprise," Kol said, downing the rest of his drink. "I was wondering when Elijah would come looking for me. Don't think I'll go easily."

"Oh, I didn't plan on it. In fact, I'm not here to bring you back. I'm here to simply have a drink with you. What do you say?" Klaus raised his hand to the bartender, gesturing her over.

Caroline gasped. "Are you kidding me? I thought you were joking!"

The young bartender came up to them then, a smile on her face. "What can I get for you?" She asked, eyeing up Klaus.

"I'm afraid we're going to be here for a while, sweetheart. Why don't you bring over your best rail at hand to start us off." Klaus compelled.

"You can't be serious," Caroline muttered as the bartender brought them over a bottle from the rail. Klaus reached over the bar and grabbed his own shot glass.

"You got yourself a feisty one there," Kol said, looking over at Caroline.

Klaus, ignoring Kol, poured a shot, offering it to Caroline.

"As if!" Caroline snapped at Klaus.

"Suite yourself, love." Klaus took the drink himself.

Caroline rolled her eyes. Her eyes then landed across the bar, spotting Bonnie and Matt near a table at the back. Shit! If Bonnie or Matt were to see her sitting at the bar with Klaus…they would tell the others and Caroline would never hear the end of it!

"Say, Nik, what do you think of our delightful brother and his brilliant plan?" Kol asked, pouring himself a shot. "Quite comical, don't you think?"

"I'd say he's all but lost his mind at this point. But who can blame him? Our family is reunited, and he feels the need to keep us in line. He's still following the moral path we've all strayed from long ago."

As Klaus and Kol were having what appeared to be a heart-to-heart, Caroline used Kol's and Klaus's bodies as cover from Bonnie and Matt. Bonnie's back was to Caroline, but Matt had a perfect view of them at the bar. All it would take was one odd movement and...

Wait a minute. Why was she still sitting with Klaus and Kol? Klaus was no longer helping her bring Kol back, so what was she supposed to do about it? Nothing, that's what. Caroline then, silently, slid off the stool and left the two brothers at the bar. She quickly made her way over to Bonnie and Matt in the back.

"Caroline? What are you doing here?" Matt asked. "I thought you had to –"

"I don't even want to talk about it," Caroline quickly said, taking an open seat at their table. "I just need to relax for a few minutes."

Matt narrowed his eyes then. "We've got trouble at two o'clock."

Bonnie and Caroline both looked in the direction – towards Klaus and Kol sitting at the bar. Both brothers just so happened to have their eyes on Caroline's table. Caroline let her head fall to the table, her hair falling around her.

"What are they even doing here?" Bonnie muttered.

"Just ignore them," Caroline said through her hair.

When Matt and Bonnie stayed quiet, Caroline sat back up, and soon realized why both of her friends were at a loss for words.

"Very rude, sweetheart," Kol said with a smirk, now standing over their table. "Is that any way to treat an original vampire? Why don't you introduce me to your friends here?"

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