It had been a week since the pack had gotten Masson up to speed on all the goings on of Beacon Hills, It was also now Beacon Hills High's first away game of the seasons Melissa arrived at the game the same time as Logan and Jeff. Another surprise was Dr. Geyer Liam's Step Dad. He approached Melisa and said "Liam said he wants to talk to me and you about something with Scott. Is there something going on I need to know?"

Melissa than said "it's not what you think but its better they explain it to you than me."

He then said "so you know what it's about then?"

Melissa replied "yes but It's complicated to talk about right here."

She then noticed Logan and his friend Jeff come over. She then said "you remember my oldest son Logan." He then said to him "yeah you got hurt that night Scott had that heart problem."

Logan said "yeah both of us are doing better."

Dr. Geyer then said "that's good I take it you got the stitches out."

Logan said "yeah I got them taken out at a clinic where I go to college." The truth was they had actually been taken out a couple of days after he had come back by Dr. Mathews but he didn't want to say to a medical doctor just yet that he was a veterinarian.

Logan then said "this is a friend of mine Jeff he wanted to see Scott play."

Jeff then said "yeah I like watching lacrosse I was never good at it because I'm a bit of a klutz and I trip over my own feet sometimes."

Dr. Geyer then said "that surprises me a little just looking at you."

Jeff said "yeah well I work out and run but I'm not that good at sports otherwise. I think part of it is because I'm 6 foot 6 and I kind of had a lot of growth spurts in high school so I never really got used to my height. I've gotten good at martial arts recently though."

Logan said "yeah he saw me practicing once or twice and asked me to teach him." It wasn't exactly a lie and also since Logan did have the highest levels in most the martial arts he practiced he could train new students he actually worked part time at a dojo well he was in college during his first year. They actually jokingly hung up a sign in the old warehouse they would train in that said "Logan's werewolf Dojo." Since it was usually only the two of them there it didn't pose any problems.

Dr. Geyer then noticed Logan had a Beacon Hills lacrosse jersey on and said "did you used to play?"

Logan said "yeah I played in High School but I had to give it hurt when I got hurt."

Melissa then said "he got taken down pretty hard by a rival team in the championship game."

Dr. Geyer said "I heard about that well I was in med school. I used to go to Devenford prep though. That was one of the reasons I got Liam into it."

Logan said "yeah they got out of Lacrosse for a bit and they wanted me to go there but I preferred to stay at Beacon Hills."

Melissa and Jeff knew there were other reasons to why he had stayed but figured he didn't want to say that to a former student.

Dr. Geyer said "yeah I saw that they had dropped it for a little bit and I don't actually mind Liam being in Beacon Hills High now he actually seams to be doing better there then here."

Logan said "yeah I've seen a couple of their practices and scrimmage games, he's actually pretty good." Logan then added "when I came back in to town the coach asked me to look at the team as he considered me one of his best players. He actually asked if I could help him out voluntarily next season."

They made their way over to the stands and found a spot by Aiden, Malia and the Sheriff. After introducing everyone they sat down to watch the game.

During the second half Beacon Hills had taken a pretty sizeable lead and one of the other players hit Ethan really hard, Aiden got up and yelled "Scott, Liam or Danny get to him."

Logan noticed Brett had pulled the other guy away and had said something to him, he noticed he looked a little mad at him and could just make out a faint glow to his eyes Jeff noticed it to and excused himself for a second. Most people were watching as Ethan was being helped up he wasn't hurt too badly mainly because he had healed already but he was a little pissed and his pride was hurt. Jeff managed to have a word with Brett who said "he didn't know why that guy had done that and said to tell Aiden that it wasn't his idea."

Jeff walked back over to the Beacon Hils bench and saw Aiden talking to Ethan he then said to them "I just talked to Brett he didn't know why that guy did that."

Ethan then said "I do he saw me and Danny kiss before the half started and he d called me queer before he shoved me down."

Aiden was about to get up as Ethan and Jeff garbed him. Ethan said to him "Aid I'm ok don't start anything with him ok."

Ethan decided to sit out for the next part of the game. Aiden and Jeff then went back up to the others and told them what had happened. Dr. Geyer seemed a little concerned about Ethan. Aiden then told him "Don't worry he's ok he just wanted to take a bit of a break, it's more his pride that got hurt."

After the game the guy who had knocked Ethan down earlier in the game was trying to get at Danny as they exited the locker room. Ethan stepped between them and said "look man I don't know what your problem is but just leave me and my boyfriend alone. Ok."

The guy replied "you and your type disgust me." He then spat in Ethan's face. Ethan then tried to be the better man and walked away as he knew if he wanted to he could probably take this guy down but it wasn't worth going to jail or somewhere worse for it. The guy grabbed him and threw him to the ground and started throwing punches Aiden was about reedy to attack him as Bret started pulling him off of him and yelled at him "Jason stop that now."

Aiden got over there and helped his brother well Logan stood between them and said "just get out of here ok." Melissa and Dr. Geyer had come over to see if Ethan was ok. Logan then said to Melissa "Mom why don't you take the twins home."

Dr. Geyer then said "shouldn't we take him to a hospital?"

Logan said "nah he'll be ok besides Mom can always stop at the hospital on the way there."

After that Liam came over to Logan and said "can you and Jeff come by the hospital tomorrow with Scott I kind of want to tell my step Dad about you know what."

Logan then said "yeah sure, have you invited Ethan and Aiden yet."

Liam said "no I only just told Scott ,Stiles and Isaac tonight."

Logan then said "He told my Mom that you wanted to meet with him, her and Scott. I think he may have thought you were lovers."

Liam then said "yeah I guess it may have sounded like that when I talked to him earlier. I kind of want to avoid him finding out like your Mom did with Scott."

Logan said "yeah that was a bit intense. You should defiantly have Ethan an Aiden come especially after tonight."

Liam then said "what about Brett"

Logan said "maybe levee him out of it a bit as he's not is Scott's pack now get going or coach will have my hide for detain one of his best players."

* - The Twins apartment -*

Later that night Ethan had heeled from his injuries thankfully Melissa had been there they actually weren't too bad anyway nothing that if he was human he'd have to go to the hospital for anyway. Just after he had gotten out of the shower him and Aiden got texts from Liam asking for them to come to the hospital the next day to help him talk to his step Dad.

*- The McCall house -*

Logan and Jeff had just come in with Scott and Isaac as Melissa got back from dropping the twins off. Scott then said "Mom can you think of anywhere we can tell Liam's step Dad about things in private tomorrow?"

Logan then said "what about the morgue?" They all looked at him as Jeff said "actually that might be a good idea after all not many people go down there unless there are any dead bodies to deal with."

Melissa then said "if you want to suggest it to the pack I'll find an excuse to bring him down there."

Scott then said "fine but I am not getting into one of the drawers again."

Logan said "why would we do that?"

Jeff then said "wait why was Scott in a morgue drawer?"

Scott then said "he never told you about what we did to find out who the benefactor was?"

Jeff then said "no it must have slipped his mind."

Scott and Jeff both looked at him with glowing red eyes as Melissa said "boys please this house does not have supernatural healing."

Logan then said "ok fine I'll tell you now ok."

Scott and Logan then told Jeff about how he had shocked Scott's heart to stop it beating. Melissa was listening intently as she hadn't gotten the full story either only a few bits and pieces that she was given before Logan actually did anything to Scott. He hadn't told her much once they had gotten to the hospital. Logan then added at the end of his story "Liam actually put on a pretty good act when the paramedics came. He told them that he and Scott had been out practicing lacrosse in the backyard and Scott had said he needed to lie down and then collapsed on the bed, and that's when he called me into the room."

Scott then said "so what did you tell them?"

Logan said "pretty much the same story, I kind of faked CPR when they came in so I didn't arise any suspicions."

Jeff then said "all that and you didn't find out who the benefactor was."

Scott then said "not really but we did figure that they probably had a banshee which wasn't too far from the truth as it turned out to be one. By the way did you give Deaton his defibrillator back?"

Logan said "yeah I gave it back to him on my way out of town after my date with Michelle."

Scott then said "who's Michelle?'

Logan then said "just a hot ER nurse who's new in town. I kind of hit on her a bit when I came to the hospital to find out about Liam when he got hurt at try outs. She then ended up being a nurse who looked after me after the berserker stabbed me."

Melissa then said "how bad were you actually hurt by it?"

Logan said "pretty bad actually but by the time Doctor Geyer had gotten to me it was just a small cut but I did get a few stitches. I ended up with a nice little scar from it though."

Melissa then said "you guys get Scars?"

Jeff then said "yeah it's weird if it's a wound that has help with stitches closing it like for example when I was 10 I had to have my appendix out." He then lifted up his shirt to show them his scar from it. Melissa also noticed he had tubing and conation for an insulin pump Jeff then said "I'm also a diabetic too. Which isn't normal for a born werewolf but I'm kind of odd I have traits of both a born and bitten one. My dad and adopted dad figured it was because my mom was bitten before she gave birth to me and I may have been born a human."

Melissa then said "so werewolves can give birth to humans as well?'

Jeff replied "yes but my Mom was human and my Dad was a werewolf in that case it's a 50, 50 chance of a werewolf birth. My Mom had some complications with me so my Dad bit her and made her a werewolf and after that she was fine. Like I said I'm just a bit of a weirdo though."

Melissa then said "so your mother was human until you were born."

Jeff then said "yeah and I found out a couple weeks ago that she was related to Scott and Logan."

Scott then said "wait your elated to us?"

Logan then said "yeah his Mom and Mamma McCall were cousins I only found out then too when he mentioned dads name."

Jeff then said "yeah it's kind of funny finding out your related to a best friend."

Logan then said "yeah it is too bad we didn't know when we meet up with Mike and Uncle Jeff a few months ago."

Scott then said "you saw Mike and Uncle Jeff when?"

Logan then said "yeah me, Jeff and Teagan went to an Iron Maiden concert and we saw them in line well I was buying a t-shirt. We actually ended up sitting behind them. "

Jeff said "yeah that was pretty cool show."

Logan then said "yeah he had never seen them before."

Scott said "wow so do you guys go to a lot of shows?"

Logan then said "we've been to a couple."

Jeff said "yeah there was one really cool one we went to with Teagan. His Grandparents live in a small town up in Ontario Canada and we went up there to see a band play there."

Scott said "that sounds cool what band was it?"

Jeff then said "it was the Tragically Hip and they played in a farmer's field in a town called Bobcaygeon. They actually sold the tickets for it in a local shoes and clothing store because there wasn't any venue close enough that could handle the ticket sales."

Logan said "yeah it was pretty cool we stayed at his grandparents house thankfully it wasn't a full moon that night or well we were there."

Scott then said "so it was before Teagan found out then?"

Jeff and Logan nodded as Logan said "yeah he only found out a few months ago."

Melissa then said "so is he studying to be at vet too?"

Logan then said "no he's in nursing school we had a bunch of English and gen -ed course with him though and he's the third co host of our radio show."

Jeff said "the funniest was after we told him and he put two and two together about some of the songs we like to play."

Logan said "yeah I like playing "shout at the Devil "by Motley Crue every now and then."

Jeff then said "after he found out he played Wild thing so I followed it with hungry like a wolf."

Logan said "yeah I muted our mikes because we were laughing so much at it."

Scott said "yeah I listened to it a few times after you told me about it and I really like your intro."

Logan said "yeah "that's always fun doing it."

Jeff said "yeah we actually do it live every time. The best was the time when we actually had some of the Beasty boys in the studio with us. That was one time when we wished we could have gone on longer."

Melissa then said "Wow how did you mange that?"

Logan then said "they called the school because someone told them about us."

Jeff then said "so it looks like were up for a busy day tomorrow."

Scott said "yeah maybe we should get some rest."

Jeff said "I'll sleep on the pull out if that's ok?"

Melissa then said "it's still made up in case Ethan and Aiden come over your welcome to it."

Jeff then said "thanks I figured you probably did."