For fun. I know it's short but whatever. It was just a tiny idea that I got hooked on.

. . .

Not A Big Deal

. . .

Raven hated big deals. That much he knew.

He'd tried to surprise her with a roomful of roses on their first Valentine's Day, but she had been embarrassed and wouldn't talk to him for hours. He'd tried to do the whole 'twelve days of christmas' for her once but on the second day of that she had guessed the rest of his presents and demanded the surprises stop. She hated birthday parties and holiday gatherings and big to dos about pretty much anything, and he got it. She didn't like being at the center of attention, or dealing with enormous outputs of emotion when big emotional events took place in public.

Personally he loved that kind of cheesy crap to death, but he loved Raven more, so eventually he learned to just accept that part of her. No more surprises. No more crazy exorbitant public displays of affection. No more big deals.

This was why he found himself sweating nervously behind her on a Tuesday morning as she read peacefully on the couch in the common room. Was he really just gonna do it? Was he insane?

"Can I help you?" she finally said without looking up from her thick book, after he'd been standing there silent for a full five minutes.

"Uh," he squeaked, then cleared his throat. "Yeah. I was just… wondering... what you're doing later."

Raven shrugged and turned the page on the beginning of the next chapter. "Probably reading," she said. "Why?"

Beast Boy climbed over the back of the couch to slide in next to her, pulling a little black box out of his pocket. "I meant, like, for the rest of your life," he spat out in one breath. He snapped it open and she finally looked up from her book. First at the ring, then at him.

"Probably reading," she said. "Why?"

He laughed loudly, then pulled the ring out, throwing the box over his shoulder for the roomba to get stuck on. "I dunno, I thought we could do something."

Raven eyed the ring and then offered her hand up, her other hand holding the place in her book as he slipped it on her finger. "Yeah," she agreed. "That sounds like fun. Did you have something specific in mind?"

He shrugged and then knocked her over for a series of warm, celebratory kisses. "I dunno," he admitted as he kissed her. "I was thinking we could just wing it, y'know?"

Raven rolled her eyes. "We always do."