Eddie let the curtain drop back into place. She couldn't believe it was still snowing.

Five hours and counting.

She stuck her hands into the pockets of her hoodie, stepping away from the window to avoid the chill. They were all gathered at Frank and Henry's place, since the city was mostly shut down. Jamie had gotten a call from his grandfather two or three hours earlier saying that they were welcome to come and wait out the storm with the whole family.

Eddie had been apprehensive; her boyfriend's father was her boss, after all. But she had to admit that it was nice being around this group.

Commissioner Reagan -Frank, she mentally corrected herself- was still in the city, at 1 PP. According to Danny, he would work until the last possibly minute, only coming home when the mayor called a state of emergency.

From the way it was piling up outside, Eddie assumed that call would be made sooner rather than later.

She chewed her lower lip, wondering if she should do something. Danny and Jamie were working outside to clean up some of the snow before it piled up too high. Linda, Erin, and the kids were playing around outside, having a snowball fight, from the sounds of screaming that were drifting inside.

Eddie smiled, it was nice that they were able to spend quality time with their kids and she didn't want to intrude. She missed her own mom every day.

Eddie and Jamie had been dating for a few months, but this was the first time she had ever really spent an extended period of time with his family. She wanted to make a good impression.

Somehow, Eddie found herself in the kitchen. She leaned against the doorjamb, watching Henry cut up some carrots.

The former police commissioner looked up, a broad grin on his face, "You gonna stand there like a statue or are you gonna help?"

Eddie smiled back, "Point me in the direction of a knife, sir."

"Call me Henry," he laughed, "'Sir' makes me sound old."

"Sorry," Eddie smiled sheepishly.

"Knives are in that drawer," Henry said, using his own knife to point, "Grab some celery from the fridge and start chopping."

Eddie started chopping, "What are you making, Henry?"

The Reagan elder smiled, "My world famous snow day soup. My late wife and I developed the recipe when Francis was a boy."

Eddie scooped up the chopped bits of celery and dumped them in the pot on the stove, "I can't wait to try it."

"So," Henry said a few minutes later, "Is there a reason you're not outside with the rest of them?"

Eddie paused, her knife halfway to the onion on the cutting board, "Um...I didn't want to interrupt their time together. I know...spending time with your parents is really important."

If Henry sensed something in her answer, he didn't say anything. Instead, he hummed a little before nodding and saying, "Well, I'm glad you're in here to help me out. I know for a fact that Jamie loves this soup."

Eddie grinned, "He's going to have to make it himself. I can't cook!"

Henry raised an eyebrow, "We're going to have to fix that. Get the chicken broth from that cabinet and we'll work on it."

Eddie happily got the chicken broth and spent the rest of the afternoon learning how to cook Henry Reagan's famous snow day soup.

Henry also regaled her with stories from his time on the beat.

"Wait? You chased a guy through Central Park and tackled him into the lake?" Eddie said, staring at the man in front of her with awe written all over her features.

Henry chuckled and stirred the soup, "I did and let me tell you, a swim in that lake is not pleasant."

"I'll bet," Eddie grinned and then passed over the saltshaker when Henry asked.

"Henry, I really love listening to your stories," Eddie said, leaning her hip against the kitchen counter, "Cops can't look at a perp funny now without getting slapped with a brutality suit."

Henry shook his head, "The state of this city. It was much different in my day."

"I hope you're not boring the poor girl with your stories, Pops!" Danny laughed, shaking off snow as he and Jamie traipsed into the kitchen.

"We're having a nice discussion," Henry chastised his grandsons, "Eddie appreciates my stories."

Eddie grinned, "It's true. I really do like listening to them."

"Your funeral, Janko," Danny teased, snatching a slice of French bread from the plate on the table, "Pops here will talk your ear off if you let him."

Jamie looped his arm around Eddie's waist and sniffed the air, "You make your famous soup, Pops?"

Henry nodded, "And your wonderful girl helped out."

Eddie beamed at the praise. Jamie kissed her cheek, "Then I'll bet it's great."

Henry waved a hand at his youngest grandson, "Go call the others. It's just about ready and those boys are going to need time to unbundle."

Jamie nodded and headed back to the front door.

Now that it was quiet in the kitchen again, Eddie took a minute to say, "Thank you for letting me help you, Henry. I really do like listening to your stories."

Henry patted her hand, "I enjoyed having you help. Next time you and Jamie come for dinner remind me to tell you about the time I got locked in the Met after closing."

He grabbed the salad bowl and headed into the dining room, leaving a stunned Eddie behind.

"What have a gotten myself into?" she mumbled to herself, an involuntary smile spreading across her face.

A/N: So this is the first of a small series in which Eddie bonds with each member of the Reagan family in different ways. I'll be going in chronological order, so Frank is next. I hope you guys like this and seriously, drop me a review :)

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