Title: The Barista
Author: dietcokechic
Email: [email protected]
Season: We're going through time here folks. Right now we're firmly back in the
first season.
Spoilers: None. Takes place after Children of the Gods.
Summary: Life as seen through the eyes of Daniel's barista.

Notes: These are going to be a series of vignettes from the local Barista's point of
view. For those unfamiliar with the term, a Barista is the person who works in those
specialty coffee shops. To be more exact, a Barista is the person who actually "pulls"
(makes) the shots of espresso and concocts all those fancy drinks.

Hard to believe, but these stories will be ship-free. For the most part. ~*Evil Grin*~


01- First Impressions

The first time he came in I scarcely noticed the guy.

"Why are we here Jack?" The man asked in a resigned voice. He sure didn't seem
to be very happy. He was about average height and was in desperate need of a
haircut. His clothes didn't seem to fit him properly and the guy looked like he hadn't
had a decent night's sleep (or meal) in quite some time. His companion was much
more poised. Tall, clean cut and sexy as hell. He sorta reminded me of Harrison
Ford circa Airforce One. I so know what I am going to ask Santa for this Christmas.

"Coffee Daniel." Well duh. This IS a coffee house after all.

"I can see that Jack, but I'm sure they have coffee back on the base." Base? Ah,
these guys must belong to that military complex up the hill. Who knows what the
hell they're doing up there, but we do get our fair share of soldiers down here in the
lowlands. They're all right. Better than average tippers.

"Whatever Jack." Scruffy guy sure didn't seem to be happy. Actually, as soon as
the pair stepped close enough for me to take their order I could see Scruffy's eyes.
Lovely looking blue eyes he had behind those dorky looking glasses. But the
sadness behind them was unmistakable. Poor guy.

"Hi there." I said politely. "What can I get you two?"

"I'll have a 12 oz. cup of regular coffee and my friend will have…"

"Whatever." Ouch. Scruffy sure didn't seem to want to be here.

"Ah, c'mon Daniel!" Cute guy cajoled. "I know for a fact you lived on this stuff
before you.." Cute guy paused and shifted from one foot to another as if
embarrassed. "You like coffee Daniel." He said finally.

"Double short Americano with a splash of steamed milk please." There we go! Nice
clean order. Points for Scruffy.

"Americano? What the hell is that?" Cute guy was asking his friend, but I took the
opportunity to chirp in.

"It's two shots of espresso with 6 ounces of hot water."

"Sounds like a cup of coffee to me."

"Espresso isn't drip coffee Jack."

"Fine, fine- order what you want." Cute guy was reaching into his pocket for money.

"That will be $3.59." I say ringing up their order. "Tall Drip and double short
Americano!" I shout at the barista behind the machine. Idly I looked at my watch.
I still had another 20 more minutes before my turn to pull. Not that I don't like
taking the orders, but.. Ah who am I kidding? Customer service sucks. Get to see
cute guys though. Tall guy is yummy.

"Here's $5.00." He handed me the five-dollar bill and turned to his friend. "Danny,
you happen to have a dime?" Scruffy shot his friend a deer in the headlights sort of

"I don't have any money Jack." He said softly. Yeah, well that happens, no big deal
Scruff. So why did cute guy look embarrassed and Scruffy seem like he was about
to cry? These guys were weird.

"Ah man! I'm sorry Daniel, I totally forgot." Tall guy gave his friend a friendly
squeeze on the shoulder. "We'll get that straightened out first thing this morning."

"Sure Jack." I clear my throat. As odd as this conversation was, I had a line of
customers after all.

"Sorry about that. Here ya go." He handed over the five.

"Keep the change." I beamed at him. Have I mentioned how much I love big
tippers? Sure, we pool our tips here, but there were only three of us working at the

The pair walked off to the end of the counter and picked up their drinks. Out of the
corner of my eye I watched as tall cute guy headed over to the condiments counter
and poured some milk into his coffee while Scruffy cupped his hands around the
paper cup and carefully took a sip.

His head came up as his eyes closed in obvious bliss. Guess he liked it, eh?

"Aha! See, I told you this was a good idea!" His friend said triumphantly as he
caught sight of Scruffy's obvious enjoyment.

"I've missed this Jack." Scruffy said releasing a small smile. Lovely smile actually.

"There's lots of good things here Daniel." Tall cute guy said almost tenderly. Ok.
That was an odd comment.

"I know." Scruffy took another sip of his drink as the pair started walking out the
front entrance. The last I heard before they disappeared was tall cute guy saying,

"And I'm talking about stuff besides Kleenex here!" They both laughed.

Like I said, weird.


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