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"I'm finished if you need the shower, Blake," Weiss announced as she entered the dorm room, towel folded neatly over one arm.

The Cat Faunus, comfortably ensconced in her bunk with a paperback novel, barely flicked an ear.

The heiress went about her business, hanging up her towel and pitching her rumpled school uniform in the laundry. Her hair was damp silver, loose over her shoulders.

Ruby poked her head out of her top-bunk tent, "Hey Weiss, can I borrow a pencil?"

"I don't know. Can you?"


"What? Grammar is important, Ruby," Weiss crossed to her bed to turn back her covers. She brushed a few strands of her hair behind her ear as she continued her lecture, completely unaware that the herbal essence conditioner she'd used that night had a special added ingredient.

Always keen on avoiding Weiss's lectures - even the ones that weren't directed at her - Blake dog-eared the page she was reading and set her book on top of the bookcase for later. A shower did sound pretty good right about now, it was late after all. Stifling a yawn, she reached for her towel, but froze.

A strange scent pricked at her senses, subtle yet insistent. Blake scanned the room, zeroing in on... Weiss. The heiress had just flicked her hair over her shoulder, sending a fresh wave of that mysterious scent straight at her. It was earthy, almost minty, and very... very nice.

Something in the back of Blake's mind told her to beware, but she found herself caring less and less the closer she got to that lovely- no, heavenly smell.

A pleasant sensation beneath her fingers temporarily cut through the haze forming in Blake's brain and she blinked, half-realizing that at some point she had moved directly behind Weiss, interrupting her mid-sentence by burying both hands in the heiress' s silky white hair.

Weiss started at the contact, whirling halfway and pulling back before realizing the other girl had a grip on her hair.

"Blake," she snapped, hands darting up to make her let go, "What do you think you're doing?"

A huge snort came from Yang's bunk, and with a rustle of sheets, the bleary-eyed brawler sat up, rubbing her face with an arm. "Geeze, keep it down, some of us are trying to sleep, Wei- woah uh-"

Blake's grip was tentative at best, and she allowed the heiress to pull her hands free from their sterling sanctuary into a crushing grip of her own. The Faunus's features constricted, the picture of concentration, "I think..." Amber eyes bored into ice-blue, moving ever closer until finally Blake pressed her face to the top of Weiss's head and took a deep breath. "Exquisite..."

Weiss recoiled from the unexpected touch, half-sitting, half-falling backwards onto the edge of her bed. Blake's fingers twined with the smaller girl's when she tried yank her hands away. Weiss sputtered, "Wh-what-?"

Ruby gaped and scrambled farther over the edge of her bunk to follow the action. She shot a baffled look at her sister, "Yang, why's-"

"Wow you two, get a room already," Yang threw Ruby a split second conspiratorial wink. The brawler's tiny smirk shifted into a full-on mirthful grin when Blake moved to pull Weiss to her chest, nuzzling the hair near the heiress's ear. "Uh, preferably not this room though, jeeze."

Weiss's mind, so organized and calculating under normal circumstances, threatened to freeze up when faced with this extremely affectionate Blake. Yang's commentary helped snap her out of it.

The heiress wedged an arm between herself and Blake, trying to slip out of the other girl's embrace.

"What's wrong with you? Are you sick? Are you crazy?" she growled, "Ruby, this isn't funny. Help me!"

"Sorry, I uh," Ruby gave a lopsided grin, hair hanging down around her face as she braced on the edge of her bed, "I think maybe Yang did something?"

"Ah, sis, the only thing I've done is wait too long!" Hands clasped to her heart, Yang flopped backwards onto her bed, hanging her head and shoulders over the edge to stare forlornly - or at least as forlornly as she could while upside-down and grinning - at her partner, who was starting to purr. "I've lost Blake to Weiss's charms~"

"You did not- you-" Weiss faltered at the rumble emanating from her teammate. She loved when cats purred. Loved it, and when they pushed their head into her hand to be petted, or rasped their tiny pink tongues—Her thoughts ground to a halt. Dust, Blake was not a cat. Dust. She shoved again to regain an ounce of personal space. She had her free arm braced on the maroon comforter to keep the bigger girl from toppling her over backwards, but with Blake's entire weight bearing down on her she was only delaying the inevitable. She gritted her teeth, snarling at Yang, "What did you do?"

Before the brawler could answer, Blake twisted sideways, rolling onto the heiress's bed and pulling Weiss down on top of her. Face buried in the smaller girl's neck, surrounded by that immaculate curtain of flawlessly scented silver, Blake mumbled something about perfection - the words quickly dipping back into a deeply contented purr.

A low whistle came from Yang. "This one's got moves. Take notes, Ruby."

"No. No notes," Weiss gasped in the Faunus's tight embrace. She shut her eyes against Blake's murmuring and purring and tried to lever herself to the edge of the mattress in a futile effort to escape her teammate.

Oh, but notes were already being taken. Yang raised an eyebrow at Weiss in particular. The heiress's faltering, half-hearted attempts to escape Blake's grasp were nothing at all like the manic thrashing fights she'd put up any time Yang tried to get a hug in, or the icy 'stop' or 'let go' that usually accompanied anyone else's attempts. No, she was currently letting the overly-affectionate Faunus get away with what basically equated to murder.

It was just as she suspected. Nora had pointed it out to her first, but once she'd started really looking, it was tough to miss all those wayward glances her more reserved teammates kept tossing at each other. This little push was just what the doctor ordered.

Now, all that was left was to let things take their natural course... Doing her best to stifle her smirk, Yang grabbed her own towel and dropped to the floor. "As much as I'd love to stay and chaperon you two, I think I'm going to take a shower myself, since it seems like the bathroom is going to be free for a while~"

"No no no- wait- just, Blake-" Was she drunk? Was she out of her mind? Was she a freaking grappling expert because Weiss could not get out of her tangle of arms and legs. She spat her hair out of her mouth and switched tactics, jabbing her fingers in the soft place just below the other girl's ribcage.

Blake's eyes flew open from half-mast, shining with something wild as she broke out in laughter and began to writhe beneath her teammate's attack.

"Can you at least wait until I leave the room?" It took all of Yang's willpower not to join Blake in laughing as she slipped away to the bathroom. "You might want to cover your eyes, sis."

The second her partner disappeared through the doorway, Blake rebounded with a counterattack, running her hands across Weiss's sides, digging playful fingertips into random spots along the way.

No plan survives contact with the enemy, and Weiss's crumbled at once. She shrieked, throwing herself backwards to get away.

"Okay-yeah-I'm-going-to-visit-Jaune," rose petals scattered the floor as a very confused and slightly mortified Ruby squeaked and fled the scene, thus abandoning the heiress to her fate.

A/N: Defenestrator can't get her mobile to let her write on here, so she says to let you know how floored and ecstatic she was when one day I was randomly like "I want to try writing a ship fic" (yeah, we picked monochrome) and that she's fairly certain it is illegal to have this much fun.

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