First Fanfiction story.


As they entered the great hall, Justin and Ernie, felt everyone staring at them as they hurried to the Hufflepuff table. "What's going on, Susan?" Ernie asked.

Instead of answering Susan Bones shoved a sheet of parchment into Ernie's hands.

Why Harry Potter is not the Heir of Slytherin

1. That greasy git, Severus Snape, who gleefully insults and belittles Potter is still alive and kicking. If Potter was the Heir that overgrown bat would have been killed already.

2. Draco Malfoy, is a bigger prat than Mrs. Norris and Collin, but the blonde ponce is not impersonating a statue in the Hosptial Wing, yet. Neither are Crabbe or Goyle. As with the above person if Potter was the Heir of Slytherin, with the power to petrify anyone this Pureblood bigot would have already been put out of our [the student body's] misery.

3. The Slytherin Quidditch team has not been petrified yet... Neither have the Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff teams suffered an attack yet.

4. Granger is obviously the brains of the operation and she's a muggle born. She also happens to dislike Malfoy as much as Potter does...

In conclusion, it is clear to us that the true Heir would be cunning enough to stay out of Slytherin house where they would rapidly be found out. And since Hufflepuff House is the absolute last place anyone would look for the Heir, it is there that the Heir would be able to hide the best. THEREFORE Ernest Macmillan outspoken Pureblood and the main instigator of rumors concerning the identity of the Heir is the logical culprit. Obviously the true Heir is merely blaming Potter is just a way for him to deflect suspicion from himself. He even has Finch-Fletchley to provide a "cover" for him. Some "doth protest too much, methinks."

Also we the authors of this document ask that Heir Macmillan take our suggestions into account for his next victims... the Wizarding World can only support so many idiots after all.


"But Snape and Malfoy are purebloods, and everyone knows that Potter is a Quidditch fanatic, he would never do something that prevented him from playing!" Ernie protested.

"Snape's not a pureblood." Susan muttered. "He's a half blood."

Looking up from the pamphlet in his hand Ernie noticed the rest of the Hufflepuffs edging away from him.


At the Griffindor table Harry handed the Weasly Twins a sack of Galleons, grinning at finally having painted the annoying title on someone else.



"So did you hear the Heir of Slytherin escaped from Azkaban yesterday. "

"What! Oh no! Hogwarts needs to be closed before Heir Macmillian returns!"

"Nah, I'm sure Deputy Headmistress Potter-Lovegood has everything in hand."

"Ah I'd forgotten she was in charge these days. Good Ol' Luna who'd have thought she'd grow up to be so good with her wand."

"Yep, I hear she's the one that caught Macmillan with that Basilisk," at this point in the conversation the speaker shuddered as they remembered the unspeakable position that Macmillian and the basilisk were found in. "Poor basilisk was never the same again, I hear Lord Potter still visits the basilisk at St. Mungos every Halloween."

"Such a disgrace what some people will force those unfortunate animals to do."




Well, the story got away from me at the end, but I hope you'll like it.