The following takes place in the Fire Emblem Awakening universe, after the unmasking of Lucina and before the campaign in Valm.

It had been three years since Lucina had returned to the past in order to prevent her father's murder. Three years since Naga had sent her and her friends against the stream of time, warning them that not only were their chances of returning slim, but that there was a chance that their own time would cease to exist.

While this last revelation pained her deeply, Lucina chose to go back in time and change the future. She knew that they were fighting a loosing battle, that Grima's army of Risen was only growing in size and strength, and that the world would fall and be destroyed eventually. At least by going to the past, there was a chance of preventing this catastrophe from happening.

Lucina's original plan was to meddle as little as possible with the past, only interfering with key events that would have defining impacts in future events, and then attempt to return to her own timeline. The first one had been successful, preventing the assassin from crippling her father's sword hand. The second one, however, had been a failure. Her intervention was not enough to save Emmeryn, and had only served to delay it. She feared that her tactic of minimal interference had only stalled the flow of time, not changed its course.

It was then that she decided on a different approach, one that was more forceful. Rather than hide in the shadows and only appear in key moments, she would remain by her father's side at all time. She had asked to join his army in the upcoming battle in Valm, and Chrom had agreed; and while Lucina was ecstatic that she would be able to spend more time with the parents that she had lost long ago, she knew that her mission came first.

She would have to be alert at all times, taking note of every single detail to make sure that nothing went under her radar, no matter how trivial it seemed. More importantly, she had to keep on eye on every member of Chrom's army, especially the Shepherds; because the next event she had to prevent was probably the most crucial one.

She had to identify her father's would be killer, and eliminate that person before they killed Chrom


"Lissa, have you seen Lucina?" Chrom asked as he overlooked the final preparations for their departure. They were at one of the western ports of Regna Ferox, loading supplies and weapons unto the many shops that Plegia had graciously given them. Most of the Shepherds were already on board as well, with only a few of them still missing.

"She said that she had to grab some things before boarding," Lissa responded as she kept polishing her staff, "she said she would be back soon."

"Well we can't have her being late, we need to set sail before the sun rises if we wish to arrive at Valm by tomorrow morning. I'll go hurry her up," he said as he walked towards the inn where the Shepherds had been staying.

"Oh no you don't!" Lissa suddenly said as she grabbed her brothers arm.

"Hey what are-Lissa let go of me!" Chrom said as he tried to pull away. Despite her small stature, Lissa had a surprisingly strong grip.

"Chrom there are times when a woman needs some time to herself to "get ready" and the last thing they need if for their parents-especially their father-to just barge in and interrupt them," Lissa said sternly.

"How do you know that?" Chrom asked confused.

Lissa didn't answer and simply gave the prince and annoyed look.

"Right, sorry, wasn't thinking when I said that. But just because you were-are-like that doesn't mean all girls are like that, right? I mean, Lucina could be different."

Lissa giggled, "oh trust me Chrom, there are certain things that all girls have in common. Just like there are certain...things that all boys have in common," she said as she eyed him slyly.

"What are you-"

"Like that time when you were 16 and Emmeryn accidentally entered your room without knocking and-"

"Okay, okay!" Chrom interrupted her as his face turned red, "just, please tell Lucina that we are almost ready."

"Well if you insist," Lissa snickered as she headed towards the inn, "oh by the way, whatever happened to that milkmai-"

"THANK YOU LISSA!" Chrom said loudly while he made sure his wife wasn't around to hear that last part.


As it turns out, Lissa was half right about Lucina wanting some privacy; however, the reasons for the need for privacy had nothing to do with "women issues". This was much more serious; she pulled out a small list from her pocket and laid it out on her desk. On it was the list of all the members of the Shepherds.

And on that list the name of her father's killer was written down.

Based on the information she collected in the future, she knew three things about her father's demise: first it happened on the day the fell dragon's revival second Chrom had only taken a small group of elite fighters with him on that fateful day (all of whom were never heard of again) and third he was struck down by his closest ally.

Taking all of this into consideration and having observed the Shepherds closely for the past couple of weeks, Lucina had managed to cross off most of the names until she narrows it down to three suspects: Vaike, Frederick, and Robin.

Vaike, or "Uncle Teach" as Lucina knew her in the future, had been in that group that had followed Chrom that fateful day; also, despite all his claims of being her father's "rival" aunt Lissa had confided to her that deep down he considered Chrom one of his closest and dearest friends. While he was nowhere as bright as Chrom, he was definitely as strong-if not stronger-and could easily overpower him on brute straight alone. Face to face Chrom could hold his own against Vaike, but if he were to stab him in the back...

Frederick, or "Freddy Bear" as she used to call him while growing up, had also been in the group that followed Chrom to fight Grima; he was also extremely close to her father, having been him guardian for all of his life and even teaching him how to fight when he got older. Not only was he one of the strongest and most skilled members of the Sheperds, but he taught Chrom everything he knew and could easily beat him most of the times that they sparred together. If he were to go against Chrom with the intent to kill...

Finally, there was Robin, and that was were Lucina had met a roadblock. Of the three possible candidates, he was the one she knew the least about. She definitely remembered a Robin in her time, a tactician that worked with her father and was credited as being the driving force behind Ylisse's victories against Plegia and Valm, and that not only was he part of the group that was sent after Grima, but that he organized the whole mission; but something was wrong about this Robin. The Robin in her time was stoic, quiet, and always putting work before anything else. The only times she had seen him in person when he appeared before Chrom to discuss strategies, and afterwards he would lock himself in the royal library to study for hours before leaving at nightfall. More importantly, while he was definitely Chrom's top advisor and right hand man, he always separated work from social activities, spending almost no personal time with him or his family.

Yet this Robin could not be any more different; he was cheerful, optimistic, and always willing to help anyone and everyone with their own personal problems. He was still dedicated and studious, but no where near as closed off as the Robin in her time. Not only that, but this Robin was much closer to Chrom, almost as if they were brothers; Lissa even told her that he had been Chrom's best man at his wedding, something that definitely did not happen in her own time.

"It's like he's a completely different person," Lucina muttered to herself, and she believed she knew why. Somehow, her going back to the past must have changed something without her knowing it. There had to be a point in time that she-or perhaps even one of her friends-had changed without realizing it. According to her father, the Robin from this time had amnesia, with no recollection of his past; meaning that something must have happened to him. Something that caused that.

Suddenly, there was a knock on her door, "Lucina? Are you in there? Chrom says we are almost ready to leave.

"Coming Lissa!" she said as quickly pocketed the list and opened the door, facing the pouting princess in front of her.

"Hey! What did we agree on earlier? That's aunt Lissa to you, missy!"

"But I'm not the same Lucina as the one in this time. Also, I think I might be a bit older than you. Won't it be weird?""

"Nope! I always wanted a niece to bond with, and now that you're hear I'm going to make the most of it. So from now on, you're calling me aunt Lissa, understood?"

"But I-"

"No buts!" Lissa said as he poked Lucina's nose.

Lucina couldn't help but smile, seeing how Lissa was still as upbeat and cheerful as she was in the future, "You're right. I'm sorry about that, aunt Lissa."

"Much better," Lissa giggled, "now let's go!"

Lucina followed Lissa to the docks, where she noticed her father making the final preparations on one of the ships. She was so engrossed with him that she didn't notice the person walking towards her direction, nose deep inside a book titled "Wyvern Wars".

Suddenly they bumped into each other, causing Lucina to step back and the other person to drop their book.

"Forgive me, I wasn't-" Lucina stopped as she noticed whom she had bumped into. The man was a little taller than her, with messy white hair, brown eyes, and wearing a black and purple cloak. He seemed just as surprised as she was.

"Lucina I'm so sorry," Robin said as he picked up his book and placed it inside his cloak, "I should have been paying more attention, but these "Wyvern Wars" series are so fascinating I just can't help myself. I must thank your mother for introducing them to me."

Novels? But you're father's chief tactician. Shouldn't you be preparing for battle? Lucina thought confused and perhaps even a little bit annoyed. However, she knew that she couldn't say that out loud, least she give the wrong impression.

"Please sir Robin, it was all my fault," she said as she bowed politely, "I should have been been paying more attention."

Robin smiled sheepishly, "please, don't call me sir Robin. Just Robin is fine."

"Very well sir Ro-I mean Robin."

"Well it's a start."


Both of them turned around and saw Lissa glaring at them with her arms crossed.

"Robin I know that my niece is beautiful and all, but I would ask that you do not court her while we're having some bonding time."

Robin face immediately turned red, "No! I mean I wasn't-that's not-"

"He wasn't courting me aunt Lissa; we simply bumped into each other and I was apologizing," Lucina said calmly, though her cheeks did turn a light shade of pink.

"Riight. Anyway come on!" Lissa said as she grabbed Lucina's arm and started pulling her away, "Vaike is about to have another arm wrestling match with Sully, and I have five chocolate bars on the line here!"

"Aunt Lissa wait! Slow down!" Lucina said as the petite princess kept pulling her away.

"Don't worry Robin! You can have your turn with Lucina later!" Lissa chirped.

"But I wasn't-" Robin began before Lissa and Lucina were gone. He scratched his head in confusion, wondering what that had been all about.

Author's Note: Hello! Sorry for not putting this part earlier, but my internet broker down.

Anyway, thank you for reading my first fic; I decided to start writing it as a way to practice my english writing, so I would very much appreciate criticism and advice on not just the story, but also the diction and syntax. Seriously, any criticism is appreciated, even negative ones. Especially negative ones.

As for the story itself, yes it's going to be a RobinxLucina story. I'll be using most of the main ideas from the gameplay, but I'll add a few things to make it more "rounded". The focus of the story will be Robin and Lucina, but it will also encompass the other Shepherds, even the future ones.

Speaking of which as you may have noticed, other than Chrom, I didn't detail the parents for the future children. While I do have some ideas, I would gladly be willing to here your suggestions for pairings (including Chrom's wife)