Chapter 1 Meet Blu

This is an alternate timeline where Blu and Jewel were friends when they were kids, both captured and brought to Minnasota and becomes mates

It was a peaceful night in the jungle near the city of Rio de Janeiro two spix macawsslept peacefully with a dark blue male having his wing over a lighter blue female. The female also had a wing around a small white egg to keep it warm, as they slept the female began to hear a small tapping noise coming from the egg she then slowly opened her dark green eyes and after a few seconds she released what was happening and quickly jumped up and began to shake her mate.

"Antonio wake up!"the female said excitedly.

"Violet, sweetheart what is it?" Antonio groaned.

"The egg, its hatching!" Violet stated as she still nudged her mate.

"What, right now!" Antonio said opening his hazel nut brown eyes then jumping up to see the egg.

As they stood side by side the egg continued to crack and rock back and forth. Finally the egg broke open revealing a small dark blue chick.

"Its a beautiful little boy." Violet whispered with tears of joy in her eyes, she then picked up the chick and rocked him back and forth.

"He's beautiful, he looks just like his father he's got your eyes, feathers and even beak doesn't he?"Violet smiled looking to her mate.

"Yeah he dose, he's gonna look just like his old bird when he grows up, what should we name him?" Antonio asked.

"I know, how about Antonio Junior?" Antonio asked jokingly.

"I don't think so, ones enough of you" Violet giggled.

"No, I want him to have one creative, something that no one would think of... but what?" Violet said as she cupped her chin with her wing.

"I got it!" she exclaimed.

"Blu... we'll name him Blu" Violet smiled.

"Blu?" Antonio questioned unsure of the name.

"Yeah, why not, Blu is a nice name" Violet defended.

"Yeah, but I don't think many parents name their kids after a color." Antonio chuckled.

"But if it makes you happy I guess we'll keep the name." Antonio smiled.

"Awww, thanks honey." Violet said kissing her mate's check.

"Anything for you sweetie." Antonio said as he shared a quick passionate kiss. They then noticed Blu yawning.

"Aww is my little Blu sleepy?" Violet said with a smile as she rocked Blu softly, she then laid Blu down on their nest as Violet laid down beside him.

Antonio then laid down behind Violet as he put his wing over her side.

"Goodnight Violet, I love you." Antonio said as he kissed his mate on the beak.

"I love you too Antonio." Violet whispered avoiding to awake Blu.

"Goodnight Blu, Mommy and Daddy love you." Violet whispered as she kissed his forehead. The two mates then closed their eyes as they then drifted off to sleep.

Blu then snuggled against his mother's chest feathers, a small smile grew on his beak as he made a small chirp of happiness and then drifted off to sleep.