Author's Note: Since nothing really happens for Alex/Harry and Beth between Mrs. Lovegood's death and their getting their Hogwarts letters, I have decided to go back to when they were eight and write a couple of scenes of their life then.

It was Wednesday and Ron, Neville, Ginny, Luna, and David had Flooed over in the morning to Alex and Beth's home for their weekly Potions lesson. Today's lesson had focused on memorizing the appearance and properties of five potion ingredients, and then they had helped with the preparation of the ingredients for a simple potion to cure boils. Now the lesson was over and the seven of them were having lunch and looking forward to the afternoon of play they had. At the moment, they had finished going over what they learned, and were in the midst of discussing the books they had read.

A month ago, Granny Ilsa and Granddad Vladek had brought over a box full of books by Muggle author Enid Blyton, which Ana, Aunt Maria, and Uncle Niko had read when they were children, for the seven to read as part of their reading lessons and for fun. Enid Blyton's books had proved to be entertaining, especially her Secret Seven and Famous Five series, and all of them had often secretly stayed up past their bedtime to finish whichever one of her books they'd been reading that day.

"I wish we could go around having adventures and solving mysteries," Ginny said wistfully. "It sounds like fun."

David nodded. "The camping trips that the family goes on are fun, but we don't have the kind of adventures that the Famous Five do when they're on holiday."

"Ooh, I have an idea!" exclaimed Luna. "We could pretend to be the Secret Seven Society and make up adventures of our own. There's seven of us."

"That's a great idea, Luna!" seconded Neville. "But who are going to be the Peter and Janet of our group, Alex and Beth, or Ron and Ginny?"

They exchanged looks and Ron said, "I think Alex and Beth would fit better. You're already like our leader, Alex, and Beth, you'd be a good second."

"But you're great at strategy, Ron," Alex protested. "You always beat me in chess, and you come up with the plans when we pretend to be Aurors catching criminals and stuff like that. You should be in charge."

Ron shook his head, and Beth pointed out, "Yes, Ron comes up with the strategy, but you're the one that leads things, Alex."

"Fine," said Alex, giving in. "I'll be the Peter of our group, and Beth will be Janet. But what about the other Secret Seven members?"

"Oh right," said David. "Luna and Ginny are nothing like Pam and Barbara."

"I would hope so!" exclaimed Ginny. "We don't giggle lots, and we don't think going to parties is more important than being with our friends."

"And I'm not going to be Jack," Ron declared. "Sure, Jack was best friends with Peter the way I am with Alex, but Jack's sister Susie wasn't allowed to join the Society. Ginny wouldn't like that."

Ginny nodded vehemently and Beth said, "Look, we don't need to be exactly like the Secret Seven Society in the books. We couldn't anyway, since they're Muggles and we're magical. We'll just pretend to be a group like them and make up our adventures and mysteries to solve."

"How about we pretend that we're going to stop some bad guys from stealing a valuable magical, what's the word, artifact, after lunch?" Neville suggested.

The others agreed to the idea and started planning out how their imaginary adventure would turn out.

"Hold on there," Remus interjected. "Jonas is going to want to join once he hears about this. Keep in mind he is only two months younger than Ginny."

"Well, he can't, Uncle Remus," said Alex. "He hasn't read the books yet, since his reading lessons are different from ours. Besides, it's the 'Secret Seven', not the 'Excellent Eight' or something like that. I don't like not allowing Jonas to join the way Peter didn't let Susie join, but it has to be done. Once he's read the books, though, he can help out with some of our pretend adventures though."

The others agreed with him, and once lunch was over, the newly formed 'Secret Seven' took Beth and Alex's bin of toys and dress-up materials to the living room to act out their planned adventure. It was decided that one of Beth's dolls would stand in as the bad guy that wanted the magical artifact, an amulet (which was represented by one of the play necklaces). Alex's stuffed lion stood for the thief that the bad guy had hired to steal the 'amulet', and then the group acted out how they stumbled upon the plot. It moved on to them eventually foiling the theft and saving the day, which mainly involved them making up nonsense words for real spells and waving the pretend wands that Uncle Tobias had made around in order to capture the thief and bad guy for the Aurors to arrest.

After the whole imaginary adventure, the seven went to the kitchen for drinks and snacks that Ana supplied, incidentally fulfilling the role that Peter and Janet's mother played in the Secret Seven books, which was supporting the Society and providing them with snacks for their meetings. "I hope you had fun?" she asked. "I wish it had been convenient for me to pretend to be part of the Secret Seven or Famous Five when I was your age. But my group of friends wasn't big enough to be the Secret Seven, and we had one too many to be the Famous Five. And by the time I befriended Sarah at Hogwarts, she, Niko, Stephan, and I were a little to old to imagine being the Famous Five, not to mention we didn't have a dog to stand in as the fifth member."

"That's too bad, Mummy," Beth said. "But we had fun, and we're going to continue pretending to be the Secret Seven and make up more adventures."

"Good for you guys," said Ana with a smile. The seven finished their snack and then went back to the living room to come up with more adventures and mysteries that they could pretend to have.