Barista Acknowledgements (updated 11/2/05)

Author's Notes (long version) and Thank you List

I couldn't possibly just say, 'bye and end the series there. I hope you can indulge me for a few minutes and read my little author's addendum here. I'm going to wax philosophical for a few minutes and then go on to thank each and every person who has taken the time to send me a note of encouragement or review in the last almost three years.

I must give credit where credit is due. The Barista series was actually inspired by Majel's funny and well-written Photochick series. Majel, I so owe you a cup of coffee and/or diet coke! VBG

December 2002 wasn't exactly a cheery time for me. I was entering my fourteenth month of joblessness (excluding short term contract work) and was about to cash my last unemployment check. I was fretting over how I would pay January's mortgage and trying to come up with something scintillating that would merit entry into graduate school. I had been writing heart- wrenching angst for over three months and needed something light and fluffy to shake myself out of my funk.

Apparently, it worked. On December 8th, 2002, snickering to myself, I wrote the first Barista story. I wrote three more in quick succession and posted to both ff and heliopolis. I received encouraging feedback and decided to just keep going. I had no "master plan" - I was just having fun. Before I knew it, my funk was completely gone!

Less than two weeks after starting the series I (finally!) found a job. I completed Season 1 of the series and splurged on Season 2 DVDs in order to continue writing (i hadn't actually seen Season 2 yet). I continued to put Kira into new and embarrassing situations, and before I knew it, I was accepted into graduate school. In celebration, I purchased Season 3 on DVD and continued the stories. In August of '03, The Barista took home a Fanfiction Awards triple (Best Series, Best Original Character and Best Quirky Story)

The Barista stories grew in both length, plot, and characterization. I branched out by bringing in secondary characters (e.g., Stefan, Dr. MacKenzie, Jacob) and telling stories from other view points. I spent a summer spinning a yarn about Kira's 21st birthday, completed a team fic (Imbroglio), bought a house (okay, one bedroom co-op -- still it's MINE) and received Season 4 DVDs as a birthday gift.

I continued to write.

Today, the Barista Series has become one of the longest running series in the Stargate Universe and each new story is read by (I swear to God I am not making this up) thousands of people. Thankfully, it built up over time, as I doubt I could have handled the notoriety! I'm really glad didn't have all those tracking tools yet. ;p. I'm still flabbergasted/awed by the support, and am still having a heck of a lot of fun writing each story. Which kind of makes you wonder why I'm ending it, yes?

The series is all about Daniel's Barista, and even though Jack has finagled himself into a starring role in many of the stories, Kira is still, first and foremost, Daniel's Barista. I didn't want to continue the series after he ascended. I also knew Kira would be graduating from graduate school (coincidentally enough, as would I) and she wouldn't/couldn't continue to work in a coffee shop. I always tried to make this series be as realistic as possible (as funny as that might sound) and knew I couldn't keep Kira in the shop after she had finished her schooling. The Barista Series was always going to end with Daniel's ascension - I just never thought it would take me nearly three years to get there.

Writing this last story, was really, really difficult. Not only did I have to sit and watch Meridian again (thank GOD they brought him back), but I had to write all this angst and emotion into my poor original character ...without short-circuiting my keyboard. Yes, it is possible to sniffle and go all teary and still type. I love Kira guys, and as much as I would love to write her forever, I needed for this period of her life to end. Meridian and Daniel's ascension was the perfect place.

I know I can't possibly stay away from Kira forever, but I am going to (try!) and write other things. I am certain I'll be occasionally dropping in on Ms. K to see how she's doing. Promise. I've already received a request for an Abyss tag. :smiles: Plus, I promise you, if I do nothing else, I'll bring Kira back in Fallen.

Acknowledgements - Thank You

Kira, Stefan, all the staff at Victors and yours truly would like to thank the following people for their continued support over the last 34 1/2 months. If I left anyone out of the list below, please shoot me an email and I'll add you in; I tried to get everyone! A few people must be singled out for special embarrassment: Louise - It was my writings that brought Lou into my life and that alone makes me thankful that I chose to write these stories. Kath was my first ever beta reader, back in the days when no one knew who I was or cared to correct some much needed syntax! Susan happily stumbled into my Barista stories only in the last two years, but is responsible for truly teaching me how to use a comma, and Maureen who has taken on a very special Barista assignment that I hope to share with you all soon. And then there's Donia, Jake, Jane, Jeanne, John, Julia, Karen, Katie, Kathy (wow, that's a lot of J and K names, isn't it?), Mayi, Mary, Sylvia,and Windsor - all of whom have written me regularly over the last two plus years and provided wonderful feedback and encouragement. Thank you all!

And thank you to everyone who has taken the time to email, review or send me feedback in the last three years. I truly believe this series would have died after season 3 or 4 if it wasn't for your support. Special mention to my secret admirer who not only made my day/week/year by writing to me, but (more importantly), introduced me to Shado. The following list is alphabetical, mostly by pseudonym, although if you only gave me one name, that's the one I used! I'm more than a little amazed at the length of this list - there's nearly 1,000 of you!
A Newlacil, A Wandering Minstrel, A.H. Smith, Abby Ace, abeyanceablaze, acidwit, Addict, Adele, Aderam, Ael L Bolt, AirforceF-15, aizjanika, ajc, Ajido, al, Alatariel97, Alaula-Star, Albi, alby, Alex Agrimakis, aLeX24, Alexandra, Alexi Murphy, alice, Aligewe, allie, Allison S, Ally, AllyKat, Alynna Lis Eachann, amadeus, Amaruk Wolfheart, Amaunetx, Amber McKenna, Amber W, Amber, amefinch, Amelia, Amy Amy, Ancientgate99, andi, Andrea Barnay, Angel to the Fallen, angela, Angelina H. Granger, angw, Anja, anke, Ann Harris, Anne S, Annerb, Annie McLendon, Annie W, Anonomous Shadow, Antz, Ao, Arashihawk, archteri, Arisa, Ash, Ashleyrose, ashwing, Asia-chan, Astra1, Astrophysikerin, Audra Lachesis, AuroraDannon, Ayinana K, babyface78, BakaJin, Barbara, Beadazzled42, Beautiful Wednesday, BeeBee, Beech, Belisse, Belladonna5, Bentropy, BethinSg, Betsy Ukertis, betty colvin, beyance, BFire, BigRedCanuck, Biltong, BizzyLizzy, bk, BkwrmDancer, Bladeswin, Blue Topaz, BlueJello86, Blueraven33, Blonde-Existentialist boo, bookfanatic84, BranBlack, bratprincess, Bridget P, Bridget, britchick, brittany, bron, Brone Greyclaw, Bugly42, Byrdde, C.C, C.J., Cairis Rin, Caitlyn, Calantha, Calypso, Carmine, Carolyn K, Cartwright, Cassandra H, Cassie B, Cateye78239, Cathain N, Catharine Senior, catharoo, Cat's Eye Nebula, Cattibrie393, ccgig, CeilingFan, Celeste6, Celtic Angel, Cero Morrigan Yuy, chachu, Chalcedon, Chaoseternus, chaostheory89, Charo, Chas, CheleSedai, Cherisa Phantom, cherryblossomjen, Cherubino, Cheryl Graves, Chezza, Chillin, Chotki, Chris4Short, ChristalSteele, Christie F, Christie W, Christina L, Christina, Christine, Chuck McCune, Ciara Greene, circularwaffles, Clarissa French, Cleo the Muse, Cloak-Of-Nox, CMS, Coat, Coco Ahrens, COFFEE, Coffeeluver, Colleen Sayre, Commandant Sun, Commodore Norrington, Completed Irony, ConnieRook, Connor Lush, Connor, cooncat, CorvidQueen, Courser, Coz, CPAnthoni, Crazyowl, cripeswolfdee, Crystal Smithwick, cs091, CS091, csl, CT, Curt Scheuerman, Cyblade Silver, Cyndi, D, Dale, Dami, Damia, dancink, Daniel M, Daniela E, Daniela, dannysgirl, dannysprayer, dappykittencat, DarkNightChilde, DarkSapphire11, DarlaP, Dawn, Dbauer, De, Deanne, deathstreet89, deb, debbie, debcole, Deborah, Debra G, Deb's Muse, Delilah M., demonwings2421, Denise Powell, Destiny Skywalker, devianttart, diana kitchen, dietcokechic fiction addict, Dileeca, Dimac99, DiverSam, docjen, doesitsaycolonel, dogbrother, donamac, Donia, Dora, Dot, Down the Rabbit Hole, Dr, Dr. Dredd, Drayer, Rebecca, Drucilia, Duraiken, EaverAfter-01, eb2504, EclecticKitty, Ecri, Ednyadove, Eileen S, Eleanor J, Eleanor Young, elisa, elizabeth, Elizabeth Pryder, Elizabeth Spavin, elizchrism, elke elena, Elleiadrieal, Emily Jones, Emma Aveston, Emma, EndlessBlue, Eowyn Took, Erica, erin royle, Erin, eris86, Ernest Birks, EverAfter-01, Evita, Ezrial, Faiz Parkar, Falcon-lw, fan person thingy, fanfic chic, Faye Bontje, Feather-of-Maat, feemia, Fhulhi the Crazy, fiona-nk, fischergirl, Flatkatsi, flk000, Floopygirl, flyingtwinkie, ForCryinOutLoud, Fran Hartman, Fred, FrEiTaG , friends-16uk, gale, Garmorn, Gate Traveling Nelia, gatedreamer, Gateslacker, Gayle Saxon, gekkomaster, Genna Genna, Geraldine, Gia Rai, Gina, GinaLynn, ginger, Glenda Atkins, Graham Wagner, greenjadedragon, grey, Griffen48035, griffindor lady, Guile, Gumnut, Gutzmann, Kristine, Hailey Russell, Hannah, happymint, Harriet, Heather E, Heather N, HecatonchiresLM, Heidi S, Heist, Helen P, Helena D, Helena J, Helena Lauber, HGandRHrforever, hh, highlanderchic, Highlander-Xwo-Slayer, Hkall, HlnHtn, hollyilex, Honeydew79 lanham, hpsauce87, HunterOfStorms, I Am Tzu, iamari, ichargrl, Illithia, Ilovesg1, i'mpeckable, impossibleaoi, Inuko, Iolanthe95, IrisOwens, iscariot, Ithidwen, Itinerant, Jackie M, Jackie, jacksrubberduckie, Jade Dragon, Jade R, jakisbishlygay, JAMIE C, Jamie J, Jammchr, Jane West, janelouise, jax, jcarp, Jeanida-Myrishi, jedge1, Jedi Mase, jen, Jen106, Jenn Ukeritis, Jennifer H, Jennifer, Jenny, jennzabell, Jesape, Jess, Jessica, Jewels, JG, Jinx999, jj, JL, jnorman, Jo Jensen, Jo McConnell, Jo, joag, JoeB1451, Johanna, John Willis, JoIsBishMyoga, JoJo Autrey, Jojo, Jojo6, Jolene, Jolinar, jontravolta-23, Joseph, JOY LEONARD, jrsost, Judy, juleann, Julia Blackshear Kosatka, Just Lurking, JWG, Jynjyr, K. B., KaliedescopeCat, Kallicokatt, kanikan, Kara Angitia, Kara Wilson, Karen C, Karen Grant, Karen, KariAnn, Karibou, Karloff and friends, Karrie-Beth, karrottop, Karthik, Kasia, kat jones, Kat Tewksbury, Kat, katbaran, katclaws29, Kate Lennon, Kate Nox, Kate, kate98, katfairy, Kath, Kathleen, Kathy, Katie, Katratzi, Katrika Star, Keaira Dougherty, Keely Red, Kei Tree, Kekewey, Kelley Kelly, Kerri H, Kerri T, Kerryn, kesomon, Kezzer, Kharma, kim jang, Kim, Kin Pandun, Kirsten, kirstin McCusker, Kits, Kitten, Kitty J, Kitty Pierce, Kiva Jones, Kjara, kkenny, Korinna Myorin, Kresta Placho, Kriss Abeyance, Krista Park, Kristen Davey, Kristy Wedel, Kurai Musoka, Kuro kyoko, Kurt the Military Brat, L R, L.E. McMurray, la muse, LA, Lady Cinnibar, Lady Gray, Lady Leptopus, lady rosebit, Lady Russell Holmes, Lady Yueh, LadyAmelia2008, Ladybug Jess, ladyholder, LadyReeana, lathac, Laura C, Laura K, Laura W, Laura, Laurie, Layton Colt, LcNessie, ldewey, lembas7, lennielight, Leslie Wallace, lewiethecat, lewiethecat, Liddy, lieutenants-lady, liketheriver, LilyAyanami, LilyLivered, Limerick16, Linda Furey, Linda H, Linda, Ling-San, Lisette, Liss, liv, Livengoo, Liz Gerds, Liz, lizard0979, Lochoko, Loethaelis, longstoryshort, Loolabelle, lori, lorna, lostwlf, LRh, Lt. Cmdr Jara Dax, Luatiki, lucy, Luki Dimension, Luminara, Lumpster, LunarMist DarknessEclipse, Luren, Lurker3, Lyansidde, lyapunov, Lydia2, lyl, Lynn, Lynne Casey, lynnmichelle, Lyse, M, Mac8, mad mental, MadameVivian, madan, Madeleine de Martivaux, Madeline, madscientistsuz, magda, Magda1, maggie, magnetic-starfish, MaireadInish, Majel, MajorSamFan, Mara Jade Jedi, Mara Jade, MarbleGlove, Marcela Bates, Marcia Thom, Marcus Rowland, Margaret, Mari, María Adelaida Fernández, Marie, Marie-J, Marieke, Marilyn Larson, Marilyn Levinson, Marisa Ponte, Marisa, Marisol Caley, marrisa carley, Mary Beth Lamb, Mary Deveau, Mary Kate, Marz, Marz1, Matt and Misty, Matt Bialostoki, Maureen, Max, Maxennce, Maxennce, Mayi, McConnell, Jolene M., MegumiFuu, Mel, Melanie Dunkin, meldames, melissa boschwitz, Melissa, Mellyna, melpomene-muse of tragedy, Meredith, Mhuyckknight, MiaRose 156, Michael Davis, Michael, Michaela, Michele Alt-Realities, Michelle and Shawn Willard, MICHELLE HOLMES, Minerva9544, minty, Mipcy, Mira, Miralys, Mirka, Misi, Mistress Desdemona, Misty Jordi, Misty Valentine, Misty, MJ, MK, Mocha Amellaii, MoJoR, Monna Qasem, Monna, monsafrit8d, Montage, Mooch, Morange, morgan, MotherCHOWGoddess, MPalMER97, Mrs Alfred, MsCracker7, Musings-of-Apathy, myeerah, myra3, mysterious angel, mystjade, mz lzzy, Mzzedzed, N C, NahtanoJ88, Nancy L, Nancy R, Narya's Bane, Nasirah, Natalie, Navy22, Neetz, Nellie, Nellie, Nemesis Enforcer, neuropsych, newromantic, Nickel Fey, Nicole Coggan, Nida, nighshae, nightfynix, niltak, Nina, Nittle Grasper Fan Joshie, Norwegianne, novice, offbeat musician, Oracle10, Orion9, OrionTheHunter, Orka, P. 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