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It was cold in Forks. Eva loved the cold, the snow and the cloudy weather she had been deprived of. Living in Vero Beach Florida all her life; she didn't really experience cold weather often. That's why she loved visiting Forks. She also adored the rain that seemed constant here as she did the mist that hung into the very air she took in. This town was full of treasured memories from her childhood. Memories of riding her bike with her cousin down the long streets, of laughter, freshly baked cookies and the comforting feeling of belonging. Eva hadn't felt that way in a very, very long time.

Even as she stood on the familiar doorstep; suitcase in hand and purse thrown over her shoulder she felt out of sorts. It had been so long since she had visited and with every treasured memory, a bitter, painful one followed. She hadn't been with her family here since her father had passed away. He was a good man. A kind one that always went out of his way to make sure she knew how much he loved her. But then again, he simply loved. He was devoted to his fellow man and he spent his life saving and helping any unfortunate soul he came across. You know, Eva always wanted to be a firefighter like her father in her youth. She always wanted to help people like him, to battle against a superior force and come out the victor. Until one night…her father lost his battle. Leaving behind nothing but broken hearts, a bleak future and black smoke. After that, her mother did what she could to support her. Which unfortunately lead her to Rick her stepfather. The cause of Eva's lack of ambition and the scars on both her heart and very soul.

Eva shook herself out of the upcoming flood of unpleasant memories and took in a deep breath. Just knock she criticized in the confines of her mind. You were invited here, they are expecting you. You're not in trouble, you're not intruding, just knock. Lift your damn hand and knock on the door! Despite this she stood perfectly still and continued to stare at the wooden door like a dumbfounded idiot. Through the glass she could see that the curtains were drawn, so there was no way that anyone would know that she was just standing there gawking. Damn it, Eva. Could you not be so awkward for once in your life?

Just as she got the courage, the door to the white, two story house opened, startling both herself and the person on the other side.

"Oh uh, there you are, Eva. I was starting to get worried." Uncle Charlie stammered. He straightened up and tried to regain his composure and she struggled to do the same. It seemed it didn't take much to frighten Eva very much anymore. Eva took the moment to let her hazel eyes examine Charlie's features. He looked the same as he did in her memories but a few lines on his face as well as the random strands of gray in his hair was a testament to how much time had passed since last they saw each other. More so with herself. Eva knew she must have looked like a stranger to him.

"Hey, Uncle Charlie." Eva smiled weakly as she pushed her curly blonde hair away from her eyes. "Sorry, I was just…"

She didn't know how to finish her own sentence? Afraid? Nervous? No real, comprehendible words seemed to describe what she was feeling. She wondered if she ever would find the words to say to express herself properly. But she doubted it.

"Hey, don't worry about it." Charlie said reassuringly and moved from the doorway to give her room. "I'm just glad you're okay. Please, come in."

"Thank you." She nodded and walked inside. She scanned the house and smile sincerely. It had changed greatly since her childhood, but Eva thought the divorce between Charlie and Renee could be to blame. The blue, somewhat tattered couch looked comfortable and the late 90's TV was somehow refreshing. Rather like she had stepped back into the past and it was a nice feeling. How she wanted that feeling of having a family again. Maybe this was the fresh start everyone had been promising her after all.

Charlie showed her, her room and to her happy surprise she was told that it was close to Bella's. Bella was back in Forks too? That was wonderful! She hadn't had a chance to speak to Bella since they were both playing with Barbie Dolls and catching lightning bugs. They had so much to catch up on. She wondered if Bella was into the same stuff as she was…but then again, probably not. Eva was a little odd ball compared to most girls her age. She was a poetry loving, book reading, artist that also had a knack for playing old school video games. Though the term artist she used loosely. She had a long way to go until she was a decent painter in her opinion but how art, literature and even the occasional video game had been such a blessed escape for her. Eva had been told often that she was born in the wrong era, and maybe it was so. She knew nothing when it came to fashion, makeup or TV shows though. So striking up a conversation with someone new was a little difficult, unless they just so happened to be reading the same book as she was or was somehow as big of a Shakespeare lover as she was. Which was rare…

"So, um, the rest is pretty self-explanatory." Charlie said with a shrug. "I think one of the guys at the station is looking to get rid of one of his old TV's, so I can buy it from him and hook it up in your room if you'd like?"

Eva looked back to her given room. Inside was a twin sized bed, a white dresser and a small closest, the rest of the room being bare and a little cramped but it was enough to suit her purposes. She had to leave all her books and a majority of her clothes behind and unless Charlie's coworker also had an old Nintendo or Playstation he was also looking to get rid of, she'd have no use of it. But she knew he was just trying to be helpful.

"Thank you again, Uncle Charlie but this should more than enough. I appreciate you letting me stay with you." Especially since she had nowhere else to go. Once…the incident happened, he somehow tracked down her home phone number and offered up his place as her sanctuary straight away. It was a little uncomfortable and awkward, since they hadn't spoken in years but a great weight had been lifted off of Eva's shoulders at the offer. She may have been considered an adult but she could hardly afford taking care of the house she lived in all on her own having just graduated High school not ago and being jobless. Something she hoped to remedy here. "Don't worry though, I promise I'll get a job as soon as I can and get my own place so I'll be out of your hair."

"Nonsense, Eva. You take as much time as you need."

Charlie took a moment to take in a quick breath as he looked her up and down. Eva squirmed subconsciously and pulled the hood of her black jacket up in hopes he wouldn't see it. He did. The pity filled look in his chocolate brown eyes told her that much. Still red and vibrant on either side of her neck was plainly seen hand prints. While her blackened eye was thankfully the first of her bruises to recover, those particular ones remained fresh on her petal soft skin as if to haunt her.

Before Eva knew it, Charlie had pulled her into a sincere hug and she immediately wrapped her arms around him in return. It was a new feeling, to be comforted in such a way but she appreciated it. Even if it were a stranger to have held her as closely as her uncle now was, she'd be just as thankful. Any loving gestures had been forgotten by her since her father had passed away.

"I'm so sorry, Eva." He whispered quietly to her. "I wish I had known, God, I wish I had known."

Everyone was always sorry when they found out. Which was ridiculous to her. No one needed to be sorry expect for the man responsible. She knew this had to be hard on Charlie too. Her mother too had parted from this world a couple of months ago. This loss was also sudden, a heart attack. Charlie was unable to make it to his sister's funeral which must have been hard enough on him but to discover how she has silently lived for years must have made it even harder. And after she was forced to bury her mother, the abuse escalated.

Rick, her step dad was a raging alcoholic but a wealthy one. Being a business tycoon in need of a beautiful, blonde trophy of a wife, and her mother a poor pushover, their union was based in need not love. When she was about ten years old she had walked in on Rick beating her mother in a drunken rage and instead of cowering like she probably should have, she ordered him to stop! Her tiny fists balled in anger and tears in her eyes. She told him if he had to hurt someone, to hurt her instead. Apparently that was a suitable alternative in his eyes. Eva could bear it. If it meant her mother was unharmed she could handle all of Rick's rage and she did. He rarely hurt her mother after that. Though she was sure Charlie was wondering the same thing she had always wondered.

Why? Why had her mother let them live that way when she knew the horrors Eva had to face all these years? That her welcome home was angry slurs, screaming and at last slaps, punches and whatever else he decided to do to her on that given day. She had a lasting scar on her left forearm of a cigar burn and a few other scarred places on her body that hadn't healed properly. Any time she tried to fight back, it just made it rougher on her. So Eva learned to suffer in silence as she was instructed to. He never sexually assaulted her, but as stated, he'd find new and cruel ways to make her miserable. She wasn't sure why; she just began to think that making her suffer had become a hobby. Yet her mother would only comfort her and tell her to keep quiet or else she would be forced in a foster home somewhere. Loving her mother and knowing the abuse would soon turn on her if she was gone, what other choice did she have? Or that's what she had always been led to believe.

About a week ago, without her mom around, Eva had already packed her bags and was on her way out the door. She didn't care where she went, where she ended up, she just wanted out. Rick came home before she could. This time, she was certain he meant to kill her. The idiot left the front door to their house wide open and saw him on top of her then called the police. The last thing Eva vividly remembers was Rick's hands around her throat then waking up in the hospital. The bastard had been taken to jail and with all the evidence and Eva's testimony he was now facing fifteen years in prison. The only problem was that the case was broadcasted all over her home town. Her stepdad all over the front page of the newspapers and on the next was her darling self in a hospital bed. Now she was some pitied, social pariah. She didn't much care for that. She didn't know why her mother let the abuse go and hell, she wasn't even sure why her stepdad beat her the way he did, despite being drunk. Maybe she did deserve it? Maybe her purpose in this world was to take the hardships so her loved ones didn't have to?

"Well, unfortunately kiddo, I have to head out. I'll be back in a few days." Charlie sighed as he let her go.

Kiddo? She'd have to correct him another day. She was nineteen dammit, even older than Bella even if it was only a year. Still, she never took kindly to anyone to referring her as a child. She hadn't been a child in a long, long time.

"So soon?"

"I know, I'm sorry, I wish I could give you a warmer welcome but I got some stuff I need to take care of. Bella should be home soon, she's out with Jacob. She spends most of her time with him anymore. Anyway, I left some cash on the kitchen table if you two want to order out for a few days and I'll see you again soon."

One last hug and that look of pity once more and Charlie was gone. Eva sighed and walked back over to her bedroom and let her purse fall on the bed. She was debating whether or not to take a shower or to sleep. The decided a shower would be more beneficial and probably help wake her up. She wanted to be livelier for when Bella was home but taking two flights just to get here had taken its toll on her. Charlie had paid for her flight too. It was amazing to be given such a kindness after everything she had been through.

Once she found the bathroom, she took a moment to look into the mirror. She looked jet lagged alright, what with the unflattering dark circles under her eyes and frizz of her hair. Though that didn't bother her so much. Instead, what always seemed to scare her was the emptiness behind her eyes. Eva didn't think she was depressed, but if she was, she wouldn't know. Having felt alone, abandoned and uncared for her whole life kept her from knowing happiness for long. Underneath her round brownish green eyes was a touch of freckles that were clustered right above her cheekbones and they were always shown despite her tanned skin. It was difficult to live on a beach and not get some sun.

Her hair reached her breasts in length because she never bothered to go to a salon to keep it trimmed, which she probably should've conserving how ungodly curly it was. It was easy enough to maintain she supposed at the very least. A touch of mouse and some hairspray as soon as she got out of the shower and she was usually good to go. Speaking of which, she was glad she remembered to bring all her necessities into the bathroom with her incase Bella would get upset with her for using her shampoo or something. She didn't know Bella anymore and the last thing she wanted to do was to be a nuisance in someone else's home.

Though she told herself not to, as Eva disrobed she looked back into the mirror. Along her back was various bruises and a couple of scars. She hated them but for different reasons than what people expected. They tied her to tragedy. To the past. Eva may not have been as strong as she would've like but she was above it. She was more than just a victim. She had a name and still found a reason to smile each and every day, even if it seemed impossible to. What good was it to walk around displaying for the world her hardship? She knew someone out there was going through worse. All her prayers, tears and hopes had been wasted in her youth when she begged for something better. Maybe all this chaos had led her to the new beginning she had wanted for so long.

After she got out of the shower and fixed her hair, she put on a pair of black jeans and a simple white long sleeved shirt. Leaving her jewelry and makeup in her suitcase. She was with family and it was nice to feel as though she didn't have to impress anyone. She made herself comfortable on the blue couch and flipped mindlessly through the channels. She cursed aloud when she saw the case featuring herself and her step dad flash on the news. Great. Now it had made it to national TV stations. Rick being a big CEO must have been the cause of this. Now those looks of pity would never cease, would they?

Bella made it home around ten that evening and Eva got up to greet her.

"Hey, Bella." Eva said with a warm smile dancing upon her baby pink lips. She moved to give Bella a hug but it was stiff and a little awkward. As she always was…damn. "It's so good to see you again."

"You too." Bella smiled weakly. "How was your flight?"

"Eh, alright I guess. I kept myself entertained by reading or sleeping."

"Oh really? What are you reading?"

"Richard the Third." Eva said with another smile. When Bella gave her a funny look she quickly tried to recover. "It's a Shakespeare play…I have a copy of all his completed works and I was reading Love's Labour's Lost before it. It's one of my favorites. Actually, it's rather difficult to pick a favorite but I find myself quoting A Midsummer Night's Dream often." Another smile and still, awkward silence.

"I, um, I've read a lot of Stephen King books too." He was popular enough, right? Bella most likely would've read a book by him right. When there was still no response, she shrugged in defeat.

"Want some ice cream?"

Bella chuckled and Eva felt her tension easing. She wished she wasn't so unapproachable, especially to family but it was just her nature. She could talk for hours about literature and art but the rest? Not so much. Having to keep herself from having many friends so they wouldn't want to get too close to her, made her social skills a little poor but she was sure she'd get there.

"Sure." Bella nodded probably just to humor her.

"Great, we can walk down to the shop if you'd like?"

"It's late, most places are closed except for the gas station. Besides, I think we still have a carton of Rocky Road here."

"Awesome, I love Rocky Road!" There you go Eva that was a conversation! And it seemed to go well! When really, Rocky Road wasn't her favorite, she much preferred Moose Tracks or just plain strawberry depending on her mood. Bella pulled out the carton from the freezer and after Eva helped herself to a small bowl, she joined Bella on the couch. They were both content to watch TV in silence until Eva just so happened to flip past another news station and the first thing seen was her somber face! She quickly changed the channel and looked to Bella, hoping she hadn't caught it. She did. Bella's chocolate brown eyes looked to the floor briefly before they met Eva's hazel ones again.

"You okay?"

"Yeah, you know." Eva sighed. She knew this conversation was unavoidable but she still lacked the words needed to express herself. "It's not like it was the first time. It was just the first time he had been caught. It hurts to leave my home town and it sucks that everyone thinks I'm made of glass now. I have lived that way for eleven years. As sad as it sounds, I kinda got used to it."

Thing was, if she was made of glass she would have shattered by now. She didn't like being treated like a leper. She wanted to be respected and treated like everyone else.

"Yeah, you know, I kinda know how you feel."

Hearing this caused Eva to put her bowl of ice cream down in worry. What? Was Bella going through the same thing she was? Surely Charlie wouldn't…

"You do?"

"Yeah, I've been pretty depressed lately myself. It's a long complicated story but…basically I found the man I was meant to be with and now he's gone. I haven't been able to pick myself up since then."

Eva could only gap at her. Well…not what she was expecting to say the least. It was good in a way, she didn't want Bella to be abused like she was but it seemed rather odd to compare her suffering to hers. Unless…

"God, I am so sorry, Bella. How did he die?"

"Not dead. He and his family moved away and I have no way of contacting him."

Okay…still seemed a little off but she supposed she didn't know what Bella was going through. She had only had one or two boyfriends in high school and she had always ended up dumping them in case they got too close. That and well, black and blue skin wasn't exactly common so it's not like she could ever have been intimate with any of them, even if she wanted. No, they deserved to be with someone unlike her. Someone they could do all that fun dating stuff with.

"Sorry to hear that. I've never been in love, honestly."

"You're lucky. I wouldn't wish this kind of heartache on anyone."

Okay…she did know that she had just lost her mother a couple of months ago, right? She knew about all the bullshit she had been through. Yet she still acted as though she was the one that was suffering the most. It seemed a little self-absorbed to Eva, but she let it go. This was what she wanted, really. Not to have someone fixate on her past. Though the word lucky kept echoing in her mind and it made her a little angry. In what world was she lucky?

"I'm sure it's his loss anyway. Charlie mentioned some Jacob guy, are you seeing him now?"

"No, he's just a friend but he makes me happy."

"Cool. Um, think I could meet him? I don't really know anyone here aside from you and Charlie."

"I think it's probably best if you didn't get to know him. He and his family are kinda picky about who comes around."

"Oh okay…"

Well, so much for that. Picky about who comes around, what was that supposed to mean? Bella sure wasn't anything like she remembered.

"Well, aside from your ex-boyfriend, how have you been? I haven't gotten to spend time with you in ages."

"I can't really remember anything before knowing him. Moved to Forks after mom started dating a baseball star then I met him. That's about it."

"Oh, I'm sure there is something we can talk about. Let's see, well, I have really taken to painting, I can show you some of my pieces if you want. They aren't the best but I think you may like a few. Do you have any hobbies?"

"I think I'm just going to go to bed, Eva. I have to meet Jacob in the morning." She got up from her spot and lazily walked towards her room.

"Goodnight." Eva called to her only to be meant with silence again. She tried to contain her disappointment but she ended up sighing nonetheless. She fished out the chocolate covered almonds out of her ice cream and chewed on them dejectedly. She just wanted someone to talk to and to keep her mind busy. Guess Bella had too much going on to give her much attention, which was fine. She knew she was intruding on the Swans' lives and she didn't expect anyone to drop what they were doing to attend to her. Just some company would've been nice.

Eva stared down at her right forearm and read the permanent reminder etched there in black and red ink. A tattoo she had gotten herself on her eighteenth birthday. It was a line from A Midsummer Night's Dream that stated 'Take Pains' and underneath it followed with 'Be Perfect'. Placed by the black words was a small red rose. For no particular reason, she just loved roses. She always imagined she would faint if some man bought her a bouquet of roses like they did in the movies. Like her father had always brought her mother roses but would always be sure to give Eva a single rose from the bunch so she wouldn't feel left out. It may seem common to have roses as her favorite flower but how seeing them always made her smile.

With another sigh, Eva lied back on the couch and continued to flip through the channels. Loneliness again being her only company. Just as she was about to drift to sleep she sent up one more prayer. This time she asked only to lose this lonely feeling and above all she wanted to feel wanted. To feel loved without the price of pain to accompany it. Psh, well…maybe only in the movies.

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