Alright, if you're here then it means you want part two of this.

Yukio: Or we're being held here against our will

NM: You're the character and I'm the author, you obey me, not the other way around!
Yukio: I still am not sure if it's 100% legal to be trapping someone in your basement…even if it's the basement in your mind

I don't have anything to say here except that this is in Yukio's POV, so enjoy!
Yukio: She's ignoring me again, isn't she?

Rin and I walked into our dorm room. The abandoned dorms were one of the few buildings not destroyed or heavily damaged during the Gehenna Gate incident, so most citizens were evacuated to the Vatican while all exorcist anywhere near were gathering here to set up an emergency shelter. Since I didn't have any urgent matters to attend to, being that Angel was reinstated as Paladin shortly after the attack, Shura said Rin and I should get some rest since rescue efforts wouldn't exactly be kind to sleep schedules. Which brings us to where we are now. Rin simply fell, face first, onto his bed. Kuro curled up next to him as he began to snore. His tail flicked up every once in a while, just reflecting how tired he truly was. I took my coat off and sat on my bed, unsure of whether or not I would be able to sleep considering what happened. I laid on my back only for a sharp pain to be shot down my spine. I bolted up and began to search for the source of the pain only to find a speckled tail. The weirdest part about it was what the tail was connected to.


It was dark brown and black and about the same length as Rin's. It moved around slowly without any real sense of where it was going. I touched the tip of my ear and something dawned on me. I'm a demon now.

I figured that the possession had caused the flames and other things and they would go away after a few minutes, an hour tops. But the thing was, they didn't go away. The strange thing about it was that I was the normal twin. Rin was always the one that was different and the demon thing only demonstrated that even more, but now I wasn't normal anymore. The tail began flicking irritably at these thoughts, as if it was part of me longing to still be human. I grabbed it and began to stroke it.

"As if that'd ever happen…" I mumbled to myself. I saw Rin stir in the darkness and wake up. He sat up and walked over to me. I tried to hide the tail behind my back, but it raised itself over my head when I wasn't looking.

"It looks like you aren't the normal one anymore." Rin said.

"I don't know what you're talking about." I replied and he grabbed the tip of the tail.

"This isn't exactly normal, you know." He said as he began petting it before letting it go free.

"I suppose it isn't." I sighed. "You should probably go to bed, Shura will kill you tomorrow if she catches you sleeping."

"I could say the same for you." He said before laying back down on his bed. I put my glasses on my desk and looked at my own bed longingly. I sat on my bed before realizing something.

"How on earth am I supposed to sleep with this?!"

I liked this.
Yukio: I didn't

NM: You and Rin always say that, anyway, since I literally have never seen a reaction fanfic in Yukio's POV I just had to write one

Yukio: I'm right here, you know

NM: Yeah, I do

I hope that you liked it! Also, there isn't going to be another chapter or continuation of this in any way, shape, or form unless I get a really good idea or something like that. So as of 10:28 at night on Friday, March 27, 2015 there are no plans for a sequel, but if someone suggests something or I get a sudden burst of inspiration, there could be one, but there are no plans right now. That being said, I hope that you liked this little two shot and be sure to read my other fics for more anime goodness. See you next time, bye!