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~The Prophecy of the Guardians~

As Cybertron is consumed by the darkness of war, its last hope only shines through a new race created by Primus. Only he knows what this new race is capable of being.

The Guardian Warriors are his lost hope, meant to bring peace and heal Cybertron, so it can again be as it once was. Each of these warriors holds a title, with their own personal gifts that will help break through their darkest hour.

Guardian of Innocence - Sharing playfulness and innocence with those who are near

Guardian of Knowledge - Wisdom and infinite knowledge to aid those who need it

Guardian of Healing – holds power to heal anything that is needed, for those who are broken

Guardian of Harmony - bringing entertainment and enjoyment to all around

Guardian of Embrace - Helping others to understand what is unknown

Guardian of Life - the essence of life itself

Guardian of Freedom - Letting what is caged go free

Guardian of Strength - Seeing what is true and what it shall become

Guardian of Fate – knowing the destiny of those around, and to what it will lead

Guardian of Balance- Balancing what needs to be equal

They fight with what is only a whisper of hope, burning those who stand in their way

They hold the key to saving their planet

And when they awaken, you know that hope has come again

Their leader shall stand next to a Prime and work as an equal team to make sure that peace is secured and not taken again

A Princess and Prime will be their symbols of peace

And no war will ever rise again

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