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"Events come to pass. Like foam on the surface of water, it is merely the result of the cause. You must not ponder over possibilities, when nothing has yet to occur. Forget this not: From a dreaming heart flows the blood of illusions. Those who dream of the future gain nothing. Those who dream of purity only see impurity. Those who dream of justice become sinners themselves. Why do you blame the foam for disappearing? Learn to accept what happens as it is. That is because the world is constantly changing. There is no meaning to it, nor is there malicious intent in it. From a dreaming heart flows the blood of illusions. Thoughts born as a result of that are not truths, nor lies. If your thoughts are not true, then you cannot be certain of what you touch or taste, what you see or hear, none of it. It is merely a dance of air and light, nothing but emptiness!"

— Huey

The Wizard and the World

Chapter One

The Beginning of the World in the Gourd

Lily Potter leaned over the crib containing her three most precious possessions in the world, well four if you included her husband downstairs. Her precious children Alexander and Ivy Potter, as well as her new godson Neville Longbottom. She gently swept the hair off of the newly orphaned Neville Longbottom's foreheard and sighed.

Just yesterday Albus had delivered the boy to them after his parents had been killed in action. As their house was currently under the Fidelius Charm, he thought it would be the safest possible place little Neville could go. Apparently there was some prophecy out there that pertained to children born at the end of July, whose parents had thrice defied He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

Personally Lily found it somewhat suspicious that Albus wouldn't reveal the exact content of the prophecy, nor how the Dark Lord had heard of it. Peter Pettigrew however, worried her even more.

Lily was not blind nor was she stupid. It had taken James and Sirius a long time to convince her that Peter was a suitable secret keeper. After they had graduated, there could be no denying that Peter was drifting apart from the other Marauders. And it concerned Lily greatly. She had seen the way he would look at the other Marauders. It reminded her of the looks Severus used to give her and James when they started dating. After they had graduated, there could be no denying that Peter was drifting apart from the other Marauders. And it concerned Lily greatly. She did after all, now have not just her two children, but also Alice and Frank's son to look after.

Lily stroked her adorable daughter's face. I'll do anything to protect them. She would bring the matter of Peter Pettigrew before her husband in the morning. Speaking of which. . . Lily smiled as she felt her husband gently wrap his arms around her waist and nuzzle her soft red hair.

Thankfully it seemed that Ivy had not inherited the famous Potter hair. With dark black hair and bright green eyes inherited from Lily, she contrasted greatly form her twin brother. Alex, on the other hand was an almost perfect mini James clone. From the scruffy black hair to the soft hazel eyes, that Lily suspected would need glasses someday soon.

"Lily-pad," James muttered. "I'm sorry but I just got a message from Padfoot. I have to go." He muttered sadly into her hair.

Lily smiled gently and turned to face her beloved husband. Although they were still in hiding James often left for his job. It was risky, risky for all of them, and well beyond dangerous. But James couldn't help himself when people were in danger he HAD to help. It was just in his nature now. Lily thought it might be partially out of guilt from his school days. It just made her love him more.

"I know, just be sure to come back to us okay, James? I don't know what I would do if I lost you." Lily breathed into his shoulder. Drawing from his strength.

"I'll be back soon. I love you Lily." James quickly bent down and placed a brief but passionate kiss on her lips.

Several hours later Lily was still sitting in the nursery when she heard the front door blow in. Lily quickly began to barricade the nursery door knowing it was useless anyway.

For the first time in her life Lily swore aloud. She had left her wand in the master bedroom. And now that stupid, simple, oh-so-simple mistake would cost her, her life and that of her children. I won't go out without a fight. Maybe if I can just stall him enough then help might arrive.

Although Lily knew she was fooling herself. After all no one loved once the Dark Lord turned his wand on them. Just how many parents had been in her place? And almost everyone who might show up to help would most likely be dead as well.

Finished with the barricade, she sprang over to the crib and attempted to keep her babies quiet, but it was already too late. Alex was bawling loudly, and the other two were also crying.

Lily heard, and felt him before she saw him. She felt the pieces of her flimsy barricade hit her back as he blasted open the door. Lily summoned her Gryffindor courage, and placed herself before the crib.

And there he was. He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. The Dark Lord. The creature that was coming so close to destroying their entire world. Lily could not see his face. His entire body was wrapped in a black cloak, which also hid his face. He stood pale wand pointing directly at her. And then he spoke.

"Stand aside you stupid girl." His very being radiating loathing directly at her. "Filthy Mud-Blood" He spat.

"No! Not my babies. Not them please! Take me! Take me instead!" Lily begged, no longer caring for her own life as long as her children survived.

"I said, stand aside Mud-Blood! Lord Voldemort is generous, I will let you live" The Dark lord took a step closer to Lily and her children.

"Please! Take me instead!" She screamed desperately.

"Filthy Mud-Blood! Avada Kedavra!" The Dark Lord Voldemort, once known as Tom Riddle, said in an apathetic voice. He had after all come a very long way. Even a simple single murder these days wasn't enough to give him the thrill anymore.

Lily Potter's body hit the floor. Her last thoughts were of her beloveded children and godson.

Voldemort stalked over to the crib. He peered over the edge and grinned at the children from beneath the hood of his robe. "So there are three pathetic half-bloods? How . . . unusual. No matter, I suppose."

The Dark Lord lifted his wand and pointed it, at out of the three, the largest baby. Coincidently his name was Neville Longbottom.

A dark, sadistic smile crossed his face. "Avada Kedavra!" He screamed at the child.

If anyone had been watching from the outside (Not the muggles of course) they would have seen green light practically flooding out of a window on the second floor. Not half a second later part of the outer wall was blasted out backwards. Yes that would have been something strange for anyone to see.

Inside however, the smallest child, the little girl, Ivy Potter had disappeared with a small pop. Pulled out of this world and time, by a force greater, and wiser than any mortal could ever hope to understand. After all, the world needed a new Black Biblioprincess. And the balance needed to be kept. She would eventually return but for now, she had a new task.

You might say the two boys were also exceedingly lucky with their survival. After all Lily's sacrifice had protected all three. Little Alex Potter came out of the ordeal without a scratch, while Neville Longbottom received a small lightning bolt shaped cut just above his right eye.

And it was for this reason when DumbleBo- ohh excuse me. Ahhem. Albus Dumbledore, owner of so many titles-that-it-just-gets-ridiculous, arrived on the scene not ten minutes later, he made a vital mistake. He automatically assumed that the Dark Lord had been after the Potter children.

And Alex was completely unharmed, further adding to this belief. He didn't overly concern himself with the missing Ivy Potter. And later he would declare her most likely dead. Her body blasted away with Alex's rebounded killing curse. Neville's presence that night was all together forgotten.

After all he had to focus on the boy-who-lived. The public would practically demand it. And Albus knew that one day Tom would return. He had to make sure that Alex was ready to perform his duty for the light. After all it was all for the greater good.

And the prophecy had to be fullfilled. But what Albus Dumbles didn't think about that night was a very simple fact. Prophecies happen because people try to fulfill them. And that night the prophecy had already come into motion because of his, Tom's, and one Severus Snape's actions.

And it would not be denied.

The ones with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches... born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies... and the Dark Lord will mark one as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not...Has not… and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives... the ones with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies

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