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James was holding his daughter, Calla-Lily Potter, in his arms. Her head was resting on his shoulder as she played with the back of his hair. James was slowly rocking back and forth, trying to keep her in the calm state she seemed to be in. Lily was napping on the couch, exhausted from trying to keep up with his little Bambi. James stared down at his Bambi with love and awe in his eyes. Calla-Lily was a surprise and though James wished that she was born after the war, he knew there was a chance that they wouldn't make it through the war. Calla-Lily helped give them a break from the horror that was war. They thought, for at least a little bit, that the war didn't affect them: influenced by Calla-Lily's innocence. Though they were only a young age of twenty one; James wouldn't give up his Bambi for anything. A knock on the door jarred James and Lily. James handed Calla to Lily who ran upstairs to the nursery where they had covered in all sorts of runes. James fingered his wand and approached the door.

"Whose there?" James called to the door, pointing his wand at the door, prepared to go into a duel to give Lily time to activate the runes.

"Aleksander Krum, and his son Viktor Krum." A cautious voice came through the door, a noticeable accent in his voice. James tensed at his voice.

"What did I do when you pushed me to the ground when I was five years old in the summer of 1965?" James questioned him.

"Your accidental magic made my hair turn neon pink and orange along with making me only able to speak in Pig Latin." Aleksander told him. James flicked his wand at the door and the door opened to reveal a tall and bulky man holding a five year old in one arm and a wand in the other hand. James welcomed him in and closed the door. Aleksander put Viktor down and pulled James into a manly hug.

"It's great to see you, James." Aleksander told him. James grinned at him.

"I was expecting you earlier, Alek." Then he flicked his wand and a stag appeared in front of them. "Tell Lily it's safe to come out, it's just Alek." The stag nodded and trotted up the stairs. James waited a few seconds then heard Lily walking quickly downstairs. Calla in her arms, Lily kissed James. Her way of showing her relief that he was alright. Alek grinned at them and nodded to Calla.

"Is this the new Potter? First girl in centuries?" Alek asked, obviously quoting from James when he told him about Calla-Lily. Lily nodded with a beaming smile on her face.

"Yes, this is our little flower." Lily told him.

"Bambi." James interrupted with a smug grin. Lily rolled her eyes at him. "Our little Bambi."

"Seriously James, her name is Calla-Lily. After a flower. She's a little flower. Besides I don't like what happens to Bambi's mother." Lily told him. James shook his head stubbornly.

"She's our little Bambi. I'm a stag. Your patronus is a doe. It makes sense." Lily sighed fondly at him. Lily than noticed that Viktor was staring at Calla, curious. Lily kneeled down carefully before she held Calla out so that Viktor could see her more clearly. Viktor stared down at Calla with a mixture of awe and curiosity. Viktor held out a finger and gently traced Calla's cheek. Calla shifted her head slightly so she could look at him. Viktor was amazed at how her eyes seemed to be a pair of bright emeralds. Calla cooed at Viktor and waved her arm at him. Lily smiled at them.

"This is Calla-Lily. Do you want to hold her?" Lily asked him. At Viktor's eager nod she led him to the couch. After Viktor was sitting on the couch Lily showed him how to hold Calla properly. Lily than backed off and the adults watched at the adorable scene Viktor and Calla made. Calla had curled up in Viktor's arms and was holding Viktor's finger tightly as she babbled up at him. Lily was unaware of the plotting behind her as she was cooing over how adorable the kids were.

"Wouldn't it be funny?" Alek asked James with a grin. Catching Lily's attention.

"What are you guys talking about?" Lily demanded, hands on her hips. James had a mischievous grin on his face. Reminding Lily greatly of their Hogwarts years and the how they were so happy and oblivious.

"Isn't it obvious, Lilypad?" James asked her only to get Lily's wand in his face.

"Don't call me Lilypad, Potter." She angrily spat. James had a smug smile on his face at that.

"That hasn't been an insult since you married me." Lily huffed at that.

"Just tell me what you guys are talking about. Now." Lily demanded. Alek raised his hand in surrender.

"We just thought that it would be ironic and funny if Viktor and Lily are potential soul bonds." Alek told her. Lily raised an eyebrow. Then her mind filled with images of the future. Viktor nervously asking Calla for a date, James being intimidating or trying. Then finally Calla's wedding and Calla giving her adorable grandkids to spoil. Lily nodded with a wide, excited smile.

"Alek, do you know the spell?" Lily asked him. Alek pondered for a second before nodding with a grin.

"Yep, though it will be based magic. So the brighter the light show the stronger their bond. So warning, put on some sunglasses or something as precaution. I'll put a scale parchment out so that it can tell us the exact number." Alek told them with a warning.

"What about Viktor and Calla?" Asked Lily, concerned. Alek shrugged and waved his wand. A comfortable quilt appeared on the floor.

"Viktor, it is nap time for you and Calla." Alek said easily. Viktor looked up from telling his story of flying on a broomstick (well, a kids one) to Calla.

"Awww, do I have to?" Viktor whined. Alek nodded seriously.

"Yes Viktor. Calla is young and seeing the world for long periods of timeā€¦ makes Calla sleepy. You don't want Calla to have to take a nap by herself do you?What if a monster comes and tries to take her away." Alek told Viktor with wide eyes. He switched between English and Bulgarian so that Viktor could understand him easier. Viktor looked upset and angry.

"No one's taking Callie from me!" Viktor said stubbornly. Alek the gestured to the quilt.

"So you don't mind taking a nap with Calla?"

"NO!" Viktor said loudly, startling Calla. Calla whimpered and Viktor quickly put his forehead on hers.

"Don't cry Callie. I'm sorry for startling you. Don't cry Callie. You're safe Callie. Don't cry Callie." Viktor told Calla, speaking Bulgarian when he wasn't sure what certain words meant. Calla calmed down quickly and snuggled back into Viktor's embrace.

Lily gently took Calla from Viktor's arms and laid her on the comforter. Viktor laid down beside her and used his arm as a pillow. Alek quickly cast a sleeping charm on both of them. Soon soft snores filled the air. Lily snapped a picture of them and smiled softly at the duo. The adults conjured sunglasses and put them on quickly put them on. Alek waved his wand in a half heart than a question mark without the dot.

"Verus Amor." (1) Alek said softly. A very bright and gold light lit up the room. But it wasn't harsh, it felt soothing. Like being welcomed home after a harsh day.

Once the light disappeared Alek picked up the and raised his eyes impressed. He handed it to James who after staring at it handed it to Lily.

"What do you think James? Marriage Contract?" Alek asked.

"Yeah." James said breathless. Lily frowned, she felt like she just missed an important conversation.

"Can someone explain to me what just happened?" Lily asked, a warning tone in her voice. "Because all I heard was Alek saying marriage contract and James agreeing. Hopefully you have reasons to binding our children to a contract that will make them unable to marry someone of their choice." James ran his hand through his hair nervously.

"Lily, you know we don't expect to make it through the war with ol' Snakeface hunting us down. And you know that people will try to manipulate Calla so they can get their hands on the Potter fortune. This will also give Alek a proper claim to Calla as she would be betrothed to Viktor. This will give her political protection. Lily." James paused for a second before staring at her. "We both don't trust Dumbledore ever since we graduated and Dumbledore tried to come to our bonding. This will give Calla protection. And if Calla and Viktor don't want to marry each other we can always cancel the contract. Alek won't be affected by the war as he lives in Bulgaria. So at least one Lord will stay alive." Lily hugged James, silently crying tears as she realized that yes, they might not get the chance to raise their little girl. Their sweet Calla-Lily. James ran his hand through Lily's hair. Both needed a moment to calm down at the realization that they might not make it. Lily wiped her eyes and looked at Alek and James.

"Write it. But I want Calla in full control of her fortune. I don't want the risk of someone trying to control Viktor to get Calla. I want them to keep all of their rights." Lily demanded, the males agreeing.

Later that evening, Alek and James managed to write a contract that both of them agreed to and the only loophole in the whole contract was if Magick herself deemed the union unworthy or Alek or James wanted to cancel it. Once Alek and Viktor left Lily and James became very clingy to Calla. Taking pictures all the time and putting them in an album. Writing letters to Calla. They would send a box of personal items to Gringotts every month so that Calla would have a chance of seeing them, if they survived. When Calla said 'Mama' and 'Dada' Lily broke into tears. The war was heightening, and they were in constant fear of being discovered. Till finally, they were.

October 31st 1981, Halloween

James and Lily were playing with Calla when James's keen ears heard the lock clicking out of place.

"Lily, he's here! Go take Calla and leave! I'll hold him off!" James ordered, handing Calla to her. Lily kissed him quickly.

"I love you." Tears had filled her eyes. Knowing this would be the last time she saw her husband. James's hazel eyes had a teary sheen to them.

"I love you too. Now GO!" James positioned himself in the way of the stairs so that Voldemort would have to get through him to get to his girls. He cursed the fact that today was the day that he left his wand in his bedroom. A cruel laughter filled the air. James tensed. 'I love you Bambi.' James thought before a voice was heard.

"AVEDA KADAVRA!" The sickly green spell shot out of Voldemort's wand with such speed that James couldn't dodge. His eyes went dull and glassy as his body crumpled to the floor. Voldemort laughed and walked forward. Ignoring how he had stepped on James to get to the stairs. Voldemort walked up the stairs and headed towards the nursery. He unlocked the nursery door and turned the knob to find that Lily had barricaded the door.

Lily placed Calla in her crib and quickly bit her thumb. She than drew a rune on Calla's forhead and whispered to Calla.

"Be safe Calla. Be strong. We will always love you." Before the door burst open with an angry Voldemort. Lily blocked the way with her body.

"Ssstep assside girl." Voldemort hissed angrily. Lily shook her head. Flaming auburn hair flying.

"Not Calla. Please not Calla. Kill me instead, not Calla!" Lily pleaded.

"Ssstep Assside!" Voldemort demanded.

"Please not Calla! Not my baby girl!" Lily begged. "Have mercy!"

"AVEDA KADAVRA!" Voldemort hissed a green light filled the room as Lily crumpled and stared blankly in front of her. Calla cried out, not liking that her Mommy had fallen. Why wasn't Mommy getting up? Calla glared at the meanie.

"BAD BAD GO 'WAY!" Calla screeched angrily at him.

"Aveda Kedavra." Voldemort stated calmly, pointing his wand at Calla. This is the brat that was supposed to destroy him? She couldn't even speak proper English. Voldemort smirked cockily while laughing and was prepared to do the ritual for another horcrux when the sickly green of the killing cursed rebounded and hit him. Pain exploded in his chest and Voldemort shrieked in anger as he disappeared. Leaving behind only his wand, a cloak and an explosion. Calla fainted, not knowing she did the impossible. That she was now famous, or that she would grow up in a miserable house. Not knowing that her disappearance would cause the Krum's pure heartache. She didn't know cause all she knew was the bad man was gone and that her Mommy was sleeping. That her Dad was just hiding and that she would find him when she woke up. That was all she knew.

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