Dark Days

By: Lady Slytherin

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Summary: What if there never was a Harry Potter? What if Voldemort ruled over all? Muggles are killed, and Mudbloods are imprisoned. As Draco Malfoy nears the age 20, Lucius decides to give him a mudblood slave .

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Draco rolled his eyes. His father had been lecturing him for hours now. The Dark Lord had asked him to bring him a virgin for his 'entertainment' that night. The girl however, resisted, and Draco got his way with her the only way he knew how. Like any Death Eater would usually do. Of course the lord wasn't angry with him. No. His father was though, and now there he was, pacing around the cold room lecturing his only son.

"Do you understand, Draco?" Lucius said coldly looking down at Draco with his cold blue-grey eyes. "I know you are new to all this Death Eater business, but what ever the Dark Lord commands you to do, you do it, understood?" He tapped his cane on the floor and the sound echoed through out the bare room.

Draco rolled his eyes and stood up. "Yes, father. I'll do this and I'll do that. What ever you say," he drawled. He hadn't been listening at all. His father always gave him lectures. Like why his school grade weren't always above average and why he couldn't defend himself when he was younger.

A knock was heard on the other side of the door. "Come in," Lucius drawled lazily. The door opened slowly and a small, thin house-elf wearing, what all of the Malfoy house-elves wore, an old tattered pillow case. It had what seemed to be a rather pink envelope in its tiny little hand. Obviously a letter from Lucius' wife, Narcissa Malfoy.

"A-A letter for you, Master. From Mistress," the house-elf squeaked in a tiny voice. It handed Lucius the pink envelope, its hand shaking with indescribable fear. Lucius snatched gave it a glare similar to the one he had bestowed on Draco a minute ago, though unlike Draco, the crouching house-elf gave a frightened squeal and ran out of the room.

Lucius sat down on one of the chairs and began reading the letter. The room was rather small, since it was usually the place where the Death Eaters would gather to kill a person. There were only two chairs and a rather small table.

Draco cocked his head to the right and put a hand to his hip when Lucius got up. His pale face looked a bit pink and he held the letter rather uncomfortably. "I'll be going now, Draco. Your mother, *ahem* needs my services," he said in a calm sort of voice.

Draco chuckled and ran his hand through his tousled hair. "No wonder the envelope was pink," he said walking towards the door.

Lucius' face turned different shades of red and opened the door slowly. "I'll be back shortly, then I will go out and get your present," he said sternly.

Draco raised an eyebrow. "Fine," he said. "Just make sure you get me something good. I'm no Crabbe and Goyle.' Draco opened the door for his father on the way out. "Oh, and father," Draco said. Lucius looked up at his son. "I don't want any kiddy gifts either," Draco finished.


Draco sighed as he flopped down on his bed. He folded his arms behind his head closed his eyes. 'I hope father gets me something good,' he thought. 'He's always gotten me a racing broom almost every single year. It's getting rather boring actually.'

Draco rolled on to his stomach. He could ask one of his mistresses to come over and please him, but he was too lazy. And besides, they were all trash to him. Do what you want with them, then throw them out, was what Lucius had always said.

Sure all of them were beautiful, in every kind of way, but most of them were either attracted to his looks, his money, his power or just his body, mostly because he was just a Malfoy. None of them really liked him if he didn't have all of that.

Draco sighed, today was just going to be another boring day.


"Ah, Mr. Rimes," Lucius said observing the room coldly.

A small bald man wearing ragged robes came and greeted Lucius rather humbly. "Mr. Malfoy, sire, how do you do?" he asked bowing.

Lucius sighed. "Good, you?" he drawled, looking lazily at the several cages aligned in the enormous room. The cages, containing several crouched girls, all muggle, some muggle-born who were shivering endlessly, or desperately hitting their hands on the bars, trying to break free.

"Good, sir," Mr. Rimes said taking another short bow. "Will you be interested in buying today, sir?" he asked looking hopefully at Lucuis.

"Yes, unfortunately," Lucius said sneering. "It's my son's 20th birthday coming up tomorrow. Do you have something that might be to his interest?" He drummed the tip of his fingers at the counter, waiting impatiently for Mr. Rimes to stop staring fixedly at his cane.

". . . Ah, yes of course," said the short bald man, "uh, right this way, sir." He led Lucius through the room.

The room was, as said earlier, filled with cages and as Lucius and Mr. Rimes walked by slowly, many of the girls had tried to grab on to Lucius' expensive robes. He drew back and gave them a disgusted look.

"This one's a muggle, she has been had by many men, and considered to be one of the best," Mr. Rimes said gesturing to the mangled girl to the cage in the lower left who was looking at Lucius with her insane eyes.

Lucius shook his head and they continued walking all around the room looking at every one of the girls. Lucius had said that none of these girls would fit being with a Malfoy. Most of them were already dead or just beginning the stage of madness.

Mr. Rimes bowed apologetically and reassured that he had one just perfect for the young Malfoy. "She's about your son's age," he said. "A mudblood, she is. She just came in a week ago, from London. They found her with a bunch of other muggles protesting to bring a stop to the Dark Lord.."

Lucius raised his eyebrow, "Where is she?" he asked looking around the room.

Mr. Rimes walked hurriedly to the end of the room. There was a cage in the damp corner of the room. Mr. Rimes opened unlocked the cage and opened the door slowly. There was a girl huddled up in the corner, her arms around her legs.

"Beautiful, she is," Mr. Rimes said. Suddenly, he yanked the girl by her hair and threw her to the floor in front of Lucius. "Bow before your superiors, you insolent fool!" Mr. Rimes shouted at the shaking girl. The girl got on her knees and glared at Lucius with venomous eyes.

Lucius chuckled and a smirk appeared on his lips. 'Draco will have a time taming this creature,' he thought. "Perfect.."


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